Thursday, December 27, 2012

Urim Ve Tumim - Aleph Etz Adonai - DNA Layer Four & Five

Layers four and five together are the essence of your expression (this specific life on Earth), and your divinity on the planet. They represent the “name” on the crystal on the Akashic Record. Together, they can be understood as: The primary and most important spiritual attribute of all is the tree of life, which is family. These are names of God and should never be thought of as separate layers. They are part of the divinity group

These two layers together (4 and 5) are your interdimensional Akash, or your record of who you are in the Universe, and where you have been. It's also your name on the crystal in the "cave of Creation." Together these layers equal the number nine... again, meaning completion.
Layer Five is part of the second three layers, which are the "HUMAN DIVINITY GROUP" [4-5-6]