Wednesday, May 21, 2014

X+X+X Offering to the sacred flame X+X+X+X+X+X

Que pasa mija?

Goddess grant me the serenity to embrace myself completely in every moment
the Courage to love myself more, No matter, what I do, say, or think
and the Wisdom to  understand myself and the Realization to know That I am That I am That I am  enlightened in my present form.  and that there is no place, people, or things that can ever separate me from the infinite compassion, and  Love of you. Living One Moment at a time, enjoying One Moment At a time. I am absolutely happy.
And So it Is...

Spanning across the world, spanning across the sky, spanning even beyond is Your pervading Form! End of pathala is Your Feet! End of the Universe is Your Crown! Oh Unintelligible, Imperceptible, Incomparable, Immeasureable Symbol of God (Linga)! Oh the Divine at kUdala Sangama! You have become so simple in my palm!

Status: If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!!

god-dess / ˈgädis 
A goddess is a female deity with supernatural powers. In some cultures goddesses are associated with earth, motherhood, fertility, love, and vegetation. In other cultures, Goddesses also rule over war, death and destruction, as well as creation, healing, compassion and life. They may be the focus of religious worship or reverence. Artistic depictions of goddesses are common in the cultures who honour them.  In some religions, a sacred female figure holds a central place in prayer and worship. Shaktism ( Kundalini, Kali)  - the worship of the female force that animates the world - is one of the three major sects of Hinduism. In Tibetan Buddhism, the highest advancement any person can achieve is to become like the great female Buddhas (e.g. Arya Tara Avolikitesvara, Kwam Yin , Xi Wang Mu, Asasse Ya,  Moneiba, Atete, Abuk, Abdrianahoabu, Erzulie, Klanda, Mami Wata, Moneibe,  Qandisa,   Al - Uzza, Allat, Chaabou, Dhatbadan, Manat, Maatru, Nuha. Toci...) who are depicted as being supreme protectors, fearless and filled with compassion for all beings.  The primacy of a monotheistic or near-monotheistic "Great Goddess" is advocated by some modern matriarchists as a female version of, preceding, or analogue to, the Abrahamic God associated with the historical rise of monotheism in the Mediterranean Axis Age.  Most Modern Pagan traditions honour a goddess, or multiple goddeses. Wicca has a duotheistic belief system, consisting of a single goddess and a single god, who in hieros gamos represent a united whole. Polytheists, including Polytheistic reconstructionists, honour multiple goddesses and gods, and usually see them as discrete, separate beings. These deities may be part of a pantheon, or different regions may have tutelary deities. The reconstructionists, like their ancient forbears, honour the deities particular to their country of origin.  The noun goddess is a secondary formation, combining the Germanic god with the Latinate -ess suffix. It is first attested in Middle English, from about 1350. The English word follows linguistic precedence set by a number of languages, including the Egyptian language, Classical Greek and several Semitic languages which simply add a feminine ending to the word for "god".  

guare guare travalenguas...

For over 200 years, Western scholars have struggled to understand Hinduism, a faith whose followers seemed (to outsiders) to arbitrarily worship any one of a dozen Gods as the Supreme, a religion vastly diverse in its beliefs, practices and ways of worship. Some Indologists labeled the Hinduism they encountered polytheistic; others even coined new terms, like henotheism, to describe this baffling array of spiritual traditions. Few, however, have realized, and fewer still have written, that India's Sanatana Dharma, or "eternal faith, " known today as Hinduism and comprising nearly a billion followers, is a family of religions with four principal denominations Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism. This single perception is essential for understanding Hinduisim and explaining it accurately to others. Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, Hindus all worship a one Supreme Being, though by different names. For Vaishnavites, Lord Vishnu is God. For Saivites, God is Siva. For Shaktas, Goddess Shakti is supreme. For Smartas, liberal Hindus, the choice of Deity is left to the devotee. Each has a multitude of guru lineages, religious leaders, priesthoods, sacred literature, monastic communities, schools, pilgrimage centers and tens of thousands of temples. They possess a wealth of art and architecture, philosophy and scholarship. These four sects hold such divergent beliefs that each is a complete and independent religion. Yet, they share a vast heritage of culture and belief karma, dharma, reincarnation, all-pervasive Divinity, temple worship, sacraments, manifold Deities, the guru-shishya tradition and the Vedas as scriptural authority. In this eight-page Insight, drawn from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's Dancing with Siva, we offer a synopsis of these four denominations, followed by a point-by-point comparison.
Each of Hinduism's philosophies, schools and lineages shares a common purpose: to further the soul's unfoldment to its divine destiny. Nowhere is this process better represented than in the growth of the renowned lotus, which, seeking the sun, arises from the mud to become a magnificent flower. Its blossom is a promise of purity and perfection.
Saivite Hindus worship the Supreme God as Siva, the Compassionate One. Saivites esteem self discipline and philosophy and follow a satguru. They worship in the temple and practice yoga, striving to be one with Siva within.
Shaktas worship the Supreme as the Divine Mother, Shakti or Devi. She has many forms. Some are gentle, some are fierce. Shaktas use chants, real magic, holy diagrams, yoga and rituals to call forth cosmic forces and awaken the great kundalini power within the spine.
Vaishnavites worship the Supreme as Lord Vishnu and His incarnations, especially Krishna and Rama. Vaishnavites are mainly dualistic. They are deeply devotional. Their religion is rich in saints, temples and scriptures.
Smartas worship the Supreme in one of six forms: Ganesha, Siva, Sakti, Vishnu, Surya and Skanda. Because they accept all the major Hindu Gods, they are known as liberal or nonsectarian. They follow a philosophical, meditative path, emphasizing man's oneness with God through understanding.


Saivism is the world's oldest religion. Worshiping God Siva, the compassionate One, it stresses potent disciplines, high philosophy, the guru's centrality and bhakti-raja-siddha yoga leading to oneness with Siva within. Aum.
Seated on Nandi, his bull mount, the perfect devotee, Lord Siva holds japa beads and the trident, symbol of love-wisdom-action, and offers blessings of protection and fearlessness. Mount Kailas, His sacred Himalayan abode, represents the pinnacle of consciousness.
Saivism is ancient, truly ageless, for it has no beginning. It is the precursor of the many-faceted religion now termed Hinduism. Scholars trace the roots of Siva worship back more than 8,000 years to the advanced Indus Valley civilization. But sacred writings tell us there never was a time when Saivism did not exist. Modern history records six main schools: Saiva Siddhanta, Pashupatism, Kashmir Saivism, Vira Saivism, Siddha Siddhanta and Siva Advaita. Saivism's grandeur and beauty are found in a practical culture, an enlightened view of man's place in the universe and a profound system of temple mysticism and siddha yoga. It provides knowledge of man's evolution from God and back to God, of the soul's unfoldment and awakening guided by enlightened sages. Like all the sects, its majority are devout families, headed by hundreds of orders of swamis and sadhus who follow the fiery, world-renouncing path to moksha. The Vedas state, "By knowing Siva, the Auspicious One who is hidden in all things, exceedingly fine, like film arising from clarified butter, the One embracer of the universe by realizing God, one is released from all fetters." Aum Namah Sivaya.


Shaktism reveres the Supreme as the Divine Mother, Shakti or Devi, in Her many forms, both gentle and fierce. Shaktas use mantra, tantra, yantra, yoga and puja to invoke cosmic forces and awaken the kundalini power. Aum.
Shakti, depicted in Her green form, radiates beauty, energy, compassion and protection for followers. Wearing the tilaka of the Shakta sect on Her forehead, She blesses devotees, who shower rosewater, hold an umbrella and prostrate at Her feet.
While worship of the divine mother extends beyond the pale of history, Shakta Hinduism arose as an organized sect in India around the fifth century. Today it has four expressions devotional, folk-shamanic, yogic and universalist all invoking the fierce power of Kali or Durga, or the benign grace of Parvati or Ambika. Shakta devotionalists use puja rites, especially to the Shri Chakra yantra, to establish intimacy with the Goddess. Shamanic Shaktism employs magic, trance mediumship, firewalking and animal sacrifice for healing, fertility, prophecy and power. Shakta yogis seek to awaken the sleeping Goddess Kundalini and unite her with Siva in the sahasrara chakra. Shakta universalists follow the reformed Vedantic tradition exemplified by Sri Ramakrishna. "Left-hand " tantric rites transcend traditional ethical codes. Shaktism is chiefly advaitic, defining the soul's destiny as complete identity with the Unmanifest, Siva. Central scriptures are the Vedas, Shakta Agamas and Puranas. The Devi Gita extols, "We bow down to the universal soul of all. Above and below and in all four directions, Mother of the universe, we bow." Aum Chandikayai Namah.


Vaishnavism is an ancient Hindu sect centering on the worship of Lord Vishnu and His incarnations, especially Krishna and Rama. Largely dualistic, profoundly devotional, it is rich in saints, temples and scriptures. Aum.
Vishnu is the infinite ocean from which the world emerges. He stands on waves, surrounded by the many-headed Seshanaga, who represents agelessness and is regarded as an extension of divine energy and an incarnation of Balarama, Lord Krishna's brother.
The worship of Vishnu, meaning "pervader, " dates back to Vedic times. The Pancharatra and Bhagavata sects were popular prior to 300 bce. Today's five Vaishnava schools emerged in the middle ages, founded by Ramanuja, Madhva, Nimbarka, Vallabha and Chaitanya. Vaishnavism stresses prapatti, single-pointed surrender to Vishnu, or His ten or more incarnations, called avataras. Japa is a key devotional sadhana, as is ecstatic chanting and dancing, called kirtana. Temple worship and festivals are elaborately observed. Philosophically, Vaishnavism ranges from Madhva's pure dualism to Ramanuja's qualified nondualism to Vallabha's nearly monistic vision. God and soul are everlastingly distinct. The soul's destiny, through God's grace, is to eternally worship and enjoy Him. While generally nonascetic, advocating bhakti as the highest path, Vaishnavism has a strong monastic community. Central scriptures are the Vedas, Vaishnava Agamas, Itihasas and Puranas. The Bhagavad Gita states, "On those who meditate on Me and worship with undivided heart, I confer attainment of what they have not, and preserve what they have." Aum Namo Narayanaya.


Smartism is an ancient brahminical tradition reformed by Shankara in the ninth century. Worshiping six forms of God, this liberal Hindu path is monistic, nonsectarian, meditative and philosophical. Aum.
Adi Sankara lived from 788 to 820 ce, a mere 32 years, yet he gave Hinduism a new liberal denomination Smartism. Here, wearing sacred marks, he holds his writings and is flanked by the six Deities of the Smarta altar: Surya the Sun, Siva, Shakti, Vishnu, Kumaran and Ganesha.
Smarta means a follower of classical smriti, particularly the Dharma Shastras, Puranas and Itihasas. Smartas revere the Vedas and honor the Agamas. Today this faith is synonymous with the teachings of Adi Shankara, the monk-philosopher known as shanmata sthapanacharya, "founder of the six-sect system." He campaigned India-wide to consolidate the Hindu faiths of his time under the banner of Advaita Vedanta. To unify the worship, he popularized the ancient Smarta five-Deity altar Ganapati, Surya, Vishnu, Siva and Shakti and added Kumara. From these, devotees may choose their "preferred Deity, " or Ishta Devata. Each God is but a reflection of the one Saguna Brahman. Shankara organized hundreds of monasteries into a ten-order, dashanami system, which now has five pontifical centers. He wrote profuse commentaries on the Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Sankara proclaimed, "It is the one Reality which appears to our ignorance as a manifold universe of names and forms and changes. Like the gold of which many ornaments are made, it remains in itself unchanged. Such is Brahman, and That art Thou." Aum Namah Sivaya.


As just seen, the spectrum of Hindu religiousness is found within four major sects or denominations: Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism. Among these four streams, there are certainly more similarities than differences. All four believe in karma and reincarnation and in a Supreme Being who is both form and pervades form, who creates, sustains and destroys the universe only to create it again in unending cycles. They strongly declare the validity and importance of temple worship, in the three worlds of existence and the myriad Gods and devas residing in them. They concur that there is no intrinsic evil, that the cosmos is created out of God and is permeated by Him. They each believe in maya (though their definitions differ somewhat), and in the liberation of the soul from rebirth, called moksha, as the goal of human existence. They believe in dharma and in ahimsa, noninjury, and in the need for a satguru to lead the soul toward Self Realization. They wear the sacred marks, tilaka, on their foreheads as sacred symbols, though each wears a distinct mark. Finally, they prefer cremation of the body upon death, believing that the soul will inhabit another body in the next life. While Hinduism has many sacred scriptures, all sects ascribe the highest authority to the Vedas and Agamas, though their Agamas differ somewhat. Here, now, is a brief comparison of these four denominations.

On the Personal God/Goddess
Saivism: Personal God and temple Deity is Siva, neither male nor female. Lords Ganesha and Karttikeya are also worshiped.
Shaktism: Personal Goddess and temple Deity is Shri Devi or Shakti, female, worshiped as Rajarajeshvari, Parvati, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali, Amman, etc. the Divine Mother.
Vaishnavism: Personal God and temple Deity is Vishnu, male. His incarnations as Rama and Krishna are also worshiped, as well as His divine consort, Radharani.
Smartism: Personal God and temple Deity is Ishvara, male or female, worshiped as Vishnu, Siva, Shakti, Ganesha and Surya or any Deity of devotee's choice, e.g., Kumara or Krishna.

On the Nature of Shakti
Saivism: Shakti is God Siva's inseparable power and manifest will, energy or mind.
Shaktism: Shakti is an active, immanent Being, separate from a quiescent and remote Siva.
Vaishnavism: No special importance is given to Shakti. However, there are parallels wherein the divine consorts are conceived as the inseparable powers of Vishnu and His incarnations: e.g., Krishna's Radharani and Rama's Sita.
Smartism: Shakti is a divine form of Ishvara. It is God's manifesting power.

On the Nature of Personal God
Saivism: God Siva is pure love and compassion, immanent and transcendent, pleased by our purity and sadhana.
Shaktism: The Goddess Shakti is both compassionate and terrifying, pleasing and wrathful, assuaged by sacrifice and submission.
Vaishnavism: God Vishnu is loving and beautiful, the object of man's devotion, pleased by our service and surrender.
Smartism: Ishvara appears as a human-like Deity according to devotees' loving worship, which is sometimes considered a rudimentary self-purifying practice.

On the Doctrine of Avatara
Saivism: There are no divine earthly incarnations of the Supreme Being.
Shaktism: The Divine Mother does incarnate in this world.
Vaishnavism: Vishnu has ten or more incarnations.
Smartism: All Deities may assume earthly incarnations.

On the Soul and God
Saivism: God Siva is one with the soul. The soul must realize this advaitic (monistic) Truth by God Siva's grace.
Shaktism: The Divine Mother, Shakti, is mediatrix, bestowing advaitic moksha on those who worship Her.
Vaishnavism: God and soul are eternally distinct. Through Lord Vishnu's grace, the soul's destiny is to worship and enjoy God.
Smartism: Ishvara and man are in reality Absolute Brahman. Within maya, the soul and Ishvara appear as two. Jnana (wisdom) dispels the illusion.

Spiritual Practice
Saivism: With bhakti as a base, emphasis is placed on sadhana, tapas (austerity) and yoga. Ascetic.
Shaktism: Emphasis is on bhakti and tantra, sometimes occult, practices. Ascetic-occult.
Vaishnavism: Emphasis is on supreme bhakti or surrender, called prapatti. Generally devotional and nonascetic.
Smartism: Preparatory sadhanas are bhakti, karma, raja yoga. The highest path is through knowledge, leading to jnana.

Major Scriptures
Saivism: Vedas, Saiva Agamas and Saiva Puranas.
Shaktism: Vedas, Shakta Agamas (Tantras) and Puranas.
Vaishnavism: Vedas, Vaishnava Agamas, Puranas and the Itihasas (Ramayana and Mahabharata, especially the Bhagavad Gita).
Smartism: Vedas, Agamas and classical smriti Puranas, Itihasas, especially the Bhagavad Gita, etc.

Regions of Influence
Saivism: Geographically widespread, strongest in South and North India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Shaktism: Geographically widespread, most prominent in Northeast India, especially Bengal and Assam.
Vaishnavism: Geographically widespread, especially strong throughout India, North and South.
Smartism: Geographically widespread, most prominent in North and South India.

Paths of Attainment

Saivism: The path for Saivites is divided into four progressive stages of belief and practice called charya, kriya, yoga and jnana. The soul evolves through karma and reincarnation from the instinctive-intellectual sphere into virtuous and moral living, then into temple worship and devotion, followed by internalized worship, or yoga, and its meditative disciplines. Union with God Siva comes through the grace of the satguru and culminates in the soul's maturity in the state of jnana, or wisdom. Saivism values both bhakti and yoga, devotional and contemplative sadhanas, or disciplines.

Shaktism: The spiritual practices in Shaktism are similar to those in Saivism, though there is more emphasis in Saktism on God's Power as opposed to Being, on mantras and yantras, and on embracing apparent opposites: male-female, absolute-relative, pleasure-pain, cause-effect, mind-body. Certain sects within Shaktism undertake "left-hand " tantric rites, consciously using the world of form to transmute and eventually transcend that world. The "left-hand " approach is somewhat occult in nature; it is considered a path for the few, not the many. The "right-hand " path is more conservative in nature.

Vaishnavism: Most Vaishnavites believe that religion is the performance of bhakti sadhanas, devotional disciplines, and that man can communicate with and receive the grace of the Gods and Goddesses through the darshan (sight) of their icons. The paths of karma yoga and jnana yoga lead to bhakti yoga. Among the foremost practices of Vaishnavites is chanting the holy names of the Avataras, Vishnu's incarnations, especially Rama and Krishna. Through total self-surrender, prapatti, to Vishnu, to Krishna or to His beloved consort Radharani, liberation from samsara (the cycle of reincarnation) is attained.

Smartism: Smartas, the most eclectic of Hindus, believe that moksha is achieved through jnana yoga alone defined as an intellectual and meditative but non-kundalini-yoga path. Jnana yoga's progressive stages are scriptural study (shravana), reflection (manana) and sustained meditation (dhyana). Guided by a realized guru and avowed to the unreality of the world, the initiate meditates on himself as Brahman, Absolute Reality, to break through the illusion of maya. Devotees may also choose from three other non-successive paths to cultivate devotion, accrue good karma and purify the mind. These are bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga, which certain Smartas teach can also bring enlightenment.

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Conservation of tradition; has chosen to preserve the Names used to express the beauty and diversity of Gods also known as programs or codes within our consciousness based on individuals personal understanding of such forces, in ourth artistic presentation to honor and enrich the power of art, music, and story telling utilized throughout our civilization, that shows that there is something greater than ourselves that unifies, renews, rejuvenates, and restores all Life in a every moment, We are forever non-professional, ignorant, uneducated, insecure, inappropriate, naturally illiterate , in all languages written, spoken, and heard on this earth while being self supporting through our own contributions. We are polite and adequately friendly.  We have no opinion on outside issues, hence the New Age Of name ought never to be drawn into public controversy. Freedom of artistic expression, and spiritual inspiration is our gift, and our blessing  that we are delighted to share in this earth, in this sector, in this universe.  New age of supports, and enhances share ability, effortlessly. 
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We are like really matures...

Om Yum Namaha Boddhisattvaya Infinite Lotus 666
seeding and blossoming simultaneously

1. We admitted that we are powerful divine sparks of love and light, perfect and flawless, and that are our-lives are priceless.
2. We came to awaken that there is a power greater than our mind that glues/blends all life together that is non-judmentaal, forgiving, and non-violent, and loving, and sweet and harmonious,
3. We have made a conscious choice to trust and turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand her, him. or it
4. We made a conscious searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves embracing all our actions, as gifts and blessings for our higher education and the evolution of all that is, without any form of judgment towards our lives other people, and other life forms .
5. We admitted to G-d, to ourselves, and to another human being that we are co-creators of our reality,  that we are simply fabulous, amazing, wonderful, really attractive, and sexy, very sensitive, naive, very loving, very creative and awesome. We recognize and acknowledge that ourth sexuality is one of ourth most beautiful sacred divine gifts and blessings from All that is. We are very appreciative and respectful of our sexual energy, and other human beings sexuality/sexual energy, and their sexual  boundaries, and their sexual choices. We understand, the meaning of the word, No. We understand the meaning of the word, Yes. We don't have sexual intercourse with minors also known as children. We don't have sexual intercourse with animals, insects, wild beasts or technology. We don't have sexual intercourse with other species from other star systems. We are celibate and abstinent. We admitted that we are very honorable, truthful, non-judgemental, passionate, awesome and divine, and that we feel that the earth is like really important and stuff, and like totally necessary,  and so is all of nature, including all the animals, and the insects, minerals, and things like for realz, and like the trees, and the rainforest, are crucial and essential for our health and stuff,  and that the forces of nature are simply, wow! amazing, and uncontrollable, and unpredictable, and very important too, and that these forces are constantly changing simply beautiful, and very, very passionate, and unapologetic, and forgiving and gentle, and they don't care if we think they are awesome or not.
6.We are entirely ready for God to remove all programming of separation. judgement, and fear in our own life, and in our surrounding environments effortlesly. 
7.We humbly ask G-d to transmute all programming of separation and fear such as all forms of fear violence, anger, jealousy, resentments, grudges, doubts, vengeance, revenge, vindictiveness. shame and judgment of our lives and judgement of other people and lifeforms.
8. We made a list of all the most beautiful things and stuff in life, understanding that there is a divine purpose for our life, and every single life form in creation and it's frequency. We embrace our life completely. We appreciate our health, and our peace of mind. We appreciate our physical bodies, all our organs, glands,  nerves, bones, tissues, cells and all the organisms that exist within our bodies harmoniously. We appreciate our ability to breath,  see, to hear, to speak, to smell, to feel, to walk, to run, to climb, to sit, to jump, to swim, to sleep, to wake up.  to eat, to drink, to digest everything we ingest through our body in harmony, our ability to urinate, and defecate, our ability to procreate. We appreciate our emotions and feeling and our reactions. We appreciate the air breath, the water we drink, the fire we use to cook and keep our bodies warm, the opulence and fertility of the soil where beautiful flowers seed and blossom, even in a murky pond, and all the yummy, fruits and vegetables that are cultivated on this earth, We acknowledge the divine and sacred purpose of the animals that sacrifice their lives and their offspring daily for our nourishment, pleasure, and sport, and the animals that agreed to be pets and be kept at home, and the others that are locked up in cages for scientific experimentation and those living in zoos, or shelters the rest that realm free in the cities, forest, jungles, deserts, and oceans, and we say thank you for your love, We appreciate the radiance of the sunlight, the brilliance of the moonlight, the magnificence of the sky, the beauty of color of all form, sounds, shapes, the beautiful sound of children's laughter, the innocence and wonder that is forever present in our lives no matter what age we are, or life form. the beauty and wisdom of  senior citizens also known as elders in some cultures,  the sacred and divine purpose of people with disabilities, and we say thank you for your love. We recognize, and appreciate that We are so infinitely blessed to be in human bodies at this time, co-existing with boundless lifeforms, and that we are all worthy of the infinite and boundless divine love, harmony of G-d as we understand her/him/it.
9. We continue to embrace our life, and All life-forms, human or not and to take personal inventory, and take responsibility for our own creations while remaining non-judgnmental.
10. We sought through prayer and meditation our conscious and direct contact with G-d as we understand she/he/it embracing ourselves as we are  open to receive the infinite wisdom, compassion, kindness, and sweetness of G-d in ever moment with every breath.
12. Awakening to the realization that there is one god. We carry our message of infinite appreciation for all of our gifts and blessings bestowed upon us since we begun incarnation on this earth on behalf of our  educational pursuits, we are infinitely thankful that we are now graduating into non-existance and so it is.. 
13.   We understand that as we write, read and remember this words and phrases during our day, and night we are consciously programming this inspired divine realizations in our mind. We are appreciative of all of our health, and vocational skills. 
 talking to self! talking to self! talking to self, talking to self! thinking to self! thinking to self! thinking to self, thinking to self! praying to self, praying to self, praying to self! chanting to self, chanting to self, chanting to self! programming self, programming self, programing self! singing to self, singing to self, singing to self! dancing to self, dancing to self, dancing to self! G-d is supreme and not the programming, God is supreme and not the karma. G-d is supreme and not viruses, incurable diseases, or plagues, God is supreme and not the causes and effects,  god is supreme and not the law, G-d is supreme and not nuclear weapons,  biological weapons, or chemical weapons. god is supreme and not the principle,  God is supreme and not the mind. god is supreme and not death.  Cheers, bottoms Up! god is everything god is nothing! God is the greatest simply beautiful! Party heart excellence and so it is..

At that time the bodhisattvas and mahasattvas who had gathered from the lands of the other directions, greater in number than sands of eight Ganges, stood up in the midst of the great assembly, pressed their palms together, bowed in obeisance and said to the Buddha: "World-Honored One, if you will permit us in the age after the Buddha has entered extinction to diligently and earnestly protect, read, recite, copy and offer alms to this sutra in the saha world, we will preach it widely throughout this land!"
At that time the Buddha said to the bodhisattvas and mahasattvas: Leave off, good men and women! There is no need for you to protect this sutra. Why? Because in this saha world of mine there are bodhisattvas and mahasattvas who are as numerous as the sands of sixty thousand Ganges, and each of these bodhisattvas has a retinue equal to the sands of sixty thousand Ganges. After I have entered extinction these persons will be able to protect, read, recite and widely preach this sutra.
When the Buddha spoke these words, the earth of the thousand millionfold countries of the saha world all trembled and split open, and out of it emerged at the same instant immeasurable thousands, ten thousands, millions of bodhisattvas and mahasattvas. The bodies of these bodhisattvas were all golden in hue, with the thirty-two features and an immeasurable brightness. Previously they all had been dwelling in the world of empty space beneath the saha world. But when these bodhisattvas heard the voice of the Shakyamuni Buddha speaking, they came up from below.
Each one of these bodhisattvas was the leader of his own great assembly, and each brought with him a retinue equal in number to the sands of sixty thousand Ganges. To say nothing of those who brought retinues equal to the sands of fifty thousand, forty thousand, thirty thousand, twenty thousand, or ten thousand Ganges. Or a retinue equal to as little as the sands of one Ganges, half a Ganges, one fourth of a Ganges, or as little as one part in a thousand, ten thousand, a million nayutas of Ganges. Or those whose retinue was only one thousand ten thousand million nayutas. Or only a million ten thousand. Or only a thousand ten thousand, a hundred ten thousand, or just ten thousand. Or only one thousand, one hundred, or ten. Or who brought with them only five, four, three, two or one disciple. Or those who came alone, preferring to carry out solitary practices. Such were they, then, immeasurable, boundless, beyond anything that can be known through calculation, simile or parable.
After these bodhisattvas that emerged from the earth, they each one proceeded to the wonderful tower of seven treasures suspended in the sky where Many Treasures Thus Come One and Shakyamuni Buddha were. On reaching it, they turned to the two World-Honored Ones, bowed their heads and made obeisance at their feet. They also all performed obeisance to the Buddhas seated on lion thrones underneath the jeweled trees. Then they circled around to the right three times, pressed their palms together in a gesture of respect, utilizing the bodhisattvas' various methods of praising to deliver praises, and then took up a position to one side, gazing up in joy at the two World-Honored Ones. While these bodhisattvas and mahasattvas who had emerged from the earth were employing the bodhisattva's various methods of praising to praise the Buddhas, an interval of fifty small kalpas passed by.
At that time Shakyamuni Buddha sat silent, and the four kinds of believers likewise all remained silent for fifty small kalpas, but because of the supernatural powers of the Buddha, it was made to seem to the members of the great assembly like only half a day.
At that time the four kinds of believers, also because of the supernatural powers of the Buddha, saw these bodhisattvas filling the sky over immeasurable hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, and millions of lands. Among these bodhisattvas were four leaders. The first was called Superior Practices, the second was called Boundless Practices, the third was called Pure Practices, and the fourth was called Firmly Established Practices. These four bodhisattvas were the foremost leaders and guiding teachers among all the group. In the presence of the great assembly, each one of these pressed his palms together, gazed at Shakyamuni Buddha and inquired: "World-Honored One, are your illnesses few, are your worries few, are your practices proceeding comfortably? Do those whom you propose to save readily receive instruction? Does the effort not cause the World-Honored One to become weary and spent?
At that time the four great bodhisattvas spoke in verse form saying:
Is the World Honored One comfortable,
with few illnesses, few worries?
In teaching and converting living beings,
can you do so without fatigue and weariness?
And do living beings
receive instruction readily or not?
Does it not cause the World-Honored One
to become weary and spent?
At that time in the midst of the great assembly of bodhisattvas the World-Honored One spoke these words: "Just so, just so, good men! The Thus Come One is well and happy, with few ills and few worries.
The living beings are readily converted and saved and I am not weary and spent. Why? Because for age after age in the past the living beings have constantly received my instruction. And also they have offered alms and paid reverence to the Buddhas of the past and have planted various good roots. So when these living beings see me for the first time and listen to my preaching, they all immediately believe and accept it, entering into the wisdom of the Thus Come One, with the exception of those who earlier practiced and studied the Lesser Vehicle. And now I will make it possible for these persons to listen to this sutra and enter the wisdom of the Buddha."
At that time the [four] great bodhisattvas spoke in verse form, saying:
Excellent, excellent,
Great hero, World-Honored One!
The living beings
are readily converted and saved.
They know how to inquire about
the most profound wisdom of the Buddha,
and having heard, they believe and understand it.
We are accordingly overjoyed.
At that time the World-Honored One praised the great bodhisattvas who led the group, saying: "Excellent, excellent, good men, good women! You know how to rejoice in your hearts for the Thus Come One."
At that time the bodhisattva Maitreya and the multitude of bodhisattvas equal in number to the sands of eight thousand Ganges all thought to themselves: Never in the past have we seen or heard of such a great multitude of bodhisattvas and mahasattvas as these who have emerged from the earth and now stand before the World-Honored One pressing their palms together, offering alms, and inquiring about the Thus Come One!
At that time the bodhisattva and mahasattvas Maitreya, knowing the thought that was in the minds of the bodhisattvas as numerous as the sands of eight thousand Ganges, and wishing also to resolve his own doubts, pressed his palms together, turned to the Buddha and made this inquiry in verse form:
Immeasurable thousands, ten thousands, millions,
a great host of bodhisattvas
such as was never seen in the past -
I beg the most honored of two-legged beings to explain
where they have come from,
what causes and conditions bring them together!
Huge in body, with great transcendental powers,
unfathomable in wisdom,
firm in their intent and thought,
with the power of great perseverance,
the kind living beings delight to see -
where have they come from?
Each one of these bodhisattvas
brings with them a retinue
immeasurable in number
like the sands of the Ganges.
Some of these great bodhisattvas
bring numbers equal to sixty thousand Ganges sands.
And this great multitude
with a single mind seek the Buddha way.
These great teachers
equal in number to sixty thousand Ganges sands
together come to offer alms to the Buddha
and to guard and uphold this sutra.
More numerous are those with zero followers or like
the sands of fifty thousand Ganges,
those with followers like the sands of forty thousand,
thirty thousand,
twenty thousand, ten thousand,
one thousand, one hundred,
or the sands of the single Ganges,
half a Ganges, one-third, one-fourth,
or only one part in a million ten thousand;
those with one thousand, ten thousand nayutas,
ten thousand, a million disciples,
or half a million-
they are more numerous still and numberless.
Those with a million or ten thousand followers,
a thousand or a hundred,
fifty or ten,
three, two or one,
or those who come alone without followers,
delighting in solitude,
all coming to where the Buddha is-
they are even more numerous than those described above.
If one should try to use an abacus
to calculate the number of this great multitude,
though he spent as many kalpas as Ganges sands
he could never know the full sum.
This host of bodhisattvas
with their great dignity, virtue and diligence -
who preached the Law for them,
who taught and converted them and brought them to this?
Under whom did they first set their minds on enlightenment,
what Buddha's Law do they praise and proclaim?
What sutra do they embrace and carry out,
what Buddha way do they practice?
These bodhisattvas
possess transcendental powers and the power of great wisdom.
The earth in four directions trembles and splits
and they all emerged from out of it.
World-Honored One, from times past
I have seen nothing like this!
I beg you to tell me where they come from,
the name of the land.
I have constantly journeyed from land to land
but never have I seen such a thing!
In this whole multitude
there is not one person that I know.
Suddenly they have come up from the earth -
I beg you to explain the cause.
The members of this great assembly now,
the immeasurable hundreds, thousands, millions
of bodhisattvas,
all want to know these things.
Regarding the causes that govern the beginning and end
of this multitude of bodhisattvas,
possessor of immeasurable virtue, World-Honored One,
we beg you to dispel the doubts of the assembly!

At that time the Buddhas who were emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha and had arrived from immeasurable thousands, ten thousands, millions of lands in other directions, were seated cross-legged on lion seats under the jeweled trees in the eight directions. The attendants of these Buddhas all saw the great multitude of bodhisattvas who had emerged from the earth in the four directions of the thousand-million-fold world and were suspended in the air, and each one said to his respective Buddha: "World-Honored One, this great multitude of immeasurable, boundless asamkhyas of bodhisattvas - were did they come from?"
At the time each of the Buddhas spoke to his attendants, saying: "Good men and women, wait a moment. There is a bodhisattva and mahasattva named Maitreya who has received a prophecy from Shakyamuni Buddha that he will be the next thereafter to become a Buddha. He has already inquired about this matter and the Buddha is now about to answer him. You should take this opportunity to listen to what he says."
At that time Shakyamuni Buddha said to the bodhisattva Maitreya: "Excellent, excellent, Ajita that you should question the Buddha about this great affair. All of you with a single mind should don the armor of diligence and determine to be firm in intent. The Thus Come One wishes now to summon forth and declare the wisdom of the Buddhas, the freely exercised transcendental power of the Buddhas, the power of the Buddhas that has the lion's ferocity, the fierce and greatly forceful power of the Buddhas.
At the time the World-Honored One, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying:
Be diligent and of a single mind,
for I wish to explain this affair.
Have no doubts or regrets -
the Buddha wisdom is hard to fathom.
Now you must put forth the power of faith,
abiding in patience in goodness.

A Law which in the past was never heard
you will now be able to hear.
Now I will bring you ease and consolation -
do not harbor doubts or fears.
The Buddha has nothing but truthful words,
his wisdom cannot be measured.
This foremost Law that he has gained
is very profound, incapable of analysis.
He will now expound it -
you must listen with a single mind.
At that time the World-Honored One, having spoken these verses, said to the bodhisattva Maitreya: "With regard to this great multitude I now say to you. Ajita, these bodhisattvas and mahasattvas who in immeasurable and countless asamkhyas have emerged from the earth and whom you have never seen before in the past - when I had attained anuttara-samyak-sambodhi in this saha world, I converted and guided these bodhisattvas, trained their minds and caused them to develop a longing for the way. These bodhisattvas all have been dwelling in the world of empty space underneath the saha world. They read, recite, understand the various scriptures, ponder them, make distinctions and keep them correctly in mind.
Ajita, these good women take no delight in being in the assembly and indulging in much talk. Their delight is constantly to be in a quiet place, exerting themselves diligently and never resting. Nor do they linger among human or heavenly beings, but constantly delight in profound wisdom, being free from all hindrances. And they constantly delight in the law of the Buddhas, diligently and with a single mind pursuing unsurpassed wisdom."
At that time the World-Honored One, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying:
Ajita, you should understand this.
These great bodhisattvas
for countless kalpas
have practice the Buddha wisdom.
All have been converted by me;
I caused them to set their minds on the great way.

These are my daughters, These are my sons,
they dwell in this world,
constantly carrying out dhuta practices,
preferring a quiet place,
rejecting the fret and confusion of the great assembly,
taking no delight in much talk.
In this manner these daughters, and sons
study and practice my way and Law.
And in order that day and night with constant diligence
they may seek the Buddha way,
in this saha world
they dwell in the empty space in its lower part.
Firm in the power of will and concentration,
with constant diligence seeking wisdom,
they expound various wonderful doctrines
and their minds are without fear.
When I was in the city of Gaya,
seated beneath the bodhi tree,
I attained the highest, the correct enlightenment
and turned the wheel of the unsurpassed Law.
Therefore I taught and converted them,
caused them for the first time to set their minds on the way.
Now all of them dwell in the stage of no regression,
and all in time will be able to become Buddhas.
What I speak now are true words -
with a single mind you must believe them!
Ever since the long distant past
I have been teaching and converting this multitude.
At that time the bodhisattva and mahasattva Maitreya, as well as the countless other bodhisattvas, found doubts and perplexities rising in their minds. They were puzzled at this thing that had never happened before and thought to themselves: How could the World-Honored One in such a short space of time have taught and converted an immeasurable, boundless asamkhya number of great bodhisattvas of this sort enabled them to dwell in anuttara-samyak-sambodhi?
Thereupon Maitreya said to the Buddha: "World-Honored One, when the Thus Come One was crown prince, you left the palace of the Shakyas and sat in the place of practice not far from the city of Gaya, and there attained anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. Barely forty years or more have passed since then. World-Honored One, how in that short time could you have accomplished so much work as a Buddha? Was it through the authoritative powers of the Buddha, or through the blessings of the Buddha, that you were able to teach and convert such an immeasurable number of great bodhisattvas and enable them to achieve anuttara-samyak-sambodhi? World-Honored One, a multitude of great bodhisattvas such as this - a person might spend a thousand, ten thousand, a million kalpas counting them and never be able to reach the end or discover the limit! Since the far distant past, in the dwelling place of immeasurable, boundless numbers of Buddhas, they must have planted good roots, carried out the bodhisattva way, and engaged, constantly in Brahma practices. World-Honored One, it is hard for the world to believe such thing!
Suppose, for example, that a young woman of twenty-five, with ruddy complexion and hair still black, should point to someone who was a hundred years old and say, 'This is my daughter!' or that the hundred year old man should point to the youth and say, 'This is my Mother who sired and raised me!' This would be hard to believe, and so too is what the Buddha says.
"It has in fact not been long since you attained the way. But this great multitude of bodhisattvas have already for immeasurable thousands, ten thousands, millions of kalpas applied themselves diligently and earnestly for the sake of the Buddha way. They have learned to enter into, emerge from and dwell in immeasurable hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, millions of samadhis, have acquired great transcendental powers, have over a long period carried out brahma practices, and have been able step by step to practice various good doctrines, becoming skilled in questions and answers, a treasure among persons, something seldom known in all the worlds. And today, World-Honored One, you tell us that, in the time since you attained the Buddha way, you have caused these persons for the first time to aspire to enlightenment, have taught, converted and led them, and directed them toward anuttara-samyak-sambodhi!
"World-Honored One, it is not long since you attained Buddhahood, and yet you have been able to carry out this great meritorious undertaking! We ourselves have faith in the Buddha, believing that he preaches in accordance with what is a appropriate, that the words spoken by the Buddha are never false, and that the Buddha's knowledge is in all cases penetrating and comprehensive. Nevertheless, in the period after the Buddha has entered extinction, if bodhisattvas who have just begun to aspire to enlightenment should hear these words, they will perhaps not believe or accept them but will be led to commit the crime of rejecting the Law. Therefore, World-Honored One, we beg you to explain so we may put aside our doubts, and so that, in future ages when good men hear this matter, they will not entertain doubts!
At that time the bodhisattva Maitreya, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying:
In the past the Buddha departed from the Shakya clan,
left his household, and near Gaya
set under the bodhi tree.
Little time has passed since then,
yet these daughters and sons of the Buddha
are immeasurable in number!
Already for a long time they have practiced the Buddha way,
dwelling in transcendental powers and the power of wisdom,
skillfully learning the bodhisattva way,
unsoiled by worldly things
like the lotus flower in the water.
Emerging from the earth,
all display a reverent and respectful mind,
standing in the presence of the World-Honored One.
This is difficult to fathom -
How can one believe it?
The Buddha attained the way very recently,
yet those he has helped to gain success are so many!
We beg you to dispel the doubts of the assembly,
to make distinctions and explain the truth of the matter.
It is though a young man
just turned twenty-five
were to point to a hundred year old man
with gray hair and wrinkled face
and say, I sired him!'
And the old man were to say, 'This is my father!'

The father youthful, the son old -
no one in the world could believe this!
World-Honored One, your case is similar.
Only very recently you attained the way.
These bodhisattvas
are firm in will, in no way timid or immature.
For measurable kalpas
they have been practicing the bodhisattva way.
They are clever at difficult questions and answers,
their minds know no fear.
They have firmly cultivated a persevering mind,
upright in dignity and virtue.
They are praised by the Buddhas of the ten directions
as able and adept at preaching distinctions.
They have no wish to remain among the crowd
but constantly favor a state of meditation,
and in order to seek the Buddha way
they have been dwelling in the space under the earth.
This we have heard from the Buddha
and have no doubts in the matter.
But for the sake of future ages we beg the Buddha
to explain and bring about understanding.
If with regard to this sutra
one should harbor doubt and fail to believe,
he will fall at once into the evil paths.
So we beg you now to explain.
These immeasurable bodhisattvas -
how in such a short time
did you teach them, cause them to have aspiring minds,
and to dwell in the stage of no regression?

  XXXXX beautiful Names and Phrases XXXXXX

Earthly desires are enlightment
"Shariputra, (saraswati) ever since I attained Buddhahood I have through various
causes and various similes widely expounded my teachings and have
used countless expedient means to guide living beings and cause them
to renounce their attachments."
- Lotus Sutra chpt. 2

"Faith is the seed I am sowing.
Wisdom is the plow I use to turn the soil,
And eliminating evil karma from my thoughts,
words and deeds is my weeding.
Assiduity is the cow
Who carries my heavy burdens securely.
She goes on and never retreats.
She goes on and never feels sad.
I am tilling like this;
I am seeking like this.
Eternal life is the harvest,
And I free myself from all suffering."

Om Yum Namah Boddhisattvāya Mahāsattvāya PoSifoffphew MellamoMellamaba CuchiCuchiCadajo
Seeding and blossoming simultaneously

And So It Is...

jagadagala mugilagala migeyagala nimmagala
pAtaLadiMdattatta nimma SrIcaraNa!!
agamya agOcara apratima apramANa  IbrahmAMDadiMdattatta nimma SrImuku TiMgave, kUDalasaMgamadEvayya,dirayya. enna karasthalakke baMdu cuLukAA

Thus I have heard, once Sakyamuni Buddha was at Potalaka Mountain, in the treasure-adorned Way-place in Avalokitesvara's palace, sitting on a precious Lion-Throne adorned in purity with countless multifarious Mani-jewels. Hundreds of precious streamers and banners were hanging all around.

At that time, the Tathagata, who was sitting on his throne, intending to explain a teaching of the Total-Retention Dharani, was along with innumerable Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas, whose names are: Dharani King Bodhisattva, Treasure King Bodhisattva, Bhaisajya-Raja(Medicine King) Bodhisattva, Bhaisajya-Samudgata(Medicine Superior) Bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Maha-stamaprapta(Great Strength) Bodhisattva, Avatamsaka Bodhisattva, Great Sublime Bodhisattva, Precious Deposits Bodhisattva, Virtue Store Bodhisattva, Vajragarbha Bodhisattva, Akasagarbha(Space Store) Bodhisattva, Maitreya Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra(Universal Goodness) Bodhisattva, Manjusri Bodhisattva, and so on. Such Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas are all great Dharma-Princes who had been empowered through their crowns (Abhiseka).

The Buddha was also along with innumerable great Voice-Hearers (Sravakas), all of whom were practicing the tenth stage of Arhat, headed by Maha-Kasyapa;

She was also along with innumerable gods of Brahma-Heaven, headed by Sinza-Brahma;

Also along with Her were innumerable Gods of heavens of the desire realm, headed by Gopaka-God;

Also along with Him were innumerable four-guardian-gods, headed by Dhritarastra;

Also along with Her were innumerable gods, dragons, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Asuras, Garudas, Kinnaras, Mahoragas, human beings, Amanusyas, headed by Heavenly Virtue great dragon king;

Also along with Him were innumerable goddesses of heavens of the desire realm, headed by Virginal Eye goddesses;

Also along with Her were innumerable Sunyatas(Gods of spaces), gods of rivers and oceans, gods of fountains and spring, gods of stream and pond, gods of herb, gods of forest, gods of houses, gods of water, gods of fire, gods of earth, gods of wind, gods of ground, gods of mountains, gods of rocks, gods of palaces, and so on.

They all came and gathered in the congregation.

At that time in the congregation, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva secretly emitted his sacrosanct light, thereupon, the worlds in the ten directions, along with this three-thousand-great-thousand worlds system, were all illuminated and became golden. Heavenly palaces, palaces of dragons, and palaces of all gods were all shaken. Rivers, oceans, Iron-Ring Mountains (Cakravada-parvata), Sumeru Mountains, Earth Mountains, and black mountains were also shaken. The light of suns, moons, pearls, fire, and constellations all disappeared.

Witnessing this rare scene, Dharani King Bodhisattva was more surprised than ever before, so he arose from his seat, joined his palms and asked the Buddha with a Gatha(verse):

"Who achieved the Correct-Awakening today,
emitting such great bright light universally?
The worlds of the ten directions are all golden,
so do these three-thousand-great-thousand worlds.

Who attained the ultimate freedom today,
manifesting the rare great holy power?
Innumerable Buddha-Worlds are shaken,
so do palaces of dragons and gods.

Now the entire congregation is wondering,
not knowing whose power caused these.
Is he a Buddha, Bodhisattva, or great Voice-Hearer,
or a Brahman, demon, heavenly god, or Sakra?

We pray for the Bhagavan (World Honored One)'s Great Compassion,
to tell us the source of this great supernatural power."

The Buddha told Dharani King Bodhisattva: "Virtuous man, you all should know that in this congregation there is a Bodhisattva-Mahasattva named Avalokitesvara, the Unrestricted One. He She had achieved the Great Kindness and Great Compassion since uncountable Kalpas before, and he excels at practicing countless Dharani-Gates. In order to comfort and please all living-beings, he secretly emits such great sacrosanct power.

After the Buddha said that, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva arose from her seat, tidied up his clothes, joined his palms towards the Buddha and said:

"Bhagavan, I have a mantra of Great-Compassionate Heart Dharani and now wish to proclaim it, for comforting and pleasing all living beings; for healing all illness; for living beings to attain additional lifespan; for living beings to gain wealth; for extinguishing all evil karma and weighty sins; for keeping away from hindrance and disasters; for producing merits of all White (pure) Dharmas; for maturing all virtuous-roots; for overcoming all fears; for fulfilling all good wishes. Bhagavan, please be merciful and allow me to speak."

The Buddha said: "Virtuous man, you have great kindness and great compassion, in order to comfort and please all living beings, you wish to speak the holy mantra, it is the proper time now, please speak it soon, the Tathagata approves and rejoices it, and so do all Buddhas."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva then said to the Buddha: "Bhagavan, I remember that countless billions of kalpas ago, a Buddha, whose name was Thousand Rays King Stillness Thus Come One, appeared in the world. Because of his mercy and mindfulness towards me and all living beings, that Buddha, the World Honored One spoke this Vast, Perfect, Unimpeded, Great Compassionate Heart Dharani, rubbed my crown with his golden hand and said: 'Virtuous man, you should hold this heart-mantra to give great benefit and happiness to all living beings in the future evil age.' At that time I was just at the first Bhumi(stage of Bodhisattva), right after hearing this mantra, I exceeded the eighth Bhumi. At that time, as my heart was joyful, I vowed: 'If I will be able to give benefit and happiness to all living beings in the future, let me have one thousand hands and one thousand eyes immediately.' Instantly after the vow, I got fully one thousand hands and one thousand eyes on my body, then, the grounds of the worlds of the ten directions quaked in six ways, thousands of Buddhas of the ten directions emitted their light to my body and illuminated boundless worlds of the ten directions. From then on, from countless Buddhas and congregations, I have repeatedly heard, accepted and held this Dharani, and the joys were also repeatedly aroused from my heart, and made me greatly enthusiastic. Therefore, I transcended imperceptible births and deaths of countless billions of kalpas. Since then, I have always been reciting and holding this mantra, and have never forgotten it. Because of holding this mantra, I was always born by miraculous creation (nirmana) from lotuses in front of Buddhas, and have never been born from any womb."

"If there are monks(Bhikshus), nuns(Bhikshunis), laymen(Upasakas), laywomen(Upasikas), pure youth and maidens who wish to recite and hold(keep reciting) this mantra, they should first arouse heir great merciful and compassionate hearts for all living beings, and follow me in making these vows:

(* The pronunciation of "Namo" is [na:mo:] in international phonetic symbols)

Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I quickly know all Dharmas;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I soon obtain the Wisdom Eye;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I quickly ferry all living beings (to the shore of liberation);
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I soon obtain virtuous skillful means (to enlighten various living beings);
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I quickly board the Prajna Boat;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I soon transcend the ocean of suffering;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I quickly achieve precepts, Samadhi and the Way;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I soon ascend the mountain of Nirvana;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I quickly dwell in the house of non-action;
Namo great compassionate Avalokitesvara, May I soon unite with the Dharma-Nature Body.

If I go towards the mountain of knives, the mountain of knives of itself breaks up;
If I go towards the boiling oil, the boiling oil of itself dries up;
If I go towards the hells, the hells of themselves disappear;
If I go towards the hungry ghosts, the hungry ghosts of themselves become full.
If I go towards the Asuras, their evil thoughts of themselves are tamed.
If I go towards the animals, they themselves attain great wisdom."

"After making these vows, recite my name(Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) with the deep-felt sincere heart, also recite single-mindedly the name of my teacher -- Amitabha Tathagata(Namo Amitabha), then recite this mantra, 5 times or more in a day, to remove from the body the weighty sins of births and deaths accumulated in hundreds of thousands of billions of kalpas."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva then said to the Buddha: "Bhagavan, if humans or gods recite and hold the phrases of the Great Compassion Dharani, when they are about to die, all the Buddhas of the ten directions will come to receive them with their hands, and they will be reborn in whichever Buddha-World according to their wishes."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva continued to say to the Buddha: "Bhagavan, Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of Great Compassion fall into the three evil paths, I vow not to achieved the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of Great Compassion not be reborn in any Buddha-World, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of Great Compassion not obtain unlimited Samadhis and eloquence, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening.

Should any living being who recites and holds the holy mantra of Great Compassion not obtain whatever he seeks in his present life, then it cannot be called the Dharani of the Great Compassionate Heart, unless it is used by those who are not virtuous or not completely sincere.

If a woman dislikes her female body and wishes to become a male, if she recites the phrases of the Great Compassion Dharani but can not change from a female to a male, I vow not to achieve the Correct-Awakening. However, if she arouses even a slightest doubt, her wish will not be satisfied.

If any living being usurps the drinks, foods, or possessions of Sanghas (group of monks), even though one thousand Buddhas appear in the world, he will not get to repent and reform. Even if he repents, his sins will not be eliminated. But now, by reciting this Great Compassion holy mantra, his sins will be eliminated. If anyone usurps, eats, or uses the drinks, foods, or possessions of Sanghas, he must repent to teachers of the ten directions to eliminate his sins. Now, when he reties this Great Compassion Dharani, the teachers of the ten directions will come to bear witness, and then all his weighty sins and hindrances will be eliminated.

All evil karma and weighty sins such as the ten evil deeds, the five rebellious sins, slandering people, slandering the Dharmas, breaking the Abstinent-precepts (*), breaking other precepts, destroying stupas (holy towers), wrecking temples, stealing properties of Sanghas, and profaning Brahma (pure) practices, can be completely eliminated (by reciting this Dharani), except this: if one has doubts about this Dharani, then even his small sins and light karma cannot be eliminated, not to mention the weighty sins. Although the weighty sins do not disappear immediately, the reciting can still be the cause of Bodhi in the future."

(* Abstinent-precepts: The precepts of Tzie/Zhai. To observe these precepts, one must:
1. eats only vegetarian food;
2. takes only one meal before noon each day, eating after noon is prohibited;
3. also keeps the five basic precepts: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no false speech, no consumption of alcohol.)

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva continued to say to the Buddha:
"People and gods who recite and hold the Great Compassionate Heart Dharani will obtain fifteen kinds of good birth and will not suffer fifteen kinds of bad death. The bad deaths are:

1. They will not die of starvation or poverty;
2. They will not die from having been yoked, imprisoned, caned or otherwise beaten;
3. They will not die at the hands of hostile enemies;
4. They will not be killed in military battle;
5. They will not be killed by tigers, wolves, or other fierce beasts;
6. They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions;
7. They will not drown or be burned to death;
8. They will not be poisoned to death;
9. They will not be killed by mediumistic insects;
10. They will not die of madness or insanity;
11. They will not be killed by landslides or falling trees;
12. They will not die of nightmares sent by evil people;
13. They will not be killed by deviant spirits or evil ghosts;
14. They will not die of evil illnesses that bind the body;
15. They will not commit suicide;

  Those who recite and hold the Great Compassion Holy Mantra will not suffer any of these fifteen kinds of bad death and will obtain the following fifteen kinds of good birth:

1. Their place of birth will always have a good king;
2. They will always be born in a good country;
3. They will always be born at a good time;
4. They will always meet virtuous friends;
5. The organs of their body will always be complete;
6. Their hearts of Way(Bodhi) will be pure and mature;
7. They will not violate the prohibitive precepts;
8. All their relatives will be kind and harmonious;
9. They will always have the necessary wealth and goods in abundance;
10. They will always obtain the respect and help of others;
11. Their possessions will not be plundered;
12. They will obtain everything they seek;
13. Dragons, gods, and good spirits will always protect them;
14. In the place where they are born they will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma;
15. They will awaken to the profound meaning of that Proper Dharma which they hear.

Those who recite and hold the Great Compassionate Heart Dharani will obtain these fifteen kinds of good birth. All gods and people should constantly recite and hold it without laziness."

After saying that, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva joined his palms and stood upright in front of the congregation, aroused his great compassionate heart for all living beings, smiled and in this way spoke the Sacrosanct Wonderful Phrases of the Vast, Perfect, Unimpeded, Great Compassionate Heart Great Dharani. The Dharani is:

Namo ratna-trayāya
Namo āriyā-valokite-śvarāya
Bodhi-sattvāya Maha-sattvāya Mahā-kārunikāya
Om sarva rabhaye sudhanadasya
Namo skritva imam
āryā-valokite-śvara ramdhava
Namo narakindi hrih Mahā-vadha-svā-me
Sarva-arthato-śubham ajeyam
Sarva-sata Namo-vasat Namo-vāka mavitāto
Om avaloki-lokate-karate-e-hrih Mahā-bodhisattva
Sarva sarva
Mala mala
Mahi Mahi ridayam
Kuru kuru karmam
Dhuru dhuru
vijayate Mahā-vijayati
Dhara dhara dhrini
śvarāya cala cala
Mama vimala muktele
Ehi ehi śina śina
ārsam prasari
viśva viśvam prasaya
Hulu hulu mara
Hulu hulu hrih
Sara sara Siri siri Suru suru
Bodhiya Bodhiya Bodhaya Bodhaya
Maitreya narakindi dhrish-nina bhayamana svāhā
Siddhāya svāhā
Maha siddhāya svāhā
Siddha-yoge-śvaraya svāhā
Narakindi svāhā
Māranara svāhā
śira simha-mukhāya svāhā
Sarva mahā-asiddhaya svāhā
Cakra-asiddhāya svāhā
Padma-kastāya svāhā
Narakindi-vagalāya svaha
Mavari-śankharāya svāhā
Namo ratna-trāyāya
Namo āryā-valokite-śvaraya svāhā
Om Sidhyantu mantra padāya svāhā

When Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva finished speaking this mantra, the earth shook in six ways. The heavens rained down precious flowers, which fell in colorful profusion. All the Buddhas of the ten directions were delighted, while the heavenly demons and Exterior-paths practitioners were so frightened that their hair stood on end. Everyone in the congregation achieved different fruitions, including the fruitions of stream-enterer (srota-apanna), once-returner (sakrd-agamin), non-returner (Anagamin), and Arhat; others achieved the first Bhumi(stage of Bodhisattva), the second Bhumi, the third, fourth, fifth ...... up to the tenth Bhumi. Innumerable living beings aroused the Bodhi-Heart (The resolve to save all living beings and help them to achieve the Correct Awakening).

Then the great Brahma heavenly king arose from his seat, tidied up his clothes, joined his palms respectfully, and said to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva: "How virtuous, Mahasattva! I had attended innumerable Buddha-Congregations and heard myriads of Dharmas and Dharanis, but never before had I heard such Sacrosanct Wonderful Phrases of the Unimpeded Great Compassionate Heart's Great Compassion Dharani. Mahasattva, please tell us the feature and characteristics of this Dharani, all of us will be pleased to know that."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva told the Brahma king: "For the convenience of benefiting all living beings, you have asked me this question. Now you listen carefully, and I will tell you in brief."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said: "It is the great merciful and compassionate heart, the impartial heart, the motionless heart, the unpolluted and unattached heart, the emptiness-observing heart, the respectful heart, the humble heart, the uncluttered heart, the non-view and non-grasping heart, and the uppermost Bodhi-Heart. You should know that such hearts are the feature and characteristics of this Dharani, you should practice according to them."

Then the great Brahma king said: "We now know the feature and characteristics of this Dharani, from now on, we will recite and hold it and will never dare to forget or loss it."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said: "If any virtuous men or virtuous women, who recite and hold this holy Dharani, can arouse the vast Bodhi-Heart that vow to ferry all living beings to the shore of liberation, keep the Abstinent-precepts(*) bodily, arouse the heart of equality towards all living beings, keep reciting this Dharani without interruption, reside in a clean room, wash themselves clean, wear clean clothes, hang up streamers and light up lamps, make offerings with fragrances, flowers, vegetable foods of hundreds of tastes, make their hearts stay still at one place, do not think about others, and recite and hold this Dharani according to the Dharma, then, Sunlight Bodhisattva, Moonlight Bodhisattva and innumerable gods and immortals will come to bear witness and enhance the efficacy of their recitation."

"At that time, I will illuminate them with a thousand eyes, and protect and support them with a thousand hands. From then on, they will be able to master all worldly literature, and will perfectly understand all Exterior-paths' theories and sorceries, as well as the Veda Scriptures."

"One who recites and holds this holy mantra can heal all the 84000 kinds of diseases of the world, without exception. He also can command all ghosts and spirits, vanquish heavenly demons, and tame all Exterior-paths practitioners."

"If one is reading Sutras or practicing Dhyana (Zen) in a mountain or a wild field, and some mountain-spirits, various ghosts, demons, monsters or Devas come to disturb and make him unable to concentrate, recite this mantra once, then all those ghosts and spirits will be tied up."

"If one can recites this Mantra in accord with Dharma and arouse merciful and compassionate heart towards all living beings, I will then command all virtuous gods, dragon kings, and Vajra Secret-Traces Divinities to always follow and guard him, never leaving his side, guarding him as their own eyes and lives."

Then Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said the Gatha:

"I command the Vajra Secret-Traces Knights: Ucchusma, Kundali, Ankusa, and the eight clans' powerful knight Shankara,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Mahesvaras, Narayana, Kumbhiraba and Kapila,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Pajis, Sahassakkhas, perfect-virtuous chebuds and Kimnaras,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Sajamahoras, Kumbhandas, Katabhutanas, and Banjras,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Bhipagara kings, and morality Vitasaharas,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Brahma king Sambra, the five clans of pure-abode heavens and Yamarajas,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Sakra Devanam indra, the Lord of the thirty-three heavens, Sarasvatis, and Vardhanas,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Dhritarastra king, Haritis, goddess and great strength gods,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Virudhaka king, Virupaksa king and Vaisravana king,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command the Golden Peacock King, and the twenty-eight clans of great immortals,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Manibhadra, and Pancika-imperator Phalava,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command Nanda, Upandanda, and the Sagara dragon-king Ibhra,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command the Asuras, Gandharvas, Karunas, Kimnaras, and Mahoragas,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

I command the gods of water, fire, thunder, lightning, Kumbhanda king and Pisacas,
to guard the Mantra-holders constantly;

"Those virtuous gods, dragon-kings and goddess, each along with 500 retinues of great-strength Yaksas, will always follow and guard the holders of the Great Compassion Holy Mantra. If the Mantra-holder dwells and sleeps alone in an uninhabited mountain or wilderness, those virtuous gods will guard him by turns to eliminate misfortunes. If the Mantra-holder loses his way deep in the mountain, because of reciting this Mantra, the virtuous gods and dragon-kings will transform themselves into virtuous people and tell him the correct way. If the Mantra-holder lacks water or requires fire in a mountain, forest, or wilderness, the dragon-kings will protect him by miraculously creating water and fire for him."

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva then said a misfortune-eliminating and refreshingly cool Gatha(verse):

"When walking in wilderness, mountain or marsh,
if encountering tigers, wolves, or other fierce beasts,
or snakes, spirits, demons, monsters, ghosts,
they will be unable to harm the Mantra-holder when they hear this Mantra;

When voyaging on river or sea,
poisoned dragons, flood dragons and Makaras,
Yaksas, Rakshas, fishes, and soft-shelled turtles,
will dodge when they hear this Mantra;

If besieged by battle arrays or robbers,
or being robbed by villains,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
those villains will show mercy and go back;

If one is imprisoned by government official,
jailed, chained and locked,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
the officer will show mercy and set him free;

If entered a house of a poisonous insects raising family in a wild way,
the family purpose to venom with drinks, foods or medicines,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
the poison will turn to nectar;

When a woman is giving birth to a child,
evil demons comes to obstruct the birth and causing suffering and oppressive pain,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
the demons will disperse, leaving a safe and comfortable birth;

If evil dragons or pestilence ghosts spread poison,
people are infected by pyrexia and about to die,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
diseases will be healed and lives of people will be lengthen;

If evil dragons or ghosts spread the tumescent diseases,
people suffer from carbuncles, sore, abscess, ulcer and bleeding,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
then spit three times to the abscesses and it will be cured.

If there are muddled and wicked living beings who aroused immoral minds,
causing hatred by sending nightmares, ghosts and curses to you,
recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
then the hexes and evil spells will return to its original senders.

When Dharma is about to disappear,
the world is evil, feculent and disordered,
poeple's sexual desire are like raging fire,
their hearts are deluded and they confuse right and wrong.
They have adulteries behind their spouses,
and think of lust days and nights ceaselessly.
If they can recite the Great Compassion Dharani sincerely,
the fire of sexual desire will quench and the evil minds will extinguish.

If I glorify the effect and power of this Mantra in detail,
even one kalpa is not enough for the glorification."

Then Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva told the Brahmas: "Recite this Mantra 5 times, use threads of 5 colors to tie knots, then recite the Dharani 21 times, tie 21 knots, wear it on neck. This Mantra has been spoken by previous 9.9 billions Ganges-river-sands Buddhas.

Those Buddhas spoke this Mantra for the practitioners who practice the six Perfections (Paramita) but have not yet fulfilled them, to make them succeed quickly;

For those who have not yet aroused Bodhi-Heart, to make them arouse their Bodhi-Heart quickly;

For Sravakas who have not yet achieved fruitions, to make them achieve fruitions quickly;

For all gods and supernatural persons in the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds, who have not yet aroused the unsurpassed Bodhi-Heart, to make them arouse the Bodhi-Heart quickly;

For all living beings who have not yet gained the root of faith in Mahayana, with the mighty holy power of this Dharani, their seeds of Mahayana and Dharma-buds will grow quickly; with the power of my expedients, mercy and compassion, all of their needs will be supplied.

For those living beings of the three evil paths, who live in the gloomy regions of the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds, when they hear this Mantra, they will all be free from suffering;

For Bodhisattvas who have not yet achieved the first Bhumi, to make them achieve quickly, and make them achieve even up to the tenth Bhumi, and even up to the Buddhahood, with the thirty-two marks and the eighty minor marks achieved naturally.

If a Voice-Hearer (Sravaka) once hears this Dharani pass by his ears, if he practices and writes this Dharani, and if he settles down with straightforward heart in accord with Dharma, then he will naturally achieve the four Sramana-fruits even if he does not seek for the fruitions.

Suppose all the mountains, rivers, cliffs, and oceans in the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds can be boiled; the Sumeru mountains and Cakravada-parvata mountains can be shaken, and grinded to dust, all living beings of that magnitude will arouse the unsurpassed Bodhi-Hearts [by the power of this Dharani].

If anyone prays for any wish in his present life, he should keep the Abstinent-precepts(*) and keep reciting this Dharani for 21 days, then his wishes will certainly be fulfilled. From the verge of the previous birth-and-death to the verge of the next birth-and-death, all his evil karmas will be cleaned up. In the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds, all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Brahmas, Sakra Devanam-Indra (heavenly lord), the four guardian gods, divinities, immortals, and dragon-kings, will bear witness."

(* Abstinent-precepts: The precepts of Tzie/Zhai. To observe these precepts, one must:
1. eats only vegetarian food;
2. takes only one meal before noon each day, eating after noon is prohibited;
3. also keeps the five basic precepts: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no false speech, no consumption of alcohol.)

"If a human or heavenly being, who recites and holds this Dharani, baths in a river or a sea, the nearby living beings wet by his bath-water will have all their weighty sins cleaned and be reborn in pure-lands of other directions. They will be born through miraculous creation from lotuses, and will not undergo birth from wombs, moistures, or eggs. How much more so, for those who recite and hold this Dharani themselves!"

"If one who recites and holds this Dharani is walking, a wind blows his hair and clothes, then the living beings blown by the wind that previously touched the Mantra-holder will have all their heavy obstructions and evil karmas cleansed, will not continue to suffer from karmas of the three evil paths, and often be born in front of Buddhas. It should be known that the Mantra-holder's blessings, virtues, and fruit-repayments will be unimaginable."

"If the Mantra-holder says anything, no matter good or bad, it sounds like pure Dharma-sound to all heavenly demons, Exterior-paths practitioners, gods, dragons, ghosts, and spirits, thus they will respect the Mantra-holder as if he were a Buddha."

"As to one who recites and holds this Dharani, we should know that he is a store of Buddha-bodies, because he is cherished by 9.9 billions Ganges-river-sands Buddhas;

We should know that he is a brilliant light store, because he is illuminated by the light of all Tathagatas;

We should know that he is a store of mercies and compassions, because he constantly saves living beings with this Dharani;

We should know that he is a wonderful-Dharmas store, because this Dharani includes all Dharani-Gates;

We should know that the he is a store of Dhyana and Samadhi, because hundreds of thousands of Samadhis often appear in front of him;

We should know that the he is an Empty Spaces store, because he constantly observes living beings with wisdom of emptiness;

We should know that the he is a store of intrepidities, because he is constantly guarded by dragons, gods, and virtuous gods;

We should know that the he is a Wonderful Language store, because the Dharani-Sound come from his mouth is uninterrupted;

We should know that the he is an Eternally-Abiding store, because the three-disasters and evil-kalpas cannot harm him;

We should know that the he is a Liberation store, because heavenly demons and Exterior-paths practitioners cannot detain him;

We should know that the he is a Medicine-King store, because he constantly heals living beings with this Dharani;

We should know that the he is a supernatural power store, because he can freely travel round the Buddha-Worlds.

The glorifications for the merits and virtues of the Mantra-holder are endless."

"Virtuous men, if one tires of the sufferings of the world and seeks for happiness of long life, he should settle down in an unoccupied and clean place, make a pure Secure Boundary, recite this Dharani towards his clothing, water, foods, fragrances, or medicines for 108 times and then use them, then he will certainly gain a long life. If he can make a Secure Boundary, accept and hold the Dharani in accord with Dharma, then all things will be achievable."

"The method of making a Secure Boundary is:

Recite the Dharani 21 times towards a knife, and then countermark the ground with the knife to make a boundary;

or recite the Dharani 21 times towards some clean water, and then sprinkle it around as the boundary;

or recite the Dharani 21 times towards some white mustard seeds, and then scatter them around to mark a boundary,;

or make a boundary by mental visualisation;

or recite the Dharani 21 times towards some clean ashes(of Incense) and use them to mark a boundary;

or recite the Dharani 21 times towards a five-colored thread and then make a closed circle on the ground with the threads as a boundary.

All of these will do.

If one can accept and hold the Dharani in accord with the Dharma, he will achieve the fruit naturally."

"If anyone just hears the name of this Dharani, his weighty sins of births and deaths of countless kalpas will be eliminated, how much more so, of those who recite and hold this Mantra themselves! If anyone can know and recite this holy Mantra, we should know that he has already offered and sustained innumerable Buddhas and have widely planted his virtuous roots. If he can recite and hold the Dharani in accord with Dharma to relieve all living beings from sufferings, we should know that he is the one with the great compassionate heart, and will become a Buddha soon."

"If he recites the Dharani for all living beings that he sees, make them hear the Dharani and make it become a cause of their achievement of Bodhi, then, his merits and virtues are immeasurable, boundless, and cannot be praised completely."

"If he can, with pure sincerity, apply his heart to keep the Abstinent-precepts, repent the previous sins on behalf of all living beings, also repent his own various sins accumulated in countless past kalpas, keep reciting this Dharani and never allow the sound of recitation to be interrupted, then he will achieve the four Sramana-fruits in his present life; if he has excellent talent for Dharma (literally: sharp root) and masters the skillful means of Wisdom-Observing, then achieving the fruits of ten Bhumis is not difficult for him, not to mention those small worldly blessings. All his wishes will be fulfilled."

"If he wishes to command ghosts, he should find a skull in the wild, wash it clean, set up a Mandala(altar) in front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and make offerings of multifarious fragrances, flowers, drinks, and vegetable foods. Do this day after day, then 7 days later, the ghost will appear and obey his orders."

"If he wish to command the four guardian gods, he should recite towards a sandalwood and burn it, then he will achieve the goal - because the power of the Bodhisattva's great compassionate vows are deep and weighty, and the power of this holy Dharani is mighty and vast."

The Buddha told Ananda: "When there are catastrophes in a country, if the king of the country can manage state affairs according to correct laws, be liberal toward people and animals, not to do anybody an injustice, absolve people from blames, and for 7 days and 7 nights, keep both his body and his mind sincere and diligent, and in this way recite and hold this Great Compassionate Heart Dharani Holy Mantra, then all the catastrophes of his country will disappear, the five kinds of crops will be abundant and his people will live in peace and happiness."

"If a country is being frequently invaded by enemies from other countries, people are unsafe and ministers are traitorous, pestilences are spreading everywhere, the rains and the droughts are unbalanced and unseasonable, or even the sun and the moon lost their accuracy, when such disasters come, the people should make a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and set it facing the west, make offerings to it sincerely with fragrances, flowers, streamers, precious canopies, or vegetable foods and drinks of hundreds of tastes, and, for 7 days and 7 nights, if the king of the country can keep both his body and mind sincere and diligent, and in this way recite and hold the Sacrosanct Wonderful Phrases of this Dharani, then the foreign enemies will be tamed of themselves, they will return to their own countries and make no further disturbance. These countries will be in communication and will have friendly relations, the princes and officers will be loyal, the queen, the prince's wife, and the maids will also be loyal to the king. Dragons, ghosts and spirits will protect this country, the rains will be seasonal, the fruits will be abundant, and the people will be happy."

"If anyone in a family gets a serious evil disease, or if hundreds of monsters appear, or if ghosts, spirits, and demons deplete and demolish the family; or if some villains malign the family and plot to harm them; or if the members of the family are disharmonious, they should set up a Mandala(altar) in front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with their deep-felt sincere heart, and then recite this Dharani fully 1000 times, then all those misfortunes will disappear, the family will be peaceful forever."

Ananda asked the Buddha: "Bhagavan, what is the name of this Mantra? How should we accept and hold it?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "This holy Mantra has many names, one of them is Vast, Great, Perfect, another is Unimpeded Great Compassion, another is Relieving Sufferings Dharani, another is Lengthening Life Dharani, another is Extinguishing Evil Destinies Dharani, another is Breaking Evil Karma Hindrances Dharani, another is Wish-Fulfilling Dharani, another is The Dharani Of The Freedom In Accord With The Heart, another is Quickly Exceeding The Upper Stages Dharani. Thus should you accept and hold it."

Then Ananda asked the Buddha: "Bhagavan, what is the name of this Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, who is so good to teach us this Dharani?"

The Buddha said: "This Bodhisattva is called Avalokitesvara, the Unrestricted One, also called Nipping a Lariat, also called A Thousand Bright Eyes. Virtuous man, this Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has unimaginable mighty and holy powers. Uncountable kalpas before, he had already been a Buddha named True Dharma Brightness Tathagata. Because of the power of his great compassionate vows, and in order to call upon all Bodhisattvas to comfort and please all living beings, he appears as a Bodhisattva. All of you, including the Bodhisattvas, Brahmas, Gods of the 33 heavens, dragons, and divinities, should show respect to him, do not despise him. All heavenly and human beings should constantly make offerings to him and recite his name absorbedly, then they will get infinite blessings and eliminate countless sins, and at the end of their lives, they will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha."

The Buddha told Ananda: "This holy Mantra spoken by Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is true, real, and not false. If you wish to invite this Bodhisattva to come, recite the Mantra 21 times towards a Guggula Incense and burn it, then this Bodhisattva will come."

"If being possessed by a soul of cat, find a dead cat's skull, burn it to ashes, mix the ashes with clean soil, and then use them to shape a cat. In front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani 108 times towards a wrought iron knife, and then cut the model into 108 pieces with the knife. Recite once, cut once, and say his name once, then the cat's soul will leave and never return."

"If harmed by mediumistic insects(Gu), mix Karpura(Dragon Brain Incense) with a same bulk of Guggula Incense, add 1 bowl of Well-flower-water and decoct them into 1 bowl of decoction; when done, recite the Dharani 108 times towards the decoction in front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, then take the decoction, the illness will be healed."

(*[Note] Well-flower-water: the purest water from a well - each morning, the very first bucket of water from the well)

"If bitten by fierce snakes or scorpions, recite the Dharani 7 times towards some powder of dry gingers, apply the powder on the bite and they will be healed."

"If someone plots to harm you because of hatred and resentment, you should find some clean soil, or flour, or wax, to shape the enemy's body. In front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani 108 times towards a wrought iron knife, then cut the model into 108 pieces with the knife. Recite once and cut once and say his name once, and then burn up all 108 pieces. After that, the enemy will be happy, will respect you and will like to befriend you for his entire life."

"If you have the eye-diseases of dimmed vision or blindness, or if your eyes are covered by a white haze or a red film, you should find a Haritaki fruit, an Amala fruit, and a Vihetaki fruit, and grind them into powder. During the grinding, you must guard their purity: do not be seen by women who have just given birth, or by pigs or dogs, and you should keep reciting a Buddha's name, mix the powder with white honey or human milk. The human milk must be from a mother of a boy, not from mothers of girls. When the medicine is done, in front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani 1008 times towards the medicine, then apply it on the sick eyes for fully 7 days, stay in a quite room and do not be exposed to wind, then the eyes will recover, the white haze and red film will disappear, and the eyesight will be very clear."

"If you are afflicted by recurrent fevers, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the skin of a tiger, panther, or a wolf, place the skin on your body and the fever will be healed. The skin of a lion is best."

"If someone is bitten by a snake, get some earwax of that person, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the earwax, apply them on his sore, then it will be healed."

"If an evil fever enters your heart, and it is so oppressive that makes you even wish to die, in this case, you should find a peach-glue as big as a normal peach, add 1 bowl of clean water and decoct them into a half bowl of decoction. When done, recite the Dharani 7 times towards the decoction, take them all, than the disease will be healed. The medicine should not be decocted by a woman."

"If you are possessed by a ghost, recite the Dharani 21 times towards a Guggula incense and burn it to fume the nostrils, further, make 7 pills of Guggula each as big as a rabbit dung, recite the Dharani 21 times towards them and take them, then you will be cured. Be careful: do not drink alcohol, do not eat meat or the five-pungencies, and do not abuse others. If you find some Manahsila (realgar), mix it with white mustard seeds and YanSheng-salt, then recite the Dharani 21 times towards the mixture and burn it under the bed of the patient, then the possessing ghost will run away and not dare to stay.

(*[Note] The five-pungencies are: onions, leeks, garlic, chives or shallots)

"For deafness, recite the Dharani towards some sesame oil and drop the oil into ears, then the disease will be healed."

"If someone is suffering from hemiplegias, his nose is blocked and his hands and feet cannot move because of apoplexy, you should mix some sesame oil with Green-wood-spice and decoct them, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the mixture, and rub it on the body, then the diseases will forever be healed. Another prescription: recite the Dharani 21 times towards some pure cow ghee, and rub it on the body, then the diseases will also be healed."

"For dystocias, recite the Dharani 21 times towards sesame oil and apply on both the navel and the jade-gate of the woman who is giving birth, then there will be an easy birth."

"If a baby dies in a pregnant woman's womb, find one large Lerng(*) of hyssops, mix it with 2 bowls of clean water, and decoct them into 1 bowl of decoction. Recite the Dharani 21 times towards the decoction and let the woman take it, then the dead baby will come out, and the woman will not be in pain. If the placenta does not come out, let her take this medicine again and it will be fine."

(* Lerng: a Chinese measurement)

"If you have a disease that your heart is often attacked by an unbearable pain, this is called Hidden Corpse Disease. Find a Fume-Land Incense with mature nipples, recite the Dharani 21 times towards it, chew and swallow it - no matter more or less. After some time, it will cause vomiting or diarrhoea, then the disease will be healed. Do not eat any of the five-pungencies, do not eat meat, and do not drink alcohol."

"If burned by a fire, recite the Dharani 21 times towards some dung of black cows, apply them on the sores, the pain will be healed."

"If one's heart is being attacked by ascarids, recite the Dharani 21 times towards a half bowl of urine of a white horse and take it, then the disease will be healed. If the disease is serious, take more medicine up to 1 bowl, then the ascarids will come out like a linked rope."

"For a Nail-sore, find some Ling-Sil-leaves, grind them and get the juice, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the juice, apply the juice to the sore, pull the sore out by the root and it will be healed immediately."

"If one's eyes were bitten by flies, find some new dung of donkey, filter it and get the liquid, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the liquid, drop it into the eyes when lying on the bed at night, then the disease will be healed."

"For bellyaches, mix Well-flower-water with YanSheng-salt to make 21 pellets, recite the Dharani 21 times towards them, take half a bowl of the medicine, then the disease will be healed."

"For red-eyed diseases, or neoplasms in eyes, or cataracts, find some leaves of Chinese-wolfberry (Gau-Gey), grind them and get their juice, recite the Dharani 21 times towards the juice, soak a bronze copper coin in the juice overnight, recite the Dharani towards it 7 more times, drop the juice into the eyes, then the disease will be healed."

"If someone is afraid and not peaceful at night, and he may even be frightened when entering or leaving a house, he should make a rope with white threads, recite the Dharani 21 times towards it, tie it into 21 knots, and wear it on his neck, then the fear will disappear. Not only will his fear disappear, his sins will also be eliminated."

"If some unexpected calamities come to your household, find a guava branch, cut it into 1008 segments, smear some ghee and honey on both ends of them, recite the Dharani once and burn one segment, burn up all 1008 segments in this way, then all calamities will disappear. This must be done in front of a Buddha."

"If you recite the Dharani 21 times towards a white flagleaf and tie it to your right arm, you will always win others in all fighting places and debating places."

"If you find some leaves and branches of Sami(*), cut them into 1008 segments, smear some true-cow-ghee and white-honey-cow-ghee on both ends of them, recite the Dharani once towards each segment and burn it, and burn up all 1008 segments in this way. Do this 3 times each day, 1008 times each time, for 7 days, then you, as a Mantra-master, will realize the Through-Wisdom of yourself."

(* Sami: Chinese wolfberry / medlar)

"If you wish to tame powerful ghosts or spirits, find some Wood-Wan-Tzee, recite the Dharani 49 times towards them, smear some ghee and honey on them, and burn them up. This must be done in front of a statue of Great Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva."

"If you put 1 large Lerng of bezoar(Cow yellow) into a lapis-lazuli bottle, then put the bottle in front of a statue of Great Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani 108 times toward it, apply the bezoar on your body and dot it on your forehead, then all gods, dragons, ghosts, spirits, human and non-human beings will be pleased."

(* Lerng: A Chinese measurement)

"If being chained and locked, find some dung of white pigeons, recite the Dharani 108 times towards them, smear them on your hands and rub the chains and locks, then the chains and locks will open of themselves."

"If a husband and wife have a disharmonious relationship and their situation is like that of water and fire, find some feathers of the tail of mandarin ducks, in front of a statue of Great Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani 1008 times towards the feathers and let the couple wear them, then the couple will be delightful, and will love and respect each other unto the end of their lives."

"If the seeds and fruits in your farm are being eaten by insects, find some clean ashes, or clean sands, or clean water, recite the Dharani 21 times towards them, sprinkle them around the farm and the seedlings, then the insects will quit. If you sprinkle some Mantra-water on the fruit trees, the insects will not dare to eat the fruits."

The Buddha told Ananda: "
For richness, treasures, or various valuables and necessities, use the Wish-Fulfilling Pearl Mudra(gesture).

For seeking stable life in various unstable situations, use the Pasa(lasso / lariat) Mudra.

For various diseases in abdomen, use the Precious Bowl Mudra.

For vanquishing all demons, monsters, ghosts, and spirits, use the Precious Glave(double edge sword) Mudra.

For vanquishing all heavenly demons and deities, use the Vajra Mudra.

For taming all enemies, use the Vajra Pestle Mudra.

For eliminating all fears in any situation, use the Fearless-Giving (Abhayam-dada) Mudra.

For healing dim eyes, use the Sun-Quintessence Mani Mudra.

If one has a disease caused by the poison of heat and seeks for refreshing coolness, he should use the Moon-Quintessence Mani Mudra.

For high positions and promotions, use the Precious Bow Mudra.

For meeting all virtuous friends as soon as possible, use the Precious Arrow Mudra.

For healing various diseases on one's body, use the Willow Branch Mudra.

For eliminating evil obstacles and misfortunes of one's body, use the White Whisk Mudra.

For good harmony among all relatives, use the Precious Vase Mudra.

For evading all tigers, wolves, jackals, panthers, and other fierce beasts, use the Shield Mudra.

For always resting in peace and avoiding being imprisoned, use the Axe-Tomahawk Mudra.

For commanding men and women, use the Jade Bracelet Mudra.

For various merits and virtues, use the White Lotus Mudra.

For rebirth in pure lands of the ten directions, use the Blue Lotus Mudra.

For great wisdom, use the Precious Mirror Mudra.

For personally meeting all Buddhas of the ten directions, use the Purple Lotus Mudra.

For underground precious deposits, use the Precious Box Mudra.

For achieving the Way(Tao) of immortals, use the Five Colored Cloud Mudra.

For rebirth in Brahma heaven, use the Bath Bottle Mudra.

For rebirth in heavenly palaces, use the Red Lotus Mudra.

For vanquishing traitors of other places, use the Precious Halberd Mudra.

For summoning all virtuous heavenly gods, use the Precious Trumpet Shell Mudra.

For commanding all ghosts and spirits, use the Skull Staff Mudra.

For the Buddhas of the ten directions coming to receive you with their hands quickly, use the Prayer Beads Mudra.

For achieving all superior wonderful Brahma sounds, use the Precious Bell Mudra.

For the ability of eloquent, clever, and wonderful speech (mouth karma), use the Precious Seal Mudra.

To be constantly guarded by virtuous gods and dragon kings, use the Kusinagara Iron Hook Mudra.

For mercifully sheltering and protecting all living beings, use the Tin Staff Mudra.

For making all living beings always respect and love each others, use the Joining Palms Mudra.

For always being reborn beside Buddhas for all lifetimes, use the Nirmana(Miraculously Created) Buddha Mudra.

To be always reborn in the palaces of Buddhas for all lifetimes, and never be born from a womb, use the Nirmana-Palace Mudra.

For eruditeness, use the Precious Sutra Mudra.

If you wish that from your current incarnation(lifetime) to the incarnation that you are a Buddha, you will never retrogress from or lose the Bodhi-Heart, use the Non-retrogression Gold Wheel Mudra.

If you wish that the Buddhas of the ten directions will come quickly to rub your summit and award you the mark of future Buddhahood, use the Summit Nirmana Buddha Mudra.

For fruits, melons, and various crops, use the Grape Mudra.

There are thousands of such requesting Mudras, now I have just briefly said some of them."

Sunlight Bodhisattva then spoke a great holy Mantra for those who accept and hold the Great Compassionate Heart Dharani to protect them:

"Namo Buddha Kunami, Namo Dharma Mahadi, Namo Sangha Tayeni, DhriBhuBhi Sattva Yam Namo"

"This Mantra can extinguish all sins, and can evade demons and natural disasters. If one can recite the Dharani once and bow to the Buddhas once, 3 times daily, recite the Dharani and bow to the Buddhas, then in his next lifetime, he will gain the delightful fruit-repayment that all of his facial features are handsome."

Moonlight Bodhisattva also spoke a Dharani to protect practitioners:

"Sumdhidi Tusuza Ahjamidi Uduza SumKiza Bolaidi Yemijaza Uduza Kuladiza Kimoza Svaha"

(* in the above sentence, the 'z' should be pronounced as [tz])

"Recite this Mantra five times, making a Mantra-Rope with five colored threads, and wear it on where it is sore. This Mantra had been spoken by the previous 40 Ganges-river-sands Buddhas, now I also speak it, for supporting all practitioners, for eliminating all obstacles and calamities, for healing all serious diseases and relieving all sufferings, for accomplishing all virtuous Dharmas, for eliminating all fears."

The Buddha told Ananda: "You should accept and uphold this Great Compassion Dharani with a deeply pure heart, spread it abroad widely throughout Jambudvipa and never allow it to be lost. This Dharani can greatly benefit all living beings of the Three Realms of Transmigrations, all living beings suffering from diseases can use this Dharani to heal their diseases. Even a withered tree can grow new branches, flowers and fruits when someone recites this great holy Dharani towards it. Thus, it is impossible that any diseases of sentient and conscious beings cannot be healed by this Dharani."

"Virtuous man, the mighty and sacrosanct power of this Dharani is unimaginable, is unimaginable, and one will never be able to fully praise it. If one has not extensively planted virtuous roots since the long distant past, he is not able to hear even the name of this Dharani, much less that he could see it. All of you in this congregation -- the gods, human beings, dragons, spirits, should accordingly rejoice when hearing my praise. Slandering this Dharani is equal to slandering those 9.9 billion Ganges-river-sands Buddhas.

If anyone doubts, or disbelieves this Dharani, we should know that he loses great benefits forever. For billions of kalpas, he will constantly fall into the evil categories (of hell beings, hungry ghosts, and animals) and unable to escape; he will always be unable to see the Buddhas, unable to hear the Dharmas, and unable to see the Sanghas."

After hearing the Buddha praise this Dharani, the whole congregation -- the Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas, Vajra Secret-Traces Divinities, Brahmas, Sakra, gods, the four heavenly kings, dragons, ghosts, and spirits, were all delighted, they accepted the teaching respectfully and started practicing it. 

Simply beautiful

 Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. The word ''Lakshmi'' is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksme, meaning "goal." Lakshmi, therefore, represents the goal of life, which includes worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi, also called Shri, is the divine spouse of Lord Vishnu and provides Him with wealth for the maintenance and preservation of the creation. In Her images and pictures, Lakshmi is depicted in a female form with four arms and four hands. She wears red clothes with a golden lining and is standing on a lotus. She has golden coins and lotuses in her hands. Two elephants (some pictures show four) are shown next to the Goddess. This symbolism conveys the following spiritual theme: The four arms represent the four directions in space and thus symbolize omnipresence and omnipotence of the Goddess. The red color syinbolizes activity. The golden lining (embroidery) on Her red dress denotes prosperity. The idea conveyed here is that the Goddess is always busy distributing wealth and prosperity to the devotees. The lotus seat, which Lakshmi is standing upon, signifies that while living in this world, one should enjoy its wealth, but not become obsessed with it. Such a living is analogous to a lotus that grows in water but is not wetted by water. The four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma (righteousness), kama (genuine desires), artha (wealth), and moksha (liberation from birth and death). The front hands represent the activity in the physical world and the back hands indicate the spiritual activities that lead to spiritual perfection. Since the right side of the body symbolizes activity, a lotus in the back right hand conveys the idea that one must perform all duties in the world in accordance with dharma. This leads to moksha (liberation), which is symbolized by a lotus in the back left hand of Lakshmi. The golden coins falling on the ground from the front left hand of Lakshmi illustrate that She provides wealth and prosperity to Her devotees. Her front right hand is shown bestowing blessings upon the devotees. The two elephants standing next to the Goddess symbolize the name and fame associated with worldly wealth. The idea conveyed here is that a true devotee should not earn wealth merely to acquire name and fame or only to satisfy his own material desires, but should share it with others in order to bring happiness to others in addition to himself. Some pictures show four elephants spraying water from golden vessels onto Goddess Lakshmi. The four elephants represent the four ends of human life as discussed above. The spraying of water denotes activity. The golden vessels denote wisdom and purity. The four elephants spraying water from the golden vessels on the Goddess illustrate the theme that continuous self-effort, in accordance with one's dharma and govemed by wisdom and purity, leads to both material and spiritual prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is regularly worshipped in home shrines and temples by Her devotees. A special worship is offered to Her annually on the auspicious day of Diwali, with religious rituals and colorful ceremonies specifically devoted to Her. 

While the great goddess as a cosmic force may be a deity of compelling dynamism and fearsome power, it is in the guise of the gentle and beneficent giver of the devotees’ desires, that the female divinities of India first appeared. This role of the goddess as one who fulfills wishes has remained one of enduring strength and consequence. In the ancient collection of sacred hymns known as the Veda, this aspect of the goddess already becomes manifest. The two most shining examples in this context are The Great Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Lakshmi : Hindu Goddess of Fortune


Goddess Lakshmi, also known as Shri, is personified not only as the goddess of fortune and wealth but also as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She is worshipped as a goddess who grants both worldly prosperity as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death.
Lore has it that Lakshmi arose out of the sea of milk, the primordial cosmic ocean, bearing a red lotus in her hand. Each member of the divine triad- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (creator, preserver and destroyer respectively)- wanted to have her for himself. Shiva’s claim was refused for he had already claimed the Moon, Brahma had Saraswati, so Vishnu claimed her and she was born and reborn as his consort during all of his ten incarnations.

YakshiA few texts say that Lakshmi is the wife of Dharma. She and several other goddesses, all of whom are personifications of certain auspicious qualities, are said to have been given to Dharma in marriage. This association seems primarily to represent a thinly disguised “wedding” of Dharma (virtuous conduct) with Lakshmi (prosperity and well-being). The point of the association seems to be to teach that by performing Dharma one obtains prosperity.
Tradition also associates Lakshmi with Kubera, the ugly lord of the Yakshas. The Yakshas were a race of supernatural creatures who lived outside the pale of civilization. Their connection with Lakshmi perhaps springs from the fact that they were notable for a propensity for collecting, guarding and distributing wealth. Association with Kubera deepens the aura of mystery and underworld connections that attaches itself to Lakshmi. Yakshas are also symbolic of fertility. The Yakshinis (female Yakshas) depicted often in temple sculpture are full-breasted and big-hipped women with wide generous mouths, leaning seductively against trees. The identification of Shri, the goddess who embodies the potent power of growth, with the Yakshas is natural. She, like them, involves, and reveals herself in the irrepressible fecundity of plant life, as exemplified in the legend of Shiva and the Bael fruit narrated above, and also in her association with the lotus, to be described later.
An interesting and fully developed association is between Lakshmi and the god Indra. Indra is traditionally known as the king of the gods, the foremost of the gods, and he is typically described as a heavenly king. It is therefore appropriate for Shri-Lakshmi to be associated with him as his wife or consort. In these myths she appears as the embodiment of royal authority, as a being whose presence is essential for the effective wielding of royal power and the creation of royal prosperity.
Several myths of this genre describe Shri-Lakshmi as leaving one ruler for another. She is said, for example, to dwell even with a demon named Bali. The concerned legend makes clear the union between Lakshmi and victorious kings. According to this legend Bali defeats Indra. Lakshmi is attracted to Bali’s winning ways and bravery and joins him along with her attendant auspicious virtues. In association with the propitious goddess, Bali rules the three worlds (earth, heavens and the nether-worlds) with virtue, and under his rule there is prosperity all around. Only when the dethroned gods managed to trick Bali into surrendering does Shri-Lakshmi depart from Bali, leaving him lusterless and powerless. Along with Lakshmi, the following qualities depart from Bali: good conduct, virtuous behavior, truth, activity and strength.
Lakshmi’s association with so many different male deities and with the notorious fleetingness of good fortune earned her a reputation for fickleness and inconstancy. In one text she is said to be so unsteady that even in a picture she moves and that if she sticks with Vishnu it is only because she is attracted to his many different forms (avataras)! She is thus also known as ‘Chanchala’, or the restless one.
Her notorious fickleness has convinced her devotees that she may desert them at the slightest pretext. They have thus devised numerous ingenious strategies to retain Lakshmi, and thus prosperity in their establishments. One such sect is known to offer only the worst netlike fabric as vastra (clothing) to Lakshmi; for they say, ‘It is much easier for Goddess Lakshmi to abandon our houses clad in ample folds of cloth rather than scantily dressed in the minimum fabric we offer to her as garment’!
Batik Paintings of Goddess Laksmi

In a mythological sense her fickleness and adventurous nature slowly begin to change once she is identified totally with Vishnu, and finally becomes still. She then becomes the steadfast, obedient and loyal wife who vows to reunite with her husband in all his next lives. As the cook at the Jagannatha temple in Puri, she prepares food for her lord and his devotees. In the famous paintings on the walls of the Badami caves in central India, she sits on the ground near where her lord reclines upon a throne, leaning on him; a model of social decorum and correctitude.
Physically Goddess Lakshmi is described as a fair lady, with four arms, seated on a lotus, dressed in fine garments and precious jewels. She has a benign countenance, is in her full youth and yet has a motherly appearance.

Marble Painting of Goddess LakshmiThe most striking feature of the iconography of Lakshmi is her persistent association with the lotus. The meaning of the lotus in relation to Shri-Lakshmi refers to purity and spiritual power. Rooted in the mud but blossoming above the water, completely uncontaminated by the mud, the lotus represents spiritual perfection and authority. Furthermore, the lotus seat is a common motif in Hindu and Buddhist iconography. The gods and goddesses, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, typically sit or stand upon a lotus, which suggests their spiritual authority. To be seated upon or to be otherwise associated with the lotus suggests that the being in question: God, Buddha, or human being-has transcended the limitations of the finite world (the mud of existence, as it were) and floats freely in a sphere of purity and spirituality. Shri-Lakshmi thus suggests more than the fertilizing powers Patachitra from Orissaof moist soil and the mysterious powers of growth. She suggests a perfection or state of refinement that transcends the material world. She is associated not only with the royal authority but with also spiritual authority, and she combines royal and priestly powers in her presence. The lotus, and the goddess Lakshmi by association, represents the fully developed blossoming of organic life.
No description of Goddess Lakshmi can be complete without a mention of her traditionally accepted vehicle, the owl. Now, the owl (Ulooka in Sanskrit), is a bird that sleeps through the day and prowls through the night. In a humorous vein it is said that owing to its lethargic and dull nature the Goddess takes it for a ride! She is the handmaiden of those who know how to control it; how to make best use of her resources, like the Lord Vishnu. But those who blindly worship her are verily the owls or ‘Ulookas’. The choice is ours: whether we wish to be Lord Vishnu or the ‘Ulooka’ in our association with Lakshmi.

Simply Beautiful....

Goddess Durga

One of the most invoked forms of the Great Goddess is her manifestation as the youthful, multi-armed deity who successfully battles the mighty buffalo demon that symbolizes among other things, the elemental powers of brutish ignorance. In her this incarnation she is referred to as Durga, the 'unattainable'.

Hindu Goddess PaintingsThe Great Goddess Durga was born from the energies of the male divinities when the gods lost the long drawn-out battle with the asuras (demons). All the energies of the gods united and became supernova, throwing out flames in all directions. Then that unique light, pervading the Three Worlds with its luster, combined into one, and became a female form.
Hindu JewelryThe Devi projected an overwhelming omnipotence. The awesome three-eyed Goddess was adorned with the crescent moon. Her multiple arms held auspicious weapons and emblems, jewels and ornaments, garments and utensils, garlands and rosaries of beads, all offered by the gods. With her golden body blazing with the splendor of a thousand suns, seated on her lion or tiger vehicle, Durga is one of the most spectacular of all personifications of Cosmic Energy.
The tremendous power of the Goddess was poised ready for the grim battle to wipe out demonic forces, the asuras whose exaggerated ego-sense was destroying the balance of the universe, and whose sole purpose was to dominate and control. It was the universal war between knowledge and ignorance, truth and falsehood, the oppressor and the oppressed.
Hindu Paintings

The world shook and the seas trembled as the Goddess engaged the Great Demon Mahisasura(Durgan) and his hosts in fierce battle, creating her own female battalions from her sighs breathed during the fighting.

Hindu Demon Mahisasura

The Great Goddess first annihilated the army of the titan. Then she roped his own mighty buffalo-form with a noose. The demon escaped, however, emerging from the buffalo body in the form of a lion. Immediately, the Goddess beheaded the lion, whereupon Mahisa, by virtue of his Maya-energy of self-transformation, escaped again, now in the form of a hero with a sword.
Ruthlessly the Goddess riddled this new embodiment with a shower of arrows. But then the demon stood before her as an elephant, and with his trunk reached out and seized her. He dragged her towards him, but she severed the trunk with the stroke of a sword. The demon returned, now, to his favorite shape-that of the giant buffalo shaking the universe with the stamping of its hoofs. But the Goddess scornfully laughed, and again roared with a loud voice of laughter at all his tricks and devices. Pausing a moment, in full wrath, she lifted to her lips, serenely, a bowl filled with the inebriating, invigorating, liquor of the divine-life force, and while she sipped the matchless drink, her eyes turned red. Goddess Durga Slaying Demon MahisasuraThe buffalo-demon, uprooting mountains with his horns, was flinging them against her, shouting defiantly at her the while, but with her arrows she was shattering them to dust. She called out to the shouting monster: "Shout on! Go on shouting one moment more, you fool, while I sip my fill of this delicious brew. The gods soon will be crying out for joy, and you shall lie murdered at my feet.
Even while she spoke, the Goddess leapt into the air, and from above came down on the demon's neck. She dashed him to the earth and sent the trident through his neck. The adversary attempted once again to abandon the buffalo-body, issuing from its mouth in the shape of a hero with a sword; but he had only half emerged when he was caught. He was half inside the buffalo and half outside, when the Goddess, with a swift and terrific stroke, beheaded him, and he died.
The chief demon Mahisasura was thus dead, and the gods praised the Goddess, joyfully worshipping her with flowers, incense and fragrant paste:
Thou Ambika [a name of Durga] dost overspread the universe with thy power.
The power of all divine beings is drawn into Thy from.
Thou art Great Mother, worshipped by all divine beings and Sages.
We bow ourselves in devotion to Thee.
Bless us with all that is good for us.

We bow before Thee, O Devi,
Thou who art the good fortune of the virtuous,
Ill-fortune in the house of the evil,
Intelligence in the minds of the learned,
Faiths in the hearts of the good,
The modesty of the high born.

- Devi Mahatmya

The world was at peace again. The skies cleared, the rivers kept their courses, there was sweet singing and dancing. The winds blew softly, the sun shone brilliantly, the sacred fires burned steadily. Strange sounds that had arisen in the various quarters died away.
The departing Durga offered the gods a boon. She promised that as 'Sakambhari' she would nourish the world in time of need with the vegetation grown from her own body, and that in her 'terrible' form she would deliver her worshippers from their enemies, and bless them. Then she vanished from the very spot on which the gods were gazing.
Thus the reveries of Mahisa are exterminated. Into this wondrous male fantasy intrudes the Mother Goddess. She lures and entices him and, because she represents the power of the unconscious and the pull downward and backward into the protective womb, the demon unwittingly plunges into her dangerous orbit. In a throwback to reciprocal animal mating postures, they dance in mutual desire and dread. Mahisa is forced into sacred, single combat with the fascinating but enigmatic, dangerous creature. On the battle stage the disguise of each is penetrated; then the demon and the Goddess are reduced to their true nature; in the last analysis they are alike. Finally, like the ancient bull-kings who were themselves royal sacrifices, fecundators of the earth, bearers of vicarious guilt, hero is transformed into victim and, having lost his position in heaven, now Mahisa loses his very life. 

He is decapitated by the Mother Goddess, and on earth, paradise is restored, but only temporarily, for the demon inevitably returns to earth for the eternal cyclical repetition of the entire life process.
The myth is saturated with the potential for violence inherent in the male-female oppositions. As the story unfolds, the relationship between Mahisa and the goddess is manifested at many levels: psychologically both demon and goddess become what the other is, both behave like ferocious animals and one never knows what will happen in the next instant, as the constant alternations, which range from the bestial to the divine, are the only reality. Thus each of the antagonists can be symbolically interpreted as now the monster/dragon, now with feminine or with masculine attributes. Each can represent justice and power or evil and danger; and each contributes to the orgiastic disorder necessary for recreation. The myth thus transcends the male-female alternative, signifying psychic totality. The condition of the contemporary urban dweller who howls in fear in the dark as he confronts the bad animal of his nightmare differs little from the fright syndrome of the jungle dweller, forced into struggle with a live animal. Until the dreamer awakes, he is in the same situation as his prehistoric ancestors were. Pervading the deepest levels of the psyche, ready to spring at random, the residual animal, source of human energies, seeks recognition. The unfocused, floating primordial imagery, rooted in the biological heritage, is stabilized in culture. Externalized projections, first structured into dance, cultish animal rites, orgiastic fertility ceremonies and much later into literature, art, myth and ritual, provide the camouflage of human respectability and channel the anxiety into an acceptable form. Left to itself without organization, animal nature will surely erupt.
When left unrecognized and unattended, under stressful conditions, animal impulses break through in random fashion, and blind fury re-emerges in full force. As repository for the archaic residue, Mahisamardini, the Goddess who slays the buffalo, is a therapeutic symbol.
Durga's name literally means "Beyond Reach". This is an echo of the woman warrior's fierce, virginal autonomy. In fact many of the figures associated with her are officially virgin. This is not meant in the limiting sense understood by the patriarchal order, but rather in Esther Harding's sense: she is "one-in-herself", or as Nor Hall puts it, "Belonging-to-no-man" "Belonging to-no-woman". As Harding further observed of 'The Virgin Goddess': 'Her divine power does not depend on her relation to a husband-god, and thus her actions are not dependent on the need to conciliate such a one or to accord with his qualities and attitudes. For she bears her identity through her own right.'
The disappearance of Durga from the battlefield after the victory over aggression expressed one of the deepest truths of the episode, for the feminine action in the cosmic drama is without retentive, ego-seeking ambition.
Durga Puja : Hindu Religion FestivalDurga is linked also with some of the oldest known prayers for humankind's protection. In the Ramayana, Rama went to Lanka to rescue his abducted wife, Sita, from the grip of Ravana, the Emperor of Lanka. Before starting for his battle, Rama aspired for the blessings of Goddess Durga . He came to know that the Goddess would be pleased if offered one hundred blue lotuses. But after traversing the whole world, he could gather only ninety-nine. Rama finally decided to offer one of his own eyes, which resembled blue lotuses. Durga, being pleased with the devotion of Rama, appeared before him, stopped him from committing this act and blessed him. In the fierce battle that followed, Rama was able to annihilate Ravana, thus again triumphed good over evil. To this day, this day is celebrated as Vijaydashmi (Day of Victory), and Goddess Durga worshipped all over India.
Indeed the Mother Goddess, it is believed, controls the fate of all. But even though she makes her appearance when the male deities conglomerate their respective energies, she is, in fact, not 'created' by them. All her incarnations are the result of her will to be in the world for the benefit of mankind; she chooses when and how to effect her lilas (play of the Goddess in the world). In this situation her sudden arrival spells doom for Mahisa, but only after a protracted interaction during which the confrontations between animal/demon and Goddess, male and female, son and mother, lover and beloved, equal combatants, victim and sacrificer, hero and deliverer, are given due attention as an exploratory venture into the dynamics of the laws of opposites. Their combat is, in the final analysis, an enactment of a many-aspected reality, reflecting a mode of thought which perceives seeming opposites as mere stages in a graduated spectrum of reality which has a minimum of definite boundaries.
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Shaakambhari Devi is said to be an aspect of Goddess Durga.  Shakambhari means She who nourishes by bringing (ambhari) vegetation or herbs (shaaka).  She is also called Vanashankari or the Goddess of the forest.  She is hailed as Shataakshi because She has one hundred eyes, and sees all things.  She is called Durga because she protects the devotees by removing all difficulties.  She is also called Uma (She who nourishes, calms, and supports), Gauri (She who is brilliant Illumination); Sati (the Source and Embodiment of Truth), ChaNDi (She who is Fierce and intense), Kaalakaa (She who is Darkness destroying all difficulties), and Paarvati (the Goddess of the Mountains / Mother Earth).  She is manifest in the plants and especially in the forest.  Shakambhari Devi protects people in all places, averting all sorts of danger, and so people pray to her for safe passage especial at night and through forests.  Shakmbhari Devi is meditated on having a beautiful blue-colored body and eyes like blue lotuses.  She sits on a lotus and carries a bow and arrows, a lotus, grains, flowers, leaves, sprouts, roots, herbs and medicines, fruits and an abundant pile of vegetables.  Her form removes hunger, thirst (desire), and the fear of death.  Meditating on her form quickly removes sorrows, averts difficulties and darkness, and destroys all troubles and sorrows.  She grants eternal nourishment and fulfillment to Her devotees and grants immortality.

The Story of Shakambhari Devi is recounted in the Devi Maahaatmyam (Chandi Paatham / Chapt. 11), the Devi Bhagavata Puranam (Chapt 28), and the Muurti Rahasyam (an addendum to the Chandi Paatham).  In these stories, Goddess Shakambhari is said to be an incarnation (avataara) of the Divine Mother Durga who took birth on Earth without human parents to dispel darkness for the benefit of humanity.  According to the stories a great Demon named Durgamasura (or Durgam) had performed rigorous tapasya (austerities) and had acquired all four Vedas (and all Knowledge, which is said to emanate from the Vedas).  In addition, Durgam was granted a boon from Lord Brahma that all offerings made to the Gods reached him instead, so that any efforts to seek Divine mercy by the people only gave more power to him.  Durgamasura represents the insurmountable ego, and this story describes the way that worldliness, selfishness, conceit, agitation, and confusion effect the world in times of darkness leading to drought.  Drought can be understood figuratively, to mean a lack of spiritual consciousness, but also literally as people’s agitated consciousness does tend to agitate the natural forces.  In dark times when human consciousness is devoid of spiritual qualities like compassion, mercy, generosity, and love, people act out greedy and violent impulses and this does actually cause drought and famine to effect the world.  

Durgamasura ( Mahish) represents the insurmountable plight of the ego, which causes itself endless suffering on account of the false perception of separation.  Spiritual consciousness knows that all good which is done returns in time to the doer and that serving humanity with compassion and generosity is really serving oneself because all things are interconnected in God.  As a result of Durgamasura’s taspsya, darkness grasped human consciousness and a hundred year drought struck the Earth and a terrible famine ravaged all creatures.  The Sages took refuge in caves in the Himalayas and meditated on the benevolent Divine Mother, who appeared before them with countless eyes and bearing nourishing vegetation.  She was moved by the plight of humanity and tears of compassion fell from Her eyes for nine days, which formed a river which ended the drought and nourished all life on Earth.  In response to the request of the Sages for Her to retrieve the Vedas from Durgamasura (Mahish), Devi took the form of the Dasha Mahaavidyas (the Ten Great Wsdom Goddesses) and 64,000 other Goddesses and battle with Durgamasura ensued.  Eventually, the Great Mother defeated Durgamasura , slaying him with her Trishula (trident).  Shakambhari Amman is decorated with a variety of fruits and vegies to honor her power of nourishment and abundance.  She is called Durga because She overcame this insurmountable darkness.  Shakambhari Devi is the same as the Vedic Goddess Aranyaani, the Goddess of the forest praised in the Rik Veda (10th Mandala 146th Suktam).

The Mantras and Meditations of Shakambhari Devi are said to give protection, avert danger and difficulties, remove sorrows, dispel demons and darkness, and to provide nourishment, abundance of vegetables, fruits, flowers, roots, medicines, food and drink, grains and wealth.  When nourished by the spiritual shakti of the Goddess a person will never have fear or hunger but enjoy amrita and ananda immortal and eternal bliss.  Devi's mantras have the power to easily overcome insurmountable obstacles and difficulties and to break through impossible impediments.  
She is meditated on with a blue body and many eyes and with bow and arrow and surrounded by an abundance of grains.  For worship fruits and vegies are offered.  Her mantras and tantras are needed now to dispel the materialism of people which has led to a spiritual “draught” of consciousness.  Her mantras have the power of the mantras of Goddess Durga and also possess the power of all 10 of the Dasha Maha Vidyas (Great Wisdom Goddesses) who are said to have been generated from Shakambhari Devi.  People chant the mantras of the Maha Vidyas to overcome all difficult indicated by the 9 planets or the rising sign in a person’s birth chart, and so the mantras of Shakambhari Devi can be used for this purpose also.  May Devi Nourish the all living creates with spiritual fulfillment.

A Demon named Ruru was a great devotee of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva). The trio were so pleased by his worship and deeds, that they blessed him immensely and gave an assurance that their blessings and protection will always be on him and his family. Ruru had a son named Durg. Durg was a very ambitious demon. He grew up to be a powerful being. Shukracharya advised him to do penance to gain the heaven. He got to know about the boons asked by various demons like Tarakasur and Mahishasur. Shukracharya warned him to be careful while asking for any boon. Durg also got to know about the Vedas in which all the worldly knowledge is present and the Vedas were present with Lord Brahma. Hence to gain the Vedas from Brahma, he started to worship Brahma. Finally, Lord Brahma appeared before him. Durg asked for the Vedas or immortality as a reward for his penance. Brahma had no other option and unwillingly had to give the Vedas to him. As Vedas went in the hands of Durg, Brahma was then unable to do his work of creation without the Vedas and also the human beings became devoid of religious values. Hence, they stopped doing rituals and venerations as a result of which, Gods become weak. At this very time, Durg attacked over the heaven. The weakened Gods no longer possessed the power to battle the demons and hence left from the heaven at once. From then Durg came to be known as Durgamasur. The condition over the earth became worst as in the absence of moral values and knowedge, everything came to a standstill. Earth had become completely dry as biscuit. Rain God could not shower the rains as a result of which nothing grew that could be eaten. Extreme drought conditions were faced by the human beings. Trinity were helpless due to the assurance of protection, they had given to Durgamasur's father and his family. There, Goddess Parvati went to Himalayas where Gods were praying to her. Gods informed her about the droughtful condition over the earth. Seeing the dreadful condition of the earth, Parvati started crying with uncountable eyes and all of sudden, rivers started flowing full of water. This form of Goddess is called as Satakshi Devi, she rained her tears to bring back all the rivers for thirst. Soon after which Goddess Parvati took form of Goddess Shakambhari and presented back the greenery to the earth and natural food like fruits, grains, vegetables etc grew in milliseconds. Parvati got to know about Durgamasur's evil intentions, so she appeared to him in the form of a lady messenger to make him to give the Vedas back to Brahma and also to give back the heaven to Indra. Durgamasur didn't want to, so he sent in a huge army to kill the messenger, Parvati liberates herself from the lady messenger, and she, with Durgamasur's army came on the warfield. From Parvati's body, emerged out all of the female forms of the feminime cosmos namely as Kali, Tarini, Shodashi (Lalita/Tripursundari), Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika, Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri, Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Indrani, Varahi, Narasimhi, Shivduthi, Chamundai, Yogmaya, Jaya, Vijaya, Savitri, Trishi, Dhiriti, Bhima, Rakta Chamunda, Kauberi, Mrityu, Jambhini, Mohini, Tripur, Rudrani, Gayatri, Bhramari, Akhilandeshwari, Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Guhyakali, Sheetala, Vindhyavasini, Adi Parashakti, Mahashakti, Bhagawati, Sherawali, Bahuchar, Khodiyar, Amba, Chandika, Shakti, Adi Shakti, Ramchandi, Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Kaushiki, Mahadurga, Parameshwari, Devi, Gauri, Jagadamba, Tridevi, Mahadevi, Uma, Bhavani, Mateshwari, Vyaghravahini, Narayani, Mahamaya, Manasa, Ganeshi, Rajarajeshwari, Shaambhavi, Prathyangira, Ishwari, Agneyi, Varuni, Rohini, Prakriti, Kalika, Jumadi, Uma, Yudhadevi, Jagatmata, Aparajita and Chandavigrah. A fierce battle started between the huge army of Durgamasur and the forms of Parvati. After a long battle, the female forms of Parvati had destroyed the huge army of Durgamasur, they felt highly victorious. Durgamasur came to the battlefield, on fearing the extent that Durgamasur was about to delete Parvati's female forms, they all ran back inside her body, one by one. Parvati Maa Shakambari, killed Durgam with her trident and recovered The Veda from his possession. At that very moment all the mantras and japas that were performed by the rishis, munis and devtas had performed earlier but were absorbed by the demon Durgam due to his boon, transformed into a bright light of a 10000 Suns and entered the Devi. From Her body Maa Shakambari manifested the ten most powerful powers who has never been in universe before called "Dashamahaavidya" and 64000 other goddesses. She then handed over The Vedas to Lord Brahma and the heavens to Lord Indra.
Therefor Adi parashakti is known as Durga as she had killed the demon Durgam .

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 A pue! cadajo cuchi, cuchi! Divino padre sol ibi uru - dune, dune, dun nachos, dune, dune onion rings dune, dune, dune fries...ketchup!mayonaise! cheeese sticks...tartar sauce.. yummie, yum, yums gracias por hacer que mi piel grasosa brille mas, cuando radeas atraves de mi corazon broto tu divina luz  y por mis poros suda pura manteca de Maiz! Maiz! Maiz dulce! illuminada soy, mucho antes de que exisitiera el tiempo o el espacio, nombres o numeros, tu gramatica, tu majia de pollo intelectual, sabiduria y supersticiones, Ay, ya!  que risa deveras pues devaras, no te escondas-it's omg!okey! come out! come out! me espantas y sabes que you corro, como el  corre caminos- catch me if you can. Gracias.  mi lindo radiante padre sol, gracias por todo, por iluminar todo lo que es semi light, para yo poder limpiarlo y hacerlo brillar con mi esponja, trapos y non organix chemicals, que me hacen cosquillas, vivan los elementales- wax on wax off! alabaos siempre seas, y claro que si limpio muy bien! Dios de sol! Diosa de sol! hijo del sol! hija del sol mira que lindo brilla nuestra manteca de maiz dulce de latte de mi padre, sol y de mi madre tierra abrigados por Aluna decoradas de estrellas, grasas! grasas! grasas !  gases!  gases! gases, y pedos que huelen arrellana, y empenadas de res y mucho lechon yummy, yum, yums! mas rellena! menos pavo! mas arepa y pirico, con chocolate caliente! bendido sean todos los ninos del sol! que viva las ferias! wepa a bailar! Gracias divino padre por hacer brillar mi manteca de maiz dulce, y quererme comos soy, y calentarme con tu amor, y tu dulsura porque, yo soy muy fria, muy fria, soy frizante, y fea, y huelo, huelo a pedos, claro que si! y huelo y huelo a mierda claro que si! y huelo, y huelo a orines claro que si, y soy acida, y casi, casi hielo, claro que si, y lo acepto! Viva la vida por oler tan mal! Viva la vida brindamos por pedos, mas pedos de todo sabor, y liquidos, todos menos agua, 1000 pedos Lotus! Gracias a todos, por cagar tanto, y orirnar entodo lugar donde hay inodoros, o porter patties,  y orinar y cagar alrededor de las tasas del inodoro, o en la taza y no limpiarla, gracias por orinar en el piso y dejar el papel igienico por todos lados menos en el inodoro, me fascina pararme en sus orines y mierdas cuando tengo que hacer chichi en un lugar publico - gracias! gracias por orinarcen en los o arboles, esquinas, callejones, al lado de los coches, vasenillas, detras de plantas, las piscinas, los mares y rios, en la cama, en cuna,  y gracias a los que se mean encima de uno al otro por que no tienen nada mas que hacer,  gracias por mearsen a donde sea porque sus orines, y caca me hacen  acordarme de que estoy viva junto con una civilizacion de seres humanos, y quen sus organix and non organinize pedos, mierda y orines me iluminaron y por eso apesto a gracias! muchas gracias! y manteca de gordos, Yum! y que somos igual aunque no me emperfumo, con fragrancias en marcadas, y se que huelo, huelo! y vuelo muy bien, y huelo a viento claro que si! Gracias! 

 Amado padre sol gracias por hacerme ver bonita, al no tener ningun tipo de comentario para mi bueno o malo! Me haces sentir hermosa, como las flores,  tan lucida que vanidad! y no me gusta lucirme ante todos porque soy timida, y me escondo,  y les repito otra vez por favor no se enamoren de mi, ni suenien con que les haga cosas indecentes,  o con hacerme cosas a la holographic porque yo soy practitioner of celibacy.  Enamorensen de ustedes mismoas, ya se que son super sexy, ricoas, y cachondoas and tres delicioux, healthy and cool y yo No, soy El Salvador, soy Cali, America! soy calientisima, y mantecosa , y se bailar! y por eso les bailo!Vivan las ferias! Viva el amor! Viva la vida! Viva la musica!Viva los artes! salud! Ay, no Ya, estuvo! ya me canse de chillar por todo, y de morirme acada rato, y de regresar aca, y verles las muelas, y escuchar sus chismes de nuevo, con las mismas historias. Viva la naturaleza, los arboles, las plantas, lo llanos, lo desiertos, mi lindo refujio mi optimismo, mi vida, mi vida, mi santa tierra madresita mia  por eso estoy aca para cantarte Opera, y bailarte, porque me muero chao, chu me! y para decirte I locho muchisimo gracias por todo! grasas! grass! Mi linda EA - GIA TERRA IBI-URU Bhūmī-Devī  gracias por todo, y por ser infinita eh immoral, y por no llorar por mi, porque yo no lloro por ti y por eso tequiero muchisimo, por dejarme hacer lo que se me da la gana, y gustarte como canto tan bonito, Songs of Songs Infinite Yum!  Ay, Si Se Puede! Ay, Si Se Puede!  RAZA Bhaga! 

y ustedes señores y señoras en los gallineros son muy bonitoas, y nadan, nadan muy bien y son super awesome, y eso se sabe! Claro que si! Claro que si! soy especial, y rara, deveraz pues deveras! Ahoram, tomo pastas de paz, y me parese que me hacen ver bonita aunque se me calleron los dientes, y me vale una verga, porque ya no las chupos, auque yo se que les gustaria mas si yo les chupara la verga mueca, porque de esa forna no me la como, Yum! o la mastico como bubble gum pop! Ahora, solo les reso a las vergas, y me les arrodillo, y enciendo velas blancas como la pastora Madonna Ciconne, heh Heh Heh, just kidding Madonita, deveraz soy vulgar, y mal pensao puro ghetto! porque si, soy, ghetto puro ghetto! y lo admito! Salud a mi familia en Maryland, Viva la vida! Viva la vida porque ami me perase que la vida es bonita, porque, hay weeds a mi alredor, y parajaritos, incectos. ratas, y veo una loma con letras, y para  mi me parece que la vida es especial tambien porque,  adonde vivo ay coyotes, scunks, ardillas, y apaches, y el cielo es muy lindo, y cambia de colores todos los dias, y ahora le paro bolas aunque sea por unos segundos a todo esto, porque la vida parase ser interesante, aunque es un holograma llenos de programas contando la misma historia con diferentes nombres un tema modificado que llega al mismo lugar, y  que mas, pues, yo adoro a la naturaleza, y a todos los animalitos, de toda clase y no les hago el amor sexualmete, porque para mi parece que no es necesario hacerle el amor a los animalitos. y ellos yo pienso que opinan lo mismo! bendita sea la tierra!

Divino padre sol @ANU- Central Sun adentro de mi corazón magico, gracias por no sufrir por mi, porque yo no sufro por ti!  el amor, que me brindas, y que te brindo es infinito, y no tiene condiciones o fronteras, y se lo digo alfrente de todos porque me importa un comino lo que digan de mi. I lochon muchisimo! I locho porque brillas las olas del mar, montañas, valles, rios, lagos, y alimentas las selvas, las frutas, y todos los colores resaltan con tu luz!  y, ya sabes lo demas. Siempre iluminas esta tierra gratuitamente, y compasión! y que pasión, salud! padre sol! salud divino padre!  Si yo se que no eres hombre o mujer pero ahora me volvi medio poeta, y me gusta llamarte padre, aunque se que eres mis madre tambien... claro que si! sigue brillando atravez de mi corazón que esta aquí en mi pecho, si algun dia dejas de brillar en cielo- encendeme inplotame/ explotame con tu lindura, elevada soy, y bendesida, y estoy super feliz, y siempre lo estare, de la NADA soy, Soy NADA, y por eso te canto los Songs of Songs! auto creaada, auto realizad! auto organisida! auto iluminda! auto de luz! y me muero chao! 

Ay, caramba! cadajo, cuchi, cuchi me voy amañando de la vida eterna, porque me parece que la vida es chula, aunque yo soy fea! joy, joy, pos es bonitoa- me quito la car me pongo la tuya y me cago de risa! ya no quiero competir mas con la vida ni por el amor de dios! grasas a todos! Viva Colombia! aunque me muevo! y me cago de felizidad! caramba, wepa a bailar! y gracias por mi mama, y mi papa! Bendita sea mi madre, que tiene tantos nombres, y no tiene nombre, o numero, de la NADA soy, soy NADA, y le vale un pedo que Soy una changa! Soy changa! y es asi... Ay Si Se puede! Ay Si se puede! y bien se que estoy hablando conmiga misma, porque soy bochinchera me cuento todo! Chismes! Chismes!Chismes! y grasas, por presentedtuby mandala, porque me hacer sentir glorificada!Viva Colombia! Que Viva! Ay Si Se Puede! Ay, Se Puede! Ay, Se Puede! Pordiosera me volvi! pollosera me molvi! pio pio pio  Mamen Om, yum Aviento! Ay, Grasas! Ay Grasas! Ay, Gases! Alas...@Misgenes@Misangre@MiADN y Es Asi,.. Al decir todo los siguientes nombres yo se que existe solo un dios, y no tiene nombre ni definicion alguna pero me da mucha alegria poder comemorar todos los nombres que atravez de ellos se acontado bonita historias de la evolucion espiritual, y soy romanticao, okey, digo asi.... Que la virgen Guadalupe, la virgencita Magdalena, la sacrada madre Maria, el divino niño,  todos los santos.y nuestro señor bendito siempre los tenga bendecidos, y llenos de paz,  dulsura, y salud pinche feos! gracias a dios estoy aqui para exaltar las tinieblas pa que nos volvamos bonitos, partida de boludos! come les quiero,  diamente! diameanet! diamante! I ca hear you! diamante! diameante!diamante!chicanero! escuchen no mas a los gallineros! maiz!Maiz!Maiz dulce! elevado sea siempre! claro que si bendita sea nuestra reputacion, de veras pues, deveras a todos! tan bonito todo esto, cuando vine aqui no sabia que esperaba aca, al estar esperando aqui todo el dia, y parte de la noche en el holodyke, tube tiempo de pensar que modesto de veras pues, no esperabamos, tanto pollo demostrado por los meros! meros! La PresentedToBy ABCPeshMehten Mandala es casi como ganarse toda la feria del Power Ball de California, que solamente MA brand sabe contar, y que siempre se lo gana alguien en Arknasas, o de Illinois, ask yourself horns. Ja?. esta Mandela simpre se las ganan los drones, o los  draconis pa evitar pedos, y los sabes muy bien, essay, y celos digo en su cara hueyes, porque saben que se chingar pa bien y les doy pata, pura pata con el corazon, ourth one  heart of oneness, Y es asi,  mamen Om, yum!, y por eso no me chingan pa mars canijudos fugly uglies pirateros- ondas diamantinas amor absoluto  Ay,  cadajo! ya empemsar mostrando eso colmillasos sin caries o puente-  perlas!perlas!perlas! lucidos! who! whaa ….. Ay, huey!… Cut!Corten! Pow-WowThat's hot@Matrix Si Se Puede#Neo-Awesome! excuse me Si Se Puede, take one! touché!touché!Om My Time?  breathe in....hold. Breathe out..hold.make it long and deep. agasp! Temp moi avec grossièreté pourquoi la chaussure? tres bazaar,Vanity fair! Yam, Salam, Shallom MA fam shoes, Forbes! tickled! escarmusia! bright and pretty that's style, galloping ohrs! I see myself on that. prenez une grande respiration en ce moment, pardonnez-moi! escaramunsiada! trending! ce n'était pas agréable s'il vous plaît garder vos talons sur vos griffes pour la remaider de ce programme.. don trip! Je vous demande pardon après le discours! Shallom questions Cosmopolitan! ask that's all, keep your shoes on, MA gills! I beg your pardon, Don shiver on my account! le's call it great! let's take it from the top - Camille Claudel @Si Se Puede..   as you were...

Si se puede: Ni ahuevos huey. Dali'.... tu madre pinche largatija afinada con aletas de fiber glass, zapateras! oui!oui! pinche viejas creidas! Ay demande paradom oou, si! Ay, demaiden o, si! dadme paciencie y valensia poque cuesto mi senoria muy ben... baa! Viva! La Opinion! pos Shu Me.. cao han wei wun  pio ming! ni me rosio ese tacon botas de pay less! … shoes!shoes!shoes! free shoes! pio, pio, pio ahi, no se me pongan sensitive,  ni estaba paralado de voxx mi papier toilet pa mi culo- mamete un gallo-  estaba parlando de tu abuela...sempe drama por una vieja! los voy a picotiar con besitos de blow! besitos de blow! a todos por seis tan ben pitchers...saludos, y besitos de blow - for your own goo don come near, cabrones! mal vistos estrellados! a ver si ya aprendieron a manejar carros! Paz! Paz!Paz! aver un tantito, dejemen que transpiro, estoy tres emocionadez! no quiero empezar a verriar!  y mostrar mis mocos alfrente de ustedes! de veraz pues! de veraz! Como decia mi abuelita que en paz descanse, no mascuatas, hijos de putas! viva la fama! everybody! Maiz verde, y dulce! Maiz verde y dulce! Maiz verde y dulse para todos! Nu solo pa mi! que fertilidad, y abundancia para todos! no lloren mas! la alegria llego y ya nunca se va mas oz pometus! Devras pues gracias po todo! esto se llama fantastico! fantastic! como se dice en ingles is great! is great! I am honored homenajeado como dijo, saludos a los CEO, and founders que nadan tambien en los rios, y lagos, que pescadotes silvones, chingosimos, y elevados, esto se puso cachondo, viva la revolution del amor! y ti Madonna chicanera, te vi! no te escondas! la mera, mera! putisima comma simpre, y zorra el MDNA levato los muertos, estuvo padrisimo!Viva Rusia! Рад тебя видеть cuatrupled destill baked potatos,Yum!#1 ay te mado un abrazo, y un beso de blow, porque ya bien sabes tranz, que no me gustan las mujeres, pero como artista te los chingastes a todos, … espera! dejame transpirar por la nariz! Si Se Puede, como se dice.. en english…Star struck! y como soy super shallom, y ago lo que demas hacen, porque soy backUp cheerleader por ser negra, y fea pero con culo grande, y no me afeito mis esponja de brillo, pa limpiar los oven bien,  tan mal hablada… salud! cheers!por eso te admiro porque los demas te quieren por que eres super baaa! ay, ya!  no empiezes a chillar, huey!  ya conocez soy chistes, no te estoy pidiendo plata de paz! Un tantito! un tantito! que ahi veo al.. Ay, mira no mas!

@St.Germaine, ya se te empezo a parar esos bigotazos! controlate con esa llamarada violeta, no se te valla a parar los labios, ya te conozco sinverguenza! De veras pues de veras, como paralaba Madonna Pop Star,   llavaria,y frescura! aa los tuyos queen besitos de blow. Fuepuchiga, nu mem mem amen, Esperate! un tan tito Madonita! mira no mas, mira no mas quien llego, har La mera Krisna con  har Chiva! Ay, Cali! esto se puso caliente. ya me sacaron de hondas, como se dice en Tulua, nomaste ni cafe tampoco, agua, agua! Como te decia Medonnas Pasta! per favore raviolini! fettucini alfredo avec white sauce, tons of garlic, veggie lasagna per favore! super yums!  besitos de blow a tus lindos niños que lindo son los angelitos negros, que dios los bendiga y..  Ay, mira no mas, mira no mas el budhabaa ahi te veo, shakamuni mi siento muy especial de verte compadre, ya  me quitastes las lagrimas, no tedigo nada shakamu por que ya se que sos la pura indeferencia huey, super coolismoa, mi ma QuanYin, em quito el sombrero, gracias de vaquero Mu Om! Mu Yum! tequilazo, y coronas! embaraciadoa otra vez! Ja!Ja! Viva la vida! viva las crias! como te decia Menssobotamia chiquita,  MDNA, a esee fine looking black jesus besitos de blow, mis respectos tranz!  eso que haces es pasion de cristo, sin broma, en sirio! esa cosa negra esta en la smitsonian, y estudiada en la China y hasta en Iran, y mamas om bien, no explanacion neeted, Is okay! disculpame, da queen Madonar! un tantito! Mira no mas, mira no mas! casi le puteas el pico al ibi uru,  angelito Michael, aver cuando dejas ese Metatron en casa, cuando ten invitan a eventos publicos, Ja, Ja reite no mas, cuidadito Lucifer ni se te ocurra pararte de esa silla, ahi te pesque, sentate! number 2 after the break! Ja, Ja! - sin muelas y con corona de oros! Los meros, meros La Juno, y el zeus , su mercedes! no me estes pelando el ojo, o me pisques minerva, Si Se puede no quiere ser hocus pocus gabacha, a pedos , coste que se los dije delante de todo el elite del universo, por si acazo Si se puede, comienza a descolarirze como el afamado difunto que dios lo tenga en su gloria, Michael Jackson claro, y me manden oops al Canada, portoit, aya no hay coyotes, ni tuneles, y frizaado, solo si hocus pow- oso, asi, si, si - polar, Americala citizen. En ingles! Oprovios! Oprovios! su merced, go ahead, fall in love again, lowe the one you are with. De veras pues, de veraz a todos los otros honorees sank you for your excellence,  y continuen a la destacasion, y estudios como dise el refran, como dice! for realz! de averaz pues for tooth!

Ay, miro no mas, miro no mas en el gallinero, nuestro estimado especial Varichocha, Paatah, birdtribe, dogons,  aque no se coloriaronn, a que no? no os tapaiz la boca! mira essa sonrisotas, me hacen brillar a mis arrugas, no se rian mas! a que si! y a todos nuestros hermanos, y hermanas  que se quedaron en este sector sin nombre o numero,  y los demas de otros sectors multi dimensionless que estan simpre mandando presents, y listos para Making a difference programas con bus De averaz pues- ya se sabe, que este sector dis terra, dis universo es de pura raza BhaGa, y aqui solo entran, y nace pura RAZA! que padre, y tan de buena honda, es esta divina Mandala@GallacticCouncilOfLight, de veras pues, gracias parsa! in english, der is so mash para decir, I feel dat! the importance given to making a difference to mi personally, y mi aspirantions was do to the the lobee, y el a la de pollo de my linda, y muy grande familia. Theredo, I's vill likes to sank em in dis bery impotant 'a ha 'a! momento , aqui. I's like tu sanks mis madres divinasअनंत स्वर्ण देवी स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Mi Abuelita Rosalia que en paz descanse, que me dio tanto amor, and snuggles y siempre quererme tanto अनंत स्वर्ण देवी स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Mi tia Maria Nubia, por las pelas por tratar de empezar de ser baga tan chica, y buscarme una buena escuela con monjas porque en ese entonces esas viejas pendejas le pegaban a los estudiantes con reglas en las manos, y mis manos son muy lindas para ese tipo de amor, gracias tia por tu paciencia y no gritarme nunca o reclamarme cuando utilize el telefono, y hize  llamadas de lon distance a Woodbride, para hablar con la mongolica bi polar de Dana Tucker, que con mucho gusto se la obsequie a Gustavo mi medio hermana, y Dana Tucker que huele a tanning lotion from la drogueria de FairFax county, avec BBQ sauce, and gallos, porque es mas blanca que La pastora muy respetada Ciconne. Dana Tucker, le sangro esa pinga  Gustava Camela con su sangre pero no por virgen, y el huevon de Gustavo se comio el cuento que La sicopata de Dana Tucker, era virjen y no era asi, la sangre que ella le echo en su pingita de chino era su bendita mestruacion y por eso  Gustava se volvio pas nena, y la Gustaba esta tan ben porque fue bendecido por una diosa super creida arrogante, y pendeja con muy lindo corazon aunque,  Danta Taco es puro huey , y gracias tia Maria Nubia Camelo Perez, por  la comida icomparable especialmente durante las navidades, el majar blaco Yum! la natilla, yum! el arroz con leche, yum! el sancocho de pollo y de res en este mundo, las arepas, el chocolate, la ensaladas de papas con salchichas, y darme todo tu lindo amor,  y gustarte a los borrachos, y ser tan querida, y tan trabajadora, y haber levantado toda su familia con alegria y manejar buenos carros, y querer tanto y ensanarme que de la gente nunca se habla por detras, si por adelate,  y por ser tan trabajadora, y darnos a todos de comer, y un lugar a donde dormir, y gracias tia por siempre dejarme dormir en tu sofa, y ofrecerme en donde dormir, yo se que jamas estaria yo homeless porque me quieres tanto, gracias tia, por nunca hablar mal de mi sagrada madre Margarita Duque Perez, la  bisexual/mas lesbiana que le gusta cerveciar, gracias por querernos tanto, y saber decir, No, me jodas la vida! y no prestarle a nadie dinero ni a tus sagradas hijas que son, tan pendejitas porque le escucharon a la Gustava Camelo Perez que vive en Rockville Maryland, y tiene nalga postisas,  pero tienen tan lindo corazon, y son mis medio hermanas todas, gracias tia, por quererme tanto, y ser tan fuerte, y linda, gracias por todo, tu vida a echo una gran contribucion en este universo. tequiro muchisimo - अनंत भगवान सोना स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Mi papa Henry, por el gallo, y las gallinas, y los pigeons, y los perritos, y por comparti la musica bieja durante su borracheras, y jamas falterme el respeto o sus hijos, Mi Mama Dora por quererme tanto, y ensesñarme a comer arroz crudo अनंत स्वर्ण देवी स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Mi Mama Margarita Duque Perez, gracias por sus buenos ejemplos,  Mami querida, echemosle respiracion al feeling, como me eseñaste, antes de que yo saliera de tu cuca santa, chillando a este mundo porque me queria de volver a tu vientre, y seguir tomando buena cervaza y no tener que pagar por nada, ni tener cuotas, y queria seguir bailando, y pasiando por todo lados contigo, y sentir, y escuchar todo lo que decias, y hacias, y amarte a un mas! claro que si! claro que si todas las rosas son tuyas, Mami!. La vida tiene sorpresas, sorpresas tienes la vida, y me empujaste afuera, de tu vientere en esa cama de ese hospital de lante de todos esas viejas, a la desnuda, y dende entonces me cago en  todas partes,  y me orino, y delante de todo mundo, Un dia, fui a tomar koolaid drinks a un lugar de por aca, y me encontre a el amigo de la Gustava nalgas postisas,  la Manuch, el la princesa indu, que si sabe programar, porque sabes muy bien que yo no programeo, pero si me meo,  y yo estaba bien borracha, y bien que cuando yo tomaba no era, por tristesa si no porque me gustaba tomar jugos con alcohol querida madre, y eso no es pecar, como te decia yo estaba hablando guare, guare con Manuch, de guare, guare,  y en esos momentos queria ir a orinar, pero tu sabes que a mi no me gusta hacer fila, ni para un concierto, ni para entrar a un banio, entonces, en eso momentos decidi concientemente aunque tomada, de orinarme alfrente de Manuch y lo hice, y el se quedo con la boca colgada, y yo me orine con tanto gusto, y me senti muy bien! me facino, sentir mis orines en mis piernas porque era invierno, y estaban bien calientitos, y me fascino sentirme super relax, y comoda y sin ningun complejo o verguenzas, y pos ya sabes divina madre que no soy santa, o un role model, soy un angelito negro de luz, y brillo muy bien.  Desde ese momento no volvi a ver a Manuch, no por que me orine delante de el, si no porque tu sabes como soy, soy creida, y lucida, y me entretengo yo mismao, porque son tan linda, y como dices los americanskiss.  I am super cute! Le doy gracias, a la vida por tener un banio,  y cuando llegue a mi apartamente me banie I am super cute,  lo se and all that, y choca decircelo uno mismo pero es la verdad y pos eso no es pecar~ Querida madre,  y te acuerdas como me gustava mearme en mi cuna, y chillar a un mas por que olia a orines y mierda, solo por eso, y de adulta a un me les cago a todos encimas, y me orino por gusto, y en pleano publico, que escandalo!  y tambien les ganto, Like a Virgin! Claro que si! Claro que si! Si Se puede! Virgensita Margarita siempre pienso en ti, no llores mas por nadie, ni por mi abuela, ni por ese pinche animal, que te hizo llorar por no pagarte la lana. que te debia, y el otro por hacerte sangrar, tu sangre mi divina madre a bendisido atodo el universo, y por eso se salvan todos, mi diosa Margarita!Victoriosa!Victoriosa! Victoriosa! Claro, que si! ViVa la vida! Viva la vida! Claro que si! santisima madre! 
@My beloved divine mother IBI-URU Aluna great mother infinita! y es a Si!. Que atrevida eres Margarita pescadora! ya sabes que me queria regresar porque despues de muertos..... amamos mas! y lo sabes muy bien! Que Viva la Vida! Mami gracias por pararme bolas, y escucharme cuando te digo las cosas en cara, y no ofenderte, y decirme que acceptas lo que digo, y siempre mandarme al carajo cuando te doy consejos, y decire, Yo! No, quiero hacer eso! por eso te quiero mami. Que se le puede ofrecer a un ser que es todo, y tiene todo -  flores!flores! flores! y si por eso todas las flores son tuyas, las flores de todos los universos y dimensiones, emperfumate mas y  mas en fragancias baratas, y si gustas tambien  bañate en todas las frangrancias mas caras, y olorosas echas por diosas como lo eres tu! Claro que Si! Claro wu, Ay Si se Puede! Mami te obsequio todos los jardines de todos los paraísos en todos los multi universes, todos los rosales de las galaxias, Claro que si! suena como mucho pero realmente no lo es, pos porque te mereces a un mas, mas, y mas Wei!, todo lo mas lindo es todo tuyo, Margarita pescadora! 

Hoy, finalmente te escuche divina madre, has lo que se te de la gana. y come, y toma lo que se te antoje aunque sea,  bud water, y no malta negra , y pos yo tambien. En ingles se dice, by all means be yourself and not me - en ingles! Nomaste, un cafesito con pan tostado, y queso! Mami. gracias por ser tan buena amiga. y por gustarte las viejas bonitas pitufas bochincheras con barbas y con piernas llenas de cabellos largos y negros como las viejas arabes, isculpen las señoras arabes, y mama yo se que te gusta tanto cardar sus cuerpos exoticos belludos, empeluchados con esos peines especiales que se utilizan para cepillar las yeguas de pura raza. No por nada, mami!  pero yo pienso entre mi misma que la rason por la que soy tan romanticao se debe a ti, graciasn por ser ejemplar. para mi, digo yo,  me parace muy ejemplar como has podido mantener largas relaciones con la pitufita,  con tu amor tan especial.

querida mama', otra de las cosas, que yo admiro de ti, es que a un de ser una señora de edad, ya se que todas las mujeres se vuelven super pendejas eh locas por ti. y no porque sois rica o famosa, o porque conozcas a el señor Leonel Richie,  o Tom Cruise ,  o porque les puedes dar trabajo a ellas  o ayudarlas a que tengan mas exito en sus carreras de niñeras, cajeras o cantineras, si no porque eres muy especial y hermosa. Yo sinceramente ya renuncie al lesbianismo no por nada, ma, pero realmente no sabia lo que hacia.  cadavez que tuve sexo con mujeres cuando tenia mi orgasmos me los daba yo sola, y ellas solamente me miraban con mucha curiosidad, me imajino porque yo frunciaba la cara y asia biscos con los ojos digo, y me hacia wax on waz off very quickly delante de ellas, y  pos realmente nunca necesite su ayuda aunque si me decian, te puedo ayudar? y yo les respondia, No! porque, no era necesario. Ay, Cuchi!Cuchie Cadajo! me llamo me llamaba! pos, Si! Fow!foff! y es asi... cuchie!chuci cadajo!

  Otra cosa que yo admiro de ti es que te gusta  laVerga negra como Carolinita, respeto Mama, y Carolina porque la verga negra esta en museus de Paris, y ha sido estudiada muy bien en Greenland, y Indonesia todo mundo sabe que es grande, larga y ancha, y yo sinceramente solo toque una verga negra, y la acarisie con mis dos manos, y mis pies- practicando Hello, all -- Tudai Maia,YogaNu! como lo hacen las monhas asiaticas, y yo mire asa verga negra,y casi me arrodillo delante suyo, y casi me pongo a llorar, y le pido perdon, y esa noche Ay, Si Se Puede! Ay, Si Se Puede! esta bien peda mami, pero me puse sober de inmediato, y mejor me fui a la casa, y no me coji a ese black jesus, y ya no le  hago esque el amor a mujeres o hombres, porque sinceramente ya me enderese con el poder del espiritu santo y ahora me estoy enamorando de mi mismao @pure divine consciousness. como decia Jiames Brown es mi culogrative, no el tuyo. Shoes! shoes! Shoe! Ay, Margarita pecadora! gracias por tu amor de madre tan cariñosa, and affectionate. y por dar chocha entre nosotros y no con tantos estraños como la di yo. Gracias, por el dinero que me enviebas cuando me econtraba en apuros en esta ciudad, y gracias a dios fue cada tres anos, porque siempre fuiste una vieja shepiona parrandera entonces no valla  a echar cuentos. Yo tequiero tambien madre santa, porque me esnaste a ppreciar el tabajo y te gista trabajar , y admiro como cuidas las plantas y como crescen tan lindas y saludables atravez de tu attencion y amor, y me gusta saber que tu trabajo han cuidado los lindos jardines del por aya. Gracias, por resarme  y resarme todo los dias, dios te escucha y te quiere mucho como yo. Ay, Margarita! yo se que estas muy bien, y nunca te va a faltar ni amor ni dinero porque eres una diosa! Ay, Margarita pecadora me dejasteis con la boca callada, y cerrada. Ahora, en vez de estar dandote consejos a ti, o  a otras personas, me estoy dando consejos a mi misma, y prefiero hablar solo conmigo mismao, y aprender a escuchar lo que digo,  porque lo que yo digo  para a mi se me parese muy interesante, y me gusta hablar sola, y en publico delate de los demas, y despues de hablar tanta paja con migo mismao, y con cosas, Mami, ya realize algo en mi vida! y es, que me importa un carajo si no me escuchas, o si sois mas famosa que yo. porque, ya no soy celosa y ya no quiero ser ti, ya  voy hacer yo. Hoy, ya no soy  posesiva con los demas como era antes, solo conmigo, y me quiero mucho mas, y tampoco soy mandona, y exijiente, y sabes muy bien que no voy a sufrir por ti, ni tu vas a sufrir por mi, porque somos eternas, y nos hemos muerto muchisimas veces ya, y aqui estamos otra vez queriendonos a un mas. en estos momentos hablo conmigo misma, y la alegria llego a mi vida, y ya nunca se va mas, y si te mueres primero, pues muerete feliz y cojete a quien quieras, y si yo me muero primero yo me muero feliz, y bien cojida y satisfecha porque hoy- practico abstinence porque me parece que soy preciosa, y un poco narcisita, y absoluta hablando spiritualmente, y totalmente iluminada, Ay, que rico! Ay, que rico! que sabrosura como quieren, como les quiero! porque los muertos despues de muertos amamos mas... devaras pues, mira como brillo, todo diamante, lindo arco iris mi santa madre me muero chao. 

Ay, Margarita pecadora! Ahora, ya decidi, amarte exactamente como eres, y te lo digo delante te todos, porque sabes que siempre te digo las cosas de frente! eres perfecta, pura, y eres mi gran fortuna, gracias por parirme por tu cuca de diosa, y solamente sufrir por mi en ese momento por mi,  y ensañarme que en esta vida no se sufre por nadie. como mujeroa no voy parir crias por mi cuca o por mi estomago, o  poner mis huevos en tubitos plasticos porque soy muy sensible,  y ya ay muchas crias, y aun mas nacen benditosean los niños y las niñas que nacen en estos momentos y los que se van.  Si se puede sabe que tenemos caminos diferentess que llegan al mismo lugar, aqui, aqui! en nuestro corazon que esta en mi pecho humano@pure consciousness, yo se que tu no sufres por nadie, no penas por nadie,  y no es porque te valga verga, si porque todo esto es una ilusion echas de espejos que linda y illuminada eres bendita madre, bendito padre to los nombres son tuyos, y todo los numeros y al final - no tienes nombre ni numero, y eso me parece chido de ser todo y nada. Ay, Si Se Puede! eh sido muy chillona por todo porque pensaba que esto era de verdad, y ahora se que es una mentira, mi mentirosa! escucha bien cuando lloro es de alegria, y por espresar mis sentimientos, y emociones, y aprender de lo que estoy sintiendo, y ya no te jusgo mas Ay, Margarita pescadora! porque ya me cansastes, con tus mamadas de adultos, y ya te canse, con mi niñez, y ahora solo nos queremos, porque no ay mas remedio para nuestro amor, y no es tolerancia, o compassion, es empatia, intiendo! intiendo! te reconozco! la alegria ya llego, a mi vida, y dios me quiere tal como soy, y el mundo esta lleno de angelitos. y no nesitan nada ni ti o de mi vamonos ya hacer, feliz ya estuvo! que lindo es amar por amar y no esperar nada de otros, que lindo es amar y no necesitar nada de otros, querer por querer, y no por tener que amar, y amar a todo por igual, porque nuestro amor querida madre nacio de la nada, y por eso les canto, Songs of Songs Spiritual Technology infinite, Yum- por que soy,Yum Salam Shallom Ma Fam Shoes, chismes,  y se que me escuchais, y tambien los demaiz, y se los digo en sus cara tequiero mucho, te mato con besitos de blow, i love you too machi!  I locho muchisimo por siempre, gracias por todo! me quedo soltera y completa, y sin hijos, o hijas! y con esta libertad continuare amando a todos los niños y niñas, por igual y no me importa de que color sean, de que tamaño, de donde son,  o si son humanos o aliens como nosotros, me vale madre, me importa un comino, el que diran viva la fama! que viva!! Salud y buena vida! mi borrachao, universo sin fronteras  y es Asi... Claro, que si! Claro que si! i Margarita pecadora! tu hijao se conviertio en la alegria infinita, y mi amor incluyen a las putas inteligentes bien pagadas como tu, mi Margarita Jardinera! Claro que si! Claro que si! ! mi madre eres puro oro sin precios, o complicaciones, y de parte de los otros mamones, bochincheros, aburridos,  de la familia y de estranios que llegaron aqui por tu fama, y valentia, te agradezco que te viniste por el hueco a este paiz, dormiste con serpientes en los desiertos, arriesgaste tu vida, para abrirnos las puerta ancha en y llegar por Tijuana, y nadar  tambien, y no fue tu culpa que Nancy Camelo Perez, fue deportada por ser tan bonita y no hablar en ingles cuando la pescaron en San Diego por ese bus, greyhound, que huele a tejanos chiviados y chicanos que no se vallan, y que les gusta comer tanto taco,  gracias por aver pasado tanto sacrificio, y oler tanta chucha, y pequeca de Mejicanos, que le vajan los dientes de plastilina, y los dientes de oros de hasta la mara Salvatrucha, a cualquiera en ese over populado  DEF,  de Mejicanos que algunos se creen españoles, pos, en esa  duana, y mas si son de Cali, Colombia! Porque, Cali es Cali y lo demas es loma! Que viva Colombia! Que Viva! God bless America, the land of opportunities, 
alo, alo! hello, pos que paso? Que paso? que dije? contesten! contesten mis llamadas, mia familia extraordinaria, necesito sus comentarios eh opinion, deveraz pues! Ay cadajo, que cagada me pegue! Me muero de dicha y de alegria, elevada siempre sea! manada de angelitos, ay cuchi, cuchi cadajo! pura RAZA, gracias por todo! Eres mis inspirationalchola. repito por si acaso no entienden mi pochudes , y trava lenguas mia linda familia. Ay, Margarita pecadpra! me vale madre, aquien te cojas! me vale ñoña! te puedes cojer a la Gustava por el culo porque yo se que La Gustava, sueña con que le hagas el amor sexy en su cama tamaño queen. Madre santa te puedes cojer a Monica tambien, pero yo se que Monica solamente se hace la pendeja, y no esta interesada en ninguna panocha ajena, solo las suya, y ella esta muy ocupada para experimentar con su sexualidad especialmente contigo, especialmente porque esta jeta enamorada de ese blancucho borracho marijuanero de Paraguay que vive con su madre y se la coje en el sofa detras de las espaldas de Monica Camelo Perez, porque la madre de ese man Paraguyo esta enamoradisima de su hijo, y gracias a dios que Monica es tan espiirtual y se sabe hacer respetar y no hace un trio sexy con esa jentucha! Gracias, Monica por no hacerle el amor sexy a esa vieja mama del blancucho borracho marijuanero que te coje bien rico, y por eso sos boba con baba de panocha por el. Gracias Monica por mantener a tus tres lindisimos ninios sola porque decir trabajar duro, lo haces y yo soy testigo mil respetos divina madre con cria, que linda eres Moniquita, que bonito es ser mama, una buenisima mama como lo eres tu claro que si! porque ya se sabe que tu ex marido de Guatemala conocido como "Alex" (tiene ojos negros y mide 5'6 cabello oscuro, piel canela con voz que suena como la locutora Christina guare, guare) - no te paga child support... y miente a cada rato de lante de un Juez,  para evitar pagartelo y te amenaza con la emigra y a abusado de ti Monica Camelo Perez verbal y emocionalmente porque es un patan, guache, y no es porque sea maricaon, porque eh conocido muchos maricones que son buenos padres, y crian a sus hijos y respeatan a las mujeres porque fue una mujer la que los pario, y la violencia no se la deseo a nadie ni a un hombre o una mujer, ni a una cosa... ay, que pasion soy tan reactiva, pero me apasiono tanto, especialmente porque estoy aqui en este escenario alfrente de todos los meros, meros, gracias, gracias por su paciencia, y soy hispana lejitima hispana, y Si, soy ghetto! y lo admito! claro que si, y ya se sabe con los hispanaos somos  bien calientes, limpiamos bien, tenemos muchos lindos hijos,  cuidamos ninios ajenos, y cocinamos bien rico, y sabemos parrandear, y bailar muy bie claro que si! salud! salud! om, om, om como dechia Monica ya se sabe que "Alex"te dice que eres, puta, gorda, estupida, cochina blah, blas y bien yo lo eh e escuchado, que suerte que nuestra familia somos non-violent porque esa cosa con la que te casaste, y gracias a dios, que te divorciastes - porque no eres 100% victima y no te dejaste joder toda tu vida de ese man, o de el blancucho paraguayo que le hace el amor sexy a su mama, y por eso no puede estar contigo, porque el amor de madre es incompararble especialmente si hay relaciones sexuales entre ellos, ya la relacion toma otra direcion muchismo mas significante, emocionalmente eh enerjeticamente,  y claro mentalmenteme supongo yo, por las cosas que eh leido escritas por los scientificos con master degrees claro,  y no es  porque me haga pasar como experta o sicologa o una life couch como Beth Fortman Brand que es una intuitive facilitator/Author,  o como  el afamado Dr. Phil que fue elejido por la mera negrita Oprah Winfrey, que se gano el presidential medal of freedom otorgada by you know whom,.... ay, cadajo cuchi, cuchi! la negrita Oprah Winfrey tiene partner Stedman Graham y sus hemanoas  Jeffrey Lee, Patricia Lee, Patrica Lloyd by the way,,, y como estaba diciendo, y ya se sabe que el Phil MacGraw (calbo con bigote blancucho con ojos claros que tiene mucha lana y eso no es pecar - casado con Robin McGraw con sus lindos angelitos Jay MacGraw, Jordan McGraw) que se conoce como Dr. Phil, es un television personality y author. Phil Mac Graw- No, es Dr.  y apenas me doy cuenta... oops, esperate un tantito... burp! pero como la mera, mera negrita very intelligent and attractive Oprah Winfrey lo elijio y lo puso en la tele al naturally talented and well spoken Dr.Phill,  ya es concido como Dr. Phil por la pura raza blanca estadudinence de Harvard y Yale y la demas Raza de otras partes del LACC y otras partes que ven television en esta melting pot.. y por eso decimos God bless America the land of opportunities. porque ya sabemos que en otros paises, eso no se hace. Ay, cadalo! Moniquita,  yo personalmente nunca hize el amor sexy con mi propia madre - y lo escribo ya lo mejor,  a lo mejor,  a lo mejor....sike! a lo mejor,  me filmo yo mismao y pongo el video en el youtube si es necesario. como decia, Yummy, Yum, Yums! yo, No! le hize el amor sexy a mi madre, Margarita! y no es porque mi madre es fea, o porque le falte dientes, y anda coja pos porque  guare, guare en Colombia back in the day, guare!guare! when Simon Bolivar became president of the republic of Colombia, after playing a key role in Latin American struggle,  for indepence from the Spanish Empire, following the triumph over the Spanish Monarchy, by the way, Simon Bolivar participated in the foundation of the first union of the independent nations of Latin America, a republic now knows as Gran Colombia... wow! ay cadajo! and como te decia, isculpen--mi guare!guree! oops, touche, touche - hablando por mi cola - as I was, back then in Gran Colombia the dentist did not  have feelings and  so they would simply pull out the teeth of the children and call it a day, lucky for my mother she was a run away, and came to the United States y no le bajaron todos sus dientes como a los de mi hermosa y lindisima, abuela Rosalia, que en paz descanse, touche, touche. Anyways, my mother is simply beautiful pero para mi me parece muy linda but she is simply not my type, do you know what I mean? I certainly do not think is weird or nothing, to desire to have sexual intercourse with your own son, or daughter, however, I do believe...,and I  I mean back then when I use to have consensual intercourse with other human-beings, because I am now celibate and abstinent since all of my societal duties having been met,  and of course, I am no critic and I know that having conceptual intercourse with your own mother or father is not a sin,  howver, I personally choose not to have sexual intercourse with any member of my family,  even though I do think that They Are All That,  and a bag of chips with salsa,  Yum!  and we are very open mind and modern,  and very close although we don't find the necesity to speak to eachnother at this time,  no seguimos amando por siempre, once again I did not have sex with my mother or any member of my family, nor did I ever play doctor with any of them, although there was that time when I was really young. I was like 6 or something and I had a boy friend, and I mean boy friend, I mean just a friend that was a boy, that what super cool, he was really sweet, and one of our neighbors daughter she was 14 years old, named Adriana approached  us, and advised us, better yet recommended that it was a good idea, for us to show each other's private parts, she called it pichar,  she said, do you know what pichar is? let me show you. So she took us behind some park cars, and she made us pull down our andies, and then she told us what to say, she said Si se Puede, and pointed at my boyfriend little winnie- Si se puede, tell him that  he has a very nice winnie, and because I am really friendly and obedient, and she was much older than me, and cool!  I pointed to his winnie with my right hand, and I said, tienes un pipi muy bonito, y despues Adriana le dijo a mi boy friend, que me senialara a mi palomita, y  que me dijiera que la tenia muy bonita, obiamente que mi palomita estaba sin pelos, Ay pelona sin peluca!  y el si, si, lo hixo el me dijo, Si se puede tienes una vagina very pretty, and then Adriana started to laugh, and she called a la Gustava que en ese entonces berriaba por mujeres y no por hombres,  Gustavo, was hiding behind the other car or something, and they call all their grown up friends and they started to laugh, and Gustava went running to my aunt Nubia and told her that I was pichando con mi boyfriend,  and I got in trouble, and since that moment I never saw my sweet boybfriend again, because his parents nor my aunt let us play, again... y la Gustava solia chantajiarme con contarle a otras personas que yo estaba pichando con ese little boy that was just a friend promise....Ay, que penas que verguenzas, cadajo, cuchi!cuchi!  ay, guare, guare! entonces por eso digo yo digo, yo, No! tuve sexo con mi mama,  hey, Just say No! sabemos que somos todos mal pensados, mal excritos, y mal leidos,  y pos mal entendidos, y porque you No le hize el amor sexy, a mi propia mama,  pos porque, No! y eso no es pecar. Xi Xi ! porque isis esa Kara asi, Ask yourself horns? mmm? Pourquoi?... he, he, he, O!

 psssss pssss wheeeeest wheeeer whoooos Yummie! Yums! smile. aver que mas cuento, .Anyways, Moniquita linda hermosa, al igual que Carolina joyas, sin precios aunque cuestan muchisimo! viva el amor! como te dechia tu ex marido  conocido "Alex" no es hombre o mujer, es cosa y pos le doy gracias a dios, que a las cosas se le aman aunque sean violentas y abominables porque son angelitos tambien, y se van al cielo, porque ser cosa y abominable no es pecado, y de eso esto yo clarisimo, porque dios ama a todo por igual, y no jusga a nadie, o nada y asi es, claro que las cosas como tu ex marido se aman de lejos, porque deserca una tiene que estar bien ballanita con guare, guare jabon sulfur. como decia,  porque maldecir las cosas o personas no vale pena, porque entoda mis andansas no encontre el pecado, y si existe un dios, y no soy dios. chusma, chusma pfffft! "Alex" te saco de tu casa  con amenazas junto a sus propios hijos, sin importarle su bienestar, cuando pasaste el 31 de deciembre de 2011 en la carcel por ser boba con baba de panocha, y bien ya se sabe que lo ninios estaban en Cali, Colombia con Nancy Camelo Perez, y mi tocayo Alejandro Perez que es bobo con baba de panocha, y bien medicado, como dechia Moniquita tu supuestamente ibas a incresar a la escuela mientras que los ninios estaban con Nancy Camelo Perez, pero como estas tan ipnotizada del paraguayo, y no habias tenido un break de ser madre soltera decidiste seguir a ese blancucho Paraguyo que esta enamorado de su mama tambien, y le hace el amor cuchi, cuchi en el sofa... me voy al grano, disculpa Monica soy muy detallista cuando me acuerdo, como decia, om, om, om!... que  te iba dechi. Ya se sabe que manejaste tu carro sin drivers liscence, por estar detras de ese otro man de paraguay borracho marijuanero que le hace te hace amor sexy cuchi, cuchi, y aunque sea te decia y talvez te deci que eres linda y especial  porque si lo eres, claro que si, claro que si, sos lindisima, tu corazon es amplio, tus hijos te adoran, eres toda una joya un diamente, y por eso tequiero, tequiero, tequiero tanto porque amo a todo lo precioso como tu,  no me iimporta que seas gordita, flaca, boba o inteligente, como decia Monica pasaste la navidad en 2011 en la carcel de Maryland, por estar detras del amor sexy mas alla de Gaitherburg. esparate no mas me acuerdo de la locacion... y la incluyo.  Como decia el ex marido de Monica Camelo perez que es de Guatemala y se conoce como 'Alex', saco a Monica Camelo Perez de su casa con sus tres hijos, sus lindos angelitos, para poder cojerse a trenies en su casa localizada en Silver Spring, Maryland, a veinte cuadras de Glemont Metro station, donde Margarita Duque Perez se resbalo cuando iba en camino a su trabajo,  y se quebro la rodilla, porque the metro maintenance people did not clear the ice off the walkway, y eso es la verdad, y no es por poner quejas, o nothing pero Margarita Duque Perez, se quedo coja de por vida,  y Gustavo Camelot Perez,  tequiero por haber desplumado a ese tipo Guatemanteco ex marido de Monica conosido como "Alex", y al decir yo desplumar no es porque le pegastes mi pimpinela, si no por hacerle el amor homosexual bien suave y tierno por primera vez, porque tu amor de ricura, da de hablar tambien yo lo se, pos me acuerdo Gustava ese lindo video VHS que grabaste con la Juana Gomez en el efficiency de mi mama en la calle Uclid St,  in Columbia R.d in Washington, D.C . Yo encontre el home video en la sala de esa penthouse tan amplia y comoda con carpeta persian, y super modern con el television de pantalla verde con un canal, te acuerdas?  ay si, como te digo Gustavo Camelot, yo encontre el home video que hiciste junto a Juan Gomez, donde te vi asiendole el amor sexy, cuchie, cuchie, ay cadajo! por el rabote gordote Mexicano de Juan Gomez con tu afinada, y flexible pinga china que tambien da pataditas y bofetadas cuando la manejas como un titere con tus manitos, squirts. La Juana Gomez si tiene rabote grande y eso es la mera verdad, y lo sabes bien Gustavita porque yo no hablo a medias soy directa, y me voy al grano,  Juan tiene su culito grande eh peludo me imajino como el de la pitufa unibrow amiga de mama,  que tiene las piernas peludas como las lamas del Peru, me supongo digo porque yo no le eh visto el rabo de la pitufa uni brow con bigotes y barbas mas largos que los del senior Jesus Cristo, por que sus piernas son mas peluda que un oso de los Rocky Mountains y por eso opino que su trasero es peludisomo igual que el de Juan,  pero ya se sabe que el buttocks the Juan Gomez, no es de negra como el mio, Juan tiene el rabote de Mexicana come chimichangas, y tacos  avec fajitas de res con soda. de verdad que en ese momento cuando yo te vi hacieno cuchi, cuchie  amor sexy con la Juana me quede super chock pero como soy, super cool y open mind, decidi solamente quedarme con la boca colgada, y medio ipnotizada y despues de veos haciendo el amor sexy de ladito como un lindos conejito y escuchar como los dos gemian como ardillas, yo apague el televisor con el tenedor, y pos pense entre mi, they really like what there are doing!... now, that I am a grown up, and I look back,  I just feel like very proud of you because after hanging out with so many homosexuals and learning some of their linngo,  aprendi como se diche muchas cosas? I know that you are versital, inspite of the fact that when you speak your voice sounds like Paula Abdul. I am happy that you enjoy doing el amaor sexy a otros homosexuales como tu por la puerta de atras, y que utilizas condon y lubricantes.... porque, Gustavita tienes mucha compassion al utilizar lubricantes y aplicartelos en tu pingita china, porque de esa forma el condon se desliza mas facilmente en el canal de inodoro con olor de rio Cauca. Al poder deslisar la pinga China por la callerias hispanas con lubricantes evitas que tus cuchie, cuchi amantes  chillen y que sus boyitos sean embalsamados con anti bacterial cuando se pegan de tu linda pingita China querida,  Brahman the Absolute llama esto, "Oh, Mind Why Do You Weep? .. porque hacer "Oh, Mind Why Do You Weep" berriar, a otras personas por No, utilizar lubricantes cuando insertas la pinga china en el canal de Panama, puede causar que elloas se sientan feo despues de que esten sober, y se le pasen los tequilazos, y los poppers. Gustavita,  ya sabes que siempre hay, la posibilidad de que hagas que tu amante camine como el detective bareta con las patas abiertas por todas las calles y por semanas, y le puedes hacer que tus amores sexies, ay cuchi!cuchie! desarrollen  hemorroids, y la verdad esque yo si se que los hemorroids,  No son peligrosos pero si asustan y  estorban, y  se sienten medio extranio cuando uno hace popo,  y claro esto tu lo sabes. Ademas, guare, guare! Gustavo Camelot tu tambien sabes que el SIDA todavia da, atravex de el amor sexy, y pos ya sabemos que nos vamos a morir pero no de dolores torturantes como las que dan los virus, o por dramas por otras viejas, si no que nos vamos morir  de alegria y felicidad, y con mucha salud. porque la aleria llego y ya, nunca se vuelve a ir! Wepa, a bailar! y despues de muertos amamos mas, viva la vida! Claro que si! Ay, gracias! gracias! como los quiero, de verdad estoy un poco nerviosa y emocionada...
ah, como te estaba deciendo gracias Gustavita por hacerle el amor sexy a el Guatemanteco ex marido de Monica Camelo Perez, conocido como "Alex: en el asiento de atraz de tu jeep, Como Like a Virgin, y hacerlo mormurar tu nombre muchas veces,  bien romanticamente,  mientras que te marcaba el cuello como mursielago avec devearz pues, amen y aleluya!  y Gustavo le cojio ese jundillo y se lo convertio en flor rosa Guatemanteca... y ese hombre ex marido, conocido como 'Alex' ex marido de Monica Camelo Perez ni siqiuera le paga el child support, a Monica Camelo Perez que es su familia,  Ay, que escandalo como decia una de nuestras intern  que en paz descanza de - por el  lupehuciO!! eso es puro lapeusio!  excuse, I mean laperjucio! Alex, tu ex-man  prefiere pasaserla el la casa cojiendo a graphicos desnudos de transvestis por la internet, y vivir del govierno, y eso no es pecar! si, porque yo tambien vivo del gobierno porque soy bobo con baba de panocha, and as I write this I know that I am talking to myself, talking to myself, talking to myself, claro que si! somos ejemplar! viva mi familia!  y No! soy, dios, y no se lo que hago!  pero dios yo si, se que dios existe - y de esto estoy claro, y que  divine order does exist, y dios a'  no jusga a nadie o castiga a nadiem, ni a la chusma, chusma Pffffffft,  what a beautiful sweet, loving, embracing, compassionate,  kind, ==== and forgiving god auspicious and inauspicious! y por eso tequiero, tequiero, tequiero, tequiero, tanto and so it is y que mas iba a contar guare, guare!  o si,  Alex le compra tragos a los ninios de los bares, y hombres tres absolute yums,  como la Gustava, Ms. Universo, porque la Gustava, si es una queen, y no chiviada, de veraz pues, que orgullo que la Gustava es mi medio hermana... Gustavo, viva pimpinela! Que viva! Claro que si! gracias, gracias! mi linda princesa divino diamante Monica, me voy a volver medio like a guru, por unos segundos, porque ya sabes que soy opra singer universal, y no tengo tiempo de ensarniarle a nadie,  y es no es pecar! viva el arte! viva la musica que nosotros cantamos! como te decia Monica Camelo Perez,  que se tinta el pelo rubio, y es una gordita preciosa, y sus  bobies son grandes y no son inplantes,  y por eso en este universo se te conoce como Santa Monica - por ser tan linda, y tetona y tener tan lindo corazon, porque las tetas son preciosas claro que si! que lindo es ser mujer flaca o gorda! que lindo es ser mama', y por eso tequiero, tequiero, tequiero tanto! Si, la Monica, la mera, mera,  que vive en Gaithersburg, y es buenisima niniera, y madre -  te aseguro que si existen los hombres buenos, que aman y respetan a las mujeres, y son buenisimos padres..  y como dicen no importan si son maricones o straight,  y si se sabe que ay, algunos maricas, y maricones incluyo a las lesbianas o como se dice vulgarmente, las dikes, porque es la misma pendejada, y buliar somos profesionales, aunque ay unos que son muy bien pagados, Ole!Ole!Ole!  que le hacen foff! phew! burla y Mr,Yuk  a la mujeres, y entre mujeres, que hacen muchos chistes sobre nuestra santa cuca, que huele a queso rancio, y pos Yummie, Yums!  Om Yum Posifoffphew mellamo me llamaba cuchi cuchi cadajo, may we ask? Si, es verdad, si no te lavas tu cuca con agua, o tu santa concha como dicen en otras partes de po aya, y  aunque sea te la limpies con una toalla mojada o seca no importa a la Francesa, o como los indias se la limpias con ojas de arboles de platano o con pasto o cualquier tipo de oja! Si, no te limpias tu palomita,  el pos, Si! foff, phew! la panochita, si, huele a queso! pero pos a mi me parase que huele a queso  de mozzarella y leche que no es pasteurizada,  y hasta peacado yummy, yums  y el queso es super yummy! Yum!Yums! y la leche es yummy, yums, yum! y el pescado est tres yum based on this I feels that la cucaracha es sagrada. otros expertos con master degree en las sciencias dicen que - el pos, Si!foff, pheww! de la santa cuca o palomita-  tanto como la cuca blanca, negra, hispana, o asiatica indu, arabe o de otras partes se desarrolla atravex de la alimentacion especialmente si comes comidas organiz. Yo opino que el queso rancio no sabe a malo o huele! si te tapas la nariz. ah! claro, si te encuentras en una situacion en la que estas oliendo queso rancio, el o la cual te hace voltear y arrugar la cara! Chi poque isis esa cara asi! y te asustes tu misma0! tanto el olor a queso rancio, y chucha o pecueca ayuda a la concentracion si estas pensando mucho digo, deveras pues. I am telling you, try it and you can totally smell what you eat, and drink, curry, curry ma spices! como te decia Monica esos mismos maricas con faldas, o que actuan como hombre en publico, y que dan la apariencia que son straight,  salen  se disfransan de vieja con los otros maricas, y pos entonces ya ser mujer es super cool! esos mismos  maricas se devoran  el queso rancio cuando se comen el Greek salat y otras ensaladas de lechugas frescas, que tienen queso rancio en los dressings, yum! y claro sandwishes con queso, yums! y pizza super yum! entones Monica, no le pares bolas, porque realmente, la mayor parte del tiempo, por no decir la mayor parte del tiempo. No, sabemos lo que decimos, y eso, no es pecar! y esto esta clarisimo! gracias Monica por ser optimista, y no perder la esperanza de que si existen hombres buenos, y no volverte lesbiana como yo lo era, pero gracias a la religion Viva la relijion, ya no soy, lesbiana, amen! Gracias Monica, por no ser lesbiana. porque ya,  ay muchas lesbianas,  Oh, ya no soy, lesbiana! and I will say it in english,  by the way, because I feels that the market was saturated already, and the path of exaltation serves my life purpose better... and my newly found career  universal  peace ambassador,  and opera singer is paying off with tons of booons, very nicely... tons of boons como dicen you know who! como? por fa transliterate,  O, disculpa Monica Camelo Perez que vive en Gaitherburg, Maryland con sus tres hijos, con un carrazo marca americana, porque we buy American claro que si! ese fuen comentario entre nos..

Ay que te iba dechi, como decia! Margarita Duque Perez, y claro que yo se que tu No, quieres hacerle el mor sexy, a Monica, pero aunque sea por piedad considera hacerle el amor tre sexy, cuchim, cuchim! a la Gustava Camelot Perez, porque el no va ser feliz o va a poder descansar en paz si no le amaiz, a lo Frances porque la passion de queen oh, Margot! es incoprable, me imagino yo,  ya que sos tan popular divina madre, Ay, Margaita, pecadora!  le puedes mamar la chocha a mi santa tia Maria Nubia, me vale verga, aunque se muy bien que mi tia, solamente le gusta su propia chocha, y realmene no le gusta la baba de panocha ni porque le paguen por hora,  pero te la puedes cojer si ella te deja algun dia como los demas, despues de cervesiar, pero se muy bien que mi tia, no lo hace ni drograda porque ella le gusta su pinga y eso no es pegar! viva la pinga! claro que si! gracias a dios! Oh, y tambien le  puedes hacer el amor a Alexander the Great salud ala francesa,  y conseptualmente si el te deja, o deciden hacerlo despues de dialogar, y pensarlo bien porque Margarita eres sabrosisima, y tres sexy,  y me vale un culo aquien te cojas o le hagas el amor sexy , o le des besitos de lengua en la boca,  porque la sexualidad es bonita, y el amor de madre es incomparable. Ay, Margarita! porque nunca me cojiste a mi? ya, se! ya, se! porque soy fea, porque soy fea! solo por eso! Ay, Margarita eres tan superficial, y famosa en este mundo, y ahora a un mas por todo el universo, tu amor es exepcional, y tre ejemplar.  y da de hablar por todos lados, especialmente con tu poppysits, y manager la pitufa uni brow, que hubieze podido ser buenisima agente de actores porque la zerota realmente sabe mentir muy bien, y profesionalmente... ah, esperame no mas tomo agua... y cuento lo que paso con esa pitufa, la Gustava, y ti  en la duana de Miami donde la encarcelaron, y casi la devuelven con afamada mara de Guatemala, por emprenderse de cosas ajenas...Ay, zipotilla emprendedora... esperate... no mas me acuerdo...pitufita,  abrigos de peluche! abrigos! venta, venta en Switzerland...

claro que si! claro que si! mentir y robar  no es pecado,  y eso esta clarisimo en todas partes de este mundo, y estoy muy conciente de que en unos paises de esta tierra, le bajan las manos a unao con machetes, si robas por necesidad, o por gusto,  y God bless American de land of opportunities, porque mis manos son importantes claro que si, por que con ellas eh echo y hago muchas cosas, como cocinar mi propia comida, servime yo misma un baso de agua, o de leche, con mis manos sostenego la mangera con la utilizo para echarle agua a las plantas y las flores, y eso jamas lo hacia antes, o no lo hacia tan amenudo, porque queria conservale el dinero, al landlord que mee acae muy bien, y es super buena honda, y no estar gastando agua, pero la verdad esque realmente no quereria hacer,  pero ahora, ya le echo agua al greenery mas frequentemente,  y tambien eh aprendido a sembrar plantas and stuff, an grow seeds, pero es llovio,  que no soy jardineroa, y realmente no utilizo pestisides, y no se lo que hago,  y si me gusta muchisimo  la naturaleza, aunque antes no me importaba, y,  si! I shoesed to be indeferente, pero  las flores son bonitas para mi cuando las miro, y huelen bien rico cuando las huelo, y se sienten suaves y sensibles cuando las toco, y las flores si son muy delicadas porque si las toco muy bruscamente los petalos se caen,  pero no se enojan conmigo ni  me echan cantaletas o dramas and they blossom again, and again and I think that's cool! simply beautiful como los arboles , y los weeds  amazing! - y pos mientras  que estoy aqui on this earth, quiero ver las plantas, sentirlas con mis manos, y enterderlas, y decirles gracias por todo. Si, soy interesada y opurtunista  holografic or not, y pos despues que me muera, me vale madre, no mires atras no mies patas. y con mis manos siento el barro,  y me fascina enlodarme,  and by the way, on the record como dicen los gabachos -- on the record,  no, soy environmentalist, y me vale y me cuesta global warming, por que la vida es eterna, la tierra, y los animales, las plantas y todas las especies siguen viviendo con migo o sin ti,  y eso ya se lo sabes, no te hagas, no te hagas huey! com mis manos me amarro los cordones de mis tenis, y  con mis manos sostengo la cuchara de porsela que compre en Chinatown, y tambien las cucharas de metal y el tenedor, que utilizo para comer mis sopas, vegetales, y papas cosidas, avec frie rice cause, frie rice is my favorite, better then chow mein for real, o comer sticky white rice con mis manos, y sentir las textura de las cosas, como la ropa que me pongo, porque aunque estoy desnuda antes dios, and like for real! de verdad manada de hueyes, dios lo ve todo! y  pos nunca han existido secretos,  y apenas me doy cuenta! Ay que pena que vergueanzas! guare, guare como decia, si  yo salgo desnuda caminando en la calle o por la autopista de hitchiker, si paro trafico tambien! como la Madonna Pop star!  pero a mi de una, me menten al el LA county jail,  y pos al contemplar esto, me lleno de complejos,  eh inseguras, y tambien challenged my self steem, pero despues de mucha contemplacion y meditacion, y chanting por  largas horas, sobre porque la Madonna Pop star, si,  puede hacer lo que se le da la gana, y yo No.... ask yourself horns, porquoi,   ella Si, y yo, No!... like for example: why was she recognized three years in a roll, for New Age Of Activism Top 12, and not me... why?....  pos despues sikeeee! guare, guare,  hablando por mi cola. I was like for sure deverasrs pies...Come on, like I am really like that! no te hagas! no te hagas, huey! como decia, y aunque andar desnudo no es pecado,  si  yo lo hago  aqui, si me meten in jail,  in this earth at this time,  so please don't think I am not cool or nothing, pero no quiero llamar a mi mama to bail me out of jail, como lo hace mi hermano Alberto Alexander que esta a las carreras...  carceles, carceles, carceles! aunque me tomo unos anios de aceptarlo ya reconozco que yo, No! soy la Madonna Pop Star,  porque aunque intente bailar como ella, y hacer esos movimentos fisicos realmente no es mi estilo, pos realmente no tengo la coordination ni la disciplina que ella tiene, el enfoque y equiribio, eh gran paciencia, y no es por  que yo sea tan lucida y picarmela de fina, y de clase alta porque soy, ghetto y lo admito, y eso es llovio,  mi destacacion es cantar la opera, y por eso para mi es un honor de ser una opera singer tambien,  y se muy bien que  no soy  la unica que canta opera en este universo, hermosisimo, pero  si canto bonito y precioso, como dicen los meros, meros, del universo,  y lo admito, holographic or not, No! soy Madonna Pop star, aunque, si!  ay, veces me confunden con ella cuando camino por las calles, y me piden autografo, y otros me madan combros. y me piden donaciones, como si yo tuviera lana que tiene la Madonna Pop Star, y Oprah Winfrey, y bien se sabe muy bien,  que todo lo que hago es por amor al arte, claro que si! claro que si! me imajino que confunden con la Madonna Pop Star porque mi pelo me lo colorie rubio, y compre lentes azules, y aunque si nos paresemos mucho fisicamenye, porque  soy super sexy, y eso, a el pareseerme a ella  no es considencia por algo sera, y pos me imajino porque la Madonna Pop star iba ser elejida New Age Of Activism Top 12,  y que nuestros caminos se iba a cruzar en cyber space, pero les digo a todos ustedes mi linda familia, No, soy ella no lo soy...  primero que todo tenemos diferentes estilos de vida, creencias, y gustos, y aunque soy  lucida, vanidosa, y muy orgullosa..  y ella lo es tambien aunque no tanto como yo, claro que, No! amen... como decias, con mis manos me pongo la ropa, me saco los mocos, me rasco, limpio a donde vivo, y lavo mi ropa, y mis manos me ayudan hacer muchisimas cosas mientras que estoy en este cuerpo tan bonito que dios me dio,  y  que yo eleji... claro que si benditas sean mis manos,  porque se dice que atravez de ellas dios crea mucha cosas, y yo penso que es asi, aunque se muy bien que las cosas materialistas  o los placeres no se necesitan digo glory, praise, and thanks be to god! god is the greatest! por mis manos que son lindas y suaves y sensibles, y  gracias por todo lo que se conoce como forma holographic or not -  pos porque me parece muy bonito, viva el arte!  y wow! que holografia tan amazin y interesante, eh misteriosa,  pero me muero chao, de una y ya alegre, y no triste because all of my dreams have come true, y eso no es pecar, gracias por todo, y  esto ya se sabe y no lo vuelvo hacer, porque ya lo hize, no encontre el pecado! 
Me amenaisis me enamoras, on a side note... esperate un tantito tomo agua.... y me gustan que me amenazen con mentoras, o violencia simplemente porque hay. alguna gente que se creen doctores brujos super estudiados y con lana o sin lana y con pistolas o sin pistolas,  que les fasina pelear y buliar por gusto,  and to make a difference spiritually of course, y  piensan que estan en advanced Salem, y es llovio que yo no soy, The Accused - which by the way, was very well done, applausos y standing ovations para la afamada, gabacha y super open mind buenisima madre,  Jody Foster, she is simply aawesome. I may add, oops big crush spiritualmente speaking, oops! is over - let's just be friends,  Ay, cadajo cuchi, cuchi, a like for reals, she is really good actor, y la otra tambien, Sheril Finn, oops big crush spiritualmente speaking, oops is over - let's just be friends, It ain't like that!  pero no tan buena actresses como nuestra talentosa actor that deserves an Oscar for best actor Madonna Ciconne, for her role in "Whose That Girl", and "Evita",  it is long over due....aquien llamamos? deveras pues, anyway porque aunque, soy non-violent yo corro curries, claro que si... y, a ver si me pescas, pero buliar jamas me dejare buliar de nadie, y de nada porque eso ya lo hize, y no lo vuelvo hacer,... Amen!  y soy el aire, y huelo aviento -- y no exito...  Ole! Ole! Ole! No, se pelear, entonces  llamo a el popo, si alguien me amenaza con violenica fisica, or intentar violarme, o abusar de mi emocionalmente, o verbalmente,  aunque sea mi cuchi. cuchi, cadajo, hombre o mujer, rica o pobre, famosa o no, medicado, borracho o no, porque cuesto, Soy, Special! and divine order does exist, y aunque la policia  este muy ocupada pos claro llamo a la policia, y bienen de una, and I think that is really cool! I am a peacemaker, I am untouchable, thank you for preserving the peace! Viva la policia! Que viva! y no es amenaxa, porque ya no choco choclos mas, es wisdom, das healthy! y como digo dice We want to get healthy! A?..que, no te escucho-- No, estoy amenazando! ah,  pos... ay, que no, estoy, amenazando..copy! pos isculpen, don't fall in love-- si lo que acabe de parlar sono como amenazas,  pos  es sound interference y no cambio la historia, guuare, guare, touche' touche'! como decia,  y  yo pos  preferio no mentir, o robar, o amenazar porque eso ya lo hize pero no por necesidad como en The Miserables, yo robe por ser boba con baba de panocha como la Wynona Ryder, cuando yo estaba en New York con Dana Taco Bell, y decidi concientemente tratar de robar una falda, because I thought that was cool, y no lo hago mas porque cuando lo hize me pescaron, y fue mbarrasing... Just Say No! como te decia mama,  las mentiras me confunden, y me hacen sentir insegura,  y desconfiada y perder la confianza lo deja a unao incredula, alheteos! alheteo! que jeteo zos ateaos deveraz pues, y dios, Si! existe y no soy, dios! Si, existe un dios. Dejame esplicarte querida madre, lo que significa 'confianza' para mir... la confiansa  no es tocar, el culo o las tetas  de viejas o de hombres, y eso no es pecar,  o que le den dinero a la silencioux, la confianza para mi, no es que yo tenga que sacrificarme fisicamente, mentalmente, spiritualmente,  eh emocionalmente para poder ser parte de un grupo, o de una familia, o organization con sus reglas y regulaciones y eso no es pecar - y dios ama todo por igual y de eso yo estoy, segurisima, porque si hay, confiansudoas querida madre, y eso yo, ya lo hize y no lo vuelvo hacer, y antes dios no hay secretos, entonces me vale y me cuesta, prefiero la verdad auque me haga excaramunsiar, excaramunsa, excaramusiados! y pos me amenas me enamoras, la confiaza para mi no es que me amenazen con quitarne cosas, como una casa, carro, targeta de credito, telefono, washer or dryer, el agua, la comida, la luz o con desastres naturalez, o guerra,  o  meterme en un calabozo, si no hago lo que tengo que hacer como andar por las calles conn ropas, o hablo de mas de mi misamao, o torturame fisicamente, emocionalmente, mentalmente,  o amanazarme con un dios violento que destrulle toda la vida, y castiga  por gusto y placer - holografic or not, porque aunque,  soy un graduate, y me muevo, chao,  reconosco que hay muchisimas personas y especies que sigiran estudiando on this earth school, y pos eso me parece super cool! y ahora, nadie me va a quitar a dios con mamadas, o convenserme que ame, o que le tenga miedo  a un dios porque me caga a pedos a todo rato,  porque dios si existe para mi, y es lindisimo, infinitely sweet, and loving y no hay mas palabras, simbolos, imajines, o mas numeros para describriloa,  beloved divine mother, beloved divine father, y es asi.. y se los digo en su Ca ra, que bonitoa "god is the greatest" se siente awesome poder decir la palabra, dios,  o diosa y no esxcarmunsiarme mas, excaramunseaos, y bien se que dios a' tiene muchisimos nombres y todos sus nombres son lindos como tu, beloved divine mother, beloved divine father, claro que si! y por eso decimos God bless America de land of opportunities, Cali, America, Golazoo. glory,praise, and thanks be to G-d, claro que si! cuardar la confianza para mi no es lamberle el culo a medio mundo con guare! guare! con mentiras para que le den a uno trabajo, o mantener un trabajo, o mantener una amistad, o una esposa o marido, o una amor cuchi, cuchi cadajo pasajero! porque esto, yo, ya lo lo hize y no lo vuelvo hacer, porque realmente no existo. Sabroxiximo mistify Ma flowers! Viva el amor! todo, o nada! y si ay un dios, y no soy yo, y eso esta clarisimo. y por eso, ya no choco choclo mas, y no pido prestado, y soy soltera y celibate and absitinent, no encontre el pecado y si soy copion @ThankYouForYourLove! y como dice mi compadre don't fall in lov with me, fall in love with yourself, deveraz pues, deveraz quechua echame pue, binah blow me, ma  just me, f&%3k them all! I love you, I lonchon, yummy, yums, ay que pena que verguenzas, no te escondas de mi, que escandalo,  no te de pena! que felicidad, que felicidad es amarte tal como eres y que me ames como soy... y deveraz pues me muero, chao! de felicidad y alegria!

 Ay, fuepuchiga, ugh! o ! Si, prefiero la verdad, no soy una machoa, negociante, soy simple, y lo sabes muy bien,  hablame con la verdad no quiero tu dinero,  o que me menciones en tu will or money trust, y lo sabes muy bien queridao, porque tequiero tal como eres linda, o fea, rica o pobre, borracha o sober, famosa o no, blanca o ngra, or hispana,  gorda, o flaca, china, o juida, arabe, indu, con dientes o sin dientes, invalida, o no, coja o derecha boba con baba de panocha o  inteligente, hombre o mujer! porque la verdad para mi me parece que la verdad es importante, aunque ay veces lo deja a unao con la boca habierta! prefiero la verdad! prefiero la verdad, prefiero la verdad,  claro que si! y bien esta clarito  en todas partes que la mentira no es pecado, porque todos nosotros somos angelitos, de paz, paz, paz, dios, o yods.... little Gs'. No encontre el pecado! me quito mi cara y me pongo la tuya, y me cago del miedo, me asusto yo mismao porque sos tan linda, y famosisima, y yo soy fea y fria! mente mentirosa, perla! perla! divina madre! que afortunada soy... Ay les va a mi familia extradionaria! espero que les guste... y me avisan porque esto ya se sabe... guare!guare! Ahi, le va...pue! songs of songs spiritual technology infinite Yum!...... Viva Saude'!
                                      beloved divine mother, EA- Ibi Uru- thank you for the flowers,  beloved divine mother, EA- Ibi Uru  thank you for the seeds,  beloved divine mother, EA- Ibi Uru- thank you for the trees beloved divine mother, EA- Ibi Uru thank you for your love,  beloved divine mother, EA- Ibi Uru- thank you for all the gifts and blessings.. Om RA Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Ram Namaha porque soy mejor artista, y me enamore de yo mismao, y eso no es pecar! y, yo, No, soy dios, soy un angelito negro y brillo muy bien y limpio tambien...pos me avisas porque esto ya se sabe y apenas me doy cuenta... no encontre pecado!
 beloved divine father, EA- Ibi Uru, Thank you for your love! beloved divine father, EA- Ibi Uru thank you for the flowers, beloved divine father, EA- Ibi Uru thank you for the seeds,beloved divine father, EA- Ibi Uru  thank you the leaves, thank you for volcanos, thank you for the ocean, thank you mountains, thank you for the raindrops, thank you for tornados...thank you for the winds- chusma, chusma pfffffft! soy bobo con baba de panocha... no se lo que hago- Beloved divine mother MaYa-Ibi Uru thank you for your love  Beloved divine mother MaYa  Ibi Uru thank you for your love Beloved divine mother MaYa Ibi Uru - Beloved Divine mother Aztec Beloved Divine Mother Aztec Beloved Divine Mother Inca  Ibi -Uru Beloved Divine Mother Inca Ibi Uru Beloved Divine Mother Tyronna Ibi Uru, Beloved Divine Mother Tyronna Ibi Uru Beloved Divine Mother Elohim Ibi Uru Beloved Divine Mother Elohim Ibi Uru Beloved Divine Mother GaudchoVang Ibi Uru Beloved Divine Mother Xi Wang Mu Ibi Uru  thank you for your love,  claro que si, claro que si...ay, que felicidad! glory, praise, and thanks be to god and so it is..
Enséñame y brillaras muchisimo mas que yo......
reverence for all life above all else...
Liberation, ma liberty, rising emergence from the earth, Boddhissatva infinite lotus 666, ebony black. We are coming home, copy
mmmm O'kay, you got it! I am absolutely happy!
Eso no es pedo, no encontre el pecado, eso, si, es mi pedo, eso no es pecar...
chusma, chusma, pffffffffft!
Don't fall in love with me.... Fall in love with yourself.... I don't exit. You don't exist.....
y si, y no, y si, y que, y quien, y no me importa... 
Dame Luuuz,,, Luz, luzz,  luz, luz,   love  and light, dame lluz, luz, luz, luz, love and light, claro que si! claro que si! claro que si, beloved! ddaaammee Luz, dalet, dalet, DDDa mme  luz, daalet, daaalet, dalet, gimel, gimel, dame luz, muuuucha ....luzz.... muuuuuuuuucha luz, damme paz, pazz,paz, paz,  dameee pa,  pa, paa, ppaaaaaaa, devearaaz Paata, dalet coin, dalet coin, coim, dalet coin, mucho coin, corn dulce,  dalet corn, corn, corn, dale luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, mucha luz, love and light, alumbra mi corazon po todos lados deveras ver, deveras pes, deveras pio, piiiiii   O,  damme luz, dame luz, luz, luz, mucha luz, love and lice, dalet luz, luz, luz, pa ben, deveraz paata, deveraz pues, No presto, No fio,  deveras paata no credit, deveraz Paata no critic,  dame luz,,,  luz, luz, love and light, damee   luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, daaa me corn, sweeet corn! dalet,, dalet, lo and ligghhtt
(Everybody light that candle, raise your arms... thhatt's rright,   that'st rrright... yyou gott i -unison-),,, soy boba con baba de panochachhaa
(Everybody), soy boba con baba de panochaa
Soy, boba con baba de panocha
thankk you,, thannk you, tthankk yooou, thank youu  forrrrrrrr your looove!
dame luz,  luz, luz, luz, lovee andd  light, dalet, dalet, mucha luz, Yo, Yo, Yo, He He Wa? La wa wa. mis nalgas mojadas con naguas, y nado mu ben.... y floto tan ben, y corro curries,  yumy, yums, devaraz muuu, xi xi chucha. Xi,  huelo a chucha y pequeca, que hago? copy.... dalet, dalet, gimel, gimel mucha luz, Ayin, Reish, Yod,  Ma spooky, DDon't falll in love with me,  fall in love wiith yoourselllf, me cago ddel meowdow, me achuche yo mismao,  deveraz pes. scratchy. scratchy, love and light deveraz meow, meow, deveraz wooff, woof,  pio, pi O, deverraz pes,  deveraz ciencha oing, oing, oing,  dddeveras ver, deveraz paz, deveraz paata,  deveraz caspa. Yuummmmmyy  yyyyyyyums!!!! Om Namo Ratna Tryyaya, Om Namah Arya Jnana Sagara Varicona,  Om  Namah  Sarva Tathafgatebyah Arahatebyah, Om Namah Arya Avolikite, Om Namo Chivayah, Om Namoh chakamunibudhaye Om Namo Krisna Hare, hare, hare Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare dame luz, luz, luz, love and light, deveraz Patah. Ya, no pido pestado pue,  Ya no me peste ma pues, y no seguimos amando like for realz, deveraz pues, thank you, thank you,  thank you for everything, thank you for everything, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your love, don fall in love with me, fall in love with yourself, I don't exists, you don't exist, y si, y no, y, que, y quien, pos no me importa,Yummie, popusas rellenas,  undi jamundi,  Vivi O, got it! chimichanga, guare, guare, Jabon sulfur, yummy, vivo, vivi.. deveraz pataa, dame, dame, dame luz, mucha luz,  love, and light, love and light, love and light, dalet coin, coin, corn pa ben, valgame dios, me cuesta, chingonne! chingonxiximo! chi, ching! lucida!Yummy, Yum,  Yums, dame luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, luz, luz,  love and light @beloved divine mother  binah - ibi uru thank you for your love! Nomastute, Nomastute Om  Namoh Cali MA,  Nomastute Om Namoh Calima, Namastute Om Namoh Kali Ma,  Ma Shakti...Pa ....dame luz, luz, luz, mucha luz, mucha paz, mucha harmonia, Yuluka,  love and light And so it is...
(Everybody), soy bobo con baba de panochaa
Soy, bobo con baba de panocha..
Soy, boba con baba de panocha...
dammeeeeee luz, luuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
dalet, dale, daleeeeeeeeee
claro que si, cclaaro que si, claro que si, beloved one
dame, dame, dame, dame luz, love and light
Ay, Claro que si, claro que si, calro que si....
Ay, Claro que si, claro que si, claro que si
thank you, thank you, thank you for your love
Me muevo chao..
y nos seguimos amando
scratchy, scratchy love and lice
deveraz woof, woof, woof,
deveraz, pio, pio, pi O,
deveraz meow, meow, meow
deveraz chencha, oing, oing, oing
deperaz pes
deveraz muuuu
deveraz paata
deveraz things, and stuffs
As-salamu alaykum, shalom habitteh, vodka ni cola...touche', touche'
hablando por mi cooooola, hablando por mi cola..
dune, dune, dune, frie rice, dune, dune, dune, kimchee, dune, dune, dune, suchi..caro
Yumy, yums, 
y te lo digo en tu Ka
no pido pestado, no pido pestado, no pido pestado, y no me pestes pue, y ya no choco choclos mas, y nos corneamos y nos seguimos amando
Ay, que felicida, Ay que felicidad! Ay, que flichicha...
huelo a gracias, eso es pa
thank you, thank you for your love, thank you for your love, 
thank you, thank you, thank you for your love
thank you, thank you, thank you for you love
mmmm okay!
prrrriii please with sugar on top!
dame, dame, dame, muuuuucha luz, love and ligh
y me muero chao, mehmory
dalet luz, dalet, luz, dalet luz, dame luz, love and light
claro que si, claro que si, calro que si, infinite lophi, infinite truth
me enamore de yo mismao, no encontre le pecado
no existo, y si, y que. y quien, y como, y porque, y no me importa. y losabes, mu bien, essay
dame luz, luz. mucha luz love and light
ajeye, ajeyeh, ajeyeh...
love and light

This juice to be my toilet! this yous to be my toilet! this use to be my toilest!
Yaaaaaaay!  Yaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaa!


 talking to self, talking to self, talking to self, thinking to self thinking to self, thinking to self, chanting to self, chanting to self, chanting to self,  praying to self. praying to self,  praying to self, imagining to self, imagining to self,  imagining to self, writing to self, writing to self,  writing to self, reading to self, reading to self,  reading to self, teaching to self, teaching to self, teaching to self, singing to self, singing to self... Love and light... thank you for your patience...


 Ay, pos sank you for all your hand gesturing! singing to self! singing to self! ni le entendi, deveraz pies - like for real amigoa, echo que dechi! Como te decia mami, Margarita Duque La pitufa uni brow baba smurf con mas bigote y barbas  que Jesu Cristo y que yo junto con todos los rabis judios con piernas peludas de pelos cruezos,  como el pobre King Kong que tuvo tanta drama por una vieja, y lo acribillaron con bala y coetes, por estar colgado de esos edificios que son tan caros especialmente en New York, y que por llevarse a pasear a esa vieja gabacha (blanca ojos claros) gritona que solo se quejaba de todo, y era tan chismosa, y coqueta, playing mind games and stuff, y eso fue llovio,  Ay, no que penas que verguenzas!  pobre mico, por ser bobo con baba de panocha, le rompieron el culo, y en pleno publico y en New York, de lante de todos, y televisado, que escandalo.  Anyway, esa  pitufa baba smurf que no se afeita al igual que nuestra velnerada, very enlightened, muy bien escrita, leida y super advance que tiene mucha lana, y talento, y  eso no es pecar, conosida tambien por todo el mundo como una estadounidense bailarina estilo bedet al igual de ser cantate pop, y directora productora y respetada pastora Madonna Louise Veronica Ciconne, cual yo, No conozco, repito yo No, conozco personalmente pero si vi las fotos y se que tiene jungla, y el paraiso si es para ella tambien,  como te decia La pitufa con las piernas peludas como  el antelope moose con barbas y bigotes mas largos que el difunto Moises de la pelicula guare, guare! de los dies mandamientos shot by Vista Vision, color by technicolor by Paramount pictures in 1956,  that was selected for preservation in the United States National Film registry bythe Library of Congress- espera un tantito, y es que para, ja ja,ja, isculpen - la pelicula fue preservada, pos porque es "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant, wow!holy chi! that's cool - tan ben in June 2008, the American Film institute revealed it's Ten Top Ten very similar we may add... to Top 12 - I am just saying,  anyways, the best ten films in ten American film genres - after polling -guare! guare!gure! to make the story short,  the ten commandments film was listed as the tenth best filn in the epic genre, cause it was very long, and really entertaining para  la mayoria de la raza en muchos paises,  y si agrees fue bien echa- muchas gracis- and guare, guare  by the way, what a handsome good looking humanbeing, el Moses, deveraz pues, Moises que en paz descanse, amen! esa pitufa peluda te hizo tan famosa mama, que dios me bendiga a la pitufa, amen, aleluya! ahora sois conocida en todo este mundo, y a un mas en este universo, y eso es muy bueno para todos, y me facina que te gusta la publicidad Margarita, y la divercidad, y que sois tan versital tambien como la Gustava,  y por eso tequiero!  por eso te quiero! porque tu nombre junto al mio me hace ver a un mas bonitoa, y soy tan orgullosa, Margarita Duque, Ay, Si Se Puede! Ay, Si Se Puede! Ay, Si Puede! Ay, Margarita, mira que limpia estoy por ti, mi diosa ominipoente, Gracias santa madre, porque siempre me  apoyastes mis mamadas, y por levantarme co tu libertad, y iluminarme con tu amor,  me baño en tu luz que linda es sacrada madre, y te puedes disfrazar de cualquier forma, porque te conosco muy bien! mi divina madre!Ay, Margarita! Ay, Si Se puede! Ay, Si Se Puede! gracias, por gustarte mi arte, y lo digo como lo diga y como lo escriba, y por esañarme hablar bien ingles, y el hispano! Que miraco! mi Florida! y por eso tequiero porque soy putisima como tu, y elevada siempre seamos amen,  y es asi! por eso te quiero! por eso te quiero! por eso te quiero! porque soy, muy vanidosa, y interesada, y ser usar todo por igual,  y me importa con quien te agcuestas, o si me mientes, porque te conozco, muy bien, y ere puro amor! y tienes muy buen gusto, cuando se trata de arte, y literatura, y la musica vieja como lo tengo yo! y tienes tan buen gusto con las viejas como lo tuve yo, y por eso ya me converti en relijiosa mejor, porque siempre hay drama por una vieja, hombres o mujeres, todas son viejas, y yo ya le le hicce el amor sexual a medio mundo, ya es suficiente - y eso no es pecar!
en fin, como dechia, isculpen, perdi la ilera de este redacto, mira no mas ya empese a sudar bajo todas estas luces, dune, dune, dune - se me esta ya sudando el guayavo por mis finos poros, estoy tan, pero tan contenta de ser reconozida, y aceptar esta mandala en el nombre de, amen Halelu-- mi estimada Madre,  excuse my condition but I have fallen in love with god,  dios, y el  buddha porque devaraz son mas tranquilos, y al decir cojer se que es muy vulgar, pero lo digo de esta forma, porque no encontre el pecado, y decir las cosas maldichas no es pecar... El buddha  y dios a' son super buenas hondas,  frecuencias fractales, sensibles, vondadoso, llenos de compasion, super artistas, y sus carros le ropen los huevos a cualquiera, y soy intersada y materialista y me gusta todo lo bonito, and very fast, big crash, oops is over! is not likke that! y ya no choco choclo mass, iiis realize that driving slow or not driving at all is perfectly okay, too! y brillo muy bien bonitoa tambien, effortlessly beloved mother Aluna Ibi Uru, porque soy mejor artiista, gracias por ty amor! Ay Margarita! pecadora,  mi vida y mi arte mi adorada mama. Gracias por tu buen sentido de delumor, siempre te voy a querer loca, como dice Gustavo, y mi tia Nubia, y Monica, y ellos tienen toda la razon porque estas loquizima perfect and flawless, mami casi te pareses a mi, pero la unica diferncia es que no me gustan los perfumes, ni tampoco me cojo a hombres pendejos que solo muestran las muelas, y se creen lindos, que porque saben cojer en la cama a una mujer y abandonan sus cria por todo lado, y prometen casa.. carro, y veca y bien sabes, que los hombres a cuales les has echo el amor, no te an echo muchas cosquinas, pero si te han echo reir, y la risa es saludable, claro que si! Margarita pecadora, porque cuando te ries, aunque con dientes prestados iluminas los universos,  o no es asi? Querida, madre! yo se que te cojiste a esa cosa ex novio de Nancy. Ay, Margarita pecadora! que hiciste? milagros mami! por que eres muy pieadosa, y gracias a dios que le quitaste a esa cosa muestra muelas hombre macha de la vida de Nancy, porque ya Nancy no quizo nada con el despues que tu tle hiciste el amor y lo volviste mejor amantes de hombres, y que esa pitufa uni brow, con mas bigotes que juse Cristo y yo, y con mas fuzzy hair en sus largas pienas esbeltas de sasquach, que sipor acaso jira la tierra y ocurre un frize como hablan los meros, meros del CERN, se le puede afeitar las piernas peludas de la Pitufa uni bro y hacerle abrigos a toda la humanidad para que estemos bien cobiertos porque bien se mama, que nosotras somos bien generosas, y no solamente le hariamos abrigos a la gente con mucha lana, si a todo el mundo, claro que si! claro que si! como te decia la pitufa uni bro, con bigotes, y  mas barbas  que Jesu Cristo, con piernas peludas como los mink, la  buena parsa tuya que le falta un diente por averle mamado la verga grande de caballo arabe de Alexander the Great! yAlberto Alexander the Great es mi hermano, pura RAZA a Alberto le fascino esa mamada de la pitufa bonita, y cuando se acuerda sonrie, y yo admiro a mi hermano Alexander,  porque es todo un dios, y super buen moso, y yo soy fea y una nigga como tu Alexander de Great, y nunca se te olvide soy, Nigga como tu! lejitima Nigga! Mi piel es oscura, y mi pelo es color negro, y me gustaria mucho que mi pelo fuera como el tuyo, colocho, crespo, y tener todos mis dientes como tus los tienes, Alberto Alexander, mi querido hermano! pero soy fea, y tu eres lindo, muy lindo, y lo sabes muy bien, Hermanito tu nombre al lado mio me hace brillar! Ay, Si Se puede! Ay, Si Se Puede! 

I locho Alberto Alexander eres mi eroe, y realmente mil respetos hermano, me das gran orgullo y felicidad aqui te mando besitos de blow! Ay, Margarita! Si se puede! elevada seas siempre! Como decia,  estaba hablando de Nancy Camelo Perez, que vive en Cali, Colombia, y no le dan visa ni porque se coja todo el consul Americano, Mexicano, y Colombiano, y de esa otra chancleta de hombre que se encontro Nancy en el putiadero, que vive en la casa de mi tia Maria Nubia, Que dios bendiga a la pitufa bonita amiga tuya con bigotes mas largos que los del nuestro senior Jesu Cristo, con piernas peludas como los osos polares, que  le mamo la verga negra a mi hermano Alberto Alexander de Great  y que dios bendiga a la bonita pitufa amiga tuya,  con barbas mas largas que las de moises con los diez mandamientos y sus piernas peludas como las santas ovejitas, por averle pegado en la jeta a ese mann ex de Nancy Camelo Perez, por aberte echo el amor sexy en tu cama de twin,  porque ese parsa solo se sabe cojer a las viejas- tranz como la Gustava Camelo Perez con nalgas postizas, que esta muy ben y las mujeres adultas como tu que se calientan despues de cervesiar,  y gracias a nuestro señor amen,  ese mann ex de Nancy Camelo no te pego nada en tu palomita te paz eh igualdad, que la mantienes tan limpia porque jamas! jamas! has tenido un STD, porque apesar de todo divina madre existe un dios y nos quiere muchisimo, claro que si! claro que si! gracias por resar todos los dias, te aseguro que todos tus resos se escuchan divina madre, y por eso te quiero, tequieo, porque tu fe es incomparable! y dios Si! existe!  mi madre santa!  

Como te decia, el Ex man de Nancy Camelo Perez  hasta se coje al Eliseo si Eliseo lo deja pero Eliseo aunque borracho, solo se coje a mi tia Maria Nubia rico y sabroso, y suave y le hace cosquillas a lo Guantemanteco, a la palomita de paz de mi tia Maria Nubia, y el mann ex de Nancy el parsa tambien se coje a la Gustava  Camelot Perez, en la noche despues de que toman aguardiente juntos, a medio luz de luna, y bajo las estrellas, y la Gustava esta feliz. Gracias!  Ay, Si Se Puede! Ay Si, Se puede! elevada seas Mami por hacer la diferncia en este universo, y por ser tan buen mosa. Elevada siempre seas!  Mami, resame, resame! y salpoteamae, annoint me! be messai! be messai! be real messaih! mi madre diamantino! no se bailar todavia salsa, solo mergue pero ahi voy! te amare siempre mi linda illusion, y lo sabes muy bien, essay,  y tambien, por  eseñarle a mi hermano, y ami como se ama con frescura, y pasion, de veras pues de veras, mente!mente!mente! pues soy, la mente! Estoy muy agradecida! conअनंत भगवान सोना स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Mi hermano Alberto Alexander the great conquistador de conquistadores! yo heh heh  por ser mi medio papa tambien, y ensañarme muchas cosas, que han agrandecido a mi vida y passion artistica educativa, y porque tu mi hermano, as querido a nuestra mama tan rico y suave… y ser tan super intelijinte mi gemelito… angelito de pura oro! quedate king, en Maryland, por huey, por no saber limpiearte el culo porque yo aunque sea se como limpiarme el mio, y recojer la ropa del suelo, y si claro, que si, mandame dinero por mami gram no uesten union, medio papa hermano, y llamame por el telefono ay, phone-- menteras, porque soy  heh! heh! heh! stupider dan stupid! Ay mente, mentiras… nada mas por eso, no estas conmigo…en la montaña.. te vez lindos desde aca todos! ..all, y lo sabes muy bien, essay! Pura RAZA! Viva Colombia! Que Viva! Mi adoradas Prima/hermanas gracias por ser hueyes y no hacermen caso! 無限的神金黃金蓮花@Nancy, por ser tan linda, y ensañarme a cantar, quererme como una hermana, y ser inteligente y nunca casarse otravez con pinche perros nasty, que se cojen hasta las innocentes gallinas de la fincas, y siempre tener un corazon tan amplio y ser tan dulce y querer tanto al bobito, baboso de Alejandrito mi tocayito angelito de luz無限的神金黃金蓮花@Adiela por ser tan linda, y educarce aprender a contar ygustarle la contabilidad, respecto para Adiela por gustarle los numeros, y por ser tan bochinchera, y gustarle los viejos con barriga granden que huelen a pedos,  y scramble eggs con pancakes, and bacon, y  que nadie se los come solo tu mi Adiela gracias por hacer la gran diferencia en este mundo, y gracias a dios sos tan linda que tus hijos son preciosos, por que esos changos que te metistes, son changa Ammen@ 無限的神金黃金蓮花@Carolina, por ser tan linda, y smart jugar conmigo cuando eramos viejas y llorabamos tanto porque ahora somos mas jovenes gracias a dios, y ser una puta inteligente pagada y seria, y gustarle la verga negra, y ser tan buenisima madre, Carolina gracias por hacer la diferencia en en todo el universo parsa, mi respeto me quito mis calson y se los doy al leatherman de parte tuyo porque eres mi ejemplo, todo una diosa! Monica, por jugar conmigo, y ser tan totally blond, y materialista smart y buenisima madre y chistosa, Estella mi beautiful Laylaa radiante tan  linda y adorada madre, por ser tan tierna, y inteligente y averme ensañado que amar a una persona ay veces lo hace llorar por querer a todo menos a una misma, y por saber bailar salsa como ninguna otra en mi familia, tal vez, Diana, talvez, Nubia Estella es #1 salsa dancer punto! y por ti mi layla casi me vuelvo arepera pero ya me recuperaron los mormones co la terapia... y ahoras solamente soy feao, y lo finalmente reconozco! gracias a dios, amem@無限的神金黃金蓮花Sonia por ser linda,Beatriz por ser linda, Diana por ser linda, mis primitos अनंत भगवान सोना स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Daniel por ser super cool, y cagon अनंत भगवान सोना स्वर्ण कमल के फूल@Ruben, por ser super cool, y churretero de inodoro 無限的神金黃金蓮花@Vanessa, por ser super cool, super linda, por ser tan bien estudiada y super sweet y hacer yogananada@Rosa por ser tan sweet, y tomar tantas sodas para que se vea mas linda@Chantal por ser tan inteligente, gustarle tanto la musica y querer tanto a su madre y sus otros hermanitos,  angelitos por ser perfectos, y todos los hijos de Carolina por ser las mas lindas joyas, y deslumbrar este mundo con su presencia... gracias por estar aqui,  y traer tanta alegria a todos los universo.... besitos de blow 無限的神金黃金蓮花@Nichol, por ser super cool, y tan linda cachetona y temperamental y callejera inteligente محبوب@Tariq, por ser super cool, y limpiarse los mocos en la pared محبوب@Mohammed, por ser super cool por limpiarse los moco en tonde sea, محبوب@ Abdula, por ser super cool, y lavarse las muelas ! عزيزي قطعة سكر@Sara, por ser super awesome, tan linda pricesita, y hablar ese idioma que nadie entiende solo Saud! قطعة سكرعزيزي Nora super awesome, siper inteligente y sabre ese trava lenguas de agargatados, y ser una lindisima prinsesa!, محبوب @Kalet, super coo, y ser chillon comelon cacheton y saber limpiase el culo con papel iginicol!,  y limpiase bien el jundillo tambienمحبوب@Moe super cool, y no curretear lataz del inodoro cuabo hace orines!, y los otros primitos que nacieron durante mi ausencia, y los otros lindos que naceran despues, A Mi primo Gustavo, por ser marica, y guache, y ser tan parrandero, y llaveria,  bochinchero, y estar tan ben, y hablar de mi detras de mis espalda pinche gallina pinpinela. Dario por ser tan hermoso! buen jugador de futbol, y manejador de moto, y recojerme de las escuela todos los dias sin faltar.  أفضل صديق لي تحلق حرة مثل الطيور في السماء @Norah Alotaibi, por ser so awesome, sweet, loving, and kind,  and making mi laugh, and teaching me how to saay, As- salaam Malecom, Chukron, Habitee, Malecom salami @Dana Tucker, for loving me so much and being bipolar ezquizo, psycopata and empathic nut por  four legged animalitos "only , and Cathy, for liking me so much, and being such an awesome person, and being an awesome mother! Chukron for the kindness ofمحبوب@ Saud Alotaibi,  y Ziiat, Dakel, for being so sweet and playfull and ssweet towards all of his brothers and sisters! Saud, gracias por no haberles ensenado spabol al tus hijos, huey! para que sean bien pochitos como Si Se Puese.. y por ser tan super excellent father,#1, y gracias Saud por el homemade hummus and pita, con las yummi salats, y pollo hornead super yums!Gary Tucker gracias por ser buen moso en super sweet, And the infinite love and life lessons on how to behave on dis earth, and apply LOVE in my daily life giving by mi beloved abducted family Beth Fortman-Brand, and Douglas Brand, Muchas Gracia, Mi linda familia, mis joyas, son mi tesoro aqui estan mis esmeraldas en nuestro corazon unido, siempre estaran! Mi linda familia, pavos realez, bien hablados, afamados, bendecidos eternos, inmortalizados, ilumidados, elavados como yo! los aprecio mucho  por dios mis buddhas... linfinitos … Salud@I AM that I AM AM Pinche viejas chismosas, como les quiero! Salud y mucha, mucha pachanga! Wepa a bailar, sank you! y mis tios, tambien, gracias! Mi familia es absoluta y perfecta.  gracias!gracias!como dice mi compa ThankYouForYourlov, witou farto aydo, ahi te la regreso, Mesalam Salami Ram Ciss Inure Ram Ma YodKnowET Tu Coza,  Wepa a bailar! Back to you, gracias! …y a…me muero chao!  back to you, gracias! Denankue, Si Se Puede,…  that's why we love you,  and appreciate your I AM prescenc  As-samad because your recognize! exit to your right
Si Se puede:…Ja, ja!  como dice Monica,  y esta… ! …what did I say, what did I say… los escaramunsi..e, digame. …Thank you, Si se puede escarmusiados, escaramunza! ashers!ashers! please assist Si Se puede dismount the hoydeck… merci!
Si Se Puede:.. .espera! no me toqueiz!… We continue to recognize excellence!@Gallactic Council of Light - aund na..
Si se puede: ay, guyavez.. Holu shi.  wahehwa.. Si Se Puede, ya estuvo! …Si Se Puede!  thank you, loves it!. Exit
Si Se Puede: Dime lo en In spanol..lenguage no me yo la yo.. a la meh lenguas paradas, Si Se puede! bottled water inside your trailer for realize!Exit on the left -  
Si Se puede: ....lies! Lies! trava lenguas de tu servicio coma inodoro coma no more spanish..don remembee? placeur! merci…maintenant..allez,  Si Se Puede chupitos..exit
Si Se puede:  esa me mama la vega platica… allez, que huey! dilo en spanish, o ya te volviste gringone.. justice! gloria?.. o no, o  asher Gloria… in spanish! multi lenguas! Gracias, Si Se puede! siempre drama por una vieja! No jodas..Exit to your right! 
Si se puede: que nos es left … no me vallas s a tocar el culo…atrevedia! ... donemen un pase… que
la 'a wa ni que nada! gracias.. Denanku… señores, y señoras, señorias.. Si se Puede, y Glori Trevi
Si Se puede: ..estoy, muy ben…de veras, gracias…. denankue… Si se puede pastel de siete leeches… en tu trailer
Si Se Puede:  pos poker no dijeron before…. ...y pizza, yums sancocho de pollo!…
Si se Puede: Ay, Que Rico! QUE RICURA! SABROXIXIMO! A tus ordenes! Good bye! Ladies and gentlemen ourth dear heart@newageofactivism Until further Notice! diamond!….  ladies, and gentlemen  At-Tawad@Si se puede!+X+X+X+X= Clap!Clap!Clap!Clap!cLap!Clap!Clap!Clap!Clap!Clap!Clap!Clap+X+X+X+X+X …  can punctuate Ma X's - thank you for everything, beloved brothers and sisters!@Gallactic Council of lights! We are flabbergasted! what a memorable, moving, and organix demonstration of tenderness, and  good family values Al-Barr @Si Se Puede always touches us.. 
Si se puede:.. chukron a nu me chingues tu tambien.. Ni tu madre te toca po sirius! Viva clombia! que viva.. no me vallar a bañar otravez  apesto es la wa wa … que comma ni que pan caliente!  me muero…chao … thaa coolest consistency is key@ Si se puede, inspires us all!, thank you for being a part of the family. ThankYouForYourLove sends love and light, from Taygeta. ThankYouForYourLove could not be here todays, because as you are enlightened, and groovy ThankYouforYourLov was summoned @Pleades star system and is making a guess appearance @Alcyone throughout. We promise that at a later time we will include ThankYouForYourLov, macha awaited very sensitive speech! before we proceed with ourth immortalization, and be lionized by our beloved apotheosize, and much dear to us Ssh! here@ourth virtuous holodeck to continue commemorating ourth tribute. break! break? number2!Number2 waa woe is me! Attention! we have an impromptu announcement, this will only take a sec, woes on you! Attention! Si Se Puede will be a guest speaker at the placita Oliviera, in Downtown LA, for La Raza Self Hemp, Self Empoweremt  next Saturday, at 7pm! And Now,Without further adieu,  ladies and gentlemen, ourth dear...
 Ssh: Ssh. Thank you, Ssh! always so poignant! In closing remarks,Yes! the rumors are tooth! It has been decided that after 40 years of making a difference with all of you. is no longer taken submissions or participating @Make a difference programs projects! Newageofactivis,com Until Further Notice, is now focus on five things, Yam Salam, Shallom Ma Fam shoes, OUT Hologram educational campaign, MusiKali Spectaculare Songs of Songs, infinite Yum, and Educative Arts for Peace! and Tudai Maia YogaNu From the inner depth of our being it has been a real homage, and deification to make that difference with you for 40 years! and travel that road less traveled, remember, love the one you are with, get out the way, heaven is a place on earth!
God Bless America, God Bless  us All! In God we trust, 
Partee Har  XXXellenze@Myblood@Mygenes@MyDNA@OurthSacredHeartofOneness
We hope this helps somebodhibaa
Thank you for everything!
We learned it, from watching you!
beloved divine mother beloved divine  father thank you for your love!
Pura RAZA, y lo sabes muy bien, essay
And So It Is...
more later pomis.
Different paths - same place- same time- primetime MA daytime
Star struck, easy - 144,000-Yam Salam, Shallom MA Fam Shoes.  We are home. Because We are sick and tired of coming this way we want to be healthy...
Everybody come on do your thing,  every..


and remembee, don fall in love with me, fall in love with yourself...

Ay, Ya! devars!... ya estuvo, pos po eso oiz te quedaiteis zohara'ateos! no jodas mas! vete a dormir.... Shoes!Shoes!Shoe!

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me tronaste la cabeza, huey.....te entendi!  guare!guare!guare! te lo digo en Medonas Pasta! Zito!zito!zito!

dicho y echo...

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me muero chao!

Ah, push it!  Ah, push it!

Oooh baby, baby, Baby, baby,  Oooh. baby, baby, baby, baby

Get up on this!

Owl Baby!

Now wait a minute, y'all
this dance ain't for everybody
Only the sexy people
So all you fly mothers, get on out there and Dance, I said!

De veraz pues, MehMory... baaa

蠶叢 柏灌 魚鳧 杜宇 鱉靈

Pardonnez moi accent hollandais.. muero chao

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Aym, Si se Puede!



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Correction "Me muevo chao..."@development-tiktact 

Oooh, baby, baby, baby

salud tu a life of pupus! as...

Yo, yo, yo, yo baby-pop
Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss
Better make it fast or else I am gonn a
Cans you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?
Now push it

ask yourself hoons, ha?

Yam  As-Salam Shalom Ma Fam Shu
Geirsh Ourth Nash Orh

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Toning Sound Vibrations 

Tudai Maia YogaNu 

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elevados sean siempre... y Es A Si...

SpirationalChola, Cali, Americana Autistica

Escaramunsia, Excaramunsiados...trending

Songs of Songs, Spiritual Technology Infinite, Yum

Il a été un honneur d'avoir été du servic#Sank for listening @ABCPeshMehTen LIVE xtell groovy!

 O si, O si Claro que si, besitos de blow...  mis muu Alaas

Partee Har XXXexellence

and remembee be nacho, cain, and muy heterosos...

Zozz ateaous ni entendi.. devaraz...pues!

Ay, Machu Pichu!

Meh mori...
That's hot@Johny O,Boy!O, Boy!

Me muevo chao, y huelo a yummy, grasas...! Y A si es... 

Correctcion: Me muevo chao, y huelo a yummy, gracias...! Y A si es... 

Me movi.. y ahora huelo a viento.., y es asi!

mira como quiero a mis patrias...
mira como quiero a mis patas..
translation: in inglish mis guayos

y ahora una palabra de nuestro patriocinador  esperanza... salud con agua ardiente, y lo demas es guacata... y deveraz y es asi pues!

in english: Now, a word from our AA sponsor. guayavez.. salud con aguardiente, y lo demas es guacata... y deveraz y es asi pues!


+X+X= ThankYouForYourLov Macha Awaited acceptance speech@Galactic Council of Light@CCAA+X+X+X PART 2 ole!Ole!Ole! huele a bien, gracias! are you kool? cuz we are kool boo! real kool! We  hope this helps somebodhi baa! Señores y señoras, señoritas, y señoritos, gracias por su paciencia como le prometimos, aqui esta la macha awaited speech de ThankYouForYourLov.. por favor, no arrojen sus calsonsillos, o sus brasieres on the virtous holodeck, no tenenemos inusurance, y las patas quebradas cuestan, y los cuellos quebrados dejan a todo mundo  en la mera olla, traten de contener las extreme emotions  no queremos comprar otra banca rota del vecino. Disclaimer don fall in love with - ThankYouforYourLov or Si Se Puede,  fall in love with yourself. Ya saben hueyes! We learned it from watching you! Señoras y señores aqui en vivo... sin correcciones #ThankYourForYourLOv#MusiKaliSpectacular#SongsOfSongsSpiritualTechnologyInfiniteYum@
Myblood@Mygenes@MyADN - WEPA! Gooool! de America! Kali Americaaaa! Auto Goool! que balazo, y eso no se vuelve hacer mas, Neva! y lo sabes muy bien, essay!  woof! woof! rough crowd! owooooo! luvs it! Goooolazoooo! 
 عليه السلام‎,
ThankYouForYourLov: Yummie! Yum! YumS! Bodhissatvat infinite lotus 666. pent my loveee! Yeha Noha! I  am so excited!! Chivas and toast! Cheers to the ceremony in the air! protejeme abrete corazon! Que pizoton de pata iluminadas.  al Haqq - porque soy mejor artista aunque un poco blurry, soy buenisima honda,  soy pechocha, radiante brilloza y infinita! y Choco, Choclos con mantequilla solamente yummy, yum, yums, y te lo digo en tu KA, y nos corniamos, y seguimos amandonos mas, y mas, mas, y claro que si eternal loveee!
Open and shallow paradise of the most beautiful  weirs and strange things and stuff! We love the greenery!
Beautiful divine mother Amazonia, Sprinkle some dirt in the atmosphere at once sale all gold to Niburi at a discounted price!
  be reasonable !!  "AHH - AHH - UGHM - MMMMM - AAAAAAAHH OOOO AHHH AAAAHHH AAAAHHH AAAAHHhh ahhhh... ah.... ah... oh... ahhh... whew... Jane, that was.. whew... that was great, baby…." Ja, Ja Omg!Okey! dust! dust! dirty and dust! que peñazo, tienes parza! chant and pray for your own privates! I concourd! God does not have a name a number, a shape a beginning  or and end! And I really don't care what came first whether it was the chicken or the egg! cause we ain't right guru! We just ain't right gurl! faith into action mi myojo! Omg!Okey YodKnowEt TuCOZA! I am telling, cuz I have a life to tell! OOO AAAAH Om Hee Shee  There is a god infinite truth, deveraz pues, and is not me and that is berry clear, and I am totally okay, with that! and I don't know what I am doing! but I do love the earth, I love the sun,  I love nature, I love children, I love men, I love women, I love minerals, I love plants, I love animals, I love the air, I love the water, I love the ether, I love all beings in creation, I love everything because I think that they are very good, at the this moment because I am on this earth, for real I am here, holographic or not, and this is really goood art, cause I shoesed  it ... it feels realz, owl!  pinch me! I love being a woman, a female the counterpart of the male species. I am the human race! and like my best friend Si Si Puede says, may be loving all this things and stuff-  it's purse self interest, since I am an opportunist and I have some feelings left in my physical body, and I am definetly a great actor! and on this earth at this time "Life" of what is known to be as "matter" really does matter to me - cause I am here!  and I think that is pretty cool! However, when I die and of course I die, absolutely happy- and appreciative what ever happens to this beautiful place, is none of my business! cause my name is Benett and I ain't in it, and well the future generations, blah, blah, blah cause for me the future do not exist - and chivas and toast to my forefathers! and while I am blessed with the ability, to sense, to act,  and sing, and dance in front of all of you, Songs of Songs Infinite Yum, Muskali Spectacular.  although,  I must be candid, I really wanted to be a high fashion runaway model in Milan, and due to my height, I was not eligible,  on this earth of course, cause we knows that this does not happen else where,  and since I am so lucky!  I am now a universal opera singer like my best friend Si Se Puede ! anyway, I say, elevate celebrate and live life moment by moment cause a moment is all we have! and this is why I say, god is the greatest, glory praise, and thanks be to god beacause I am the greatest artist@DivineMotherAmazonia... thank you for your love, simply beautiful! Hurry! Hurry!
Hee shee who was born in the fire pit of pure consciousness, that mark was weeird gee, You be deep,  no need to write our stoiries in blood latin love with ink from the love pumper,  because after we die, we continue to love one another, and of that,I am tres sure! touche, touch -  y nos seguimos amando! Alas! For realz! let me remember Your form with the beauty of the Infrared hibiscus flower, wearing a red garland and sparkling elements, smeared with red saffron, shinning with a mark of musk on Ma forehead, attracting bees, beauty be my art, love be my art, nature be art, life be my arts, Auspicious mother Amazonia Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh embodiment of peace, bestower of riches divine mosaic river of life diffusing  joyous rich blood pink dolphin dancing, singing bathing in Ultra violet rays, nitrogen, oxygen,argon, carbon dioxide, and other things and stuff  Fungi, mosses, lichees canopy tree leaves alveoli, effortless blossoming springs of life  ducts of bed of rocks embellishing loveliness campaka, asoka, punnaga, saugandhika @Myblood@MyGenes@MyDNA beloved divine mother. snuggling Epiphytes, I's love my yummy, air and rain, embrace my bumpy all types skin satisfy my thirst for life canopy creatures breeding pools for tree frogs bearer of light! priceless opulence fuller of miracles and all prayers Amazonia, excuse my indifference cause i's know everything in in my heart, no matter where I AM you are here with me, thank you for everything!Thank you for all this  pretentious feelings eternal divine hologram of weird things and stuff!  AAh- AAH-UGM-MMM-  Empathic disposition towards things that appear to be real! bows and arrows innocence is my strength my victory,  unsurpassed infinite jeweled covered quiver god of love, conquerer of desire divine hunter and gatherers unweavaeared devotion devotee volunteer  my blood line my life line my lungs, my heart one heart my everything@divine painted face older brother, divine painted face older sister thank you for your love, thank you for everything!  Hail, to eternal life! Bless it be MA jungles, my rainforests Amazonia beloved mother EA letting go off the shores flying free like a bird in the sky. Latin lover build me something nice! something comfortable! make sure it has central heating and cooling, washer, and dryer, dishwasher, and a good vacuum without all of those things and stuff,  incase there is no help, wooden floor please no carpet, at least a bathtub and shower, seeds are fine, make sure they are organize, my lover I know you'll eat organize not, but I prefer organize! we don't eat that much , anyways, organize. No need for cars. Da'at! please and  make sure you build me something nice!  Omg!Okey! You go it! You never know! cause we ain't right guru! we  just ain't right! ah.... ah... oh... ahhh... whew... Jane, that was.. whew... that was great, baby insure everything with MidAveast  Omg!Okey!you got it!And So It Is..! thank you for your love! Awaken! Awaken! be awaken! has awaken! Celebrate! Elevate! barefoot youth, golden heart sun children! We are optimistic! We made the cover of all them fancy magazines, and made our eternal mark in history in dis earth, in dis earth, in dis universe, no need for Casinos in the South Side, no need for clothes, most of the time! embrace my savage fame, flying free like a bird in the sky! the coolest endless joy. beloved mother, EA I am appreciative of all form that I perceive infront of me, and everything around me, and i beginning to feel that my body matters, and that it is priceless and i am happy to know that sin(pecado) does not exist, and that no matter what I have done, or what I do I am loved most profoundly, and that there is a god and is not me,  and that it does not have a name or a number a beginning or an end, and I really don't care to know what or who god is, I just want to be in love with life and be in love with All That Is,,, and feel empathy for others, and the environment in front of me, and not be afraid of anything anymore… And So iT is,,, and wanting, is not a sin…t...

Yo Yo Yo  ahora bien mejor me combierto en productora de suenios! 
 me fascina ver la television, Yo Za La relampagos y truenos me enamore de mi mismao, y eso NO es pecar.... AL-Badi' y realmente no se lo que estoy haciendo, al Basit - gran vacio, empty canvas para los mejores artistas, pure divine love+x+ IBI-URU- ASSA -URU L- M -PAA-TAL almost human,  y quien dice que No! without a question...  Heh Heh Wa and So It Is.. porque soy mejor artista, y te lo digo en tu KA, y choco choclos,  eso ya se hizo, y no se hace mas..  be humble, eso me fume, y no me apago mas! Oh, prideful ThankYouForYOurLov! We are highly uneducated and iliterate!  and we will say it to your face! Viva la juventud! y  soy mejor artista cuesta y choco choclos, y te lo digo en tu KA, y realmente NO, SE! lo que hago, y lo sabes muy bien, essay! Veh - O... y eso que diche? Pos, No! me importa! y que? deveraz. No! se lo que estoy haciendo! No soy, traductora literal!  y soy boba con babas de panocha! Que indiscutible felicidad es comer bien,  a qualquier hora del dia, y de la noche! Yumy!Yums!YumS! Offering to the sacred flame!
 buffalo wings moothered in BBQ sauce con ranch dressing,  celery and carrots sticks on the side, fried rice, showmein, fried shrimp, sirloin, kimchee, sushi...caro, everything soaked in ketchup, and mayonaise  tastes yums. I am telling you, try!  be messy, real messay blessed it be my hands finger licking gooo! mess with my KAKAKAKAKA - I AM wrapped around more KA KA KA KA KA- mareate en mi KA KA KA KA KA KA enrredate KA KA KA KA KA KA bailemos a  KA KA KA KA KA KA cantemos a KA KA KA KA KA KA KA abrazame a KA KA KA KA KA dame piquitos de  KA KA KA KA KA KA enamorate KA KA KA KA KA KA  y te guardo en mis museos aki en mi corazon, soy arania, y oz reservo lindaos y jovenes en mi seda de paz, paz, paz, paz, Paz, soy buena honda crystalina frizante, y cual es tu nombre? pos el tuyo,..Yum! y no oz prometo nada! ni garantizo! ni te presto! porque no se lo que hago, y dios, si! existe! y no soy dios! y choco choclos! y nos corniamos, y nos seguimos amando! Claro que si! Claro que si! Claro sim beloved somos a si! ese, no, es mi pedo! No, encontre el pecado! I don't promise anything! and that is not a sin!  y coste que lo digo en duo idiomas! porque soy boba, con bab0a de panocha! KA KA KA KA KA y eso, No! es pecar! God is the supreme not the karma or the mind  and so it is  as- Salam Alaikum wa-laikum as -Salam - La ilaha illa Allah  I AM that I AM that I AM +X+IBI-URU-ASSA-URU-L-M-PAA TAL+X+ God is perfect without any kind of dependency and  on anything external to make it complete and so it is God is the supreme God is everything and nothing  And So it is na-Mah-shi-vA-ya cha shivatar Ayacha namaHchivAya and so its is
 Namo Avalokitesvaraya, Namo Avalokitesvaraya, Namo Avalokitesvaraya, Budha of ten thousand beautiful aspects please may I ask you this question why did they give that Bodhisattva The name Avalokita? The world honoured one adorned with beauties make this reply Aksayomati it is because the actions due to deep aspiration can reach 10,000 different places.  The aspirations as wide as the oceans were made counteless lives before She has already attended billions of Budhas and made her great aspiration pure by mindfullness, Whoever says her name, whoever sees her image With mind perfectly collected and pure That person shall be able to overcome The sufferings of all the worlds if anyone of cruel intent should push you into a pit of fire the name Avalokite said in mindfulness will make that pit of fire a refreshing lake. A drift on the waters of the great ocean In great danger from the mosnters of the deep The name of Avalokita said in mindfulness Will save you from drowning in the storm waves.  Standing on the top of Mount Meru should people want to push you down the name Avalokita said in mindfullness You are safe, not even a hair of your body is in danger. Encircle and assaulted by pirates Holding swords to wound and kill. The name of Avalokita said in mindfullness the sword blades will brake in small pieces. Imprisoned or in iron chains Hands and feet place in a yoke The name of Avalokita said in mindfullness Will release you into freedom. In the case of poisoning, being cursed or bewitched putting us in great danger The name of Avalokita said in mindfulness Will build our ability to withstand. If a fierce and cruel yaksha a poisonous naga or an unkind spirit The name Avalokita said in mindfulness Will prevent them from doing you any harm. With fierce wild animals all around you Of terrible tusks and claws the name of Avalokita said in mindfulness will make the run far away. The poisonous snake or scorpion The fire filling a room with smoke The name of Avalokita said in mindfulness just that sound will send them away. Lightening, thunder and dark clouds Hail pouring down in torrents the name Avalokita said in mindfulness in a short time will come to an end. Living beings is great distress Oppressed by measureless suffering The wonderful power of her understanding Will rescue them in ten thousand different ways. Her miraculous power lacks nothing The wisdom  of her skillful means extends widely There is no place in the ten directions in all the worlds Where she does not appear. The paths to suffering realms, the hells, the hungry spirits or the animals, the pain of birth, old age, sickens and death Bit by bit they are purified and ended. Look of truth, look of purity Look of unlimited wisdom Look of love, look of compassion The look that should be permanently honored. Look of immaculate light and purity The wisdom light which destroys darkness Which masters disaster, fire and wind And illumines the whole world. heart of Compassion like the roll of thunder Heart of Love like the gentle clouds Water of nectar raining down To put out the fire of afflictions . In the courtroom and the place of lawsuits Where military cause fear The name of Avalokita said in mindfulness Will cause enemies to become friends. The sound of wonder, the sound which observes the cries of the world. The supreme sound, the sound of the rising tide The sound which goes beyond the sound of ordinary life. We should be permanently mindful of all of these. Every moment of mindfulness without doubt The purity of the being of Avalokita Is the place Where we need to take refuge In time of danger and the suffering of death. Let us bow deeply to one Who has laid causes for every possible happiness  Who looks on the world with eyes of love Whose ocean of well-being cannot be measured. Namo Avalokitesvaraya Namo Avalokitesvaraya, Namo Avalokitesvaraya And So It Is Ibiuru assa uru L m ptah y es asi  God is supreme and not the Karma Bismillah  ar-ra-hman a-ra-him,  Allah hu Akbar "God is the greatest"" Glory be to Allah and praise and thanks be to Allah, and there is no god but Allah and Allah is most exalted and Great" Glorified is my lord, the Great" Glorified is my lord the great""Glorified is my lord, the great"Glorified is my lord, the great" Allah listens to him who praises Him" Our lord praise for you Only "God is the greatest" " Glorified is my lord the exalted" Glorified is my lord the exalted" Glorified is my lord the exalted" "God is the Greatest" "God is the Greatest" God is the Greatest" " Oh my lord, forgive me and have mercy on me"" God is the Greatest" Glorified is my Lord, the exalted" 'Glorified is my Lord, the exalted" "Glorified is my lord, the exalted" "God is the Greatest" " O God  send your mercy on Muhammad  and his posterity as you sent Your mercy on Abraham and his posterity. You are the most praised, The Most Glorious, Our lord Grant us, the good of this world an that of the hereafter and save us from the torture of hell.""peace and mercy of Allah be on you." peace and mercy of Allah be on you." and So It Is.. +X+X IbiUru Assa Uru L M Paa Tal y es asi =X= I AM that I AM that I AM And So It Is  IbiUru Assa Uru L M PTah y es asi XX+  Father-Mother of the Kosmos, Ever-Shimering Light of All. Your light is focussed within us as we breath your holy breath. Now, you enter the sanctuary of our shared heart, uniting within us the secret rays of your Power, and beauty, awakening our heart's desire that unites heaven and earth through our sacred union. Our light shall guide us as we fulfill what lies within the circle of our lives today. We know that You already, forgive us our secret fears, as we choose to forgive the secret dears of others. Let us not enter forgetfulness of reality, tempted by false appearances. For from your astonishing Fire comes the Eternal Song restoring and sanctifying all;  It is renewed eternally in our lives, and throughout creation! We seal these words as Truth in our hearts, committed fully in trust, and faith as together we say: Ameyn Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, King of the universe, who gives sight to the blind and so it is. Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, King of the universe, who releases the captives and so it is. "God is the greatest" Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, who did not make me a slave! Glorified is my lord the exalted! Glorified is my lord the exalted, ""God is the Greatest" and so it is God exists and I know that I am not God! I  am a beautiful divine angel/Bodhissatva of light and I am not the only one, they are countless, immeasurable angles and Bodhissatvatts and  we are all here! celebrate, elevate! divine order exists!  A tus ordenes! I know that God has many names and it has no name y  es asi Ibiuru assa uru L m Ptaah human being and so much more... and so it is Our love is out of this sector, out of this world, out of this universe eternal forever unfolding! God is the supreme and not the Karma, God is the supreme and not the karma, God is the supreme and not the karma and so it is.. We live happily forever and ever..
=X=Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil. for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen +X+ IBI-URU-ASSA-URU-L-M-PAA TAL dios te salve, Reina y madre de compassion infinita a, salla  Liahu alaahi wa sallam vida, dulzura, y esperanza nuestra; dios te salve. A TI llamamos los desterrados hijos de Eva: A TI suspiramos, gimiendo y llorando, reindonos de felicidad  en este valle de lagrimas de celebracion y harmonia. EA, pues, seniora, abogada nuestra, vuelve a nosotros esos tus ojos de amor absoluto, y compassion; y despues de este desterrio muestranos a Jesus, fruto bendito de tu vientre.  Oh clementisima, oh piadosa, o dulce siempre Virgen Maria! salla Liahu alaahi wa sallam  ruega por nosotros, Santa madre de Dios, para que seamos dignos de entender que  nuestro senior jesucristo existe en nuestro sacrado corazon. Oracion-  Omnipotente y serpetino dios, que con la cooperacion del espiritu santo.( KA)  abrigame con el alma dela gloriosa virgen y Madre Maria   para que fuese merecedora de ser digna morada de tu hijo, concedenos que, pues celebramos con alegria su commerocion, por su piadosa intercesion seamos liberados de los males presentes  y de la muerte eterna. Por el cristo nuestro senior  salla Liahu alaayhi Amen+X+ IBI-URU - ASSA-URU-L-M- PAA- TAL y es asi I thank you living and eternal king for returning my soul with in me in compassion, great is your faithfulness, Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, Master of the universe, whose Word brings on the evening and the daytime   , may the living and eternal God rule over us always and forever, Blessed are Thou Lord who brings on the evening and the morning,  I AM the LORD , and there is no other, I form light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I AM the LORD , who does all this things, Blessed are You, LORD  our God, King of the universe, who forms light and creates darkness, who makes peace and creates all things +X+ IBI-URU-ASSA-URU-L-PAA TAL Blessed are You, LORD our God, Master of the universe, who formed mankind in wisdom, and created in Him all manner of opening and cavities. It is manifest and known before the throne of your glory that if any of them rapture or were blocked it would be impossible to stand before you. Blessed it are you LORD, who heals, transmutes,  all flesh, the mind,  evrything and is wonderful in his acts. and so it is..
"Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea and the island,  and the meadow, where mention of God hath been made and His praise glorified. And So it Is IBI-URU ASSA URU L M PTaah
  Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, Master of the universe, who created me in his image  Ibi uru assa uru L M Ptah and so it is. +X+ My L'rd, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise - Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our fathers, G-d of Abraham, G-d of Isaac and G-d of Jacob, the great mighty and awesome G-d, exalted G-d, who bestows bountiful kindness, who creates all things, who remembers the piety of the Patriarchs, and who, in love,  brings a redeemer to their children's children, for the sake of his Name. O King You are a helper, a savior and a shield of Abraham. You are mighty forever, my lord you resurrect the dead, you are powerful to save. he causes the wind to blow and the rain to fall. he causes the dew to descend. He sustains the living with loving kindness, resurrects the dead with great mercy, supports the falling, heals the sick, releases the bound, and fulfills his trust to those who sleep in the dust. Who is like you. Mighty one. And who can be compared to you, King. who brings death and restores life and causes deliverance to spring forth. you are trustworthy to revived the dead. blessed are L-rd who revives the dead, You are holy and your name is holy, and holy beings praise you daily for all eternity. Blessed are you the holy G-D. you graciously  bestow knowledge upon man and teach mortals understanding.  Blessed are You L-rd who graciously bestows knowledge. Cause us to return, our father, to your Torah; draw us near, our King to your service; and bring us back wholehearted repemtance. Blessed it are you L-rd who desire not desire penitence. Pardon us, our father, for we have sinned, forgive us our King, for we have transgressed: for you are a good and loving G-d blessed it are you L-rd, gracious L-rd who pardons abundantly.
O behold our affliction and wage our battle; redeem us speedily for the sake of Your Name, for You G‑d are the mighty redeemer. Blessed are You L-rd, Redeemer of Israel in ourth sacred heart.
Heal us, O L-rd, and we will be healed; help us and we will be saved; for You are our praise. Grant complete cure and healing to all our wounds; for You, Almighty King, are a faithful and merciful healer. Blessed are You L-rd, who heals the sick of His people Israel through ourth sacred heart.
Bless for us, L-rd our G‑d, this year and all the varieties of its produce for good; and bestow  blessing  upon the face of the earth. Satisfy us from Your bounty and bless our year like other good years, for blessing; for You are a generous G‑d who bestows goodness and blesses the years. Blessed are You L-rd, who blesses the years.
Sound the great shofar for our freedom; raise a banner to gather our exiles, and bring us together from the four corners of the earth into our land. Blessed are You L-rd, who gathers the dispersed of His people Israel in our sacred heart.
Restore our judges as in former times, and our counsellors as of yore; remove from us sorrow and sighing, and reign over us, You alone, O L-rd, with kindness and compassion, with righteousness and justice. Blessed are You L-rd, King who loves righteousness and justice.
Let there be no hope for informers, and may all the heretics and all the programming of coded wicked within myself and in my surrounding environments instantly perish; may all the programmed  enemies  of Your people be speedily extirpated that exist within myself and in my surrounding environments; and may You swiftly uproot, break, crush and subdue the reign of wickedness within myself and in my surrounding environments speedily in our days. Blessed are You L-rd, who crushes enemies and subdues the wicked programming within my life and surrounding my life and so it is..
May Your mercies be aroused, L-rd our G‑d, upon the righteous, upon the pious, upon the elders of Your people, the House of Israel, upon the remnant of their sages, upon the righteous proselytes and upon us. Grant ample reward to all who truly trust in Your Name, and place our lot among them; may we never be disgraced, for we have put our trust in You. Blessed are You L-rd, the support and security of the righteous.
Return in mercy to Jerusalem that exists within our sacred heart Your city and dwell therein as You have promised; speedily establish therein the throne of David Your servant, and rebuild it, soon in our days, as an everlasting edifice of love and light. Blessed are You L-rd, who opens the door to Jerusalem within our sacred heart. Speedily cause the scion of David Your servant to flourish, and increase his power by Your salvation, for we embrace Your salvation all day. Blessed are You L-rd, who causes the power of salvation to flourish.
Hear our voice, L-rd our G‑d; merciful Father, have compassion upon us and accept our prayers in mercy and favor, for You are G‑d who hears prayers and supplications; do not turn us away empty-handed from You, our King, for You hear the prayer of everyone. Blessed are You L-rd, who hears prayer. And so it is..
Look with favor, L-rd our G‑d, on Your people Israel and pay heed to their prayer; restore the service to Your Sanctuary and accept with love and favor Israel's fire-offerings and prayer; and may the service of Your people Israel always find favor.
May our eyes behold Your return to Zion in mercy. Blessed are You L-rd, who restores His Divine Presence to Zion within our sacred heart.
We thankfully acknowledge that You are the L-rd our G‑d and G‑d of our fathers forever. You are the strength of our life, the shield of our salvation in every generation. We will give thanks to You and recount Your praise, evening, morning and noon, for our lives which are committed into Your hand, for our souls which are entrusted to You, for Your miracles which are with us daily, and for Your continual wonders and beneficences. You are the Beneficent One, for Your mercies never cease; the Merciful One, for Your kindnesses never end; for we always place our love  in You. And So it is..
And all living things shall forever thank You, and praise Your great Name eternally, for You are good. G‑d, You are our everlasting salvation and help, O benevolent G‑d. Blessed are You L-rd, Beneficent is Your Name, and to You it is fitting to offer thanks.  
Bestow peace, goodness and blessing, life, graciousness, kindness and mercy, upon us and upon all Your people Israel. Bless us, our Father, all of us as one, with the light of Your countenance. For by the light of Your countenance You gave us, L-rd our G‑d, the Torah of life and loving-kindness, righteousness, blessing, mercy, life and peace. May it be favorable in Your eyes to bless Your people Israel, at all times and at every moment, with Your peace.
Blessed are You L-rd, who blesses His people Israel with peace. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You, L-rd, my Strength and my Redeemer.
My G‑d, guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking deceitfully.  My G-d guard my mind from creating evil thought forms that separate myself from the infinite compassion, mercy,kindness, abundance and love of You, L-rd Let my soul be silent to those who curse me; let my soul be as dust to all. Open my heart to Your Torah, and let my soul eagerly pursue Your commandments. As for all those who plot evil against me, hasten to annul their counsel and frustrate their design. Let them be as chaff before the wind; let the angel of the L-rd thrust them away. That Your beloved ones may be delivered, help with Your right hand and answer me. Do it for the sake of Your Name; do it for the sake of Your right hand; do it for the sake of Your Torah; do it for the sake of Your holiness. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You, L-rd, my Strength and my Redeemer.
He who makes peace  in His heavens, may He make peace for us and for all Israel within our sacred heart; and say, Amen.
May it be Your will, L-rd our G‑d and G‑d of our fathers, that the Bet Hamikdash be speedily rebuilt in our days, and grant us our portion in Your Torah +X= IBI-URU- ASSA-URU-L-M-PAATAL and So It Is SAT NAM + ONG NAMO,  GURU DEV NAMO, ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO, ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO, AD GURAY NAMEH, JUGAD GURAY NAMEH,  SAT GURAY NAMEH, SIRI GURU DEVAY NAMEH  + SAT NAM  Ibi Uru Assa Uru L M Ptah y asi...

Adoration to the three treasures Budha, Dharma and Sangha!  Adoration to Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva Mahasattva, the Bodhisattva of Compassion may we now recite this glorious dharani which purifies all beings, which fulfills the wishes of all beings.  Hail to the Bodhisattva Mahasattva who embodies the Trikaya, who has the transcendental wisdom,  Hail to the Bodhisattva Mahasattva who continues to save all beings without defilement in the mind. Hail to the Bodhisattva Mahasattva who sustains the highest, the most complete wisdom and who is free from all impediments. Hail to the Bodhisattva Mahasattva whose deeds reveal the fundamental purity in all beings. Hail to the Bodhisattva Mahassatva, who wipes the three evil delusions greed, anger, and folly. Quick, quick! Come, come! Here, here! A joy springs up in us. help us to enter into the realm of self realization. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Bodhissatva of Compassion, guide us to spiritual compassion and compasion. Accomplishment! Accomplishment! Accomplishment! having testified to the freedom and compassion of beloved Avolokitesvara, Having purified our own body and mind, having become as brave as a lion. Having become manifest into all beings, Having attained to the Wheel of Dharma and the Lotus flower , we can now save all beings without hindrance. May the understanding of the mysterious nature of Avalokitesvara prevail forever,  ever and ever,. Adoration to Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva Mahasattva, The Bodhisattva of Compassion! May this dharani be effective. Hail y es asi..
May the day and night be well. May the midday hour bring happiness too. In every minute and every second. May the day and night be well. by the blessing of the triple Gem, may all things be protected and safe. May all beings born in each of the four ways live in a land of purity. May all in the three realms be born upon lotuses thrones. may countless wandering souls realize the three virtuous positions of the Bodhissatva path, may all living beings with grace and ease fulfill the Bodhissatva stages. the countenance of the World honored one, like the full moon or like the orb of the sun, shine with the light of clarity. A halo of wisdom spreads in every directions, enveloping all with love and compassion, joy and equanimity Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya, Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya, Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya And so its God is the supreme and not the karma, God is the supreme and not the karma, God is the supreme and not the karma, God is the supreme and not the mind, god is the supreme and not the mind, God is not the Name. god is the supreme and not the mind. God is everything. God is nothing. Shalom!

Ugh, Chi Reshey! Ay, fue puchiga, ugh! Ay, caramba, chicharrom!! ese, No, es mi pedo! No encontre, el pecado! I am a sweet black angel of light, an eraser of things and stuff that have been done,  y brillo bien bonitoa, soy lindisimao, and god exits, and I am not god, and there is divine order, don't put in a pedestal, no me mires mas, no me hables mas, no me escuches, no me toques, no me desees, no te enamoramos de mi. no cuardes mi foto, porque no existo. De la nada, soy nada, y nado muy bien con los pescaditos del mar.  y no me los como, pero si me los trago porque soy ballena, y eso no lo vuelvo hacer porque ya lo hice, y nos seguimos amando,  y choco, choclos, y me acuerdo de ti, aunque no me veas,  Claro si! Si Se puede! comer bien! Wow! matzaball soup! Yumy! Yums! Yums! Ay, cagon! soy serio, y tengo cara de culo! y eso, no! es pecar!
Beloved divine mother, Aluna Gaulcovang, my strenght and my redeemer, help me! teach me what sin,  is? me avisas, cuando pase! Beloved divine mother Aluna Gaulcovang teach me what is transgression? Pos, me avisas, devaraz pues? I am dressed in white and my clothes are dirty. Xi Xi sucia- soy kochina y brillo muy radiante, a huevos que si! Jarra! Jarra! Jarra MuKanday! Jarra Jarras MuKanday! Jarras Jarras Mukanday! Dis use to be my olla! Dis use to be my ollas!Beloved Divine Mother Aluna Gaulcovang? teach me how to fly, without hitting the ground so hard! Xi, Xi, beloved Divine mother teach me how to clean my white clothes! Xi, Xi . Beloved divine mother teach me how to fall in love with myself. Ando buscando el pecado, alguien lo a visto?  help me! No! es pecar! y apenas me doy cuenta, Oh! got it! Chimichanga! guare! guare! Jabon sulfur! Yummy!!.. vivi! Ese, No, es pedo! No, encontre le pecado! y asi es..  KA KA KA KA KA salsa pa la Xi!
 Wepa a bailar en la placita , Thank you for your love! soy solterao y no tengo cria porque eso ya esta echo! Viva la libertad! mi familia son estrellas, galaxias, universos, y brillan splendorosamente y chocan choclos y nos seguimos queriendo mas!  porque soy mejor artista daa'll be a shareable memory! pio, pio, pio my hunger breaded wings, Viva la vegetenarian! infinite yum, songs, of songs! Ay, ya vamonos de aca esto ya se hizo, y no lo vuelvo hacer ni porque me paguen! mi vuelo es directo y no hago excalas!  Wepa a bailar! I beg your pardon porque no soy diosao,  no tengo futuro, ni pasado, ni presente, y si existe un dios! Soy un angelito negro de ondas doradas, soy bien oscuro como el cafe y me comberti en cafe con mucha leche, por tomar azucar blanca  pa  bailar! this is a pre recorded mehmori of how I came to be! soy borrador de cosas echas, y brindo paz! paz, paz, paz paz, paz,  chivas and toast! salud! y eso no es pecado! soy irresistible, ya basta, subasta, burp! ya no me castigo yo mismao, y no me envelo mas,  no me corto mis manos, no me cuelgo,  no me entierro vivo, ya no me acribillo a balazos,  ya no me muero de enfermedades, ya no me corto en mil pedazos, ya no me atropello,  ya no me violo yo misma, ya no me axficio,  y ya no me impalo en cruses echas de maderas, ni me sacrifico yo mismao, para que aprendas, y no soy tu tia, o tio,  soy anti fast, yum! ya no muero mas, ya no me mato mas, ya no me aplasto mas, me quito la cara me volvi invisible,  soy un espejo tu reflejo, y  nos seguimos amando! porque esto, ya se hizo, y no vuelvo hacer. Dis use to be my olla! dis use to be my toilet! y choco choclos! y nos seguimos corniando, dis use to be my toilet, dis use to be my olla, y ya basta con los name calling claims, no soy bastille,  soy la vida, soy la libertad, y soy ghetto, y que? y te desgrenio como ninia, y que? y salgo corriendo, y no me pescas! hasta que me ruegues que pare, y paro por mula, y por piedad, y tu esperanza, pero eso ya se hizo, y no lo vuelvo hacer, vamos a volar! pero no oz prometo nada,  Ay, que rico! Ay que rico, que ricura, soy sabroxiximo! y me como a yo mismao, Yums! ay mal pensao, ay mal pensao, Kali is my heart! Kali Ma, Namo Kali, Namo Kali Ma, Hare Hare, Hare Ram,  Ram, Hare Kali Ma, y nos seguimos amando, y es asi,  y no te aseguro nada, y Dioas,  Si! existe! y no soy dios, m m m, y la orden divina,  tambien- Knock!Knock! knock! y quien ordena  la orden divina? pos no me importa, pero la orden si existe y soy boba con baba de panocha! y quien creo a dios? pos no me importa! y quien creo All That Is/ todo eso? Pos no me importa! y  como se ve dios? pos eh bonitao, y me gusta, y que? y cual relijion practicas tu?  la tuya.  y el fin del mundo cuando va a pasar? cuando pase,  eso no es mi pedo!.puedes ver el futuro? pos que me importa, y que? eso no es mi pedo! a tus ordenes, wei!  y te lo digo en tu KA,  esta es mi escuelita, mi pariso mi tranquilidad, gracias por todo divino padre, gracias por quererme aunque soy mal criado, y mi  hispanol es melon, yum!  Mi aliento me huele a KA KA KA KA KA ! dame un besito de KA KA KA KA - marcame el cuello con un chupeton de paz, paz, paz, paz, paz  descabezame con tu amor - huelo a viento, mira mi clavazo  en el fondo del mar observa como nado en este oceano de paz, soy huracan, buenisimma honda, que felicidad es vivir en paz, morir en paz! Viva la vida eterna! KA KA KA KA KA -mira como bailo en los mares. soy la espuma salada en las orilla del mar y sudo sal, sal, sal, sal, sal de mi piel oscura brilloza y fria y suave. soy una serpiente emplumada de luz, y me muevo de cualquier forma, y hago lo que se me plasca y vuelo por toda la creacion y desasparesco, soy invisible y eterna, beloved divine mother asserrando esta hermosa manta deslumbrante compuesta de toda las cosas hermosas en la creacion que tus manos cocieron benditas sean tus manos- coseme otro tapete de luz porque esto ya se hizo, y no se vuelve hacer, y  a unque no existo  me supongo que todavia quiero ser algo pero no se que,  y digo esto porque todavia estoy aqui viva y huelo a KA KA KA KA KA enseñame,  y te ayudo a ser mas, y mas, y mas que yo, aunque no necesites mi ayuda, brindame tu apollo y brillaras mas que yo muchisimo mas que yo, que pinta y pinto tambien,  y esculpto, y canto, si se bailar, claro que si...  Jarra, Jarra Mukanday! Jarra Jarra Mukanday! Jarra Jarra Mukanday! Jarra Jarra Mukanday! Aluuuuuna!!! Owoooooo! dis use to be my olla! dis use to be my olla! Xi WangMu IBI-URU embrujame, echisame con tus gemidos de KA KA KA KA KA KA -  iiiiii MMMMM  UUUUU RRRR ASSS LLL PA TAH  - XXXKUXIE # 1 CHiiii+WOW! because our love is out of this world out of this universe! y no seguimos amamdo!  daat kama wa  zo kool! fam for good I'd say! eso no se diche asi, eso no se excrbe asi, eso  no se piensa asi, eso no se lee asi, eso no se hace asi, eso ya se se hizo, si, y no, se vuelve hacer, y ya lo sabes muy bien, essay, inspirational chola  pura raza Bhaga! hablando conmigo mismao! parlando conmigo mismao! talking to self! talking to self! thinking to self! thinking to self!  dis use to be my toilet! dis use to be my toilet! dis use to be my toilet! prestame dientes de plastilina para mi mejor amigao, Si Se Puede dame un antiYotico. taling to self! talking to self! I AM that I AM that I AM "God is the greatest" y asi... God is supreme and not the Karma. God is the supreme and not the mind. God is the supreme and not the Name. God is the supreme God is everything. God is the supreme God is nothing and so it is...

Ay, cadajo! me amenisis me enamora! in ourth opinion! Xi! pos me echas una manito, no, llaveria!  ese no, es mi pedo! no, encontre el pecado! Dear father, I am sorry, please forgive me. I love you and I thank you and so it is..Destroy,  eliminate sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming of not of me fears and so it is not of me fears coded within myself and in my surrounding environments,  Destroy eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute, all programming coding action not of me separation from all that is... form and formlessness Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice,erase, transmute,  all coded programming within myself coding actions of separation within myself and in all of my surrounding environments Destroy. eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming  coded within myself and in my immediate reality that says,  or codes  that life is a game and so it is  Destroy all  coded programming within myself and my surrounding environments  of the existence of a spiritual hierarchy, and different levels of consciousness. Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming within myself and in my surrounding environments that says, that I have to show actual proof of my chosen spiritual practice in order to show god's infinite compassion, kindness, abundance, and merciful beingness and so it is Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase transmute all coded programming within myself that says that I chose to unconsciously, or consciously give myself "tests" "use trickery" "false appearances" "disguises" in order  to show sincere faith, devotion and infinite love to my chosen path of enlightenment and so it is. Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded belief systems within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that God  gives conditions, corrections,  examinations. tricks, and disguises itself into different forms in order to test the sincerity or validity of my infinite love for all form and formlessness and so it is  Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute, all coded programming within myself and in my surrounding environments coding that the human race is separated into different races, and languages, and that it's a fallen, sinful race that cannot live in harmony with one another  on this earth and So it is Destroy, eliminate, destroy, sacrifice, erase. transmute, all coded programming transmitted, through books, videos, movies, music within myself and in all of my surrounding environments that create separation from All that Is  and so it is.. Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming with in myself and in my surrounding environments that code women betray, lie,  manipulate,  deceive, kill, slander, torture, sacrifice other women, men, children  in rituals through creative endeavors, scientific research, jobs, friendship, visual fusions or spiritual technology/religious practices, war,  power, and  pleasure And So It is  Destroy, sacrifice, erase, transmute, all coded programming with in myself and in my surrounding environment coding women do not trust each-other, that they cheat on each-other, steal each-others husbands and wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends,  and are not loyal or trustworthy. And So it is.. Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming within myself, and in my surrounding environments that codes All believe systems of Karma, Good karma and bad karma and so it is  God is supreme and not the Karma God is supreme and not the mind y es asi  Destroy all programming within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that women are superior than man, and that  they are gossipy, and that women rape sexually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, man, women, and children for fun, validation, spiritual purposes, or profit and so it is Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase transmute all programming within myself that says that Women sale children, man, and women for monetary profit And So It is.. Destroy All programming coded within myself and around myself that says that man are superior to women, that man are stronger, and easier to get along with, and that a man that cries and shows sensitivity is weak,  destroy all coded programming within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that man rape sexually, emotionally,  mentally, and spiritually women, children, and man for fun, validation, profit spiritual purposes,  And So it is God is the greatest Destroy all programming within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that man sale children, women, and man for monetary profit and so it is Destroy all programming within myself and in my sorrounding environments coding that men, deceive, kill, lie, torture, sacrifice, other man, women and children through acts of war, in jobs, spiritual technology/religious rituals. friendship, marriage, visual fusion, scientific research, power, and pleasure  and so it is God is the greatest Destroy all programming within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that men are violent,  insensitive,  gossipy, and not faithful, and that man betray one another, steal other man's  friends, wives  or husbands, Destroy all  programming coding within myself and surrounding me that there are groups or people and beings that are elitist and  they chose who achieves auspicious blessings and inauspicious blessings from  All That Is and so it is. Destroy, sacrifice, eliminate, erase all coded programming  within myself and in my surrounding  environment that says that emotions, feelings, food, water, air, fire, thoughts, sexual intercourse, holographic inserts, sound, words, images, symbols, frequencies, colors, bring forth painful death,  illness and uncuttable diseases, mental illness, corruption and interference through any-type of man made technology or spiritual technology And So it Is.. Destroy, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming within myself and in my surrounding environments coding that man and women torture animals painfully for monetary profit or survival and so it is Destroy, eliminate,erase, sacrifice all coded programming that says that shapes, sacred geometry, signs,  contribute to my ability to love/ embed all that Is..Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming within myself and in my environment that says that my life and lifeforms, and life itself is an experiment and so it is Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute within in me and around myself that I am a slave or a toy to be played with and So It Is Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase all coded programming within myself and in my immediate  environment of a  geographic promised land and so it is  Destroy. eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming within myself and in my surrounding environment that says that man and women, women, and women, man, and man cannot love one another and live in harmony, or be friends without having a sexual attraction towards one another, Destroy,  eliminate,  sacrifice, erase transmute all programming within myself  and around myself of a chosen race, Destroy, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded  programming within myself that says that the hebrew, arabic, spanish, hindu, inglish, chinese, french, aramaic,  tamil and all other languages and alphabet creates separation and distortion from the loving kindness, peace, empathy,  harmony, oneness and compassion of G-d, Destroy eliminate, sacrifice, erase all programming of information within myself and surrounding my environment that says that extra terrestrials/ galactics are in control of this earth and operating in secrecy through groups of people from other dimension of consciousness, and that this entities are violent, revengeful, terrorizing, heartless, destructive and separate from self and All that is  And So it is.. Destroy, sacrifice, eliminate  all programming of fear of death within myself and around me,  sacrifice all coded programming within myself and surrounding me of being violently eliminated, tortured painfully physically, emotionally, and mentally And So its  Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming within myself and in my surrounding environments coding physical group sex for spiritual elevation or for monetary profit and so its  Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute programming coded within myself and in my surrounding environments that says that G-d demands physical sexual sacrifices, penitence or  tantric interactions in order to achieve spiritual elevation/higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment. Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all coded programming  within myself and in my surrounding environment coding action of rape. gang rape, rape by family members, rape friends, rape by strangers, rape by myself, rape for spiritual or religious practices,  rape by other entities from other star systems/ dimensions And so it is Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming coding within myself and in my surrounding environments actions  destitution, forgotten, humiliated,  disgraced, imprisoned for life,  and shamed for voicing a point of view and so it is  Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, eliminate, erase, transmute, all programming of recreating the same programs and holograms with different names, number, codes, symbols, sacred geometry, sound frequencies to describe, or  access my sacred networks stored in my sacred heart, DNA, and Divine Mind with in myself and in the environment that surrounds I Am that I am and so it is. Destroy,sacrifice, eliminate  all programming with in myself of being separate from self, and all that is god,  Destroy, Eliminate, sacrifice  erase all programming of sacrificial lamb, yum( on a side note: recommendation for canivous! tres! cherry yummie for my tummie! Lamb,  avec kinky  berbere spices, tumeric, pepeer garlic, and onion, lemon juice, and wine a healthy a side of yellow split pea, spicy lentils, collard greens, salat of lettuce, totato, onions, with tons of Ethiopia's crepe-like injera  bread- superb! yumy! yums! yums!)  y es asi, y nos seguimos amando, y es asi destroy, sacrifice, eliminate, transmute all coded programming within myself  and around me that says that god is an angry god, that demands torture and blood sacrifices, sadness, shame, and tears and so it is sacrifice all programming that technology is created by human beings to destroy life forms, sacrifice, eliminate  all programming of illnesses, Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, destroy all programming of rape within my self and around myself, Destroy, eliminate, sacrifice, erase  all programming of jealousy within me and around me, sacrifice all programming of punishment and reward,  sacrifice all programming of deceitfulness, sacrifice all vindictiveness within me and around me, sacrifice all programming coding vengeance, sacrifice all programming of poverty consciousness within myself and around me,  Destroy, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming coding wealth consciousness and so it is..Destroy,  sacrifice, erase, transmute  all coded programming within myself and in m surrounding environment of daubts, sacrifice my attachments, sacrifice all programming of  worries within me and around me, Destroy, sacrifice, rase, transmute, all coded programming that says that if I have a job, then I am a slave, workaholic, sale out, materialistic, servant Destroy, transmute, all programming that codes that if I do not have a job then I am a loser, not a winner, a popper, beggar, leech and so it is Destroy, sacrifice, erase, all programming of judgement, sacrifice all programing of slavery with in myself and around me. Destroy, sacrifice, erase, transmute all programming coding anger within myself and my surrounding enviroments,  sacrifice all programming that god creates diseases that destroy the human body with in my myself and around myself, sacrifice all programming that human beings create diseases, to destroy the human body, sacrifice all programming of wickedness inside me and around me, sacrifice my personality, sacrifice my envy, sacrifice my resentment,  sacrifice all programming of concerns for money, debt, bills,  costs, price, fame and materialistic fortune within myself and around myself, sacrifice all programming of secrecy within myself and around myself,  sacrifice all coded programming of wanting, needing, doing, sacrifice all programming of concerns,  sacrifice all programming of shame towards my own sexuality, within myself and around myself, sacrifice all programming of distortion of truth within me and around myself,  sacrifice all programming of competition within me and around myself, sacrifice all my expetations, sacrifice my question marks, sacrifice all programming of violence within me and around myself, sacrifice all programming of self loathing within me and around myself, sacrifice my ego, sacrifice all programming of mistrust of my own race, sacrifice all programming of validation based on what others have, do or say, or appear to be, sacrifice all programming of assumptions! y esto, Yo,  No!  lo vuelvo hacer! porque Yo ya lo hize! esho funi! y si! y que? y ya estuvo! y esto, Ya se sabe, y nos seguimos amando! claro que si! beloved, claro que si! because our love is out of this world,  out of this sector, out of this universe Dear mother, I am sorry please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you! talking to self!talking to self! hablando conmigo mismo! hablando conmigo mismao! hablando conmigo mismao, God is the supreme and not the Karma God is the supreme and not the Karma God is the supreme and not the karma
God Is the supreme and not the mind, God is the supreme and not the mind. God is the supre and not the mind.  I AM that I AM that I AM And So It Is  "God is the greatest" Barukuh attah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha-olam , she'asani betzalmo, Ese, No, es mi pedo! No encontre el pecado+X+ Eso No es pecar... and so it is..


Aum Kali MA. Aum Kali, Aum Kali Ma,  help me! enseniame how to trust myself completely- so I can in return embody trust, Infinite truth! and that is not a sin, to ask for something,  or to want something, or to not want anything at all, per my request! Mas mejor le reso a diochi! sacrifice my distractions, Sacrifice my disbelief that something amazing is happening to me, and everyone on dis earth, because I am not alone in dis universe, pent my fire, watery wind wave sound inphiknitely ring lord high wind, take a peek at the infinite possibilities star navigator,  into any timeline, to educate yourself, beloved  observer- with great power comes clear wisdom, to say, eso no me importa,  eso no es mi pedo! ya no me gustan lo chismes sin querer queriendo, y aunque lo chismes sin querer queriendo! maidenhood! celibacy! eso, no es pecar,  prefiero no chismosiar sin querer queriendo. y  mas, renuncio! Ando buscando el pecado! alguien lo a visto? Josephina lo gisa muy bien con lemon, y raspado de coco con piña, cebolla larga, ajo, mango, y masorcas horniadas con yuka,  papa y aji,  yumie! yum! Yums! 
daa'll be a shareable memory!What a blast! thanks for the out of this world promotion and distribution of ourth universal sold out tour Songs of Songs Spiritual Technology infinite, Yum! We dedicate our success and good fortune to the massive support we have receive from all of our friends and supporters - the rumors are tooth - the few the proud the marines- blessed it be our oceans, earth, sky, bless it be the human race, minerals, plant, animals and all the beautiful things and stuff @beloved divine mother Aluna until further noitce, that was something else, jammed packed with all the most beautiful things and stuff!  Ay guri bondhi swami bondhi! Guru Bondhi! summi! Sirvame un plato de lechon con arroz de salchichas, esalada de repollo y tomate con cebolloa roja, cilantro,  perejil, y remolacha cubierto de lemon,  con tostones, papa frita, y arepa, porque siempre tengo el  apetito listo para comer bien, no soy frances, me gustan los platos grandes llenos de comida eso es abundancia para mi.  y no mastico lo que como,  trago, y uso mis lindas manos como cuchillo y tenedor, y me limpio mi boca con las mangas de mi vestido! Oh! y no se te olvide el jugo de guanavana- con un poquito de arroz con leche =X= ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA - IBI- URU -ASSA- EL -M- PAA TAL =X= Beloved Divine mother Kali Ma- beautiful divine coloreless one infinite divine mystery- we share this honorary multisensory, multidimensional mandela with you - ourth gift to dis world to dis sector to dis universe- mis manos son yu manos, mis pies son tus pies,  mi voz es tu voz, mi cuerpo tu cuerpo, mi corazon our central sun- ANU - 7 spins outside 5 spins inside y bien saben que los arquetipos que Si Se Puede y yo mensionamos en este discurso, son nombres de frequencias, programas de buenisimas hondas que penetran todo la creacion y radean atraves de nuestro corazon sagrado, nuestro ADN y en nuestra mente divina que esta aqui en mi pecho! lo que decimos es nuestra opinion- si lo quieres ver de esta forma, chivas and toasts!, si lo quieres ver de otra forma chivas and toasts! cualquiera sea la manera que vez a dios- me parece chidisimo, y tres awesome! yo se muy bien que dios, si existe, y yo no soy dios, y eso esta clarisimo, soy a unique expression of all that is source no name no number, no shape or form, soy un angelito guardian, y no soy la unicao somos muchisimos angelitos, angulitos de paz, paz, paz,paz, paz, paz, y tranquilidad, y estamos aqui in dis earth, in dis sector in dis universe, y somos asi +X+ eternal love, because ourth lovee is out of dis world, out of this sector, out of dis universe y no seguimos amando, huelo a muerte eso es paz, mehmori,  huelo a KA KA KA KA KA eso es paz Viva la vida eterna, viva el materialismo! viva la luz  que han despojado mis tinieblas, por favor no se enanmoren de mi - por que yo ya estoy enamoradisimao de todos ustedes, y  soy buena honda, y aunque pequenia brillo, y soy bobo con ba ba de panocha! y es asi.. OM KALI , KALI + OM KALI, KALI+ NOMASTUTE, NOMASTUTE, NAMO+
 brillo muchisimo y lo sabes muy bien. essay,  y tu tambien brillas lindisimo porque sos mi reflejo infinite  lotus 666  pent be ma empathetic lophi - pent my divine lovee  beloved divine mother Kali MA  onto all creation - solia creer en la rencarcion pero ya, no! porque ya estuvo, esto ya se sabe,  y ya se hizo, y no lo vuelvo hacer, y es Asi.....-  en estos momentos me siento macha contenta por tener este grande honor de ser la recipient the la honorary mandela Presentedtoby otorgada atravez del gallactic council of light, muchas gracias.+X+ ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA- IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL@DragonKingsDaughter  al escuchar el discurso de Si se se puede, realmente no se que mas  pueda yo  decir...  Claro que si! Claro que si! Si Se puede - Xie Xie dieu pan- Quan Yin tanmbien- Salsa pa la Xie akwanze IBI-URU-ASSA -EL - M- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA-  IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL =X= Beloved divine mystery beloved father Kali Ma- nameless one- numberless one. and So it is.. HARE RAMA-  HARE RAMA -RAMA- RAMA- RAMA- HARE  HARE - HARE RAM - HARE RAM - RAMA- RAMA- HARE- HARE- HARE  CHRISNA - HARE  CHRISNA-  CHRISNA CHRISNA-  HARE HARE - HARE CHRISNA- HARE CHRISNA -HARE CHRISNA- CHRISNA CHRISNA- HARE HARE-  RAM RAM - HARE HARE- HARE KRSINA - KRISNA KRISNA- ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA - IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL =X= Beloved divine mother EA- Songs of Songs, Spiritual Technology  infinite Yum- fried rice, show mein, springrolls, lowmein, primerib, kimchee, Sushi...caro, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, french fries, gyros, sancocho, curries, yum! daa'll be a shareable memory! +X+ ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL =X=  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA-  como dijo Si se puede yo tambien huelo a gracias! muchas gracias a todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas de parte de dios, no quiero que se ofendan you se que no somos hermoas biolojicos! y es asi.. IBI-URU- ASSA-URU-EL-M-PAA-TAL+X= OM YUM MU OM MANA+OM YUM MU+ OM MANA+ OM YUM MU+ OM MANA+ OM YUM MU+ OM MANA+ BOOOO AUM + BOOOO YUM+ OM YUM MU +OM MANA+ OM YUM MU+ OM MANA+ BOOOO AUM+ BOOO YUM+ OM YUM MU +OM MANA+ OM YUM MU OM MANA+ BOOOO AUM+ BOOO YUM +X= thank you for the children, thank you for the programers,  thank you for the human race, thank you for the postman, thank you for the carpenter, thank you for the farmer, thank you for the nannys, thank you for the house keepers, thank you for the firemen, thank you for the paramedics, thank you for the cops, thank you for the sailors, thank you for the soldiers, thank you for the secretaries and so it is ibiuru assa uru L M Ptah +X+ OM SHANTI OM + OM SHANTI OM + OM SHANTI OM + OM SHANTI OM OM SHANTI OM+ +X= thank you for the garderners, thank you for the writers, thank you for the bank tellers, thank you for the poets, thank you for the clerks, thank you for the trashman, thank you for the astronauts, thank you for the plumber, thank you for the cable man, thank you for the engineers, thank you for the architect, thank you for the shoe makers, thank you for all marketers, thank you for all insurance people, thank you for fitness instructors +X+ OM GAM GANEPATEYE  NAMAHA+ OM  GAM GANEPATEYE NAMAHA OM GAM GANEPATEYE  NAMAHA+ OM GAM GANEPATEYE NAMAHA+ OM GAM GANEPATEYE NAMAHA+X+ Ibi Uru Ptaah Assa Uru L M  And So It Is..+X+ thank you for your love, thank you doctors, thank you the nurses, thank you for teh recycling people, thank you for the judges, thank you for the lawyers, thank you for your love, thank you for the student, thank you for the teachers, thank you for the social workers, thank you for the actors, thank you for the musicians, thank you for the priests, thank you for the priestess, thank you for the nuns, thank you for the monks, thank you for factory workers, thank you fro the politicians, thank you lifeguards, thank you for the scientist, thank you for the park rangers, thank you for the maintenace workers, thank you for the cashiers, thank you for the bankers, thank you for the sales people, ,   Beloved divine mystery beloved mother Kali Ma- nameless one- numberless one  y es asi +X+ OM MANU PADME HUM, OM MANU PADME HUM, OM MANU PADME HUM, ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA -KA KA KA KA KA KA KA - IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL +X+  thank you fro the bus drivers, thank you fro the lumber jacks,  thank you for the taxi drivers, thank you for the pilots, thank you for the waitress, thank you for the busboys, thank you for the bartender thank you for the the DJs, thank you for alll the entertainers, thank you for the fashion people, thank you for your love, thank you for the singers, thank you for the healers, thank you for the channelers, thank you for housewives, thank you for the house husbands, thank you for sculpturs, thank you for all the arts and crafts people. thank you for the electricians, thank you for the exterminators, thank you for the composers  and so it is +X+  OM Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevayah + OM Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevavayah+ OM Namoh Bhagavate  Vasudevayah + Paatah IbiUru Assa Uru L M=X=X thank you for the construction people, thank you for the cafeteria workers, thank you for all the senior citizens, thank you for designers, thank you for the textile people, thank you for the dairy farmer, thank you for the meat farmer, thank you for activists. thank you for the fundraisers, thank you for all the fortune tellers, thank you for all types of office people and home office people, thank you for the editors, thank you for the graphic people, thank you for all the special effects people, thank you for the paramedics, thank you for all the sound effects people, thank you for all night watch people, thank you for the morticians,  thank you for your love - and So It Is  God is supreme and not the Karma, God is the supreme and not the Karma, God is the supreme and not the karma, God is the supreme and not the mind, God is the supreme and not the mind, God is the supreme and not the mind, God is everything +X= NAMU RENGE KYO + NAM  MYOHO RENGE KYO + NAMU, MYOHO RENGE  KYO + IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL +X+ beloved divine mother sky, infinite one thank you for everything! Thank you for the moon, thank you for the stars, thank you for the planets, thank you the galaxies, thank you fro the nebulas, thank you for the worm holes, thank you for the black holes, thank you for all the infinite universes that I am That I am  that Am y Es Asi... quiero extender esta appreciacion a nuestra familia de luz, thank you for all my gifts bestowed upon since I encarnated into this realm once again, thank you for all the oppurtunities, thank you for all the open doors, thank you for my loving biological family, thank you for all my friends, thank you for all the strangers, i extend and share all the blessing that I am receiving with all the lifeforms that I am that I am am... thank you for not asking me to compete for the love of god, or to show off my divine brilliance y es asi +X+ OM- DUM- DURGAYEI- NAMAHA + OM - DUM- DURAYEI- NAMAHA + OM-DUM-DURGAYEI-NAMAHA + OM- DUM-DURUYEI-NAMAHA+ IBI-URU- ASSA- URU- EL- M- PAA-TAL +X+ thank you for not imposing conditions, rules, or regulations, thank you for trusting me with so much infinite light, and abundance, thank you for all the gifts and blessings that I have received, since I began incarnating into form, thank you for your love, thank you for the transparency and impeccability That I am that I am That I am, thank you for my physical, mental, emotional health,  so that I can whole heartly sing Songs, of Songs infinite, yum con Si Se puede not only in throughout this universe, but throughout creation, thank you for replacing bitternesness, and anger with absolute happiness, thank you for renewing and rejuvenating, my life so profundly- words cannot describe the gratitude and appreciation that I feel,  y estoy muy feliz al saber que no necesito excribir bien, hablar bien, hacer las cosas bien,  porque me conoces mejor que yo divina madre  +X= ALUNA -ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA- IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL+X= KA KA KA KA KA KA KA -KA KA KA KA KA KA KA  y Es Asi... thank you for the baker, thank you for traffic people, thank you for the handicapped people, thank you for the down syndrome people, thank you for autistic, thank you for the cooks, thank you for the chefts, that you for the valet people, thank you for the social workers, thank you for the dance people, thank you for the paramedics, thank you for the yoga teachers, thank for the aerobic people, thank you for the vendors, thank you for all the sports people, thank you for your love, thank you for youth, thank you for the dentist, thank you for the tax man, thank you for the gurus, thank you for the prostitutes, thank you for the yoga teachers,thank you for the diplomats, thank you for the asstronouts, thank you for all retail people, thank you for the sages, thank you for the pimps, thank you for the life coaches, thank you for the bouncers, thank you for all the drivers  y es asi +X+ ADI SHAKTI. ADI SHAKTI,  NAMO, NAMO, SARAB SHAKTI  SARAB SHAKTI,  NAMO, NAMO, PRITHUM, BAGHAWATI, PRITHUM, BAGHAWATI, NAMO, NAMO, KUNDALINI, MATA SHAKTI, MATA SHAKTI, NAMO, NAMO- IBI- URU ASSA- EL- M -PAA TAL +X+  Choco Choclos, y te lo digo en tu KA! Fare well to the sweets!
Thank you for the mountains, thank you for the valleys, thank you for the cayons, thank you for the rivers, thank you for the lakes, thank you for the reservoirs, thank you for oceans, thank you for the waterfalls, thank you for the ponds, thank you for the desserts, thank you for islands, thank you for the clouds, thank you for the space dust, thank you for the moon, thank you for the sun, thank you for the starts, thank you for the blackholes, thank you for the warmholes, thank you for the galaxies, thank you for sound waves, than you for the wind, thank you for the fire, thank you for the water, thank you for the ether, thank you for your love, thank you for doggies, thank yo fo the cats, thank you for the lizzies, thank you for the birdies, thank you for the fish, thank you for the pinguins, thank you for the seals, thank you the bears, thank you for the crystals, thank you for the rainforest, thank you for the human race, thank you for my health, thank you for all my blessings, thank you for the earth, beloved divive mother, thank you for your love  and so it is...GIA EA TERRA y Es Asi RA MA DA SA SAY SO HUNG+ RA MA DA SA SAY SO HUNG+ RA MA DA SA SAY SO HUNG IBI-URU-ASSA-URU-EL-M-PAA-TAAL +X+ thank you for north pole, thank you for the south pole! Thank you for my body of vibrant light! thank you for the snow flakes! thank you for the raindrops! thank you for the small towns, thank you for the cities, thank you for the costal cities, thank you for the mudras, thank you for the mantras, thank you for the prayers, thank you for your love,  thank you for the morning star! thank you for the Songs, of Songs! Dis use to be my toilet! Dis use to be my toilet! dye happie! fried rice, begels, hummus, arepas, show mein kimchee, sushi, caro! Yummi! Yum! yums! God is the greatest! namaHshivaAya God  is perfect without any kind of dependency on anything external to make it complete y es asi +X+ OM NAMA SHIVAYAH+ OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH+OM NAMA SHIVAYAH, OM NAMAHA SHIVAYAH+  PAA TAL+ IBI +URU+ ASSA URU +EL+ M + EA +X +TERRA=X=  I AM that I AM that I AM +X+  God is the supreme and not the Karma God is the supreme and not the karma God is the supreme and not the karma. God is the supreme and not the mind. God is the supreme and the mind. God is the supreme and not the mind God is the supreme and not the Name, God is the supreme and not the Name, God is the supreme and not the Name  and so it is..huelo a gracias, me mehmori y huelo a viento...KA KA KA KA KA, y so lo se tiene que morir una vez, y eso ya lo hize, y no lo vuelvo hacer, no quiero nada de ti! No quieres nada de mi  eso es paz y nos seguimos amando mas y mas porque yo si soy preciosao y lo se, y ya no me apago, Viva el amor eterno! choco choclos! y es Asi....

) tooth! bien chocante y chicanero y aunque mal criado, no eres patan, prim and proper, we concur ThankYouForYourLov, and we  agree aswell with you,  and Si se puede, we are delighted that you no longer believe in reincarnation, and we empathize, sympathize,  compassionately we feel you, and does not believe in reincarnation either because it has already been done, and we all know those truths to be self evident! No more reincarnation! No more! No More! Daa'll be a shareable mehmory, indeed! It has been decided that we no longer will like to capitalized in gossip sin querer queriendo! We understand that gossiping sin querer queriendo is not a sin, however we are now focused on mining ourth own business on behalf of world peace and equality.
 We are also, encouraged and inspired at your courageous heart, and not being fearful of using the number 666 in your beautiful speech because we all know that 666 does not belong to any particular archetype,  group or believe system, share, share, that share, penting is not a sin, y eso ya se sabe, essay, y yo apenas me doy cuenta! We are also impress at your passion, and devotion towards finding sin throughout this universe while performing in your critically acclaimed sold out tour  Musi Kali Spectacular Songs, of Songs,  Spiritual technology infinite, Yum! how do you find sin?
ThankYouForYourLov: solo hago la pregunta ando buscando el pecado. lo han visto?
Newageofactivism.Com: no
ThankYouForYourLov: eso no es pecar...
Newageofactivism.Com:  everyone wants to khow was de pleides star system
ThankForYourLov: tres silencioux- lots of He he He very loving and bubbly awesome yumie! yums!yums! I notice los chupetes en el pescueso!
ThankYouForYourLov: El amor! How was Orion?
ThankYouForYourLov:  pure dark chcolate! Yummie!yum!Yums! Sirius
ThankYouForYourLov: I don remembee, smiling chi for sure- effortless Yummie!Yum!Yums! Arcturious
ThankYouforYourLov: He says, She says, they say, We say, I say all is Loove..Yumus! Word
ThankYouForYourLov: Word to your mother... It's great!it's great! compa d'all be parellelism
ThankYouForYourLov: soy boba con baba de panocha - love and light señoras, y señoras ThankYouForYourLove Songs, of Songs, infinite Yum
ThankYouForYourLov:  soy boba con baba de panocha!ViVa  Colombia! Que Viva! fried rice, showmein, eggrolls, kimchee, sushi, caro, chicken, nuggets, onion rings, oatmeal, begels, sour krout,  Yum Xia! Yum Xia! Yum Xia! Yum Xia seeds! Super food! rice! rice! and beans! rice! rice and beans! more beans! gure! guare! pio! pio!  y somos asi! y cuesto!  Claro que si beloved, claro que si! somos asi! me enamore de yo msimeow! Destroy!!!+X+ Mehmori y huelo a Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka  paz Paz Paz Paz Paz Paz -  huelo al viento IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL- y mehmori y me acuerdo de ustedes ASSA- URU -EL -M-  IBI- PAA- TAL -  KA KA KA KA KA KA KA- IBI- URU ASSA EL M PAA TAL, Claro que Xi ! Si Se Puede vivir  en paz- y esto ya se sabe, y esto ya se hizo,  y no lo vuelvo hacer... pos me avisan, despues de que pase, porque no se lo que estoy haciendo... y nos seguimos amando mas...  gimmie high five! clap!!! I am soo cute, and  adorable!!! I am  so enamore yums! clap! clap!clap!clap! speechless and emoting  extreme feelings of inspiration that might frightened others,  and shoe them away, we can't help ourselves we are simply in love too, Thank you!  We feel very positive! ladies and gentlemen, ThankYouForYourLov! Daa'll be a shareable memory, indeed.  Attention! Special announcements: It has been decided that until further notice's  CEO, and founders  no longer believe in reincarnation. 
in our opinion, we feel that reincarnation has already been done,  and reincarnation does not exist here anymore. We also do not believe in any type of stair way to heaven, or a lay over, we are on board a direct flight. It has Also been decided that we are no longer creating and distributing gossip via our ABCpeshMehten Live channels, or ourth other affiliates in all the ssh places or through ourth Educatif  Arts for Peace collective works program in collaboration with newageofactivism images. Thank you for your understanding that we too, can gossip about personal things and stuff with purpose.  And that We can certainly say it to your face. Moreover,  we shoesed not to gossip on purpose, because we believe that  gossiping with  purpose has already been done, and gossip with purpose  is already known. Therefore, gossip with purpose does not exist here any longer, and will not be recreated any further in the same manner that was showcased. We hope that you enjoy our private virtual multi-media  entitled "Exhibit A"  of our original collection Educatif Arts  for Paz and ourth private subasta created as a self reflective  experience consisting of narratives, spoken word, and newageofactivism images. inspired by gossip with purpose. with the intention to give a compelling visual contemporary look and feel of pop culture based on gossiping with purpose can be used to disclose very private, personal and sensitive things and stuff about self and others, and that gossiping with purpose is not sin.  On another positive node. We are also delighted to announce that  Songs of Songs Spiritual Technology, infinite Yum will be debuting LIVE throughout the Bootes constellation from here until eternity, and in other Ssh places...News flash! Divine order! It's their purgative! our shooting stars Si Se puede and ThankYouForYourlov have met  both their prerequisites and societal obligations  and they are now practicing celibacy one day at a time while continuing to understand and embrace the beloved ones, who still practice sexual intercourse passionately, for carnal pleasure and spiritual elevation, for the highest good of all! Update! Power hour jammed packed with Synergy! a beautiful array of artistic excellence! Arts Educatif for Paz ( AEFP) dance ensemble Tudai Maia YogaNu(TMYN) presents wind sounds, breathing, mindfulness, mudras, mantras avec free style dance movement! Yum!  founded by New Age of Activism until further notice, OnYurOwwn (OYO) and BaMaSouf (BMS) NuWitUders (NWU) Special Thanks to: Universal Symphony Orchestra Mi Chinche Raro No Me Pica and Soy Tenedor Tocame O Al Menos Asme Cosquillas  it has been ourth honor to be, indescribable, unreachable, untouchable  magnetic service, together we will create shareable memories... and so it is..

++++ technical physicians: We currenyly experiencing migration please come back at later time  Pa bem south+++++

a tus ordenes
We will say it to your face

No mas chismes sin querer queriendo porque eso No es mi pedo

sin querer queriendo - in english: On purpose

Discipline -Synonym- Sacrifice - in spanish: AntiYotico

Restraint Synonym hold on in spanish No lo vuelvo hacer

compa daa'll be parellelasim  in spanglish : eso es lo mismo friend, el same In chinese: echo michimo chi or chi ming mu
in hispanol:  misma cosa

Purgative- synonym- prerogative in spanglish

Celibacy synonym No more me so horny in spanglish cuca fria Oh! had cuca In chinese  ming yang yu lou tang

Chureteada Synonym PeditoconAguas Spanglish Pedothatsparkles or flatulanciaconfluis In Chinese fufukunlunchuchio or fang chang Ban dian
In Russian Smearnoff

Metiche Synomyns Metido or Metida / chismosao / LaGustaRajar DeTodosYesHumanao/ Que te iba a dichi or Que te iba a contar 

 Spanglish  YuThinksothat  or basadoInResearch 

in dutch Yoor zover ik ben bezorgd

in chinese
Zai Wo Kan Lai

In Russian  Po-moyemu

In hindi - Mairh anumana laga raja hum

In french - Touche' Tuchee'

Classical inglish A las' anon wipes or mmm 

Claro que Si beloved somos asi +infinite love!
y no seguimos amando!

compartir, compartir, compartir con alegria,  porque el mundo se olvido de compartir, aprendamosle a los niños otravez a compartir.. 
y No lo hago, y que? + y eso No, es pecar.. + y choco choclos y te lo digo en tu Ka!!
          soy un agelito negro, cafe con leche, y brillo                    
                      No encontre el pecado..
                                   Pos no le entendi, y que?
                                      eso, No! es pecar!
                                      Ni le excuche tampoco! me avisas
                                       seas mas foofefonnal, visteete bem
Yo si, Soy ghetto, y lo admito!
                                       No encontre el pecado...
                                            solo se tiene que morir una vez, 
                                y ya lo hize mas de una vez
                                apenas me doy cuenta
pos me avisas despues que pase
 y no lo vuelvo hacer
y nos seguimos amamdo mas, y mas, y mas
eso ya se sabe
pos no sabia com che dechia, grachias po todo o! o?
me enamore de mis mismao
No digas mas jojerias
                                                       Eso, No! es pecar!
   Published and copyright by don't get  a big head now - all rights reserved.                   

Ay, que diche? po fava trasliteeltete...

pio, pio


O! yums! mmm O! I gochest


O! mente, mente periquiada!

No, encontre el pecado!
tres yum, for sure!

das healthy

very goo.. yums

in my opinion

relampagos, y truenos- flash!


deveraz no se lo que hago!

es llovio

y te lo digo en tu KA

cuesto, y Choco choclos!

y nos cornearmos

No te agas, huey! No te hagas!

y corro, curries! no mires pa tras! no mies pa tas!

no soy tu martir

eso ya se hizo

 eso ya se sabe!

Y, No! se vuelve hacer!

soy boba con baba de panocha!

We want to get healthy!

 Ay, Say to my face
Chusma! Chusma! PFFFFFFFPT!

Vamonos a meditar....ZZZZZZZ ZZZ Yum!Yums!Yums!ZZZ ZZZ

y corro! curries!

y di paz choca, y lo sabes muy bien, essay!

Ssh .. no me agais rie presente de voz

Y nos seguimos amando!

y es asi! claro  que si beloved! vamonos a casa pue negrita!

esperate....y te lo digo en tu KA, y te descrenio!

Ay, pelona! sin peluca!

Pow Wow! smack! slap! Meow!

a tus ordenes!

Ay, ya! fin... deveraz pues

esto, ya se sabe!

pos me avisas!

Me cago del meowdo!

Eso, NO! es pecar!

Tu primero!

No, encontre el pecado!

O! apenas me doy cuenta....

guare! guare! mas mejor le recho a diochi

No encontre el pecado!

y es asi +x+ y que se comes?

=x= Yummie! Yum! Yums!

berry therapeutic, Tang Q!

No me agais rice (reir) presente voz fang shui chi lin

Ugh, Chi Reshhey!

Ay, fue puchiga. Ugh!

Me achuche yo mismao...

soy bobo con baba de panocha...

y te pisas, huey! alheteo! al jeteo! al heteous! a chichar!Yum!

Ay, cadajo!...  me amenaisis! me enamora

y es asi...

Ay que ricura la felichicha!!! Yum!

Om, Xi.. pos me echas una manito, no,  llaveria! 

avec brazito! Yum! alabraaza...tres yum, con mole!

Deveaaraz pues de veraz

same chi y te lo digo en tu Ka!!

O! ya, mchici!

ay, zipotilla! emprendedora

Chi Huelo al feo,  tengo chucha pecueca,  !que ago? copy....

Yummie! popusas rellenas! Meh undi, jamundi!.... Vivi!.... copy

 O! go it! Chimichanga! guare! guare! jabon surfur! Yumy!.....Vivo! Vivi!

No! encontre el pecado!

Esto ya se sabe!

y, No! lo vuelvo hacer!

Apenas me doy cuenta

Eso, No! est pecars!

Pssss Pssss wheeeeeeeeeesst Wheeeeer whooooooooss Yummie! Yums! smile...


eso, No! es mi pedo! zooesesT! OH boy! O boy!

Xi xi! porque isis esa kara asi... ask yourself horns? mmm? porquois?

Esho Funi

Ay, que penas que verguenzaas!

y lo cha vez mu bien, essay!

waise! Waise!rice!

Ese, No es mi pedo! No, encontre el pecado!

omg!.....Ay, que te y ba a dechi!... pos me avisas!

PfffffffffffT eso Si, es mi pedo eso No, es pecar!

Ay fuepuchiga,  Ma shakes! a quien le recho?

A la insuranch, huey! yummu!Yum! Yums!

Yum!Salat! salat!Nut fung shui- deveraz a quien le recho! ...copy

Wei! Wie! malt and berries! Kale!kale!apples!apple!coconut!Cinnamon! Yummie!yumu!Yam!

Ay que ricura! sabroxiximu!! Simon!


stretch! Party heart excellence!

Wepa a bailar!

No, encontre el pecado! Yummie!Yum! Yums!

Gracias! Gases! Grasas!

eso  No, es pecar!

om, om, om!... que te iba a dechi...

y choco, choclos, y cuesto, y me vale una verga shaved or unshaved, a quien le reiches! Yay!!!

Y pague por ellas, and YodKnowET tucoza!

y no lo vuelvo hacer porque eso ya se hizo~

y no lo vuelvo hacer!

No encontre el pecado!

y nos seguimos amando!Viva la vida, viva la terra!

Dun!Dune!Dun!Dune! fried rice! Dun!Dune!Dune! Dune! Kimchee!
Dune!Dun!Dun! Sushi... carooooo!!!


xtell groovy! ABCpeshMehTen! We are live from Los Angeles, Ca!

Que felicidad! que felicidad es ser amadao tal como soy, por eternidad...  y es asi

Que felicidad! Que felicidad! es amarte tal como eres, por siempre y asi es.... 

y nos seguimos amando...

talking to self! talking to self! thinking to self! thinking to self! chanting to self! chanting to self!praying to self! praying to self!


Y, Ya, No! Choco Choclos mas...


Ssh Baaaa

Educatif Arts For Peace

por el amor al arte!

Que mi dios le pague....


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The human body is a living “holographic projection machine”. As the neurological structure process the DNA codes as electric impulses, the individual will perceive outside of himself - as three dimensional matter - the images and events that where programmed into his DNA.  
(See: Hologram and Holographic Template)
This natural process can be used to assist humanity in reaching great levels of spiritual enlightenment, physical health and beauty, and mental and emotional expansion, but it can also be used to create horrific traumas upon the human biological organism and the consciousness that depends on this organism for its three-dimensional (HU) life.
When the mechanics of energy  (the relationship between biology, energy andperception) are understood, it is quite easy to impulse the base DNA codes of humans to carry an altered or contrived “program” or electrical imprint.
As the base DNA code is electrically altered the entire physiology of the individual on the chemical and hormonal level is altered. The neurological structure then processes this altered code and, through the intrinsic mechanisms of bodily matter, brain and senses, a literal hologram is manufactured.
Through manipulating the impulse codes intrinsic the human biology literal “reality pictures” can be created to the unsuspecting human to perceive.
This manipulated “reality pictures” are called Holographic Inserts and are used to cause what is called Perceptual Interference of the surrounding objective environment.
These Holographic Inserts can be coded to emerge as past memory or as present time three-dimensionally objective experience.

Surya Namaskara
Surya - the Sun God

The 12 Names of Surya  { the Sun God }
Mitraya namah       (The friend of all)
Ravaye namah   
      (Praised by all)
Suryaya namah   
    (The guide of all)
Bhanave namah      
(The bestower of beauty)
Khagaya namah    
 (Stimulator of the senses)
Pushne namah        
(The nourisher of all)
Hiranyagarbhaya namah   
(The creator)
Marichaye namah   
(Destroyer of disease)
Adityaya namah      
(The inspirer)
Savitre namah          
(The purifier)
Arkaya namah         
(The radiant)
Bhaskaraya namah   
 (The illuminator)

- Surya Namaskar -
Obeisances to Surya, the Sun God

Surya Namaskara
Surya namaskara
Surya Namaskara is an ancient system of yoga exercise.
Practicing sun salutations regularly can produce longevity,
efficiency, strength and improve overall health.
om mitraya namaha
om mitraya namaha
Prostration to Him who is affectionate to all.
om ravaye namaha
om ravaye namaha
Prostration to Him who is the cause for change.
om suryaya namaha
om suryaya namaha
Prostration to Him who induces activity.
om bhanave namaha
om bhanave namaha
Prostration to Him who diffuses Light.
om khagaya namaha
om khagaya namaha
Prostration to Him who moves in the sky.
om pushne namaha
om pushne namaha
Prostration to Him who nourishes all.
om hiranyagarbhaya namaha
om hiranyagarbhaya namaha
Prostration to Him who contains everything.
om maricaye namaha
om maricaye namaha
Prostration to Him who possesses rays.
om adityaya namaha
om adityaya namaha
Prostration to Him who is God of gods.
om savitre namaha
om savitre namaha
Prostration to Him who produces everything.
om arkaya namaha
om arkaya namaha
Prostration to Him who is fit to be worshipped.
m bhaskaraya namaha  
om bhaskaraya namaha
Prostration to Him who is the cause of lustre.

The 108 Names of Surya
Brahma once recounted to the sages the one hundred and eight sacred names of Surya. The Brahma Purana lists these names and we reproduce them in nine groups of twelve names each.
(1) Surya, Archana, Bhagavana, Tvashta, Pusha, Arka, Savita, Ravi, Gabhastimana, Aja, Kala, Mrityu.
(2) Dhata, Prabhakara, Prithivi, Jala, Teja, Akasha, Vayu, Parayana, Soma, Brihaspati, Shukra, Budha.
(3) Angaraka, Indra, Vivasvana, Diptamshu, Shuchi, Shouri,Shanaishvara, Brahma, Vishu, Rudra, Skanda, Vaishravana.
(4) Yama, Vaidyuta, Jathara, Agni, Aindhana, Tejohapti, Dharmadhvaja, Vedakarta, Vedanga, Vedavahana, Krita, Treta.
(5) Dvapara, Kali, Sarvasurashraya, Kala, Kashtha, Muhurta, Kshapa, Yama, Kshana, Samvatsara, Ashvattha, Kalachakra.
(6) Vibhavasu, Shashvata, Purusha, Yogi, Vyaktavyakta, Sanatana, Kaladhyaksha, Prajadhyaksha, Vishvakarma, Tamonuda, Varuna, Sagara.
(7) Amsha, Jimuta, Jivana, Ariha, Bhutashraya, Bhutapati, Sarvalokanamaskrita, Shrashta, Samvartaka, Vahni, Sarvadi, Alolupa.
(8) Anata, Kapila, Bhanu, Kamada, Sarvotamukha, Jaya, Vishala, Varada, Sarvabhutasevita, Mana, Suparna, Bhutadi.
(9) Shighraga, Pranadharana, Dhanvantari, Dhumaketu, Adideva, Aditinandana, Dvadashatma, Ravi, Daksha, Pita, Mata, Pitamaha.

Surya on seven horse chariot

The hundred and eight names (112) of Surya
From the Mahabharata Vana parva, Sec. III (10)The Sun, which is the representation of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, is known by 108 names
These are the hundred and eight names of Surya of immeasurable energy, as told by the self-create (Brahma). These names where disclosed of old by Lord Brahma, the self created, to the illustrious Sakra, and from Sakra to Narada, and from Narada to Dhaumya, and from Dhaumya to the sons of Pritha, the Pandavas.
For the acquisition of prosperity, I bow down to thee, O Bhaskara, blazing like unto gold or fire, who is worshipped of the gods and the Pitris and the Yakshas, and who is adored by AsurasNisacharas, and Siddhas.
Dhaumya said to Yudhistira:
Surya, Aryaman, Bhaga, Twastri, Pusha, Arka, Savitri, Ravi, Gabhastimat, Aja, Kala, Mrityu, Dhatri, Prabhakara, Prithibi, Apa, Teja, Kha, Vayu, Soma, Vrihaspati, Sukra, Budha, Angaraka, Indra, Vivaswat, Diptanshu, Suchi, Sauri, Sanaichara, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Skanda, Vaisravana, Yama, Vaidyutagni, Jatharagni, Aindhna, Tejasampati, Dharmadhwaja, Veda-karttri, Vedanga, Vedavahana, Krita, Treta, Dwapara, Kali, Kala, Kastha, Muhurtta, Kshapa, Yama, and Kshana; Samvatsara-kara, Aswattha, Kalachakra, Bibhavasu, Purusha, Saswata, Yogin, Vyaktavyakta, Sanatana, Kaladhyaksha, Prajadhyaksha, Viswakarma, Tamounda, Varuna, Sagara, Ansu, Jimuta, Jivana, Arihan, Bhutasraya, Bhutapati, Srastri, Samvartaka, Vanhi, Sarvadi, Alolupa, Ananta, Kapila, Bhanu, Kamada, Sarvatomukha, Jaya, Visala, Varada, Manas, Suparna, Bhutadi, Sighraga, Prandharana, Dhanwantari, Dhumaketu, Adideva, Aditisuta, Dwadasatman, Aravindaksha, Pitri, Matri, Pitamaha, Swarga-dwara, Prajadwara, Mokshadwara, Tripistapa, Dehakarti, Prasantatman, Viswatman, Viswatomukha, Characharatman, Sukhsmatman, Maitreya.
'Whoever with fixed attention recited this hymn at sunrise, obtaineth wife and offspring and riches and the memory of his former existence, and by reciting this hymn a person attaineth patience and memory. Let a man concentrating his mind, recite this hymn. By doing so, he shall be proofed against grief and forest-fire and ocean and every object of desire shall be his.'
'And a person, male or female, that recited this hymn every day in the two twilights (sunrise and sunset) hin mind concentrated with ascetic abstraction, obtained every boon he desired, however difficult it may be, that he ask for. If he is overtaken by danger, he is delivered from it; and if bound, he is freed from the bounds.'

The hundred and eight names (112) of Surya - Alphabetically
 Adideva Diptanshu Prabhakara Surya
 Aditisuta Dwadasatman Prajadhyaksha Swarga-dwara
 Aindhna Dwapara Prajadwara Tamounda
 Aja Gabhastimat Prandharana Teja
 Alolupa Indra Prasantatman Tejasampati
 Ananta Jatharagni Prithibi Treta
 Angaraka Jaya Purusha Tripistapa
 Ansu Jimuta Pusha Twastri
 Apa Jivana Ravi Vaidyutagni
 Aravindaksha Kala Rudra Vaisravana
 Arihan Kala Sagara Vanhi
 Arka Kalachakra Samvartaka Varada
 Aryaman Kaladhyaksha Samvatsara-kara Varuna
 Aswattha Kali Sanaichara Vayu
 Bhaga Kamada Sanatana Veda-karttri
 Bhanu Kapila Sarvadi Vedanga
 Bhutadi Kastha Sarvatomukha Vedavahana
 Bhutapati Kha Saswata Visala
 Bhutasraya Krita Sauri Vishnu
 Bibhavasu Kshapa Savitri Viswakarma
 Brahma Maitreya. Sighraga Viswatman
 Budha Manas Skanda Viswatomukha
 Characharatman Matri Soma Vivaswat
 Dehakarti Mokshadwara Srastri Vrihaspati
 Dhanwantari Mrityu Suchi Vyaktavyakta
 Dharmadhwaja Muhurtta Sukhsmatman Yama
 Dhatri Pitamaha Sukra Kshana
 Dhumaketu Pitri Suparna Yogin

Prayers to the Sungod
"O Lord Surya! O Sun of suns, the eye of the world, the eye of the Virat-Purusha.
Thou art All-energy, All-strength, All-powerfu, please give me health, strength, vigour and vitality."

Repeat the above Mantras and Names of the Sun at sunrise. He who repeats these before sunrise, early in the morning, will possess wonderful health, vigour and vitality. He will be free from every kind of disease of the eye. He will have wonderful eye-sight. Offer Arghya to the sun during the three Sandhyas morning, noon and evening. Offer prostrations to the sun, with these Mantras and Names.

hiranmayena patrena / satyasyapihitam mukham
tat tvam pushann apavrinu / satya-dharmaya drishtaye
O my Lord, sustainer of all that lives, Your real face is covered by Your dazzling effulgence. Kindly remove that covering and exhibit Yourself to Your pure devotee. O Pushan, nourisher of all, please remove your glaring effulgence. (Isopanishad, Verse 15)
pushann ekarshe yama surya prajapatya
vyuha rasmin samuha
tejo yat te rupam kalyana-tamam
tat te pasyami yo 'sav asau purushah so 'ham asmi
"O my Lord, O primeval philosopher, maintainer of the universe, O regulating principle, destination of the pure devotees, well-wisher of the progenitors of mankind, please remove the effulgence of Your transcendental rays so that I can see Your form of bliss. You are the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead, like unto the sun, as am I." (Isopanishad, Verse 16)
Om Suryam Sundar Loka Natham / Amritam Vedanta Saram Sivam
Jnanam Brahmamayam Suresham / Amalam Lokaika Cittam Swayam
Indraditya Naradhipam Sura Gurum / Trailokya Chudamanim
Brahma Vishnu Siva Swarupa Hridayam / Vande Sada Bhaskaram
"I eternally adore Surya, the sun, the beautiful Lord of the world, the immortal, the quintessence of the Vedanta, the auspicious, the absolute knowledge, of the form of Brahman, the Lord of the gods, ever-pure, the one true consciousness of the world himself, the Lord of Indra, the gods and men, the preceptor of the gods, the crest-jewel of the three worlds, the very heart of the forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, the giver of light."
"I eternally salute the Maker of Light, the beautiful Lord of all the world Surya who energizes all, who lives forever, the very essence of Vedanta He is truly auspicious, the embodiment of knowledge His nature is Brahman and He is absolute purity Lord and Master of the Gods, the consciousness of this world Ruler even over Indra, the King of the Gods and all men and sun deities He is the crowning jewel of the three worlds The Heart of the Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva."

PURPORT Sri Isopanishad, Verse15:In the Bhagavad-gita (14.27), the Lord explains His personal rays (brahmajyoti), the dazzling effulgence of His personal form, in this way:
brahmano hi pratishthaham / amritasyavyayasya ca
sasvatasya ca
  dharmasya / sukhasyaikantikasya ca
"I am the basis of the impersonal Brahman, which is immortal, imperishable and eternal and is the constitutional position of ultimate happiness." Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan are three aspects of the same Absolute Truth. Brahman is the aspect most easily perceived by the beginner; Paramatma, the Supersoul, is realized by those who have further progressed; and Bhagavan realization is the ultimate realization of the Absolute Truth. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (7.7), where Lord Krishna says that He is the ultimate concept of the Absolute Truth: mattah parataram nanyat. Therefore Krishna is the source of the brahmajyoti as well as the all-pervading Paramatma. Later in the Bhagavad-gita (10.42) Krishna further explains:
atha va bahunaitena / kim jnatena tavarjuna
vishtabhyaham idam kritsnam / ekamsena sthito jagat
"But what need is there, Arjuna, for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe." Thus by His one plenary expansion, the all-pervading Paramatma, the Lord maintains the complete material cosmic creation. He also maintains all manifestations in the spiritual world. Therefore in this sruti-mantra of Sri Isopanishad, the Lord is addressed as pushan, the ultimate maintainer.
The Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, is always filled with transcendental bliss (ananda-mayo 'bhyasat). When He was present at Vrindavana in India five thousand years ago, He always remained in transcendental bliss, even from the beginning of His childhood pastimes. The killings of various demons -- such as Agha, Baka, Putana and Pralamba -- were but pleasure excursions for Him. In His village of Vrindavana He enjoyed Himself with His mother, brother and friends, and when He played the role of a naughty butter thief, all His associates enjoyed celestial bliss by His stealing. The Lord's fame as a butter thief is not reproachable, for by stealing butter the Lord gave pleasure to His pure devotees. Everything the Lord did in Vrindavana was for the pleasure of His associates there. The Lord created these pastimes to attract the dry speculators and the acrobats of the so-called hatha-yoga system who wish to find the Absolute Truth.
Of the childhood play between the Lord and His playmates, the cowherd boys, Sukadeva Gosvami says in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.12.11):
ittham satam brahma-sukhanubhutya / dasyam gatanam para-daivatena
mayasritanam nara-darakena / sakam vijahruh krita-punya-punjah
"The Personality of Godhead, who is perceived as the impersonal, blissful Brahman by the jnanis, who is worshiped as the Supreme Lord by devotees in the mood of servitorship, and who is considered an ordinary human being by mundane people, played with the cowherd boys, who had attained their position after accumulating many pious activities."
Thus the Lord is always engaged in transcendental loving activities with His spiritual associates in the various relationships of santa (neutrality), dasya (servitorship), sakhya (friendship), vatsalya (parental affection) and madhurya (conjugal love).
Since it is said that Lord Krishna never leaves Vrindavana-dhama, one may ask how He manages the affairs of the creation. This is answered in the Bhagavad-gita (13.14-18): The Lord pervades the entire material creation by His plenary part known as the Paramatma, or Supersoul. Although the Lord personally has nothing to do with material creation, maintenance and destruction, He causes all these things to be done by His plenary expansion, the Paramatma. Every living entity is known as atma, soul, and the principal atma who controls them all is Paramatma, the Supersoul.
This system of God realization is a great science. The materialistic sankhya-yogis can only analyze and meditate on the twenty-four factors of the material creation, for they have very little information of the purusha, the Lord. And the impersonal transcendentalists are simply bewildered by the glaring effulgence of the brahmajyoti. If one wants to see the Absolute Truth in full, one has to penetrate beyond the twenty-four material elements and the glaring effulgence as well. Sri Isopanishad points toward this direction, praying for the removal of the hiranmaya-patra, the dazzling covering of the Lord. Unless this covering is removed so one can perceive the real face of the Personality of Godhead, factual realization of the Absolute Truth can never be achieved.
The Paramatma feature of the Personality of Godhead is one of three plenary expansions, or vishnu-tattvas, collectively known as the purusha-avataras. One of these vishnu-tattvas who is within the universe is known as Kshirodakasayi Vishnu. He is the Vishnu among the three principal deities -- Brahma, Vishnu and Siva -- and He is the all-pervading Paramatma in each and every individual living entity. The second vishnu-tattva within the universe is Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, the collective Supersoul of all living entities. Beyond these two is Karanodakasayi Vishnu, who lies in the Causal Ocean. He is the creator of all universes. The yoga system teaches the serious student to meet the vishnu-tattvas after going beyond the twenty-four material elements of the cosmic creation. The culture of empiric philosophy helps one realize the impersonal brahmajyoti, which is the glaring effulgence of the transcendental body of Lord Sri Krishna. That the brahmajyoti is Krishna's effulgence is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (14.27) as well as the Brahma-samhita (5.40):
yasya prabha-prabhavato jagad-anda-koti- / kotishv asesha-vasudhadi vibhuti-bhinnam
tad brahma nishkalam anantam asesha-bhutam / govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami
"In the millions and millions of universes there are innumerable planets, and each and every one of them is different from the others by its cosmic constitution. All of these planets are situated in a corner of the brahmajyoti. This brahmajyoti is but the personal rays of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda, whom I worship." This mantra from the Brahma-samhita is spoken from the platform of factual realization of the Absolute Truth, and the sruti-mantra of Sri Isopanishad under discussion confirms this mantra as a process of realization. The Isopanishad mantra is a simple prayer to the Lord to remove the brahmajyoti so that one can see His real face. This brahmajyoti effulgence is described in detail in several mantras of the Mundaka Upanishad (2.2.10-12):
hiranmaye pare kose / virajam brahma nishkalam
tac chubhram jyotisham jyotis / tad yad atma-vido viduh
na tatra suryo bhati na candra-tarakam / nema vidyuto bhanti kuto 'yam agnih
tam eva bhantam anu bhati sarvam / tasya bhasa sarvam idam vibhati
brahmaivedam amritam purastad brahma / pascad brahma dakshinatas cottarena
adhas cordhvam ca prasritam brahmai- / vedam visvam idam varishtham
"In the spiritual realm, beyond the material covering, is the unlimited Brahman effulgence, which is free from material contamination. That effulgent white light is understood by transcendentalists to be the light of all lights. In that realm there is no need of sunshine, moonshine, fire or electricity for illumination. Indeed, whatever illumination appears in the material world is only a reflection of that supreme illumination. That Brahman is in front and in back, in the north, south, east and west, and also overhead and below. In other words, that supreme Brahman effulgence spreads throughout both the material and spiritual skies."
Perfect knowledge means knowing Krishna as the root of this Brahman effulgence. This knowledge can be gained from such scriptures as Srimad-Bhagavatam, which perfectly elaborates the science of Krishna. In Srimad-Bhagavatam, the author, Srila Vyasadeva, has established that one will describe the Supreme Truth as Brahman, Paramatma or Bhagavan according to one's realization of Him. Srila Vyasadeva never states that the Supreme Truth is a jiva, an ordinary living entity. The living entity should never be considered the all-powerful Supreme Truth. If he were the Supreme, he would not need to pray to the Lord to remove His dazzling cover so that the living entity could see His real face.
The conclusion is that one who has no knowledge of the potencies of the Supreme Truth will realize the impersonal Brahman. Similarly, when one realizes the material potencies of the Lord but has little or no information of the spiritual potencies, he attains Paramatma realization. Thus both Brahman and Paramatma realization of the Absolute Truth are partial realizations. However, when one realizes
the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, in full potency after the removal of the hiranmaya-patra, one realizes vasudevah sarvam iti: [Bg. 7.19] Lord Sri Krishna, who is known as Vasudeva, is everything -- Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan. He is Bhagavan, the root, and Brahman and Paramatma are His branches.
In the Bhagavad-gita (6.46-47) there is a comparative analysis of the three types of transcendentalists -- the worshipers of the impersonal Brahman (jnanis), the worshipers of the Paramatma feature (yogis) and the devotees of Lord Sri Krishna (bhaktas). It is stated there that the jnanis, those who have cultivated Vedic knowledge, are better than ordinary fruitive workers, that the yogis are still greater than the jnanis, and that among all yogis, those who constantly serve the Lord with all their energies are the topmost. In summary, a philosopher is better than a laboring man, a mystic is superior to a philosopher, and of all the mystic yogis, he who follows bhakti-yoga, constantly engaging in the service of the Lord, is the highest. Sri Isopanishad directs us toward this perfection.

PURPORT Sri Isopanishad, Verse16: The sun and its rays are one and the same qualitatively. Similarly, the Lord and the living entities are one and the same in quality. The sun is one, but the molecules of the sun's rays are innumerable. The sun's rays constitute part of the sun, and the sun and its rays conjointly constitute the complete sun. Within the sun itself resides the sun-god, and similarly within the supreme spiritual planet, Goloka Vrindavana, from which the brahmajyoti effulgence is emanating, the Lord enjoys His eternal pastimes, as verified in the Brahma-samhita (5.29):
cintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vriksha-
lakshavriteshu surabhir abhipalayantam
govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami
"I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, the first progenitor, who is tending the cows fulfilling all desires in abodes filled with spiritual gems and surrounded by millions of wish-fulfilling trees. He is always served with great reverence and affection by hundreds of thousands of Lakshmis, or goddesses of fortune."
The brahmajyoti is described in the Brahma-samhita as the rays emanating from that supreme spiritual planet, Goloka Vrindavana, just as the sun's rays emanate from the sun globe. Until one surpasses the glare of the brahmajyoti, one cannot receive information of the land of the Lord. The impersonalist philosophers, blinded as they are by the dazzling brahmajyoti, can realize neither the factual abode of the Lord nor His transcendental form. Limited by their poor fund of knowledge, such impersonalist thinkers cannot understand the all-blissful transcendental form of Lord Krishna. In this prayer, therefore, Sri Isopanishad petitions the Lord to remove the effulgent rays of the brahmajyoti so that the pure devotee can see His all-blissful transcendental form.
By realizing the impersonal brahmajyoti, one experiences the auspicious aspect of the Supreme, and by realizing the Paramatma, or all-pervading feature of the Supreme, one experiences an even more auspicious enlightenment. But by meeting the Personality of Godhead Himself face to face, the devotee experiences the most auspicious feature of the Supreme. Since He is addressed as the primeval philosopher and maintainer and well-wisher of the universe, the Supreme Truth cannot be impersonal. This is the verdict of Sri Isopanishad. The word pushan ("maintainer") is especially significant, for although the Lord maintains all beings, He specifically maintains His devotees. After surpassing the impersonal brahmajyoti and seeing the personal aspect of the Lord and His most auspicious eternal form, the devotee realizes the Absolute Truth in full.
In his Bhagavat-sandarbha, Srila Jiva Gosvami states: "The complete conception of the Absolute Truth is realized in the Personality of Godhead because He is almighty and possesses full transcendental potencies. The full potency of the Absolute Truth is not realized in the brahmajyoti; therefore Brahman realization is only partial realization of the Personality of Godhead. O learned sages, the first syllable of the word bhagavan (bha) has two meanings: the first is 'one who fully maintains,' and the second is 'guardian.' The second syllable (ga) means 'guide,' 'leader' or 'creator.' The syllable van indicates that every being lives in Him and that He also lives in every being. In other words, the transcendental sound bhagavan represents infinite knowledge, potency, energy, opulence, strength and influence -- all without a tinge of material inebriety."
The Lord fully maintains His unalloyed devotees, and He guides them progressively on the path toward devotional perfection. As the leader of His devotees, He ultimately awards the desired results of devotional service by giving Himself to them. The devotees of the Lord see the Lord eye to eye by His causeless mercy; thus the Lord helps His devotees reach the supermost spiritual planet, Goloka Vrindavana. Being the creator, He can bestow all necessary qualifications upon His devotees so that they can ultimately reach Him. The Lord is the cause of all causes. In other words, since there is nothing that caused Him, He is the original cause. Consequently He enjoys His own Self by manifesting His own internal potency. The external potency is not exactly manifested by Him, for He expands Himself as the purushas, and it is in these forms that He maintains the features of the material manifestation. By such expansions, He creates, maintains and annihilates the cosmic manifestation.
The living entities are also differentiated expansions of the Lord's Self, and because some of them desire to be lords and imitate the Supreme Lord, He allows them to enter into the cosmic creation with the option to fully utilize their propensity to lord it over nature. Because of the presence of His parts and parcels, the living entities, the entire phenomenal world is stirred into action and reaction. Thus the living entities are given full facilities to lord it over material nature, but the ultimate controller is the Lord Himself in His plenary feature as Paramatma, the Supersoul, who is one of the purushas.
Thus there is a gulf of difference between the living entity (atma) and the controlling Lord (Paramatma), the soul and the Supersoul. Paramatma is the controller, and the atma is the controlled; therefore they are in different categories. Because the Paramatma fully cooperates with the atma, He is known as the constant companion of the living being.
The all-pervading feature of the Lord -- which exists in all circumstances of waking and sleeping as well as in potential states and from which the jiva-sakti (living force) is generated as both conditioned and liberated souls -- is known as Brahman. Since the Lord is the origin of both Paramatma and Brahman, He is the origin of all living entities and all else that exists. One who knows this engages himself at once in the devotional service of the Lord. Such a pure and fully cognizant devotee of the Lord is fully attached to Him in heart and soul, and whenever such a devotee assembles with similar devotees, they have no engagement but the glorification of the Lord's transcendental activities. Those who are not as perfect as the pure devotees -- namely, those who have realized only the Brahman or Paramatma features of the Lord -- cannot appreciate the activities of the perfect devotees. The Lord always helps the pure devotees by imparting necessary knowledge within their hearts, and thus out of His special favor He dissipates all the darkness of ignorance. The speculative philosophers and yogis cannot imagine this, because they more or less depend on their own strength. As stated in the Katha Upanishad (1.2.23), the Lord can be known only by those whom He favors, and not by anyone else. Such special favors are bestowed upon His pure devotees only. Sri Isopanishad thus points to the favor of the Lord, which is beyond the purview of the brahmajyoti.

The Sun is also called Surya-Narayana, the Supreme Lord of the Universe.
He is the Self of all the gods and most effulgent. He is the abode of all the glorious rays of purity and knowledge. It is he who rules and protects the whole universe through his unfailing and penetrating beams. He is the Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, that is Parameshwara or the Supreme Lord who assumes the creation, preservation and dissolution of the world. He is the formless and nameless Godhead who has taken the forms of Skanda, Prajapati, Mahendra, Kubera, Kala, Yama, Soma and Varuna. He is the Pitrus, the Vasus, the Sadhyas, the two Aswins, the Maruts and the lawgiver Manu. He is also Vayu, Agni, all beings, Hiranyagarbha or the Cosmic Prana, the maker of seasons and the light-maker.
His celebrated names are Aditya, Savitar and Surya, the son of Aditi, the impeller and the creator. He is seen dwelling in the sky outside, and he should be realized as the inner Self seated in the space of the heart inside. For, it is said in the Taittireeya Upanishad, “He who is here in the human being, and he, who is there in the sun, are one and the same.” (sa yas-cayam purushe, yas-chasavaditye, sa ekah). Nourishing all beings, he is Pushan, the nourisher, Possessed of sparkling rays, he shines like gold. Being ever effulgent and golden by nature, it is always daytime for him. He is far away from the darkness of ignorance
Seven coloured Ray horses draw his chariot, and he is possessed of thousands of fire tongues. His splendor is outshining, and he dispels all darkness. He bestows happiness on his devotees, and he withdraws all beings into himself at the time of cosmic dissolution. Though possessed of parching heat, he is like the cool season for the worshippers who are scorched by sufferings. And as couched in poetical terms by Kalidasa, the Sun God Ravi absorbs water to pour it back a thousand fold (sahasragunam-utsrashtum-adat te hi rasam ravih). He looks like a shell, and he removes all frost from the mind.
Being the Lord of the sky and the knower of the three vedas, he scatters away the darkness of ignorance. He showers the rain- clouds of virtue and divine grace, as the friend of waters. And he jumps over the skyline easily. He gives heat by his powerful rays. His form is that of an orb. In due time, he is even death for the mortals. Yet his golden luminousness pervades one and all, since he is omniscient, omnipresent and supremely radiant. In fact he is the origin for the existence of all, and the Lord of all planets, constellations and stars. The Light even of lights, he is the creator of all, and the Self of the twelve solar deities presiding over the year. He is both the eastern and the western skylines. He is the ruler of all heavenly bodies and of the day.
Being most powerful, he is victorious over all beings and highly auspicious. He is a source of fear for the ignorant, and the gold jewel of the wise. By his radiance, the lotus is made to blossom. The Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, he is the wisest. Most brightful, he is the supreme glory of the solar deities. Having an impetuous bodily form, he consumes everything. He destroys all darkness and makes the snow melt. He defeats evil forces, and his nature is boundless. He inspires gratefulness as the divine ruler of all luminaries. His divine nature is such that he sports in creation, he wishes to conquer the enemies of gods, he functions in all beings, he shines as the Self, he is praised by the most praiseworthy and he resides everywhere.
His brilliance is like that of refined gold warding off the recurring circle of birth and death along with its cause ignorance, as well as all sins, he is one with the Lord Hari. As the agent of all acts, as the world creator possessed of wonderful powers of creation, and as the celestial architect, he is known as Viswakarma. Unlike the individual soul who becomes self-identified with worldly and other - worldly objects, he is free from all kinds of nescience, and he is the glorious witness of the worlds. That means he cognizes everything directly by his own awareness without help of any sense organs. Yet, due to the limiting adjuncts body, senses and mind, and as their indwelling Self, it seems as if he were the agent of acts, but truly speaking he is mere onlooker, not being involved in actions.
This is taught in Mundaka Upanishad through the simile of two birds, viz. The jivatma and paramatma : “Two birds that are ever associated and have similar names, cling to the same tree (the body). Of these, one eats the fruit of divergent tastes, and the other looks on without eating. On the same tree, the individual soul remains drowned as it were, and so it moans, being worried by its impotence. When it sees thus the other, the adored Lord, and his glory, then it becomes liberated from sorrow. When the enlightened seer sees the Purusha, the golden-hued, creator, lord and the source of the inferior Brahman, then that sage completely shakes off both virtue and vice, becomes taintless and attains supreme equality.” So the eyewitness of the worlds is the immutable consciousness permeating the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep, which are ever changeful. The Sun God who is unchanging is known as “the fourth” (caturtha) in the Mandukya Upanishad, and as “the witness” (sakshin) or “the onlooker” (upadrashta) in the Bhagavadgita. His glory is eternal.
As the supreme Lord, being both the efficient and material cause of the universe, he first creates the world, then he protects it, and at last he withdraws everything into himself. By some powerful rays he gives heat during eight months, and by some other rays he showers water during the rainy season. As the everlasting witness even of deep sleep state, he keeps awake in beings asleep, as taught to Janaka by the sage Yajnavalkya: “That it does not know in that state is because, though knowing then, it does not know; for the knower’s function of knowing can never be lost, because it is imperishable. But there is not that second thing separate from it which it can know.” To summarize, all the sacrifices along with their fruits, as will as all the gods, and also all the religious duties of people, are nothing but the Sun God.
Remembering and praising him in difficult or painful situations, and in the midst of wilderness or in times of danger, one does not sink in disheartenment. With concentration and devotion, one should worship the God of gods who is the great Lord of the universe. Reciting this hymn known as the Holy Heart of Aditya, and enshrining the Sun God in one’s heart, one will become victorious in the battlefield of life. Just as Sri Rama vanquished the ten- headed Ravana, one can conquer the ten sensory and motor organs by worshipping the glorious Sun of wisdom. Regaining one’s innate strength and dispelling the clouds of sorrow, one becomes self-controlled and very happy. That is being so, the Sun of Self- knowledge shines forth in the heart, spreading its warm rays of pure bliss.

The 14  Chakras - Veda 
There are fourteen great nerve centers in the physical body, in the astral body and in the body of the soul. These centers are called chakras in Sanskrit, which means "wheel." These spinning vortices of energy are actually regions of mind power, each one governing certain aspects of our inner being, and together they are the subtle components of people. When inwardly perceived, they are vividly colorful and can be heard. In fact, they are quite noisy. When awareness flows through any one or more of these regions, the various functions of consciousness operate, such as memory, reason and willpower. The physical body has a connection to each of the seven higher chakras through plexuses of nerves along the spinal cord and in the cranium. As the kundalini force of awareness travels along the spine, it enters each of these chakras, energizing them and awakening in turn each function. By examining the functions of these great force centers, we can clearly cognize our own position on the spiritual path and better understand our fellow man.

The Seven Chakras of Higher Consciousness

Below we present a condensed overview of each of the seven principal chakras, followed by the seven chakras below the muladhara. For more details, and to see also how chakras correlate to the physical body, refer this month's gatefold, pages 3-5.
The muladhara: The memory center, muladhara, located at the base of the spine, creates a consciousness of time through the powers of memory. Whenever we go back in our memory patterns, we are using the forces of the muladhara. It has four petals or aspects, one of which governs memories of past lives. The other three contain the compiled memory patterns and interrelated karmas of this life. This chakra is associated also with human qualities of individuality, egoism, physicality (including sexuality), materialism and dominance. A person lives predominantly in this chakra during the first seven years of life, acquiring language skills, relationships and cultural ways.
Svadishthana: Once the ability to remember has been established, the natural consequence is reason, and from reason evolves the intellect. Reason is the manipulation of memorized information. We categorize it, edit it, rearrange it and store the results. People in this six-petaled chakra research, explore and wonder, "Why? Why? Why?" They propose theories and formulate rational explanations. They often form a rigid intellectual mind based upon opinionated knowledge and accumulated memory, reinforced by habit patterns of the instinctive mind. It is in this chakra that the majority of people live, think, worry and travel on the astral plane. We open naturally into this chakra between ages 8 and 14. This center controls the muladhara, as does each progressively higher chakra control those that lie below it.
Manipura: The third chakra is represented in the central nervous system by the solar plexus, where all nerves merge to form the "second brain." Of its ten petals, five face up and five down. Correspondingly, depending on how the energy is flowing, the forces of willpower from this chakra add power either to worldly consciousness through the first two centers or to spiritual consciousness through the fourth and fifth centers. When awareness is confined to the realms of memory, reason and aggressive willpower, men and women are instinctive in nature. They are quick to react and retaliate, quick to have their feelings hurt and quick to pursue the conquest of others while fearing their own defeat. In these states of mind, the ego rises to its greatest prominence, and emotional experiences are extremely intense. Young adults from 14 to 21 discover willpower, willfulness and individuality as this chakra unfolds.
Anahata: The center of perception and insight is often referred to as "the lotus of the heart." Its 12 "petals" imply that cognition can be expressed in twelve distinct ways or through as many masks or personae. People abiding here are generally well-balanced, content and self-contained. Even when in day-to-day life they become involved in the seemingly fractured parts, they are able to look through it all and understand. They have a deep understanding of human nature, which brings effortless tolerance and an innate ability to help others, to resolve conflicts and confusions. Between ages 21 and 28, perceptions deepen and understanding matures for those who enter this chakra. Many people regress back into reason and memory. But, if awareness is mature, having incarnated many times, and well-trained all through youth, the soul proceeds smoothly into anahata consciousness.
Vishuddha: Universal or divine love is the faculty expressed by the vishuddha chakra. Whenever people feel filled with inexpressible love for and kinship with all mankind, all creatures large and small, they are vibrating within the sixteen-petaled vishuddha. When deeply immersed in this state, there is no consciousness of being a person with emotions, no consciousness of thoughts. One is just being the light or being fully aware of oneself as radiant force flowing through all form. One may sometimes see light throughout the entirety of the body. The exceptional soul who resides fully in this center, usually between the ages of 28 and 35, is able for the first time to withdraw awareness totally into the spine, into sushumna, the central spiritual current. Ultimately, he realizes that the inner being is the reality of himself.
Ajna: The sixth force center is called ajna. It is the "third eye," the center of divine sight and direct congition. Of its two "petals" or facets, one is the ability to look into the lower worlds or states of mind and the other is the perception of the higher worlds, or spiritual states, of consciousness. It, therefore, is the connecting link, allowing the awakened soul to relate the highest consciousness to the lowest in a unified vision. We open naturally into this chakra between ages 35 and 42.
Sahasrara: The seventh center at the top of the head is called the crown chakra. According to the ancient mystics, it governs 1,008 aspects or attributes of the soul body. These personae are transparent, a crystal-clear white light, ever present, shining through the circumference of the golden soul body. Here the soul dissolves even blissful visions of light and is immersed in pure space, pure awareness, pure being. Within the sahasrara is the brahmarandhra, or "door of God," an aperture in the sushumna nadi through which the kundalini exits the body, catapulting the mind beyond and into nirvikalpa samadhi, and the truly pure spirit escapes the body at death. We open naturally into the crown chakra between ages 42 and 49.
Often when people get older, if they have not learned to sustain consciousness in the higher chakras, they start to drop in consciousness, returning to reason and trying to understand why all the things that happened to them in their lifetime happened as they did. They get stuck in the muladhara and spend years just remembering the past, reliving old experiences, good and bad alike. But more mature souls rightly fullfill life's two final stages: senior advisor and religious solitaire. They utilize their golden years to manifest higher-chakra faculties of love, light, inner vision and God Realization through service, sadhana, pilgrimage, worship and meditation.

The Seven Sub-Muladhara Regions

Atala: The first lower chakra, located in the hips, governs the state of mind called fear, which is truly a bottomless abyss. Someone in this consciousness fears death, fears life, even fears God and other people. This center is also the home of lust and promiscuity.
Vitala: Here anger predominates, and burning resentment. Anger comes from despair, confusion, frustration or lack of understanding. People in the consciousness of this chakra, centered in the thighs, are always wrathful, mad at the world, even angry at God.
Sutala: This chakra, found in the knees, governs jealousy, wanting what one can't have. Jealousy is a feeling of inadequacy, inferiority and helplessness. People in sutala consciousness covet everything, often deny the existence of God and are contentiously combative.
Talatala: Prolonged confusion dominates here, giving rise to instinctive willfulness: to get rather than give, to push others around and pursue materialistic advancement over all else. Greed and deceit prevail in this dog-eat-dog state of mind, centered in the calves.
Rasatala: This chakra of the ankles is the true home of the animal nature. Unmitigated selfishness prevails, of seeing to the well-being of "number one" first. The suffering of others is of no concern. Jealousy, anger and fear are intense, even high, states of consciousness.
Mahatala: This is the realm of consciencelessness, or inner blindness to the effect of one's actions, of negativity and deep depression. Those living in this chakra of the feet steal freely, taking what they justify as theirs anyway, feeling that the world "owes them a living."
Patala: Here, in the soles of the feet, is the abode of destructiveness, revenge, murder for the sake of murder, torture and hatred expressed through harming the properties, minds, emotions and bodies of others. Hatred and scorn abide here. Malice reigns supreme. Reason seldom reaches this state of mind.
This is the story of our evolution through the mind—from the gross to the refined, from darkness into light, from a consciousness of death to immortality. We follow a natural pattern that is built right in the nerve system itself: memory; reason; will; direct cognition; inner light perceptions of the soul which give a universal love of all mankind; psychic perceptions through divine sight; and the heavenly refinement of being in the thousand-petaled lotus.

We continue to recognize excellence! 

And Now for a feature presentation.




World Honored One, complete with wondrous marks,
I now ask again,
Why is this disciple of the Buddha Called Guanshiyin?
The Honored One of Perfect, Wondrous Marks,
With verses answered Inexhaustible Intention:
Listen to the practice of Guanyin,
Who skillfully responds in all places.

With vast vows, as deep as the sea,
Throughout inconceivable eons,
He has served many thousands of 
kotis of Buddhas,
And has made great, pure vows.

I shall now tell you in brief,
That for those who hear his name or see him,
And who are mindful of his name unceasingly,
He can extinguish the suffering of all realms of existence.

If someone is the victim of anothers harmful intent,
And is pushed into a pit of fire,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The pit of fire will turn into a pool.
If someone is being tossed about in the great sea,
And is surrounded by the dangers of dragons, fish, and ghosts,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The waves will not drown him.

If someone is on the peak of Mount Sumeru,
And another person tries to push him off,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
He will stand firm as the sun in space.

If someone is pursued by evil people,
Who want to throw him off a Vajra Mountain,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
Not a single hair on his body will be harmed.

If someone is surrounded by vicious bandits,
Who threaten him with knives,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The bandits will all give rise to compassion.

If someone is in trouble with the law,
And on the verge of being executed,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The knives will break into pieces.

If someone is imprisoned, shackled, or chained,
Or if his hands and feet are in stocks,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
His bonds will open and he will be free.

If someone is about to be harmed,
By mantras, spells, or poison,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The harm will all return to the sender.

If someone meets with evil rakshasas, 
Poisonous dragons, or ghosts,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
They will then not dare to harm him.

If someone is surrounded by vicious beasts,
With fearsome fangs and claws,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The beasts will quickly run far away.

Poisonous snakes and scorpions,
Have blazing lethal vapors,
But if one evokes the strength of Guanyin,
At the sound of one's voice, they will disperse.

Clouds of roaring thunder and lightning
May send down hail or great floods of rain,
But if one evokes the strength of Guanyin,
The clouds will immediately scatter.

Living beings are beset with hardships,
And oppressed by limitless sufferings.
The power of Guanyin's wondrous wisdom
Can rescue the world from suffering.

Complete with the power of spiritual penetrations,
Vastly cultivating wisdom and expedient means,
Going throughout countries in the ten directions,
He manifests everywhere in all places.

The various evil destinies,
Those of the hells, ghosts, and animals,
And the pain of birth, old age, sickness, and death
Are all gradually wiped away.

True Contemplator, Pure Contemplator,
Contemplator with Vast, Great Wisdom,
Compassionate Contemplator, Kind Contemplator,
May we constantly behold you with reverence!

Undefiled pure light,
The sun of wisdom that breaks through the darkness
Is able to quell calamities of wind and fire
As it shines on all worlds.

Compassionate substance: the thunder of precepts.
Kind intent: a wondrous great cloud.
He rains down sweet dew and Dharma rain,
Which extinguish the flames of affliction.

In the midst of contention, when faced with lawsuits,
Or when someone is terrified on the battlefield,
If he evokes the strength of Guanyin,
All his many enemies will scatter and leave.
Wondrous your sound, Contemplator of the Worlds Sounds
A pure sound, a sound like the sea tide,
A sound beyond all worldly sounds,
We shall always bear it in mind.

In thought after thought we have no doubt:
Guanshiyin is pure and sagely.
In times of suffering, agony, danger, and death,
He is our refuge and protector.

Complete with all merit and virtue,
His kind eyes watching living beings,
He is endowed with massive blessings, limitless as the sea.
Therefore we should reverently worship him

Xi Wangmu, the shamanic great goddess of China
Max Dashu

the goddess seated on a wild mountain, holding the ling zhi and a peach, with the three-legged raven

One of the oldest deities of China is Xi Wangmu (Hsi Wang Mu). She lives in the Kunlun mountains in the far west, at the margin of heaven and earth. In a garden hidden by high clouds, her peaches of immortality grow on a colossal Tree, only ripening once every 3000 years. The Tree is a cosmic axis that connects heaven and earth, a ladder traveled by spirits and shamans.
Xi Wang Mu controls the cosmic forces: time and space and the pivotal Great Dipper constellation. With her powers of creation and destruction, she ordains life and death, disease and healing, and determines the life spans of all living beings. The energies of new growth surround her like a cloud. She is attended by hosts of spirits and transcendentals. She presides over the dead and afterlife, and confers divine realization and immortality on spiritual seekers.
The name of the goddess is usually translated as Queen Mother of the West. Mu means “mother,” and Wang,“sovereign.” But Wangmu was not a title for royal women. It means “grandmother,” as in the Book of Changes, Hexagram 35: “One receives these boon blessings from one’s wangmu.” The classical glossary Erya says thatwangmu was used as an honorific for female ancestors. [Goldin, 83] The ancient commentator Guo Pu explained that “one adds wang in order to honor them.” Another gloss says it was used to mean “great.” Paul Goldin points out that the Chinese commonly used wang “to denote spirits of any kind,” and numinous power. He makes a convincing case for translating the name of the goddess as “Spirit-Mother of the West.” [Goldin, 83-85]
The oldest reference to Xi Wangmu is an oracle bone inscription from the Shang dynasty, thirty-three centuries ago: “If we make offering to the Eastern Mother and Western Mother there will be approval.” The  inscription pairs her with another female, not the male partner invented for her by medieval writers—and this pairing with a goddess of the East persisted in folk religion. Suzanne Cahill, an authority on Xi Wangmu, places her as one of several ancient “mu divinities” of the directions, “mothers” who are connected to the sun and moon, or to their paths through the heavens. She notes that the widespread tiger images on Shang bronze offerings vessels may have been associated with the western mu deity, an association of tiger and west that goes back to the neolithic. [Cahill, 12-13]
After the oracle bones, no written records of the goddess appear for a thousand years, until the “Inner Chapters” of the Zhuang Zi, circa 300 BCE. This early Taoist text casts her as a woman who attained the Tao [Feng, 125]:
Xi Wang Mu attained it and took her seat on Shao Guang mountain.
No one knows her beginning and no one knows her end.
These eternal and infinite qualities remain definitive traits of the goddess throughout Chinese history.
The Shan Hai Jing
Another ancient source for Xi Wangmu is the Shan Hai Jing (“Classic of Mountains and Seas”). Its second chapter says that she lives on Jade Mountain. She resembles a human, but has tigers’ teeth and a leopard’s tail. She wears a head ornament atop her wild hair. [Remi, 100] Some scholars interpret this as a victory crown. [Birrell, 24] Most think it is the sheng headdress shown in the earliest reliefs of the goddess: a horizontal band with circles or flares at either end. [Cahill, 16; Strassberg, 109]

seated goddess wearing the sheng headdress, with knobs at both ends

Xi Wangmu wearing the Sheng Crown

The sheng is usually interpreted as a symbol of the loom. The medieval Di Wang Shih Zhi connects it to “a loom mechanism” the goddess holds. Cahill says that the sheng marks Xi Wangmu as a cosmic weaver who creates and maintains the universe. She also compares its shape to ancient depictions of constellations—circles connected by lines—corresponding to the stellar powers of Xi Wangmu. She “controls immortality and the stars.” Classical sources explain the meanings of sheng as “overcoming” and “height.” [Cahill, 45; 16-18]
This sign was regarded as an auspicious symbol during the Han dynasty, and possibly earlier. People exchangedsheng tokens as gifts on stellar holidays, especially the Double Seven festival in which women’s weaving figured prominently. It was celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month, at the seventh hour, when Xi Wangmu descended among humans. Taoists considered it the most important night of the year, “the perfect night for divine meetings and ascents.” [Cahill, 16, 167-8] It was the year’s midpoint, “when the divine and human worlds touch,” and cosmic energies were in perfect balance. [Despeux / Kohn, 31]

goddess presiding over shamanic dances and other rites

Xi Wangmu seated amidst worshippers, dancing frog, magical raven, nine-tailed fox, and various ritual scenes. Directly beneath her is a possible representaation of the celestial Grindstone.
The Shan Hai Jing goes on to say of the tigress-like Xi Wangmu: “She is controller of the Grindstone and the Five Shards constellations of the heavens.” [Cahill, 16] The Grindstone is where the axial Tree connects to heaven, the “womb point” from which creation is churned out. [Mitchell cite] In other translations of this passage, she presides over “the calamities of heaven and the five punishments.” [Strassberg, 109] For Guo Pu, this line referred to potent constellations. [Remi, 102] The goddess has destructive power—she causes epidemics, for example—but she also averts them and cures diseases. [Asian Mythology]

The passage above also says that the tiger-woman on Jade Mountain “excels at whistling.” Other translators render this line as “is fond of roaring” or “is good at screaming.” The character in question, xiào, does not translate easily. It is associated with “a clear, prolonged sound” that issues from the throats of sages and shamans. (It may have resembled Tuvan throat singing.) Xiào was compared to the cry of a phoenix, a long sigh, and a zither. Its melodic sound conveyed much more than mere words, and had the power to rouse winds and call spirits. Taoist scriptures also refer to the xiào, and in the Songs of Chu it appears “as a shamanistic ritual for calling back the soul of the deceased.” [Yun, online]

The twelfth chapter of the Shan Hai Jing returns to the goddess, seated on She Wu mountain: “Xi Wangmu rests on a stool and wears an ornament on her head. She holds a staff. In the south, there are three birds from which Xi Wangmu takes her nourishment. They are found to the north of the Kunlun mountains.” [Remi, 481] The three azure birds that bring fruits to the goddess belong to her host of shamanic spirits and emissaries that turn up in art and literature.

tigress-woman seated on mountainside as three phoenix-like birds fly toward her

An 18th-century woodcut depicts the goddess in her old shamanic form, with tiger’s teeth and bamboo staff, sitting on a mountaintop with various chimeric animals. From an edition of the Shan Hai Jing.

This description places Xi Wangmu on the mountain She Wu—“Snake Shaman.” Wu is the Chinese name for female shamans. Its written character depicts two dancers around a central pillar—the same cosmic ladder that recurs in the iconography of Xi Wangmu. The Songs of Chu, a primary source on ancient Chinese shamanism, describes Kunlun mountain as a column connecting heaven and earth, endlessly deep and high. [Cahill, 47] It is the road of shamanic journeys between the worlds.
Xi Wangmu has shamanic attributes in the Shan Hai Jing. She is depicted as a tigress, an animal connected to shamans in China and over much of Asia. As early as 2400 bce, Indus Valley seals depict tiger-women and women dancing with tigers. In the early Shang dynasty, Yü bronzes of the early Shang dynasty show a tigress clasping children in her paws—possibly a clan ancestress, or a shamanic initiator—and tigers flank the head of a child being born on a colossal fangding. The taotie sign represents a tiger on innumerable Shang and Zhou offering vessels—and on masks. [On the taotie as tiger, Rawson, 244]
Mathieu Remi observes of the tigress form of Xi Wangmu, “There are good reasons for thinking that here we have a description of a shaman in trance.” He points to Chinese scholars who compare her staff to the staff of sorcerers. [Remi, 100, 481] Cahill draws the same conclusion, calling attention to modern parallels: “The stool, headdress, and staff—still part of the shaman’s paraphernalia in Taiwan today—reflect her shamanistic side.” [Cahill, 19]

three birds swoop toward a tiger-woman seated on a mountainside, attended by a three-legged raven, chilin and other animals.

Chapter 16 of the Shan Hai Jing returns to Xi Wangmu in the western wilderness. It describes “the mountain of Wangmu” in the country of the Wo people, who eat phoenix eggs. Whoever drinks the sweet dew of this place will be able to attain every desire. On the great mountain Kunlun is a spirit with a human face and a tiger’s body and tail. (Both are white, the color of the West and the goddess.) Finally, Xiwangmu is again described with tiger teeth and tail, with new details: she “lives in a cave,” on a mountain that “contains a thousand things.” [Remi, 575-78]
The Daren fu of Sima Xiangru concurs that Xi Wangmu lives in a grotto. In his account, the white-haired goddess is served by a three-footed crow and is unimaginably long-lived. [Remi, 481-2, 588] The ancient Huainan Zi contains the first written reference to Xi Wangmu granting the elixir of immortality. She bestows it on the Archer Yi, but his wife Chang E takes it and floats up to the moon where she becomes a toad (and the moon goddess). [Lullo, 270, 285] Xi Wangmu also grants longevity in the Songs of Chu. Seekers ask her for the divine nectar, or drink it, in many artistic depictions.


The marvellous Kunlun mountain lies somewhere far in the west, beyond the desert of Flowing Sands. It was often said to be in the Tian Shan ("heaven mountain") range of central Asia, and the source of the Yellow River. But Kunlun is a mysterious place outside of time, without pain or death, where all pleasures and arts flourished: joyous music, dancing, poetry, and divine feasts.[Cahill, 19-20, 77]
Kunlun means “high and precarious,” according to the Shizhou Ji, because “its base is narrow and its top wide.” [Despeux / Kohn, 28] It is also called the Highgate or Triple Mountain. The Shan Hai Jing names it Jade Mountain, after a primary symbol of yin essence. In the Zhuang Zi, Xi Wangmu sits atop Shao Guang, which represents the western skies. Elsewhere she sits on Tortoise Mountain, the support of the world pillar, or on Dragon Mountain. In the Tang period, people said that the goddess lived on Hua, the western marchmount of the west in Shaanxi, where an ancient shrine of hers stood. [Cahill, 76, 14-20, 60]
woodcut of the nine-tailed foxThe sacred mountain is inhabited by fantastic beings and shamanistic emissaries. Among them are the three-footed crow, the nine-tailed fox, a dancing frog, and the moon-hare who pounds magical elixirs in a mortar. There are phoenixes and chimeric chi-lin, jade maidens and azure lads, and spirits riding on white stags. A third century scroll describes Xi Wangmu herself as kin to magical animals in her western wilderness: “With tigers and leopards I form a pride; Together with crows and magpies I share the same dwelling place.” [Cahill, 51-3]
Medieval poets and artists show the goddess riding on a phoenix or crane, or on a five colored dragon. Many sources mention three azure birds who bring berries and other foods to Xi Wangmu in her mountain pavilion, or fly before her as she descends to give audience to mortals. The poet Li Bo referred to the three wild blue birds who circle around Jade Mountain as “the essence-guarding birds.” They fulfil the will of the goddess. Several poets described these birds as “wheeling and soaring.” [Cahill, 99; 92; 51-3; 159]
The Jade Maidens (Yü Nü) are companions of the goddess on Kunlun. They are dancers and musicians who playjade maidens gather in a wilderness garden  as the goddess flies in on a phoenixchimes, flutes, mouth organ, and jade sounding stones. In medieval murals at Yongle temple, they bear magical ling zhifungi on platters. In the “Jade Girls’ Song,” poet Wei Ying-wu describes their flight: “Flocks of transcendents wing up to the divine Mother.” [Cahill, 99-100]
Jade Maidens appear as long-sleeved dancers in the shamanicSongs of Chu and some Han poems. The Shuo wen jie zi  defines them as “invocators [zhu] …women who can perform services to the shapeless and make the spirits come down by dancing.” [Rawson, 427] Centuries later, a Qing dynasty painting shows a woman dancing before Xi Wang Mu and her court, moving vigorously and whirling her long sleeves. [Schipper, 2000: 36] Chinese art is full of these ecstatic dancing women.
Tang poets describe Xi Wangmu herself performing such dances in her rainbow dress and feathered robe with its winged sleeves. In The Declarations of the Realized Ones she dances while singing about the Great Wellspring; the Lady of the Three Primordials replies in kind. [Cahill, 165-6, 187]
The Jade Maidens act as messengers of the goddess and teachers of Taoist mystics. They impart mystic revelations and present divine foods to those blessed to attend the banquet of the goddess. But the Book of the Yellow Court warns spiritual seekers against “the temptation to make love to the Jade Maidens of Hidden Time.” [Schipper 1993:144]
Sometimes Yü Nü appears as a single divinity, in connection with other goddesses. In Chinese Buddhism, she is the dragon king’s daughter, and presented to the bodhisattva Guan Yin. Or she is born from an appeal to Tian Hou (“Empress of Heaven”), a title posthumously bestowed on the coastal saint Ma Zi (who was syncretized with the goddess of the East). [Stevens, 167]
The immortals journey to Kunlun to be with Xi Wangmu. The character for immortal (xian) reads as “mountain person,” and alternately as “dancing person.” [Schipper: 2000:36] The goddess lives in a “stone apartment” within her sacred mountain grotto—from which spring the underground “grotto heavens” of medieval Taoism. It is the paradise of the dead; a tomb inscription near Chongqing calls it a “stone chamber which prolongs life.” [Wu, 83]
Xi Wang Mu is an eternal being who guides vast cosmic cycles. In her mysterious realm, the passage of time is imperceptible: “A thousand years are just a small crack, like a cricket’s chirp.” A visitor turns his head for a second, and eons have passed. When king Mu returns from his visit to her paradise, the coats of his horses turn white. [Cahill, 47; 84; 114-15; 129] The goddess of the West confers elixirs of immortality, even as she receives the dead and presides over their realm.
Mirrors and Tombs
Ancient art is rich in iconography of the goddess: bronzes, murals, painted lacquers, clay tiles, and stone reliefs. Much of this art is from funerary contexts, befitting the signification of the West. The goddess sits with hands tucked into voluminous sleeves, on a throne perched above an irregular stone pillar or a multi-tiered mountain. An ancient lacquer bowl from a tomb at Lelang depicts her thus, wearing a leopard hat and sitting on a leopard mat, with a jade maiden beside her and a canopy above. [Liu, 40] Sometimes she is enthroned in pavilions or halls.
goddess seated in hall, hands in sleeves, with large birds
The goddess seated in pillared hall: sarcophagus from Sichuan
In an important find near Tengzhou, Shandong, an incised stone depicts Xi Wangmu with a leopard’s body, tail, claws, teeth, and whiskers—and a woman’s face, wearing the sheng headdress. Votaries make offerings to her on both sides. The inscription salutes Tian Wangmu: Queen Mother of the Fields. [Lullo, 271] This alternate title reflects her control of the harvests, a tradition attested elsewhere. [Cahill, 13]
At Suide in Shaanxi, a sheng-crowned Xi Wangmu receives leafy fronds from human and owl-headed votaries, while hares joyously pound exilir in a mortar (below). The magical fox, hare, frog, crow, and humans attend her in a tomb tile at Xinfan, Sichuan. The tomb art of this province shows the goddess of transcendence seated in majesty on a dragon and tiger throne. [Liu, 40-3] This magical pair goes back to the Banpo neolithic, circa 5000 BCE, where they flank a burial at Xishuipo,  Henan. [Rawson, 244] Tiger and dragon represented yin and yang before the familiar Tai Ji symbol came into use during the middle ages.
goddess worshipped with fronds by animal spirit biengs
Tomb relief from Suide, Shaanxi
The Western Grandmother presides at the summit of the intricate bronze “divine trees” that are unique to Sichuan.Their stylized tiers of branches represent the multiple shamanic planes of the world mountain. The ceramic bases for the trees also show people ascending Kunlun with its caverns. [Wu, 81-91] “Universal mountain” censers (boshanlu) also depict the sacred peak with swirling clouds, magical animals and immortals. [Little, 148]
Xi Wangmu often appears on circular bronze mirrors whose backs are filled with concentric panels swirling with cloud patterns and thunder signs. She is flanked by the tiger and dragon, or the elixir-preparing rabbit, or sits opposite the Eastern King Sire, amidst mountains, meanders, “magic squares and compass rings inscribed with the signs of time.” [Schipper 1993: 172] Some mirrors are divided into three planes, with a looped motif at the base symbolizing the world tree. At the top a pillar rests on a tortoise—a motif recalling the mythical Tortoise Mountain of Xi Wangmu. [Wu, 87]
Han dynasty people placed bronze mirrors in burials as blessings for the dead and the living, inscribed with requests for longevity, prosperity, progeny, protection, and immortality. Taoists also used these mystic mirrors in ritual and meditation and transmissions of  potency. One mirror depicting Xi Wangmu bears a poem on the transcendents:

When thirsty, they drink from the jade spring; when hungry, they eat jujubes. They go back and forth to the divine mountains, collecting mushrooms and grasses. Their longevity is superior to that of metal or stone. The Queen Mother of the West. [Cahill, 28-9]
The Goddess in popular movements
The Han Shu and other ancient histories indicate that the common people saw Xi Wangmu as a savior, protector, and healer in a time of severe drought and political disorder. A popular movement devoted to the goddess arose and spread rapidly. It reached its height in 3 BCE, as described as the Monograph on Strange Phenomena: “It happened that people were disturbed and running around, passing a stalk of grain or flax from one to another, and calling it ‘the tally for transmitting the edict.’” [Lulo, 278]
The common people marched westward through various provinces, toward the Han capital. Many were barefoot and wild-haired (like their untamed goddess). People shouted and drummed and carried torches to the rooftops. Some crossed barrier gates and climbed over city walls by night, others rode swift carriages in relays “to pass on the message.” They gathered in village lanes and fields to make offerings. “They sang and danced in worship of the Queen Mother of the West.” [Lullo, 278-9]
People passed around written talismans believed to protect from disease and death. Some played games of chance associated with the immortals. [Cahill, 21-3] There were torches, drums, shouting. Farming and normal routines broke down. This goddess movement alarmed the gentry, and the Confucian historian presented it in a negative light. He warned the danger of rising yin: females and the peasantry stepping outside their place. The people were moving west—opposite the direction of the great rivers—“which is like revolting against the court.” The writer tried to stir alarm with a story about a girl carrying a bow who entered the capital and walked through the inner palaces. Then he drew a connection between white-haired Xi Wangmu and the dowager queen Fu who controlled the court, accusing these old females of “weak reason.” His entire account aimed to overthrow the faction in power at court. [Lullo, 279-80]
Change was in the air. Around the same time, the Taiping Jing (Scripture of Great Peace) described “a world where all would be equal.” As Kristofer Schipper observes, “a similar hope drove the masses in search of the great mother goddess.” [Schipper: 2000, 40] Their movement was put down within the year, but the dynasty fell soon afterward.
Yet veneration of the goddess crossed class lines, reaching to the most elite levels of society, as it had since Shang times. Imperial authorities of the later Han dynasty set up altars to the goddess. But courtly ceremonies differed from rural festivals, and religious interpretations were contested. Unfortunately, the Hanshu is the only written account of folk religion, from a hostile Confucian perspective. [Cahill, 24; Lullo, 277-81] The literati did not value peasant religion, so it was not recorded: “what is certain is that the religion of the common people, with its worship of holy mountains and streams, as well as the great female deities, was systematically left out.” [Schipper: 2000, 34]
Patriarchal revisions
From the Han dynasty forward, the image of Xi Wangmu underwent marked changes. [Lullo, 259] Courtly writers tried to tame and civilize the shamanic goddess. Her wild hair and tiger features receded, and were replaced by a lady in aristocratic robes, jeweled headdresses, and courtly ways. Her mythology also shifted as new Taoist schools arose. She remains the main goddess in the oldest Taoist encyclopedia (Wu Shang Bi Yao). But some authors begin to subordinate her to great men: the goddess offers “tribute” to emperor Yu, or attends the court of Lao Zi. [Cahill, 34, 45, 121-2] They displace her with new Celestial Kings, Imperial Lords, and heavenly bureaucracies—but never entirely.
In the later Han period, the spirit-trees of Sichuan show Xi Wangmu at the crest, with Buddha meditating under her, in a still-Taoist context. [Little, 154-5; Wu, 89] By the Six Dynasties, several paintings in the Dun Huang caves show the goddess flying through the heavens to worship the Buddha. [Cahill, 42] (In time, Taoism and Buddhism found an equilibrium in China, and mixed so that borders between the two eroded.) But cultural shifts never succeeded in subjugating the goddess.
She held her ground in the Tang dynasty, when Shang Qing Taoism became the official religion. She was considered its highest deity, and royals built private shrines to her. Her sheng headdress disappears, and is replaced by a nine-star crown. Poets named her the “Divine Mother,” others affectionately called her Amah, “Nanny.” But some literati demote the goddess to human status, making her fall in love with mortals, mooning over them and despairing at their absence. In a late 8th century poem she becomes “uncertain and hesitant” as she visits the emperor Han Wudi. [Cahill, 82-3; 58-69; 159]
Others portrayed her as young and seductive. [Lullo, 276] Worse, a few misogynists disparaged the goddess. The fourth century Yü Fang Bi Jue complained about her husbandless state and invented sexual slurs. It claimed that she achieved longevity by sexually vampirizing innumerable men and even preying upon boys to build up her yin essence. But the vigor of folk tradition overcame such revisionist slurs—with an important exception.
The ancient, shamanic shapeshifter side of Xi Wangmu, and her crone aspect, were pushed aside. Chinese folklore is full of tiger-women: Old Granny Autumn Tiger, Old Tiger Auntie (or Mother), Autumn Barbarian Auntie. They retain shamanic attributes, but in modern accounts they are demonized (and slain) as devouring witches. Two vulnerable groups, old women and indigenous people, become targets. [ter Harrm, 55-76] Yet the association of Tiger and Autumn and Granny goes back to ancient attributes of Xi Wangmu that are originally divine.
In another shift, the Han elite invented a husband for the Western Queen Mother: the Eastern King Sire (Dong Wang Gong). As Susan Lullo observes, there is “no evidence in Han literature that the King Father ever existed in myth.” (There was a god of Tai Shan, the sacred mountain of the East, but he never seems to be coupled with Xi Wangmu.) The new husband was added to the eastern wall of tombs, opposite the Western Mother, for “pictorial balance”—but also to domesticate the unpartnered goddess. [Lullo, 273-4, 261]

The attempt to marry the goddess did not find favor in popular tradition. Two thousand years later after the Shang inscription to the Eastern and Western Mothers, folk religion continued to pair Xi Wangmu with a goddess of the East. Often it was Ma Gu or Ma Zi, goddess of the Eastern Sea, whose paradise island of Penglai was equivalent to Kunlun. Ma Zi is another eternal being who oversees vast cycles of time, as the Eastern Sea gives way to mulberry fields, and then back to ocean again. Some sources say that Xi Wangmu traveled to this blessed Eastern Isle. [Cahill, 118; 62; 77] These goddesses also share a title; like Wangmu, the name Ma Zi means “maternal ancestor, grandmother.” [Schipper, 166; Stevens, 137]
Another Eastern partner of the goddess was Bixia Yüanjün, Sovereign of the Dawn Clouds. She was the daughter of the god of Mt. Tai, and her sanctuary stood on its summit. Bixia Yuanjün oversaw birth as her counterpart Xi Wangmu governed death and immortality. [Little, 278] A major shrine to Xi Wangmu stood along the path up this mountain. [Stevens, 53] The great poet Li Bo referred to “the Queen Mother’s Turquoise Pond” from which pilgrims drank while ascending Mount Tai. Stone inscriptions describe a rite of “tossing the dragons and tallies” in which monks threw bronze dragons and prayers for the emperor’s longevity into the waters of the goddess. [Cahill, 1-2, 59]
Taoist mysticism
From very ancient times the Grandmother of the West was associated with the tiger, the element metal, autumn, and the color white. These associations were part of the Chinese Concordance, which assigned to each direction (including the center) an animal, element, organ, emotion, color, sound, and season. Also known as Five Element or Five Phases, this concordance is the basis of Chinese medicine, astrology, and geomancy (feng shui).
Xi Wangmu is called Jin Mu Yüan Jün: Metal Mother, Primordial Ruler. [Cahill, 68] She is the great female principle, Tai Yin, which is also the name of the Lung meridian in Chinese medicine. It is linked to autumn, death, and grief. The goddess governs the realm of the dead, but is simultaneously the font of vital energy and bliss. A mural at Yongle Temple in Shanxi shows her with a halo, crowned with a phoenix and the Kun trigram that announces her as the Great Yin. Opposite her is a painting of the Empress of Earth. [Little, 276; 281]
The Book of the Center says that Xi Wangmu is present in the right eye. “Her family name is Great Yin, her personal name, Jade Maiden of Obscure Brilliance.” [Schipper, 1993: 105] The Shang Jing Lao Ze Zhong Jing accords on these points and instructs adepts how to manifest celestial beings within their bodies. It names her “So-of-itself,” “Ruling Thought,” and “Mysterious Radiance.” [Cahill, 35]
In Taoist mysticism the human body is the microcosm that reflects the terrestrial and celestial macrocosm, and these themes are interwoven in traditions about the goddess. Kunlun is present in the body as an inverted mountain in the lower abdomen, at the center of the Ocean of Energies (Qi Hai). The navel is the hollow summit of the mountain, through which the depths of that ocean can be reached. This is the Cinnabar Field (lower Dan Tian), the “root of the human being.” [Schipper 1993: 106-7]
On the celestial level, the goddess also manifests her power through the Dipper Stars, a major focus of Taoist mysticism. [Schipper, 70. He notes that Ma Zi was also seen “as an emanation of one of the stars in the Big Dipper.” (43)] A Shang Qing text dating around 500 says that Xi Wangmu governs the nine-layered Kunlun and the Northern Dipper. The Shih Zhou Zhi also connects Kunlun mountain “where Xi Wang Mu reigns” to a double star in the Big Dipper, known as the Dark Mechanism. The Dipper’s handle, called the Jade Crossbar of the Five Constants, “governs the internal structure of the nine heavens and regulates yin and yang.” [Cahill, 35-8]
Taoist texts repeatedly associate Xi Wangmu with nine planes, a nine-leveled mountain, pillar, or jade palace. She is worshipped with nine-fold lamps. She governs the Nine Numina—which are the original ultimate powers in Shang Qing parlance. The goddess herself is called Nine Radiance, and Queen Mother of the Nine Heavens. [Cahill, 68-9, 126]

Around the year 500, Tao Hung Jing systematized Taoist deities into two separate hierarchies, male and female, with Xi Wangmu ranked as the highest goddess. He gave her a lasting title: The Ninefold Numinous Grand and Realized Primal Ruler of the Purple Tenuity from the White Jade Tortoise Terrace. Other sources, such as the poet Du Fu, describe her as descending to the human realm enveloped in purple vapors. [Cahill, 33; 24; 168]
Teacher of Sages
Taoists recognized the ancient great goddess as a divine teacher and initiator of mystic seekers, and in many cases as the ultimate origin of their teachings and practices. She governs the Taoist arts of self-transformation known as internal alchemy, including meditation, breath and movement practices, medicines and elixirs. Books say that the legendary shamanic emperors Shun and Yü studied with Xi Wangmu. They also credit her as the source of wisdom that the Yellow Emperor learned from the female transcendents Xüan Nü and Su Nü. Over time the goddess comes to be portrayed as a master of Taoist scriptures, with a library of the greatest books on Kunlun. [Cahill, 14-15; 44; 34]
Legend said that the Zhou dynasty king Mu (circa 1000 bce) travelled to Kunlun in search of the Western Mother. Many ancient sources elaborated on their meeting beside the Turquoise Pond. The emperor Han Wudi was granted a similar audience in 110 BCE. The Monograph on Broad Phenomena says that the goddess sent a white deer to inform him of her advent, and he prepared a curtained shrine for her. She arrived on the festival of Double Sevens, riding on a chariot of purple clouds. She sat facing east, clothed in seven layers of blue clouds. Three big blue birds and other magical servitors set up the ninefold tenuity lamp. The goddess gave five peaches to the emperor. He wanted to save the seeds for planting, but she laughed and said that they would not bear fruit for 3000 years. [Cahill, 48-55]
In a later account, the cloud carriage of the goddess is drawn by nine-colored chimeric chilin. She wears a sword, a cord of knotted flying clouds, and “the crown of the Grand Realized Ones with hanging beaded strings of daybreak.” She granted the emperor a long instruction on how to attain the Tao—which he failed to follow. Instead of nourishing essence, preserving breath, and keeping the body whole, he lost himself in carousing and indulgences. [Cahill, 81, 149-153]
Literature focuses on her meetings with emperors, but a deep and broad tradition casts Xi Wangmu as the guardian of women and girls. They worshipped her at the birth of daughters, and she protected brides. [Stevens, 53] Celebrations of women’s fiftieth birthday also honored the goddess. Women who stood outside the patriarchal family system were regarded as her special protegees, whether they earned their own way as singers, dancers, prostitutes, or became nuns, hermits, or sages who attained the Tao. [Cahill, 70]
Though men greatly outnumber women as named and remembered Taoist masters, in practice women acted as teachers and libationers. Female instruction was built in to a greater degree than any “major” religion; tradition demanded that initiation be done by a person of the opposite sex, and the highest degree of initiation “could only be obtained by a man and a woman together.” [Schipper 1993: 58, 128-9]
Many accounts show Xi Wangmu as the ultimate source of teachings transmitted by female sages and transcendents to mortal men. The Zhen Gao scroll lays out a complete spiritual matrilineage that begins with Xi Wangmu and enumerates clans and religious communities in the female line. [Cahill, 34] The female immortal Wei hua-cun was said to have transmitted teachings to the shaman Yang Xi. Shang Qing Taoism arose from her revelations, but it was understood that they were inspired by the Spirit Mother of the West. [Schipper 2000: 44; Cahill, 155] Shang Qing tradition also holds that the female transcendents Xuan Nü (the Dark Woman) and Su Nü (Natural Woman) had taught the Yellow Emperor.
Qi Xi, or the Night of Sevens
Over the centuries the Double Sevens festival drifted away from Xi Wang Mu, and toward the Weaver Girl. This night was the one time in the year that she was allowed to meet Cowherd Boy. An ancient legend says that the god of heaven separated the lovers, or in some versions, Xi Wangmu herself. Angered that the girl was neglecting her loom, she made her return to the heavens. When Cowherd followed, the goddess drew her hairpin across the sky, creating the celestial river of the Milky Way to separate the lovers. (They were the stars Vega and Aquila.) Later, she helped them to reunite by sending ten thousand magpies to create a bridge. So the holiday is sometimes called the Magpie festival.

In this tomb art from Guyuan in Ningxia, it is Xi Wangmu and Dong Wanggong who are separated by the Milky Way, not the Weaver Girl and Cowherd, showing that there were a range of stories around these themes.
In other versions, Weaver Girl is a fairy whose work is to weave colorful clouds in the sky. The cowherd surprises her and her six fairy sisters swimming in a lake. He steals Weaver Girl’s clothes (or all of them) and she is forced to marry him. This angers the goddess of heaven, who commands her to return to heaven.
Xi Wangmu’s connection to weaving has faded, just as her sheng headdress was dropped from Taoist iconography. Now it is Weaving Maid who oversees women’s fabric arts, silk cultivation, and needlework. She rules “the fecund female world of seedy melons and fruits” and “the gathering and storing of precious things.” Yet this too connects her with ancient goddess, whose “numinous melon produces abundantly” every four eons. [Cahill, 77]
The drift of mythic themes pops up in various places. The magpies who form the reunion bridge are sacred to Xi Wangmu. The Milky Way separates not the ill-starred lovers, but the Western Mother and the Eastern King, on a painted coffin in Ningxia. [Liu, fig. 43] Xi Wangmu was traditionally the controller of the North Dipper, but in the famous mystic diagram from Baiyuan Guan, Cowherd is holding the constellation. A Double Sevens song in the Yangzi region invokes the Eastern goddess for transcendent powers: “On this night we should beg for the techniques of immortality, clawing away some of Ma Gu’s medicine to cure the Lady in the Moon.” [Mann, 173
As before, the festival “marked the beginning of autumn,” when ghosts are propitiated and women begin to sew winter clothes. On this day they wash their hair with herbal infusions, spread out offerings of melon and fruit seeds, and atttempt to thread needles by moonlight: the “test for skill.” [Mann, 170, 173] From this custom the festival came to be called the Night of Skills, or Pleading for Skills.
The holiday was “extremely popular among unmarried girls” in the Canton Delta, the year’s best festival. In this region of delayed marriage and sworn spinsters, it is called the Festival of Seven Sisters. Its story does not focus on the lovers, but on the Weaving Maid and her sisters. (Here it is the sisters who became furious at the Weaver Girl’s marriage, and who only permitted her to cross over to her husband once a year.) Women propitiate the Seven Sisters “with elaborate displays of their needle and handicraft skills.” They create altars with candles, incense, flowers, fruits, and finely decorated miniature clothing, shoes, and furniture, all in sevens. The celebration culminates with a “wish-fulfilment banquet.” [Stockard, 42-4]
By the late Ming period, the mixture of Buddhism and Taoism gave rise to a new goddess with attributes of Xi Wangmu and Guanyin: Wusheng Laomu. This Venerable Eternal Mother “created the world in the beginning of time.” She helps and teaches her children—who go to her western paradise at death. [Despeux, 42]
The visionary Tanyangzi was from childhood devoted to Guanyin and Amitabha. Born in 1558 as Wang Taozhen, she meditated and was reluctant to marry. Her parents betrothed her but the fiance died soon after, and the maiden embraced the status of widow, making it possible to remain unwed. She had visions of an unimaginably beautiful “Supreme Perfected.” From this “great goddess,” Tanyangzi received a transmission of a smoky mystic character which she breathed in and absorbed into her body. This initiation enabled her to go without eating and resist sexuality and physicality. At the age of nineteen, Tanyangzi was said to have ascended to Kunlun, where she met Xi Wangmu and received immortality. Yet she died a few months later. [Despeux, 45] Here the Taoist and Buddhist themes are mixed in somewhat contradictory ways! Taoists did not reject sexuality, and their intepretation of immortality did not imply leaving the body behind
Women’s embroidery kept the Western Spirit Mother alive. Their favorite scene seems to have been the goddess flying on a phoenix toward her mountaintop garden, with the Jade Maidens assembled to welcome her return and the peaches of immortality ripening beside the Turquoise Pond.

Left: modern statue of Xi Wang Mu holding a peach of immortality

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A Xi Wa

Aluna Gaulchováng 

Female Divinity in South America
Max Dashú
First there was the sea. All was dark. There was no sun, no moon, nor people, animals or plants. Only the sea was everywhere. The sea was the Mother. She was water and water in every direction and she was river, pool, waterfall and sea and so she was everywhere. So, at the beginning, only the Mother was. She was named Gaulchováng. 
So say the matrilineal Kogi people of the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. Descendants of the glittering Tairona civilization, they base their entire cosmology on a primordial Mother Essence from whom everything originates, in the darkness. She is the unborn and eternal source. She is the Mother of Songs.
golden breastplate with birthing goddessThe Mother was not human, or nothing, or anything. She was aluna. She was the spirit of what was to come and she was thought and memory. So the Mother existed only in alúna, in the lowest world, in the ultimate depths, alone.
The Kogi say that this power of aluna exists in everything, and gives rise to all that exists. (Montoya Sanchez, 63) After unknown ages, the Mother began to bring the first world into being. Lands began to form above in the darkness, and in successive worlds, spirit people without bones, and later a Father Sai-Taná, and people with limbs and heads. In the fifth world, the Mother commanded that the ancestral beings speak. Their bodies continued to take on form, and their blood. In the ninth world the ancestral pair found a great tree and heaven above the waters, and built a great house there.
The Kogi (also known as Kágaba) say that their ceremonial “house of the sun” is like this first house, a circular building with a womblike opening to the heavens. Since the Spanish conquest, it is known ascansamaria (“house of Maria”), although the Kogi did not convert to Catholicism. Another account says that the Kogi “believe that the world was created by the great mother Gauteovan who created the sun from her own menstrual blood, and who is also the origin of everything else in the world…” She is the Mother of Songs. (Trimborn, 86-7)
Other Colombian peoples echo this cosmogony of the primordial Mother. On the Guajira peninsula, the matrilineal Wayúu say that Night was the great mother, and heaven’s Light, the great father. Each had twins: his were the sun and moon; hers were earth and sea. Sun fertilized Sea and her son Rain fertilized Earth, from which all the spirits, plants, animals and humans came forth. (Vizcaino,13) The Wayúu speak of her as “the great mother Mma, the earth.” (Vizcaino, 83) As Renilda Martinez told the International Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992: “Wayúu elders tell us that we are children of Juya (rain) and Mma (Earth) and that the trees, mountains and animals are our relatives. We conceive of the earth as a fountain of sustenance. She is the creator of life...” (Martinez, 9)
The goddess Dobeiba was the primary deity in the Isthmus region of Colombia. A river and the country Dabeiba were named after her. She was a storm goddess and culture-giver. The “house of Dobeiba” was a temple full of gold and precious stones, said to be guarded by a puma, and people made pilgrimages to it. (Montoya Sanchez, 102-3) While the early missionary Petrus Martyr emphasized tales of a masculine creator, he admitted, “They believe that Dabeiba, the divinity universally venerated in the country, is the mother of this creator,” and noted that he was much less worshipped than she was. (Alexander, 191)
Similar 16th century accounts say that the people of Antioquía venerated the goddess Dabeiba. More recent testimony from the Catío people describes Dabeiba as a beautiful woman of ancient  times who taught the people agriculture, how to weave baskets, mats, and fire-fans, how to make pots and body-painting and to dye the teeth black. Then she ascended back to the sky. She brings storms and earthquakes. (Montoya Sanchez, 60-1)
beaten gold pectoral with female breasts
Quimbaya breastplate of beaten gold, Colombia. See more:
Another important Colombian goddess tradition comes from the Chibcha. They revered an ancestral mother known as Fura-Choguá, “good woman” or, more frequently, as Bachué, “big-breasted one.” Soon after light appeared and the world came into being, she emerged from a mountain lake, carrying a three-year-old child. Bachué made her home in Iguaque, where she raised this son. When he matured, she married him, bearing four to six children at each birth. Their descendants populated the earth. She taught her people wisdom, how to live, and many arts, including agriculture.
After a long time Bachué and her son-husband left Iguaque, calling the people to follow them to their lake in the mountains. There, friar Pedro Simon related, “she made a speech exhorting the people to live in peace and conservacion, to keep the laws and precepts she had given, which were not few, especially in the matter of the divine rites…” Then Bachué and her consort turned themselves into huge snakes and returned to the sacred lake. But people said that she appeared again in many places. All the Chibcha worshipped her, especially in agricultural ceremonies around food crops, and made images of her and her son. (Noticias Historiales by Fray Pedro Simón, Vol II, pp 228-9, in Montoya, 77) The only offering to Bachué was the burning of resinous incense at sacred springs. All snake divinities belonged to her veneration. (Trimborn, 92)
The Chibcha also revered the rainbow goddess Chuchabiba, who protected expectant mothers. The moon goddess Chía, whose temple in Cundinamarca was an important religious center. (Trimborn, 90) She was also known as Huitaca, who some see as a form of Bachué. She  challenged the patriarchal prophet Bochica, who established institutions favoring men: “The goddess Huitaca appeared in this new situation that gave men more power, a beautiful woman of great resplendance who preached her rebellion against patriarchy and the necessity of a broad life, open, full of games, pleasure and drunkenness.” Bochica turned her into an owl, or alternatively, threw her into the sky where she became the moon. (Ocampo, 58)
gold statue of seated goddess holding double spiralsAnother Chibchan-speaking people, the Kuna of Panama, speak of Nana Dumat, the Great Mother, as the “Path on which we have come.” Her partner Baba helped her in the creation, and they form a unity. Nana Dumat gives birth to all life. The Nila, three beautiful women who descended from sky, were prophets who brought culture to the Kuna. (Olowaili, 2005)
In Ecuador, Cieza de Leon reported, the people of Manta venerated a goddess who lived in a huge emerald and healed diseases. Emeralds and other gifts were offered to her. The early Spanish writer Velasco said that she was called Umiña. (Estrada, 76ff) Garcilaso de la Vega  wrote that this emerald was the size of an ostrich egg, and was displayed in the great festivals. People came from great distances to worship the goddess and make offerings, including emeralds which were regarded as her “daughters.” The Spanish looted the gems, but the Manteños had already hidden away the sacred one before they arrived. (Saville, 105)
During colonization, Catholic names were attached to indigenous goddesses. The most famous example in South America is the assimilation of Pachamama, the Quechua Earth Mother, to the Virgin Mary or her mother, Santa Ana. (See article XXX) A 1525 Spanish account refers to a goddess worshipped on Salango island off the coast of Ecuador. It says that her tent sanctuary was “draped with rich embroidered mantles, where they have an image of a woman with a child in her arms whom they call Maria Meseia: when someone has an affliction in some part (of the body), they make a copy of the part in silver or gold, and offer it to her, and they sacrifice sheep (alpacas) before this image at certain times.” (Relacion de los primeros descubrimientos de Francisco Pizarro y Diego de Almagra (1526), in Currie, 1994)
[Image, above left: Quimbaya, Colombia. More on Ecuador. Watch this space for additions on Peru.]
Venezuela and the Guyanas
Everything sprang from Kuma, and everything that the Yaruro do was arranged so by her—the other gods and culture heroes act according to her laws.—Anonymous Yaruro person, circa 1937
In Venezuela, the matrilineal Yaruro of the Rio Capanaparo venerate Kuma. She created the world with the help of two brothers, the water serpent Puaná and the jaguar Itciai, after whom the social moieties are named. Kuma lives in a western paradise which the shamans see in visions, and to which they make spirit journeys. She is depicted with upraised arms on the shaman’s rattle. A pole is set up around which “men and women dance in separate circles.” (Zerries, 252-3)
In the Orinoco delta, the Warao say the forest is a tribe of trees, bushes, and palms. The red cachicamo tree is Dauarani, the Mother of the Forest, and its guardian. Anyone who wants to fell a tree to make a canoe must seek her permission, and the consent of her daughter, the tree. Shamans ritually approach the tree-woman, who appears as a maiden wearing a comb and beaded necklace, and sing to her. The canoe carved from her wood is vulva-shaped, and the Warao, who call themselves Canoe People, compare its cargo to the fruits created by the Mother of the Forest. (Halifax, 144-5)
Along the coast of Surinam, the Cariña Caribs revere Amaná, a self-conceiving Mother whose essence is time. They say that she was never born, that she exists eternally. Amaná has borne all beings and can take any shape. She lives in the watery Pleiades in the form of a woman-serpent, renewing herself continually by sloughing off her skin. They call her a sun serpent, and another name for her is Wala Yumu, “spirit of the kinds.” She especially rules all water spirits. The Cariña call powerful rocks at the rivers’ headwaters Mothers. Shamans commune with these beings and with Amaná for visions and healing.
Like many other divine women of the Americas, Amaná bore twin brothers. Tamusi, ancestor of the Cariña,the pleiades constellationwas born at dawn, and moonlight is sacred to him. Yolokan Tamulu, “grandfather of nature spirits” was born at dusk and has to do with darkness. These twins are complementary powers, but Tamusi is more closely associated with Amaná and her Pleides constellation. (Zerries, 245-7)
The Cariñas have a saying: “If there were no spirit to cause everything to be as it is, there would be nothing.” In their philosophy, spirit precedes matter: “We believe that the aula [word, speech] of every wala [species] has existed from the very beginning, and that it created the physical aspect. Every wala in the visible world is the physical counterpart of a flowing wala [melody] which gives it life. The sound which a creature makes is the expression of its vital principle.”  For the Cariña, every “kind” has its “boss” spirits. The Arawakans have a similar concept and  “use either the suffix oyo (‘mother’) or kuyu or kuyuha (‘wildness or shyness of an animal’).” (Zerries, 267-9)
In the beginning Amana rode a wave which was the milky way. She is also described as riding a turtle. She created the sun for warmth but did not anticipate how hot it would be, and it burned the moon. She has to keep immersing the sun in the ocean to protect the earth from its scorching rays. Her two sons help her fight its heat. During the day, Tamusi cuts away sun ray serpents and casts them into space. At night Tamula covers the sun with layers of darkness. (
In the origin story of the Caribs, a Warrau man warned his sister not to bathe at a pond when she was in her courses. But she disregarded him and was captured by the great water-snake Uamma. She then conceived. Her brother got suspicious when he saw her bring home large amounts of bullet-tree seeds, without ever taking an axe to harvest them. Spying on her, he saw the Uamma snake come out of her vagina, climb a tree, and shake it so that the seeds fell down. Then the snake slithered down and went back into her body. The brother brought helpers the next day to kill the serpent. They struck as he was descending the tree and chopped him to pieces. In grief the woman collected all the pieces, which each grew into a Carib person. This new people lived in harmony with the Warraus, exchanging gifts of food. The snake’s wife, now a very old woman, still wanted revenge for the snake’s slaying, and told the Caribs to kill a child sent to them with food. This sparked a blood feud, and the Caribs prevailed. In the Warrau version of this story, the ending is peaceful, with friendship and paiwarri drinking. (Roth, online)
The Arawaks of Guyana told of a creator pair: the male Kururumany formed men, and the female Kulimina formed women. After these people populated the land, they fell into corruption, and so death was decreed for them. Kulimina may have been the sister of the masculine creator, since he is described as having two wives, Wurekaddo (“She who works in the dark”) and Emisiwaddo (“She who bores through the earth”). The second name refers to the cushi ant, a red ant that burrows in the earth. (Alexander, 259; Roth, online)
Traditions of the Amazon basin may provide a clue to the ant’s significance. The Kayapó say that the little red ant is the relative of manioc and guardian of the women’s fields. She keeps the bean vines from choking the manioc by chewing through them. So Kayapó women often paint their faces with the ant pattern. (Nimuendaju, online)
Mothers of Manioc, Mothers of Animals
Many rainforest peoples hold ceremony to honor the Manioc Mothers, and invoke her like the Mundurucú shamans in Brazil: “Mother of manioc, show favor to us. Let us suffer no famine; we call on you each year with our prayers. We have not forgotten you.” (Zerries, 276)
In Ecuador, the Canelos Quichua honor Ningui, who is the soil of their fields, the chagra mama “Garden Mother.” She is also Mother of clay and ceramics, and the very spirit of culture.
For the Shuar (“Jivaro”) of eastern Ecuador, Ningui is the Earth Mother. She taught Shuar women agriculture in ancient times. After planting their crops, Shuar women hold dances and ceremonies for five nights to honor Ningui, asking her to make their manioc grow. They also call on her in tobacco feasts which women hold for each other, to give young women strength after their first menses and to reinvigorate older women. They plant manioc during these ceremonies, chanting incantations over the cuttings. (Zerries, 277)
The women call on Ningui through the nantára, a stone of unusual shape which contains the female soul of the manioc. They paint the first manioc cutting red, and the honoree places it against her vulva. All the women planting manioc sits on a tuber. Once they have finished planting, they place a ceremonial digging stick into the ground, dance, and pray to Ningui.
 The Witoto celebrate the Okima festival to honor the manioc spirit and ancestors with dancing and stamping tubes, flutes and torches. In this ceremony “the women mimic the gait of the moon woman as she leans on her staff made of a food plant ‘like ñame (yam)’.” The Witoto say that manioc began with a girl called Dark or Blind who conceived by a spirit. She gives birth into a pot and doesn’t look at the child. When she returns some time later, a manioc tree is growing there. (Zerries, 278)
The Manioc Mother belongs to a broader spectrum of guardian spirits. Every kind of animal has its “mother” who nurtures and protects it. The Camayura of Brazil call them mama’é. Manioc has three Mothers, who  are represented by posts representing the tools of manioc farming, as well as the fishy mama’é who gave the people manioc and farming technology long ago. (Zerries 279-80)

The sacred female in Brazilian archaeology
Female icons in terracotta appear in large numbers at sites along the Amazon river, especially the Tapajós region, Santarem, and the Marajó island where the river empties into the south Atlantic. Large clay sculptures over a meter tall are also known from the Amazon region.
little clay figurines of women with prominent vulvasTwo sets of small figurines from the Tapajós river valley
more clay figurines
orange clay figurine of smiling woman with outstretched legs
A blissfull woman in the triangular-legs pattern typical of Santarem, and parts north as far as the Caribbean islands.
funerary urn with owl face and spiral patterns
An owl-faced urn from the Amazon river,
adorned with coursing spirals.

Among the Tupí peoples of Brazil, the title Cy (“mother”) addresses female spirits of land, water, and heavenly bodies. In the 1750s, the missionary João Daniel wrote about sacred stones in a forest sanctuary, which the Portuguese destroyed. He said the sun was venerated as Coara Cy, “mother of day,” and the moon as Ja Cy, “mother of fruits.” People celebrated when the new moon appeared. “These two heavenly bodies were regarded as divinities, creators.” (Palmatary, 15-16)
For the Mundurucú, Putch ˆSi (“mother of game”) is a power who lives in upland springs where rivers originate. She roars when she moves, and the animals follow her. She appears in the form of a tortoise or coatá monkey, as well as in stone wirakuá. Shamans keep tortoises as her avatars,  feeding them möri paste of manioc and scented water in order to propitiate Putch ˆSi. The most gifted shamans made shamanic journeys to visit her manifestations, making offerings and calling her so that hunting would go well. The Game Mother kills those who break her law by eating her special animals, disrespecting animals they kill, or wasting their flesh. (Zerries, 260-1)
The Mundurucú also propitiate Asima ˆSi, “the mother of fish” who rides on an alligator and is the guardian of all aquatic animals, including mammals.(Zerries, 265) In Ecuador, the Canelo say that a certain kind of tick attracts game, and bring it on hunts. They call this tick Aischa mama, “mother of game.” (Zerries, 262)
Women, Serpents, and the Waters
A widespread South American theme connects divine women to sacred lakes and serpents. The Chibcha culture-giver Bachué comes from the lake as a woman and returns as a snake. The Caribs say they are descended from a woman who carried a water-snake in her vagina. The Venezuelan goddess Maria Lionza is either carried off by a serpent or becomes one when she gazes into a lake (see below). Brazilians speak of the water-mother (mae d’agoa) and Peruvians about the Yacumama, a river spirit who is a two-headed serpent.
Sacred lakes also figure in Brazilian legends about amazons called Icamiabas. Many indigenous peoples of the Amazon had traditions about the Women-Living-Alone, the Women-Without-Husbands, the Masterful-Women. (Alexander b, 285) The Waurá of the Xingu river still celebrate rituals in their memory. (Schultz, 142) The great Amazon river is named after the women warriors encountered by Spanish soldier Orellana. The chief Aparia asked him whether he had seen the amazons, “whom in his language they call Coniapuyara, meaning Great Ladies.” (Van Heuval, 117) This name could be rendered as “masterful women.” (Spruce, 457) Other sources translate it as “Great Lord” (Alexander, 285, among others) or as “mighty chieftains”—but they ignore the meaning of conia (cunha), “the Tupí word for woman.” (Southey, 86) The “mighty women” title, like the Waurá ritual and similar traditions, suggest a supernatural status for the Coniapuyara / Icamiabas.
A very widespread Tupí tradition says that there is a sacred lake near the source of the Nhamundá (Jamundá) river. It is called Yaci-uaruá, “mirror of the moon.” Every year the Icamiabas hold agreenstone frog in triangular shapeceremony to honor the moon and the Mother of the Muiraquitãs who lives in the lake. The women purify themselves, and when the moon shines on the waters, they plunge deep into the lake to receive muiraquitãs from the goddess. These are jade amulets, often in the form of frogs, and also fish, tortoises, and other shapes. By some accounts, the Icamiabas scooped up clay from the lake bed and shaped it into these forms. Once exposed to air or moonlight, the muiraquitãs hardened into stone. Another version holds that the Icamiabas caught little underwater animals and froze their forms by dropping a little of their own blood onto them. (Palmatary, 75)
rounded frog greenstone amuletThese “greenstones” or “amazon stones” were sacred and highly valued, worn and gifted and traded as far north as the Carib country. Early colonial reports place the muiraquitãs around the Nhamunda and Tapajos rivers. Many sources refer to their healing properties. In 1851 the traveler Castlenau related that “The Indians attribute to them the greatest medicinal powers.” Tapajós women used them to prevent disease and to conceive. Nursing mothers preferred pale and yellowish stones which were said to increase the flow of milk. (Palmatary, 79-80) In Guyana they were often worn by chiefly women, as Sir Walter Raleigh remarked: “…commonly every king or cacique hath one, which their wives for the most part wear; and they esteem them as great jewels.” (Raleigh, 202; emphasis added) Centuries later, Fernando Sampaio called the muiraquitã “a symbol of feminine power.” (de Camaris, online)
In southern Brazil, the Paressí creation story begins with the stone woman Maisö, when earth and water and light did not yet exist. She placed a piece of wood in her vagina, causing the muddy river Cuyaba to pour forth, followed by the clear waters of the Paressí. Then Maisö created the earth by putting land in the rivers, and gave birth to many stone people. Among them were the couple Darukavaitere and Uarahiulu, who procreated the sun, moon, and stars and placed them in the heavens. They also brought forth parrots and snakes and the first human Uazale, ancestor of the Paressí. (Lowie, 172)
Guaraní Cosmology
There are several versions of the creation story by the various Guarani peoples. Many accounts feature a sole masculine creator, perhaps under Christian missionary influence, but others say that creation was a joint effort of Tupã the sun and Arasy the moon. They descended to earth, to the hill Arigua, where they created seas and river, woods, stars, and all the beings of the universe. They formed humans from clay mixed with various natural elixirs and water, both making a statue in their own likeness. The people came to life with the sun’s rays, and sat before their creators who named them.
Arasy spoke first, and when the humans replied, it was again the woman Sypavê who spoke first. Tupã told both to love each other and have many children, take care of them, and that they’d have everything they needed. Arasy interrupted, saying that people need to work, or their life would be a slow death. So Tupã agreed. They instructed the first people on how to live, to avoid  unnecessary harm to living things and to tattoo their faces to remind them of the sacred. They told them that Earth is their mother and the Moon is her sister. (Colmán, online)
The Tavyterã speak of an earlier divine generation, Our Great Grandfather who suckled himself and raised his wife out of his ceremonial crown. This was Ñande Jari Jusu, Our Great Grandmother, Great Golden Flaming Ritual Staff. The two quarreled, and Grandfather decided to leave the earth. In his anger he wanted to destroy the earth, but Ñande Jari succeeded in protecting it by singing the first sacred song, to the beat of the takuára (women’s ceremonial staff). (Grünberg, 4)
Another Guarani story says that a great flood destroyed the previous world, but the ancient grandmother Chary Piré survived through her shamanic power. “As the floodwaters rose, Chary Piré stamped out a dance beat with her rhythm stick and sang a powerful chant without stopping.” She caused a palm to grow between heaven and earth, and took refuge at its top with her son. (Sullivan, 187)
As the divine Grandparents had quarreled, their children had a similar disagreement, and Our Father left Our Mother, Ñandecy. (Grünberg, 4) Some stories say they fought over her having made love with another. In one version, Ñandecy could not believe that the corn her husband sowed had ripened immediately. Annoyed, she told him that another man had fathered the child she was suckling, and he left. Later she and her child went looking for him on the path of tigers.

The Tiger Grandmother gave them shelter and hid them from her grandchildren. But the young tigers found and killed Ñandecy. Later her son with his magical twin avenged her death by killing the tigers. [Colman, online] This theme of a divine woman who has twin sons and then dies is a common theme in stories across the Americas. The Guyana Caribs tell a very similar story about a mother slain by the tiger and avenged by her twin sons. (Roth, online)
(Right: Porãsy, daughter of the divine grandparents, sacrificed herself to destroy the seven monsters sired by Tau. The text is Guaraní, a living native language.)
young woman clad in ornaments looks back toward demonic figure
Ñandecy went to the world of the ancestors, and rules the land-without-evil, in the waters to the east. A parrot meets all comers with food and judges them; only the humble can enter. While the male creator has withdrawn far away, Ñandecy cares about humans. Thus she became the focus of Guaraní millennial movements after the European conquest. (Zerries, 241)
The Sun and Other Sky Women
The Toba people in northern Argentina say that the sun woman Aquehua lives in the heavens with other star women. She weaves a ladder of her hair so the jaguar man can reach her in heaven. She becomes whitehaired and old, but is annually renewed by this encounter. Or, in another version, she does battle with the jaguar who is trying to eat her. (Monahan 1994, 192)
The matrilineal Tobas say that in the beginning women lived in the sky and the stars were their houses. Men lived as half-animals on the earth below. One day the sky women decided to go down to earth to look around and taste its fruits. They descended by long cords many times. Once while the men were out hunting, the women came to their hut and ate all their food. The men couldn’t figure out what had happened, so they set someone to keep watch. The rabbit-man fell asleep and didn’t see what happened. The parrot-man saw how the women came down from the sky, but one of them threw a stone and broke his beak, so he was unable to tell what he saw. The eagle-man was stunned by the brilliance created by the cord brushing against the earth and his speech was too confused to understand. Then the bird-man stood guard, and when he saw the women descending, he flew and cut the cords, trapping those who had landed.
The men were attracted to the sky-women and wanted to have sex with them. The fox man grabbed the prettiest and carried her to his hut, but soon came out screaming and holding his crotch. He said the woman had bitten him with the teeth in her vulva. The men saw that the women used these lower teeth to chew their fruit. The bird-man invited the women to sit crosslegged on the ground in a circle. Then the men built a fire and danced hard all night, beating the ground with their feet and making the ground vibrate. At dawn they collapsed in exhaustion. The women got up and went over to them, but the teeth remained stuck in the ground where they had sat. Then men and women got together and had human children.
As for the women who remained in the sky, the sun woman Aquehua stayed close to the earth near her sisters. Sometimes she moves quickly, like a young person, which makes the days short and cool. Other times she goes slowly like an old woman, and the days are long and hot. She regenerates herself, turning from young to old and then young again, and will until the end of time. (Bernardo, online)
Among the star women of the Toba are “three old women who live in a large house with a garden.” They are the stars in Orion also known as the Tres Marias. Star Woman (the planet Venus) produces the Magellanic Clouds by pounding carob into flour in her heavenly mortar. (Metraux, 365)
The Goddess Appropriated
Stories of men seizing the sacred ceremonies, instruments, and masks from women are widespread in South America. The Yamana of Tierra del Fuego say that Húanaxu was the leader of women, who once ruled. Men killed all the women in a patriarchal coup. Furious, Húanaxu rose into the sky as the Moon, and sent a great flood to punish the slaughter. (Monaghan, 2009)
The Selk’nam too said that the moon, Kreeh, was a powerful shaman who led the women’s ceremonies and decided who would play which spirits. Among them was the chthonic serpent Xalpen who arose from deep in the earth, causing the ceremonial hut to shake and flames to spit forth. But the men found out and overthrew the women, and Moon became a despised figure, though her power was yet feared. (Chapman, 67-73)
In Venezuela, the Arawakan Wakuénai tell of how Amáru and her women take the sacred flutes away from her trickster brother and the men. This act opens up the world after an earlier destruction, and the women play the flutes as they travel through the valleys of the Orinoco, Vaupés, Negro, and Amazon rivers. The trickster tracks Amáru down at a lake, but she escapes through a secret underground passage and returns to the mythic center. Finally the men reestablish control over the sacred flutes, tricking Amáru into thinking that the instruments have turned into wild animals and birds. They use the colonial lingua geral (a mix of Tupí and Portuguese) to accomplish this deceit. Yet Amáru retains great power; she is “strongly associated with the eastern horizon, the sun’s heat as it rises to light up the day, and the biological power of fertility and giving birth.” (Hill, 237-40)
In the Gran Chaco, the Ishir (Chamacoco) say that the male overthrow went so far as to actually kill theajnábsero (spirits). Only the great goddess Aishnawerhta or Ashnuwerta regenerates herself. She is the most powerful of the ajnábsero, and for humans she is the Great Teacher, the Giver of Words, who reveals the law and brings culture. She protects the land and animals by regulating hunters and food distribution. She is Ashnuwerta of the Red Splendor, of the Black Brilliance, Mistress of Water and Fire, Mother of the Birds of the Benign Rain, Mistress of the Dark Blue Storm. (Escobar, 40-1, 55, 30-33) Her name can be translated as “Lightning, Brilliance,” also as  “Flower, Intensely Red.” She is all-knowing, present everywhere, and beyond time. (Cordeu, 268-70)
the goddess as a red fish with breasts and long black fringes, swimming in the waters whle people dance on the shores
Ashnuwerhta, painted by Ishir artist Basybuky (Claudelino Balbuena)
Then how could she be killed? The men’s tradition says that it was done at her own instruction, because the women had looked down on men and tricked them. In the early days it was the women who performed the sacred rites that renewed the bonds between all beings. Once men had learned the ways of the ajnábsero,their calls and movements, they did not need them and wanted to get rid of them. Inexplicably, Ashnuwerta revealed to the chief (her lover in the story) how to kill the ajnábsero, herself included, by striking the mouths hidden in the fur on their left ankles. (Escobar, 30-5; Cordeu, 268)
The overthrow of the women began with the men seizing boys and subjecting them to severe tests in the initiation house. Some boys died, the chief’s son among them. Then he vowed revenge on the spirits. With Ashnuwerta’s help, the men killed the ajnábsero. Some versions say the men were only going to kill some of them, but got carried away and murdered the helping spirits too, ignoring the goddess’ pleas to stop. Then Ashnuwerta told the men that they must take the ceremonial places of the ajnábsero. She made it so that each slayer acquired the clan identity and symbols of the spirit he killed. She taught them each their costumes, paints, dances and rites. The protectors of these clans were (still) ancestral females: the Jaguar Mother, the Monkey Mother, and so on. (Escobar, 36-50; Cordeu, 268)
The story says that it was Ashnuwerta who imposed the Great Secret: women were to be kept ignorant that the dancing ajnábsero were really their men. But the women rejected the fiction at first: “Doubled over with laughter, they ridiculed the actors, mocking their attempt to supplant the gods.” Then they discovered the murders. While searching for honey in the forests (a delicacy they hid from the men) the women came across the rotting bodies of the ajnábsero and mourned their deaths. But back in camp, they concealed their knowledge of the killings, making excuses for their red and tearstained faces. (Escobar, 53)
But the men followed the women and found out that they were gorging on honey and mourning for the spirits. They complained to Ashnuwerta who, so the story says, instructed them to kill all the women. She promised they would be resurrected and would remember nothing. The men were only to spare Ashnuwerta. So the slaughter began (girls too) and again men ignored the goddess’s instructions. One man came after her with a club, but she turned into a doe and escaped into the forest. They found her again as a woman sitting in a tree. She had sex with all the men, then instructed them to kill her. Each man was to take a piece of her body and wait til night when the women would rise again from her own flesh.
The women were not the same. Some were bigger or smaller, because the dismembered flesh of the goddess had been shared out unequally. Those made only from the blood of the goddess were like “faded copies of themselves.” Most importantly, their memories had been erased, and they knew nothing. Since then, the women believe that the men in ritual costumes are really the ajnábsero, or so they say. It was said that a curse would fall on the Ishir when the men forget to imitate the gods and the women stop believing that they are. (Escobar, 60-1; Cordeu, 271) What the women really thought of all this is never told, though there is evidence in the parallel case of Tierra del Fuego that the Selk’nam  women were aware of the “secret.” (Chapman, 74-5) As for Ashnuwerta, although her body was cut up and reincarnated as Ishir women, her immortal and eternal being lives on in the Milky Way with the “invincible shamanic souls.” (Escobar, 30)
Maria Lionza
triumphant goddess with upraised arms riding on a tapir-like animal, in bronzeIn Venezuela, a thriving modern tradition has coalesced around the goddess María Lionza. Her  name was originally María de la Onza (of the tapir). A bronze statue shows her as a wildwoman riding this quintessentially South American animal at the entrance to Caracas. María Lionza reigns over the wild animals, a benevolent goddess of nature, love, and peace. She lives in a palace on Mount Sorte, by the headwaters of the Yaracuy river. She is enthroned with snakes and turtles, and flanked by lions and goats. Her devotees make a annual pilgrimage on October 12 to be purified in her spring, make offerings to the waters, and trance-dance over red-hot coals. (Mervin and Prunhuber, 61; Andrade, online)
Her origins are Indian but African and European strands are blended into her veneration. They say she was the daughter of a Caquetío or Jirjana chief in the Yaracuy. Beyond this, the story branches out in many directions. Her green eyes were taken as a dangerous sign, so her father threw her into the lake for the anaconda. She immediately reemerged as a goddess surrounded by animals, plants, and waters. Or, a prophecy warned against the birth of a green-eyed girl: if she ever saw her reflection in the lake, a giant snake would come out of her and cause destruction. She was to be sacrificed to the anaconda of the lake, but her father hid her away. One day her guardians fell asleep and she started exploring. When she saw herself in the lake, she turned into a snake and began to expand until her body burst, releasing a flood. Her head stayed in Acarigua, and her tail in Valencia. Or, the anaconda of the lake carried her off. He was punished by swelling up and bursting, again causing a flood. María Lionza then became mistress of the waters and fish, and finally of all the surrounding lands. (Mervin and Prunhuber, 61)
In a version recorded by Homero Salazar, her dazzling green eyes were a good omen for the Caquetío, then suffering under the Spanish conquest. She was called Yara, and her mother Tupi took her to a mountain refuge. She became a diplomat in talks with the Spanish, but they refused to make a treaty, so she returned to the mountains. (Andrade, online) The modern priestess Veit-Tané says that Maria Lionza was chosen to be a priestess for her spiritual powers. When the Spanish invaded, she fled to the mountains and tried to rouse her people to resist. They called her a witch, but she used her divine power to help them anyway. he helped them anyway. The missionaries recast her as the Virgin Mary, baptizing her as Maria de la Onza. (Mervin and Prunhuber, 61)
In the 1920s new stories make the goddess over as a white woman who vanished while swimming in a lake, and was rescued by a boar (onza), her double. Or, Maria Concepción de Sorte was born to a Spanish family but grew up among the forest animals. She ascended to the heavens, where the Indians made her queen, and she rode on a boar.
The worship of this syncretic goddess incorporates Ave Marias, spirit mediums, and the Seven African Powers of Yoruba-based santería from Cuba, as well as Haitian influences. She heads a Venezuelan Trinity with the Indian resistance leader Guaicapuro, and Black Felipe, a Cuban who joined the Venezuelan revolution. She is surrounded by spirit courts composed of river and mountain spirits, saints, and historical figures such as Simon Bolívar. She has Indian, African, Hindu and Arab courts, medical and political courts, and a court of Venezuelan folk characters. Andrade and other scholars describes her religion as “horizontal” and participatory, with lots of gift-giving.
a woman shaman clearing energy from a young woman inside a wooden cabin
An Arawakan curandera in the tradition of María Lionza, Venezuela
The statue of Maria Lionza cracked just before the fall of dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez. More recently it broke in half, which some see as an omen for Hugo Chavez, who is rumored to be a believer in the goddess. [“The goddess and the president” by Mike Ceaser, BBC News, June 22, 2004]
Old Spider
Spider Woman shows up in ancient Nazca pottery and weaving in southern Peru. Several traditions identify Spider as the moon. The Witoto say that the highest heaven belongs to her, and the Paressí say that the new moon crescent is a spider covering the orb. (Johnson, 213)
The Mapuche say that Lalén Kuzé, Old Spider, taught a girl abducted by an old man to spin. He had demanded that she finish working a huge pile of wool by the time he returned. She was crying by the fireplace when Choñoiwe Kuze, Old Woman Fire, spoke to her and told her not to be upset. “I’ll call the Lalén Kuzé to help you.” And Old Spider soon came crawling down the chimney. She  taught the girl and finished the task. [ Jan. 3 2009]
Copyleft by Max Dashu. May be reproduced with attribution.

¿Qué es Kundalini?

Esta energía se llama en sánscrito, energía kundalini o de la serpiente, y cuando es estimulada o despertada, produce una serie de fenómenos que van a desencadenar la evolución de la conciencia, en los casos de personas preparadas para soportar tal energía en su cuerpo. Es exactamente la energía evolutiva que todos los seres humanos tenemos alojada en la basede la columna vertebral, como si fuese una batería o pila eléctrica (valga el símil).

La energía kundalini se puede liberar involuntariamente por varios motivos: el consumo de drogas o medicamentos; el exceso de trabajo; tensiones acumuladas; falta de descanso; abuso de las fuerzas físicas; un golpe o lesión grave en la zona de la rabadilla; la pena, los traumas o el miedo excesivo; prácticas de meditación incorrectas; los ejercicios de desarrollo y el sexo; el embarazo; el parto; etc.

Con la subida de esta energía nos encontramos con una amplia variedad de síntomas como pueden ser: nerviosismo; emociones desproporcionadas; a veces euforia, otras veces periodos en los que no se puede dejar de llorar; depresión; aceleración cardiaca; opresión en el pecho; zumbidos en los oídos, pitidos u otros sonidos; aumento de la temperatura corporal; escalofríos; temblores; congestión y dolor agudo en la zona del ano; adelgazamiento; trastornos intestinales alternándose diarrea con estreñimiento; pérdida de apetito; crisis nerviosas, físicas, emocionales o mentales; cambios alternos en las pautas de energía, se pasa de estar muy energéticos, a sentirse como si se hubiesen "agotado las pilas"; pensamientos un tanto obsesivos y agitados; gran variedad de rarezas; inquietud; una sensación inexplicable e intensa de miedo; cambio en los patrones del sueño; dolores u otras sensaciones en la cabeza; picores entodo el cuerpo o en determinadas zonas; sensación de "bola" en el estómago como si estuviese saturado a veces con ganas de "vomitar" energías; miedo desproporcionado a enloquecer; a veces sensación de que se está muy enfermo y que no queda mucho tiempo de vida; a veces ganas de morir; impulso sexual acentuado; sensación de "vacío" inmenso en la zona del plexo solar; se tienen los sentidos agudizados: el olor, el tacto, el oído, el sabor..., etc. Es como si todo el sistema estuviese recorrido ahora por una corriente de alto voltaje, acostumbrado y preparado sólo para una corriente de 110 voltios, y a la cual tiene que habituarse. Lleva su tiempo asimilar la nueva energía.

Hay que señalar muy especialmente, por la actualidad que tiene el problema, las consecuencias nefastas que están teniendo muchos jóvenes debido al consumo de diferentes drogas, sean de diseño o de otro tipo. Estas drogas producen el despertar prematuro de la energía kundalini, con lo cual al no estar preparado ni maduro su sistema físico y psíquico, para soportarla, funde literalmente los circuitos físicos (los famosos golpes de calor que sufren muchos jóvenes), emocionales y psíquicos, produciendo la muerte o enfermedades mentales, o dejando graves secuelas: depresiones, trastornos psíquicos, alteraciones funcionales, etc..

La kundalini ha existido en todos los tiempos, desde que el hombre habita la Tierra. Es una energía intrínseca a la evolución humana.

Los místicos sintieron estos buenos dones que esta energía produce, soportándola con Fe en un Fin Superior. No hay más que leer la experiencias de algunos santos: Santa Teresa de Jesús, Virgen Maria,  La virjen Guadalupe, La virjen Magdalena,  Jesus Cristo,  el profeta Mohammed, San Juan de la Cruz (La llama de Amor Viva), Santa Hildelgarda....o más recientemente Gopi Krishna, Krishnamurti y místicos actuales anónimos.

Llamo místicos, a las personas, que de una manera silenciosa están recorriendo un camino interior de autoconocimiento.

Actualmente son muchas las personas que están practicando este proceso, sin saber de qué se trata, con lo cual se alarga la vida y la felicidad. Su número va en aumento. No hay mucha información disponible para las personas que ni siquiera han oído hablar de la kundalini y que se preguntan las causas de sus simtomas o de sus cambios físicas, mentales o emocionales.

Son muchas las personas que se les está despertando esta energía de forma natural porque están preparados genéticamente para ello, les ha llegado el momento de que sea así. Por supuesto en estos casos su subida no es tan dolorosa como cuando no se está maduro para ello. No obstante en todos los casos suele conllevar experiencias fuertes, no vividas anteriormente por la persona. Suele comenzar con depresiones y estados de mucho desánimo y abatimiento.

Realmente son sensaciones tan desconocidas para una persona hasta esos momentos, que se puede afirmar la imposibilidad de ponerse en su lugar si no se ha pasado por ello. De ahí el sentimiento de sentirse incomprendidas, del que se quejan muchas personas que lo están viviendo.

La medicación es necesaria en muchas ocasiones, pero no es la solución definitiva, entonces...¿Por qué no investigar por otra vertiente mucho más esperanzadora?

El mejor antídoto para acabar definitivamente con la depresión y el estado de abatimiento, es encontrar un sentido de vida. Buscar las respuestas a las preguntas existenciales: ¿Por qué estoy aquí?, ¿Para qué he venido?, ¿Para qué el dolor y el sufrimiento del mundo?, ¿Por qué de mi tristeza?...¿Qué puedo hacer yo personalmente, para sanar este dolor del mundo que tanto me entristece?...Y ponerse manos a la obra.

¿Y cómo ponernos manos a la obra? Pues hacer alguna actividad, aunque cueste, como puede ser yoga, relajación, salir a la calle y tomar la luz y el calor del Sol, ayuda en alguna ONG..., pero sobre todo empezar a cambiar los pensamientos negativos, haciendo afirmaciones positivas varias veces al día. Por ejemplo unas de las afirmaciones más efectivas: "Cada día me encuentro mucho mejor", "La Vida me ama incondicionalmente como soy", "Yo también soy muy importante para la Vida", o, "Yo me amo y me acepto a mí mismo, cada día mucho más". U otro tipo de afirmaciones que nos recuerde lo contrario del pensamiento o hábito negativo que tengamos. Está comprobado que si se repiten estas afirmaciones positivas, a modo de jaculatoria, varias veces al día, al cabo de un tiempo no muy lejano, la mejoría se produce realmente. Nos encontraremos mucho mejor.

Otra característica de esta energía es que se presenta periódicamente una vez despertada, con lo cual se vive cíclicamente sus consecuencias o purificaciones. Una vez que se ha despertado no es posible volverse atrás. Lo único que podemos hacer es conocernos y trabajar en nuestro interior para no bloquear su flujo innecesariamente, pues esto sólo sería retrasar el proceso.

Hay muchos libros que tratan sobre el tema , que van a ayudar a comprender lo que ocurre cuando está actuando, con lo cual se alivia el proceso.

También aparece citada mucho en la Biblia con el nombre de Fuego. Ejemplo S. Pedro (4,12-13).

Exhortaciones escatológicas

?Amadísimos, no os extrañéis como de algo insólito del fuego encendido en medio de vosotros ordenado a vuestra purificación, sino alegraos más bien en la medida de vuestra participación a los padecimientos de Cristo para que asimismo os podáis alegrar gozosos el día en que se manifieste su Gloria.?

Existen muchos libros que pueden informar sobre esto, entre otros:

1.¿Kundalini y los Chakras? de Genevieve Lewis Paulson. Edaf.

2.¿Kundalini? experiencia personal de Gopi Krishna.

3.Y por supuesto también en internet. ¿Crisis de Kundalini?.

Bueno amigos os deseo que os vaya muy bien con vuestro propio proceso evolutivo. Recordad que no hay que buscar fuera de uno, puntualmente hay personas o situaciones que pueden enseñarnos, pero el Maestro lo tenemos dentro de nosotros. El camino que nos ayuda a llevar este proceso correctamente no es otro que el del autoconocimiento. El hacernos conscientes de nuestros pensamientos, nuestras emociones, nuestros prejuicios, nuestros propios juicios, en definitiva de nuestra propia ?viga en el ojo? a través de la cual vemos el mundo. Pero este ?cristal? a través del cual percibimos el mundo que nos rodea, no quiere decir que sea el perfecto o el verdadero, porque si no habría tantas verdades como habitantes tiene la Tierra.

Con lo cual manos a la tarea de descifrar toda esta maraña mental que llevamos, y que tanto nos hace sufrir.Con todo mi cariño. Un abrazo

Más sobre el tema en 

Amazing Kundalini clique aka

Los nadis están vinculados con los chakras. El canal central, sushumna, juega un papel vital en las prácticas yoguis y tántricas. Los chakras son centros de intercambio entre la energía física y psicológica dentro de la dimensión física, y el prana es la fuerza que vincula lo físico con lo mental y a éste con lo espiritual. En realidad, lo físico, lo mental y lo espiritual son lo mismo y actúan conjuntamente en todos los niveles. Algunos de los nadis gruesos, como los nervios físicos, las venas y las arterias, son conocidos por la ciencia médica moderna. Pero como no todos los nadis adoptan una forma física, ni tienen un carácter visible, es imposible localizarlos, observarlos o seguir el camino que recorren por medios menos sutiles. Los nadis sutiles son de dos tipos:

Los nadis pranavaha y manovaha suelen ir juntos. Aunque desafían toda descripción, de algún modo están conectados con los nervios sensorios del sistema nervioso autónomo. Los nadis del yoga y los nervios del sistema nervioso autónomo actúan conjuntamente del mismo modo que la psique actúa con lo fisiológico.

Determinados estudios de anatomía contradicen la descripción de sushumna que dan las escrituras tántricas, afirmando que el canal central sólo contiene líquido cerebroespinal, sin ninguna mención de la presencia de fibras nerviosas Neurológicamente es imposible que la médula espinal tenga una apertura en la parte superior de la cabeza para la entrada y salida de prana. Por tanto, es difícil proporcionar una anatomía precisa de los chakras. En acupuntura hay un meridiano llamado vaso del gobernador que tiene alguna correspondencia con sushumna. En este meridiano, la fluencia de la energía comienza en la punta del cóccix, asciende por la columna, alcanza un punto en la parte superior de la cabeza y luego desciende por la línea del meridiano hasta un punto situado por debajo del ombligo. Los meridianos de la acupuntura equivalen a los nadis del pranavaha.

Según el tratado tántrico Shiva Samhita, hay catorce nadis principales. De éstos, los más importantes son ida, pingala y sushumna; todos los nadis están subordinados a sushumna.El prana viaja a traes del sushumna desde el plexo pélvico hasta el brahma randhra («la cueva del brahman», el espacio hueco que hay entre los dos hemisferios del cerebro), situado en el interior del eje cerebroespinal. El chakra muladhara es el lugar de encuentro de los tres nadis principales, y se conoce con el nobre de yukta triveni (yukta, «combinado»; tri, «tres»; veni, «corrientes»).

Los diez primeros nadis, según el Shiva Svarodaya, están conectados con las diez «puertas» o aberturas del cuerpo:

Sushumna o brahma randha (fontanel).

Ida (ventanilla izquierda).

Pingala (ventanilla derecha).

Gandhari (ojo izquierdo).

Hastajihva (ojo derecho).

Yashasvini (oreja izquierda).

Pusha (oreja derecha).

Alambusha (boca).

Kuhu (genitales).

 Shankhini (ano).

Kundalini energy is the potential form of prana or life force, lying dormant in our bodies. It is conceptualised as a coiled up serpent lying at the base of our spine which can spring awake activated by spiritual disciplines. Spiritual practices like Yoga, meditation and the next evolutionary step Millennium Modality™ focuses on the raising of the kundalini from the root chakra to the crown chakra, awakening a transformative energy. 

Kundalini has the capacity to ‘wash’ away our deepest tensions, eliminate our misunderstandings (lessons and beliefs) about our true nature, and to expand the flow of creative energy and consciousness within us. It is the seat of ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE.This energy is also seen as sexual energy and awakens the primordial female. When this it is released, there is a direct transmission of spiritual power which gives spiritual freedom. It is linked to the descent of GRACE (love). In this process the SHAKTIPAT is the fire that ignites the rising of the kundalini.

“Kundalini is the energy of the DIVINE as it is experienced in the individual, it binds us when we project it in to the world and yet, Kundalini liberates us when we return this energy to its divine origin.”