Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Once the Buddha was giving a spiritual discourse

Once the Buddha was giving a spiritual discourse and there was an angry man who wanted to take out his anger on Buddha. He got up and started scolding and uttering all sorts of ugly words to the Buddha. The buddha stood silent, with a smile on his face. After being spent of his anger, the man came up to the Buddha and asked, "don't you feel angry, are you not ashamed that I spoke like this to you in front of all these people?" The Buddha in all his wisdom replied "Young man, you have an apple in your hand, and you are offering it to me, but I did not take it, so tell me where is the apple now?" The man said that the apple is still with him, so the buddha replied, "like wise your words are with you, I did not make them mine". Reminder: Do not make the opinion of others as yours. allow people to have their opinions, BUT DO NOT MAKE IT YOURS.
-~Premlatha Rajkumar