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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Star Seeded Souls

The Star Seeded Souls

mastery-1“A single soul is richer than all the worlds.”
~ Alexander Smith
Many are experiencing the awakening of their Soul and the reason for their existence.
“Starseeds” are described as evolved beings from another planet, star system, galaxy, or plane of existence whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age, which is happening now and will be accelerating on an even greater scale in the near future. Starseeds incarnate into the same conditions and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose as do Earth humans. Starseeds, however, have genes that are encoded with a “wake-up call” designed to “activate” them at a predetermined moment in their life. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or it can be quite dramatic and abrupt.
Starseeds can be Angelic Humans, Indigos, Walk-ins, Crystals, etc.
You are not alone.

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