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Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Age OF Activism Top 12: Madonna Lays Down The Law With Lourdes The teen won't be joining her mother on tour anymore...

Madonna may have tried to brush Lourdes' recent smoking habit under the carpet, but new reports suggest she's absolutely furious with her daughter.
And it seems as if the teen's punishment is not being allowed to make her debut stage appearance on mother Madonna's upcoming tour.
Whatever happened to getting grounded?
The 15-year-old was papped enjoying a craft cigarette with her friends in New York and the act seems to have made Madonna re-evaluate her priorities for her young daughter.
A source explained to The Sun that Queen Madge is about to get strict with Lourdes:
"Madonna told Lourdes she is thinking she should help her to concentrate on university instead of allowing her to join her on tour... She was incensed with her for smoking."
We bet Lourdes is kicking herself over that sneaky puff now!
Madonna wants Lourdes to follow in her footsteps at Michigan University, after her star-in-the-making daughter won a dance scholarship.
We guess getting Lourdes to crack down on her studies, rather than toting her around the tour circuit, is the ideal way to make sure she makes the most of this opportunity.