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Friday, May 3, 2013


Only the Inner Fire of the Heart

"Only LOVE bends the Light - So only LOVE CREATES" (Old Sufi Proverb). Only creating suction to center of charge by compressing - making compassion - in your heart will attract waves from the line path energy - into their circle path- matter. There is an ancient wisdom in the Orient (around China and so on). It says that the word SHEI (say it like SHAY- similar to the SHUI in FENG SHUI ) - means to DIMPLE and to MAKE HEART. Understanding the origin (the beginnings) of the universe is similar to understanding the way waves start to dimple.
because that is what sorts things out into ONEness!
Suppose you were in a room, and you felt that people who were there before had been feeling angry and upset. You realize that something needs to change in the feeling - the energy in the room. This information about DIMPLING and MAKING HEART - gives us a clue about how to fix that room. You go inside your heart with your feelings - your focus. And there you hold an emotion inviting all the waves of that room IN to your heart. You feel all the sad and confused and maybe angry feelings that were shared in the room before - and you bring them ALL TOGETHER into ONE SPACE where they ALL CAN MEET - inside your heart.

This is called THE COLLAPSE PROCESS. When waves (and FEELINGS ARE WAVES) - get all gathered together into one COMPRESSED SPACE - they begin to SORT THEMSELVES OUT. The REASON waves sort themselves out - when they are compressed together- is because ONLY WAVES WHICH ARE SHAREABLE - that is waves which can spread out (or radiate) without hurtful INTERFER- ENCE with each other - can make it thru the center. This means that - from the other side of your FOCUS- only the SH AREABLE survive!
This is fun because the idea of PURE INTENTION - usually used only to describe FEELINGS - suddenly becomes something that scientists can talk about! You see - it turns out that COHERENCE is also - a name for only the waves which can spread without interference. And (thanks to our new invention - HeartTuner COHERENCE in your heart can be MEASURED! This means that literally we can check the music in your heart beat (called Electro-Cardio-gram - EKG) for PURE INTENTION! `(A pretty kool and fun idea).

SO - let's review the steps. You suck all the feeling waves in a room - inside your heart - by imagining PER- FECT COMPRESSION. As you do this (it is called COMPASSION - which MEANS perfect Compression!) - you start the process of sorting out confusion into order. This happens because your Heart is the perfect place to GATHER WAVES into ONE - it is the perfect compressor.
In fact - we could say - your heart is so well designed- that YOU COULDN'T GET A BETTER SQUEEZE. (Our joke is that this is the ad for a very good Tomato Juicer .) The REASON your heart works so good to START THE PROCESS OF SQUEEZING - (to DIMPLE and to MAKE HEA RT) - is because of its design - its pattern. Your heart is put together in a way to perfectly allow excellent squeezing. The reason it works so good - is because there are basically only SEVEN ARROWS or ANGLES at which you can SQUEEZE YOUR WAY INTO ANYTHING..
Have you ever wondered why they say there are SEVEN colors in the RAINBOW? and why there are SEVEN (Cupids?) ARROWS thru the heart? Even have you wondered why there are so many spiritual stories about the SEVENTH SIGN and the SEVENTH SEAL? Well it turns out there is a simple reason in pattern or symme- try of wave to understand this.
Everything in the universe is made of waves which spin in circles. When waves spin in circles they store some- thing we called INERTIA. This is the tendency of a spinning top to stay where it is. The neat thing is that in science - inertia is the only definition or measurement there is for creation / matter. The way scientists ("quan- tum mechanics") say this is - rotation is definition of both MASS (matter / stuff / everything ) and TIME! Anyway - for us to remember - spin or rotation is the source of everything that gets created. Waves in a circle - science calls mass or matter. So - in a nutshell - if it does not go in circles (rotation) - it doesn't matter! (because it doesn't create mass by storing this inertia - like a gyroscope or spinning top does).
So to answer the question about why 7: Waves always have to rotate or spin around in such a way that when they meet on the other side of the circle - they don't cancel each other out - so they don't fight. The principle which allows them to find the wave length which lets them keep spinning or rotating - without cancelling is

called SYMMETRY. (we talked about - 'all done with mirrors'). This means that one side of the spin pattern has to be a mirror image of the other side - so that when the parts of the spinning wave going around the circle - meet up - they can avoid fighting or DESTRUCTIVE interfering. See the pictures- previous page..
.. The process of discovering how many ways you can spin around to complete this nesting, is not just in 1 circle on a flat paper ( on a 'plane'). As the waves look for every way to make rotation around one center, they do it in ALL directions. The result is the waves discover the kind of shape around which the MOST number of spins or rotations can happen. The result of this searching for the most SYMMETRY (the most axes or arrows of spin- which could fit in a mirror ) - is the waves find the SHAPE which has the MOST SYMMETRY.. This turns out to be the TETRA hedron. (Tetra means FOUR, Hedra means FACES - FOUR triangle faces makes a tetrahedron). This shape is the BASIS of the HEART's muscle AND the ORIGIN OF RAINBOWS.. There are SEVEN ARROWS or SEVEN AXES OF SYM METRY thru the tetrahedron. See in the picture the way the seven arrows - are formed in the layers of the heart. This is YOUR best trick for squeezing into LOVE - EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE!! (previous page pictures)
This is an example of SACRED in GEOMETRY. Sacred means a pattern which works so well among waves - that it lasts forever. It might seem at first a little strange to define the word sacred without religion, but if you think about it - this definition of sacred works SO well - that it actually makes religion MORE interesting. This is because - if everything is made of waves (including beautiful pictures used in religion) then understanding what makes them last forever as a pattern - helps you understand how deep and important they are. For example - the sign of the cross you make in many religions is actually a way of moving an electric field into a pattern - (this is called WAVE GUIDE ) which lasts longer. By focusing inside - you make the field effects of charge CROSS - and this stabilizes them into a wave form that can stand - and HOLD your BLESS- ING! (Your BLISSing). This kind of thinking where you connect old stories and tradition to NEW principles will begin to help you see for yourself the power of religion - in new and scientific ways. Until soon - you will be able to make all you important decisions for yourself - from the inside - from PURE principle or what is called ESSENCE.
The practice of taking responsibility inside yourself - for creation is called SELF EM-POWER-MENT. It means that you become powerful INSIDE YOURSELF - because you understand deeply the way things work INSIDE . This kind of power does not become mean or nasty power - because we are going to learn - that the way waves inside your heart work - (their PRINCIPLE) is that every time you squeeze - THEY TEST FOR WHICH WAVES ARE SHA RE-ABLE. This means that only waves that can SHARE WELL - survive. It's like you were looking at your report card for your grade on how you did in your first year of kinder-garten. There you get a mark for PLAYS WELL AND SHARES WELL WITH OTHERS. Well in fact - when waves are properly squeezed into COMPLETE COMPRESSION - they get a GRADE on whether they share well! The ability of a wave to share space - in science is called COHERENCE. This is what our HeartTuner ( measures in your heart. Sharing or COHERENCE - determines if a wave gets to keep on going - or if it is cancelled out. Remember COHERENCE is the difference between your battery flashlight as different from A LASER. LASER light goes a long way ! Even to the moon.
The neat thing is that if you learn to be COHERENT in your heart - then YOUR waves will go a long way. This process for a wave to become shareable in science is measured in COHERENCE. It is just like your teacher tells you when you get very confused - that YOU NEED TO GET MORE COHERENT. This is all very important because:
1. COHERENCE (focus and order in your inside heart waves) is a way to measure PURE INTENTION (how SHARE-ABLE you are)! and 2. COHERENCE - is the way to find out if the waves inside your heart and your blood (the waves of electrical CHARGE) are going to make it - to survive THRU death!

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