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Thursday, May 9, 2013

and now a message from our sponsor

The practice of taking responsibility inside yourself - for creation is called SELF EM-POWER-MENT. It means that you become powerful INSIDE YOURSELF - because you understand deeply the way things work INSIDE . This kind of power does not become mean or nasty power - because we are going to learn - that the way waves inside your heart work - (their PRINCIPLE) is that every time you squeeze - THEY TEST FOR WHICH WAVES ARE SHA RE-ABLE. This means that only waves that can SHARE WELL - survive. It's like you were looking at your report card for your grade on how you did in your first year of kinder-garten. There you get a mark for PLAYS WELL AND SHARES WELL WITH OTHERS. Well in fact - when waves are properly squeezed into COMPLETE COMPRESSION - they get a GRADE on whether they share well! The ability of a wave to share space - in science is called COHERENCE. This is what our HeartTuner ( measures in your heart. Sharing or COHERENCE - determines if a wave gets to keep on going - or if it is cancelled out. Remember COHERENCE is the difference between your battery flashlight as different from A LASER. LASER light goes a long way ! Even to the Pleades. 
-@Dan Winter 
The Science of Immortality 
Thank you for everything!