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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LOVE – Shift – Oneness

In essence, everything is related.  When we discuss this “Shift” occurring on the planet, in addition to each individual’s grand Awakening to his/her Divine Self (i.e. the Oneness), we are also talking about Mother Earth’s Shift from 3D to 5D.  But what does that mean, exactly?  3D is said to be the last realm in which Fear co-exists with Love in a material world–this, for its own reasons as a platform for personal growth in order to experience the full continuum of emotions that (physical) life has to offer.  In the 3D, a clear Duality is the main deterrent from the experience of Oneness, of unity.  Humans often find themselves in an outlook that is either/or–e.g. love of self vs the unconditional love of others, service to self vs service to others, one group pitted against another, and so forth.  Both the ego and emotions are untamed, largely directed – often misled – by the Mind.  Duality is never powered by the Heart.  It is the gatekeeper of the Mind that creates these divisions.
We are on the brink of entering this new epoch of 5D Consciousness;  some are already there, but it can only be reached through a purity of Heart.  5D is the realm of Love unconditional, a uniting force that transcends duality.  Whilst it may not have been identified as such during the dominant  patriarchal or male aspect of the current world civilization that is moving into transition, Love is what has been called the Holy Spirit in religious text.  (It is said that roughly every 13,000 years or half of the Earth’s 26,000-year wobble, we move from masculine to feminine and then back – feminine to masculine – energy dominating the planet.)  The rule of One (God) is inseparable from the rule of One Love, the FEMININE aspect of Prime Creator/Creation.  Love is Goddess energy.  Only Love is real, they say, and it is through our Hearts that we FEEL this energy into being, birthing this higher consciousness into our lives and our planet.
As we awaken from the lull of duality and ascend into the fields of Light (i.e. Enlightenment), we move beyond the consciousness of this  dimension and understand with Love the Oneness that is our true heritage.  We are not just the word or the page, chapter or the book.  We are the entire library–all libraries.  We are every story ever told–every man, woman and child, all colors, races, rich and poor, big and small, powerful and weak, able and disabled, etc. We are the children of Mother Earth, the cellular context that is her landscape.  We are not just our species; we are flora and fauna, mountains and rocks, elements and elementals, space and time…  We are Earth, moon, sun and stars–the cosmos and dark matter that binds us all.  We have eternity to experience the majesty of this Oneness that traverses the universe(s) by virtue of the basic tenet of that which is a sentient being–free will.  We – each of us – decide when we are ready to embrace this Shift, Oneness, Love.