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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Law of Peace - Law 36 of the "55 Cosmic Laws" series channelled by Michelle Manders

"Each and every step you have taken up until this point has supported you in unraveling many of the past process which have inhibited your journey into the deeper dimensions of light, truth, and love. And now as you embrace the sacred Cosmic Law of Peace you are being blessed with a whole new grid from which to source energy and love.

In understanding that life is full of challenges, and that these challenges bring you wisdom and growth, but also accepting that there are many times in your life where you are meant to experience cycles of peace and harmony will help you to integrate this light in a more harmonious fashion.

Your energy bodies are aligning with the third level of the Divine Marriage as the Triple God and Goddess come to welcome you into the world of peace, and extend to you the 16th Dimensional Golden Flame.

This energy is serving to transform your wounded inner child into the Golden Child of Alchemy. The part of you which experienced deep wounding during your formative years, and this child; this inner part of your consciousness, can now rise above the old, can rise above that which it has been programmed with and receive the sacred blessings of this Golden Flame in order to tap into its power as the innocent, perfect and beautiful aspect of Mother/Father God, which it truly is.

Every part of you knows that peace is part of your divine right and that peace is something which is to be experienced on a far more regular basis than what is experienced in your current time-line, however, one must know that because of all the past challenges which humanity has had to face, it has been a difficult task to accept that peace and harmony can be a part of one’s life. The subconscious believes that without pain there is no gain, that peace is something which is elusive, something which is not granted to all who are struggling on the pathway to inner and external freedom, however, as we stand with you now Father God comes to grace you with His presence and with His divine promise that peace is your birthright, and that the Peace Grid, which is being activated inside you and around you, is being extended to your wounded inner child.

This grid, which embodies the light of His deepest love for Mother Goddess, is also bringing healing to your wounded inner child revealing to this part of you that true love is the essence which heals all, and we ask you now to receive the light of this deep love from the Triple God and Goddess, and from Mother/Father God.

The third level of the Divine Marriage of the Triple God and Goddess is the embodiment of peace, the creation of peaceful ways to communicate, to bond, to connect, to grow, and to continue creating a life which embodies the creative powers which flow through the peaceful rays of Mother/Father God’s love for you, and for each other, as well as for themselves.

The Triple God and Goddess are also undergoing a deep and very powerful re-emergence of the understanding of the deepest most profound natures of love. It is their bonding which forms this double helix strand of golden light which they extend to each of you so that as they continue to bond, to connect, heal and merge with each other, the same healing is taking place for you." Excerpt - Mary Magdalene.