Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013 – Masculine, Communications, Big Water, Reset! by Azlan White

MOON SQUARED MERCURY (communications and mental planet) in the middle of the night. This tension is inside and out. We may see it in our passage between last night and this morning. At 7:45 am, pst, MOON entered Sagittarius, bringing levity, humor, and interesting friends into our lives when we most need them!

MOON SQUARES MARS and NEPTUNE at 11:25 am, pst and 11:30 pm, pst, almost as they CONJUNCT! This is a BIG PLANETARY CONVERSATION. MARS CONJUNCT MERCURY at 12:57 pm, pst, is a reset on a big masculine mental surfing excursion. Here we have our universal masculine, (MARS) conjuncting the biggest WATER PLANET: NEPTUNE!  This is a masculine dunk!  We dunk ourselves into the ocean of release, reset and envision. This may relate to our masculine side, our excersize patterns, our patterns of action, of collaboration, or of follow-through.

Fantasies, miracles and perfect romantic partners do exist, even if not in this moment, when we envision them, soon they arrive. We are at choice about what we weave into the threads of our future unfolding. We are the weavers and this is a moment when the weaving is dunked under water and all the colors run together, however what emerges will either be dead or more beautiful. We get to decide that too. This is a time to refresh and re-envision our masculine side, as he is pulled deep down through the waters of creation for cleansing and renewal.

Meanwhile MERCURY, planet of the mind and MOON, our personal emotions touches the collective masculine conversation going on. We are personally involved. And it may be dramatic and there may be anger, action, or rebirth going on.

Later in the day, MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 1:40 pm, pst. This MOON TRINES URANUS at 5:33 pm, pst and the same very active MOON also OPPOSES JUPITER this evening at 6:32 pm, pst. All of this together is a REVOLUTION of LOVE!  While Mars is dunked in the waters of life, drowning, swimming or resetting, VENUS is in a radical awakening, rising into her full potential with the support of REVOLUTIONARY URANUS and EXPANSIVE Travel-filled JUPITER in Gemini. The feminine is on fire, and in flight, supported by wings and winds under her ideas and delight.

All of us has masculine and feminine within, so all of us is having this inner pair flying and diving in elemental depths and heights. May his compassion from a place of feeling overwhelmed, water-logged or confused, may she have compassion as she flaps her wings from her Aquarian perspective. Our inner feminine is revolutionary and ingenius, lifted by wings of grace, speed writing and instant publishing. Masculine and Feminine will connect in a more aligned place within and without, for these are cycles, however now these two are in different elements. They are facing unique rites of passage. Inner masculine swimming and Inner Feminine in rapid changing flight.

May we have compassion for the two inner parts of ourselves, as we have compassion for all of the men “swimming,” and the women, “in flight,” changing so fast they can hardly keep up with themselves and the men having to change so fast, they can hardly see what is needed. May we have love and compassion, love and compassion, love and compassion.

P.s. the word “woman” and “man” is interchangeable. MARS and VENUS are archetypes within us all, however their manifestation at times is reflected in gender, as we so choose and express it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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