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Thursday, January 31, 2013

You are Conscious Circular Energy by Quan Yin in Rising Life Media

( How many ideas have you had that never manifested in your life? How many thoughts have you had for positive things filled with light and energy for the world that have never manifested? What do you think happened to this energy?

Did it go to your neighbors, to another city or another country perhaps, where someone else took on this potential? Sometimes that was the case, but what about those potentials that are simply… discarded, because no one picks them? Does this type of unused potential exist?

Well, if you were to look at Earth energetically at this moment, you would see a layer of energy surrounding it, a type of cloak if you will, made up of ALL the frequencies and vibrations you have EVER sent out throughout ALL of your lifetimes on Earth.

Within this layer of energy, amongst many other things there is potential that has never been used. Energy that is ready for you to work with. It goes beyond any energy you ever had at your disposal before. It goes beyond that which is your birthright, beyond the Indigo or Crystal energy. It goes beyond the energy left over after the Venus Transits, the Harmonic Convergence, or the Harmonic Concordance. This is the energy, which is at your disposal now – and it never has been before.

Potentials, you see, like to stay in a state of tachyonic flux until they are used and your geomatrix, or your energy matrix, does not work with particles in flux until they become locked into this time and space framework you currently exist in. Yet, at the same time, potentials are finite creations – they have a beginning, middle and an end. Because of the new period you are now entering into – not just you as a race but as the entire universe you experience this reality in – the timeline of this potential energy is ending and as such these unused potentials are now become ‘visible’ again, i.e. they are locking into the last bit of time/space they can in order to become manifest and that is, in essence, YOU.

This is only a small part, but a vital one, of the time acceleration – or as we like to call it the Quickening – that is happening. You are beginning to see that people all over Earth, and many new paradigm scientists along with some old school thinkers even, are beginning to tune into this concept. The reason for that is simple; it’s because it is REAL, and Earth is figuring it out.

You are The Observer of your own life. This means that for you as the observer, there is twice or more the amount of energy than what is realized in your life, because in fact you are present in your life twice – once as the observer and once as the subject of your life, and they reflect and interact ad infinitum.

The observer experiences all, but you as the ‘subject’ of your life have shut yourself down for so much potential. One mission of the Quickening process is to return all that is you back to where it belongs, and that is the fun part.

If you look at things this way, it will help you to get out of your mind. You need to let go of the linear parameters of your life, or what you think your life is anyway, and go back to what you really are: Conscious Circular Energy.

Have you ever seen anything in this Cosmos, anything which is not man-made, that is in a straight line? Everything in this cosmos exists as circular energy, everything; be it a spiral or however else it ends up being expressed. Even the horizon you see on the beach is not a straight line. It may look like one from your point of view, but it’s just an illusion because when you look from another perspective you will see the circularity in all things.

You could ask yourself: if this is true for something as simple as the concept of a horizon, something I witness every day, and if I understand about perspectives in life, why do I hardly ever pull this into the practical side of life, and start seeing things differently?

You are aware of vibration and frequency. Your mind considers it a fact that in order to vibrate higher, you have to intensify the energy – this is plain and simple 3D science. However, so many things that science once considered axioms are no more, or are changing drastically. In this case: the vibratory scale that signifies the INCREASE of vibration is not the same as the scale that indicates the QUICKENING of vibratory energy. The process of Quickening is not just a dial that is being turned up; it is the move from a linear to a circular given.

What all of that means for you in your daily existence is this: when you arrive within the original state of being, your Conscious and Circular Self, your vibration and your frequencies will be exactly level with the Speed of Consciousness and the Speed of Joy. There will be no time/space lags between what you are and what you experience, in other words.

Now, this is going to happen anyway because it is a cosmic or even a universal event, but you can prepare for it by starting to live your life this way right now. Do not take my word on it; look instead at the metaphorical horizon of your life for a while and wonder how many different points of perspective there truly are.

According to the relativity theory, the speed of light is one of the fastest obtainable speeds. It is in fact one of the slowest obtainable speeds for consciousness. Why do you think that a problem showed up in the fantastic brain of Einstein when he attempted to imagine and understand speeds greater than the speed of light from the perspective of a relative time and space continuum? He never spoke of it when he figured it out, either, and chose to keep the real truth hidden for as long as was needed; believing it would surface once humanity was ready. Consciousness exists within a quantum field and manifests in all expressions of space and time at once. The speed of light only refers to consciousness being experienced from a mental perspective of ‘warped’ linearity.

You come from beyond this universe, your place of origin. You are the fuel of every candle, the energy for the stars that shine. You are the particles of the material holding your clothes together. It is your consciousness that carries the energy of everything you see around you as well; it manifests it because it – YOU – wants it so. Do you realize the impact of this?

It means that you can change the energy of your space in an instant. You can do it. Do you feel how your energy is changing you just by you reading this short little meme of an idea?

This is what you do. The Earth, because of you and everyone around you, is enabling a cosmic shift to take place that will change all of creation, even the way the laws of physics work within the confines of this universe.

You leave droplets of your energy, and with it the information and knowingness that you carry, everywhere. In those instances, you give yourself and others the chance to view life differently at every opportunity.

This article is but the last of these droplets so far. There have been many and there will be many more.

Such is the way of the ocean that is You.