Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Major energetic shifts are to be expected through the date of 2-13-2013.

 Although actual calendar dates are not significant to us, the numerological aspect of the 2-13-2013 are significant. Acceleration on a grand scale (increased volume and intensity) of the “rectification” [prior post] are to be expected. Alignment with this acceleration up-shifts those intending for up-step to Higher Dimensional Gaia. “Sleepers” are to be left temporarily on 3D Earth, yet with upgraded OS [Eireport note: presumably, meaning "Operating System(s)"]. Ascension of those remaining on 3D Earth will occur more rapidly in current cosmic cycle than the prior one. “Up-shift to Higher Dimensional Gaia” intenders will up-shift as individual fields are cleared of expectations. ~ Gaia Portal