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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Four Faces of God - Man Know Thyself

The Geometry
In the field of Sacred Geometry, the form of equilateral triangle is the symbolic image of God: 1 in 3 and 3 in 1. The triangle represents perfect harmony and perfect equilibrium as its three corners points all lie exactly the same distance from each other. 
In the 3-dimensional world, the cube represents the triangle. The cube is six in one and one in six and it consists of seven factors: the six manifested limiting planes and the seventh, unmanifested factor, its cubic contents. The key number of the 3-dimensional world is the number seven. The basic form of matter is the cube.

The various crystals are built in conformity with this law. Starting from one corner points of the cube, try to find a plane in which all three dimensions of the cube are contained. In order to find a plane containing all three, we must begin at one corner and cut through obliquely to the opposite corner points. Thus one corner of the cube is cut off. If we continue, in the same manner, we cut all four corners of the cube, and what’s left is a very different shape: a tetrahedron- the faces of which are bounded by four equilateral triangles.

So now you see that hidden within the cube is a shape of four triangles. If we were to flatten out these four triangles, into a plane, they would form a single, equilateral triangle, the symbolic representation of God.

In 3-dimensional world this is the pyramid. The four sides of the pyramid symbolize the four faces of God, each of which taken alone and by itself manifests the three aspects of the first source. The four triangles which make up the faces of the pyramid are the areas of contact between the divine and the material.
The pyramid is the symbolic form of the God-man, who reveals his divine, selfless nature and completely manifests God on earth. The salvation of the earth, the spiritualization of matter is completed in the person of the God-man. The pyramid which has four faces with three triangles makes the 12-fold manifestation of God.

4 X 3 = 12
Thus the pyramid manifests four times three: the number 12. This results in a 12-fold manifestaition which is present at every point of the universe and is acting in everything that exists, beginning with the individual creatures living on the planets and running throughout the universe, just like little circles in larger ones and larger circles in still larger ones on and on to infinity. So if you understand one of these circles, you will understand the inner structure of the entire universe and of every single creature in it; for the entire visible universe is based on this 12-fold manifestation of God.
The key number of the 3-dimensional world is the number seven.
4 corners of the world 3 the trinity 7 the seven spirits of God.
The cube has 6 squares and 4 points each square equals 24.
If we add 6+4=10, we have the ten force-fields of the Hebrew Cabalistic tree of Life commonly known as the ten Sephiroth. This number 10 also represents the ten points (yods) or numbers called by Pythagoras as the famous Tetraktys.

But if we were to cut out the cube and lay it on a plane we have the cross or the T-shape formed out of the four squares making up the surface of the cube. The cube which represents the Trinity made up of 6 squares of which four of the surface-cube, when laid out on a plane depicts the cross- the symbol of the sacrificial God-man. Thus, as if the corners hid the sacrificial God-man.

The 4 Great Winds

From every point of the universe God manifests himself four-fold. In each of the four directions of the earth and the sky he radiates with a different effect. And because these streams of force which originate at one point and yet are so different, all come from the paradisiacal unity, we can speak of them figuratively as four great rivers spring up in the centre of paradise, where the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are rooted and flowing out into the external world in four different directions:
1. The North wind is dry, cool with a quieting and paralyzing effect.
2. The South wind always brings heat and has an arousing vitalizing effect.
3. The east wind is cool, refreshing.
4. The West wind brings warmth and dampness-in many places rain. Its effect is fatiguing and soporific.
Queries: 1. How comes it about that currents of air can start at the self same spot on the surface of the earth and have different effects depending on the direction in which they flow?
2. We sleep best when lying in the north-south direction because of quieting radiations coming from the north and vitalizing currents from the south.
3. That’s the secret of why a person who is seeking connection with God and praying should face north or east, but never south or west. In the north and in the east he can find forces that lead him towards spiritualization, whereas in the south and in the west he finds stimulation which leads his consciousness to identify itself with sensual instincts.