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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 – Deep Creative Retrograde Fire – Beginning of the End of a Time of Deception on Earth by Azlan White

MERCURY is STATIONARY RETROGRADE today in Sagittarius, in a GRAND TRINE with URANUS and MOON in Aries and Leo.  As MERCURY RETROGRADES, it is activated by a dynamic and creative GRAND FIRE TRINE.  So this next three weeks, (and the last three weeks–in the “fore-shadow” of the retrograde period) are activating us in our most authentic, heart-driven creativity. This pure creativity that raises its energy within us, asks us to reach inside for the real juice, the authentic and powerful tear-jerking creative dreams that are almost too painful to touch, because they fill us with our deepest longings for what is possible. These are the creative roots we are tapping now–the ones that go all the way to our core, weave up from lifetimes, and touch both gifts and wounds that are stored there. This is the time to bring forth that which hurts and brings us joy. This is the time to expose, reveal and express, what is deep inside of us, that must come out. MERCURY RETROGRADE happens three times a year, for three weeks.  People like to talk about the communications gliches, the fact that sometimes cars, fax machines and phones have awkward transitions, or losses, or confusions during this time. People may lost calendars or literally ‘lost their head,” however all of these “symptoms” are surface cues, that “something deeper is going on here.” It isn’t just about meeting people on time and sending faxes to live a life–there is more to it than that–and if we’ve forgotten that, MERCURY RETROGRADE will remind us we are a soul, who has lived  multiple lifetimes, has connections with other souls from those lifetimes, and this is a larger journey. If we’ve forgotten that–MERCURY WILL REMIND US, while it is retrograde. It will also dig deeply into our psyche’s over the next three weeks, calling forth our deepest resources, creativity and truth, beyond the surface of the appointments we make and the e-mails we send. Our words represent communication between beings who may have lived a thousand lifetimes together. What do we say to each other NOW? and why?  asks MERCURY, while digging deeper than we thought we could go (because it will retrograde–back into Scorpio on November 15th.
The last time MERCURY was RETROGRADE on an election day, the Republican party stole the election for BUSH over GORE. There could have been a revolution or revolt like in Kenya, however instead, the American people rolled over and said, “we’d rather sleep than fight,” and perhaps that was the more peaceful option. This year, there is the chance there will be an attempt to “steal the election,” and falsely place a greedy party in the white house, however with MERCURY in a grand trine with outspoken, truthful fire, and RETROGRADING back to Scorpio, and with a SOLAR ECLIPSE coming on December 13th, the stealing of an election will not go over so silently this year. I don’t believe in this astrological climate that anyone will get away with stealing an election this year.
South American Shamans have gone into ceremony and said that “Obama will win,” now lets see how long it takes our media to acknowledge that win, in the face of bandits attempting to buy this election, left and right. This is the beginning of the end of the “time of lies.” People will less and less get away with deception as we move forward in time.  We will be the ones holding humanity accountable for this shift, from corruption, to integrity. The heart of humanity is taking us on this journey. Those feeling the awakening heart will lead the way.
As we rose this morning SUN (creative life force) is in an awkward 150 degree aspect with JUPITER–our good luck planet that shines a flashlight for us on what we most need to see. We are shown some things between yesterday and today–that we need to see, even if they ask us to stretch much farther than we thought we could–we are called.
MOON is SEXTILE VENUS early in the morning at 9:14 am, pdt, offering us beauty, gentleness, and an igniting of our creativity.
MERCURY is STATIONARY RETROGRADE in the middle of the day at 3:04 pm, pdt–the actual shift point in the forward to retrograde motion–interesting to not the time in your day and see if you feel it!
MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 3:45 pm, pdt is lifting our spirits. Things may be incomplete, communications may be wacky, and there may be gliches, however JUPITER is here, to make us laugh, feel reassured and expanded by the spirit of this growing awakening HEART of HUMANITY!!
SUN SQUARE MOON at 4:36 pm, pdt, steps us down from the light to the dark waning quarter of the lunar cycle, winding us down to the CATHARTIC REBIRTHING TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.
May the source of all life be with us as we weave through this direction-changing, creativity-igniting day!