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Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012 – Water to Fire Alchemy: Creative Mystery in Time by Azlan White

This morning we arise with the moon VOID in Cancer.  The Divine Mother within has been calling us to move in the direction we need to move in. This direction is not related to accomplishment or success, but rather the sheer reality that we are alive and we’re here to be that life. What does that life call forth from us?  Today life rushes in as MOON moves from watery mothering Cancer, to fierce fire Leo at 11:39 am, pdt. As MOON grounds in Fire, from the watery VOID of new life, we can burst forth with inspiration, love, creativity, passion and bliss! We are here to create, make love and be love. This moon asks us to rise from our watery depths of creation and become who we are here to be, more fully.
MOON SQUARE SATURN this evening, waxing all day, says, “there’s work to do!” Its a work day with the energy to accomplish mountain-fuls! SATURN is in Scorpio for 2.5 years holding our feet to our soul. When MOON SQUARE’s SATURN from fire to this deep water, there is tension. How do i manifest what i feel my soul to be, with all of the limitations i find around me?  These are the times to see limitations as prayer-challenges. We need good challenges to make us into good miracle-workers. Once we can overcome small limitations, with small miracles, then we will know how to overcome big limitations with big miracles. This is a day to commit to facing every limitation with a prayer, and the comittment–to be willing to be “in power,” and face limitations fearlessly, even if we cannot see how they will be overcome. We can intend that they be overcome, with confidence and faith. These are the days for this kind of strength. We shall overcome!
MOON TRINE MERCURY at 7:57 pm, pdt adds even more fire to our strength today, and the ability to communicate our creativity clearly–a gift!  We are rising up with a GRAND TRINE IN FIRE this evening! We can communicate with the gods, ourselves and all things with more grace and spunk than usual!
MOON TRINE URANUS at 9:44 pm, tonight gives us a magical fun night, if we can get through the potential tiredness of the MOON SQUARE SATURN at 6:58 pm, then we can feel the energizing magic of the GRAND TRINE, spiked with a bottle of Coyote-brand humor. Drink in the joy this evening, as it is offered freely!
May we laugh with God, at and with ourselves, so there is nothing but awe, wonder and belief in the mystery that we walk in time.