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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

72 "Names" of God (pronounced)

Note:  Hebrew characters are written and read from right to left, and English pronunciation is written from left to right.


Pronunciation: Vav Hey Vav
Purpose: Return to creation (time travel "back to the future")
Meditation: I awaken remorse in my heart for prior misdeeds. I accept the frank spiritual truth that problems in my life are the result of past actions. By concentrating on this Name I now uproot the negative seeds that I’ve already planted and in doing so I transform my past, reshape the present, and create a future full of joy and fulfillment.


Pronunciation: Yud Lamed Yud
Purpose: Return to embryonic state - recapture sparks of soul
Meditation: Shards of Light are drawn out of the destructive entities that reside within my being. The life force is cut off and I am then replenished with Divine energy. Life grows brighter each and every day as billions of sacred sparks return to my soul.


Pronunciation: Samech Yud Tet
Purpose: Miracle making
Meditation: I free myself from all selfishness, envy, anger, and self-pity. By rejecting these negative temptations, I am free to invoke this Name—thereby igniting the power of miracles in my life.


Pronunciation: Ayinh Lamed Mem
Purpose: Eliminating negative thoughts
Meditation: I now switch off destructive thoughts emanating from my ego. My heart is open and filling with the Light of the Creator. I feel warmth and acceptance—of all people and of myself. I now switch off the destructive thoughts that emanate from my ego. In the space that I’ve opened, a gentle radiance of spiritual light appears.


Pronunciation: Mem Hey Shin
Purpose: Healing
Meditation: The power of this Name brings the energy of healing at the deepest and most profound level of my being, because I can now accept full responsibility for my present condition, and because I use my energy to concentrate on others who also need healing.


Pronunciation: Lamed Lamed Hey
Purpose: Build a vessel to achieve a truthful dream state
Meditation: With this Name I dream truthfully. My soul ascends to safe and loving places during the night. I awaken each morning recharged, reinvigorated, renewed in body and spirit. Wiser.


Pronunciation: Aleph Kaf Aleph
Purpose: DNA of the Soul (bring order into your life by connecting to your soul)
Meditation: With this Name I receive nothing less than the full impact of the forces of Creation. I restore meaning to my life that often has felt meaningless, and purpose to a world that often appeard aimless. Order returns. Structure emerges. Everything is tidied up.


Pronunciation: Kaf Hey Tav
Purpose: Defuse negative energy and stress from yourself and/or others
Meditation: Purifying Light banishes the unseen ominous forces and deactivates harmful influences that may be lurking nearby, especially those that dwell inside me. Stress dissolves. Pressure is released.


Pronunciation: Hey Zayin Yud
Purpose: Angelic influences (accessing angelic network to bring order)
Meditation: Using this Name I can now access the network of angels. I can remove negative energies and their chaotic influence in my life and ignite the support and assistance of positive angels.


Pronunciation: Aleph Lamed Daled
Purpose: Protection from evil eye and bad dreams and helps rebirthing process
Meditation: My own potential to cast the evil eye at others is diminished. A shield of positive energy surrounds me, providing protection from the negative glances, looks of envy, and mean-spirited intentions of others.


Pronunciation: Lamed Aleph Vav
Purpose: Banishing the remnants of evil and inflated ego
Meditation: The Light of this Name deactivates negative energy and cleanses my enviroment.


Pronunciation: Hey Hey Ayin
Purpose: Transform hatred through unconditional love (like attracts like!)
Meditation: When I emulate the Creator's love for all humankind, I bring love into my own life. I create harmony between myself and other people and between humanity and the natural world. I open up...that’s it, a little more, good, a little more... As I focus on unconditional love for all people around me, the dark forces within are cast out. In the past, I have felt hatred for certain people.  Now, as I picture those people in my mind, I feel only love.  Light washes over them, and me, and I recognize the common thread that we share—the spark of the Creator.  My heart opens as I wish them joy and fulfillment, peace and greater understanding.


Pronunciation: Yud Zayin Lamed
Purpose: Heaven on Earth (personal transformation to achieve inner Messiah)
Meditation: I ignite the Light of the Messiah within myself, within others, and throughout the planet. The concept of heaven on Earth becomes conceivable and achievable.


Pronunciation: Mem Bet Hey
Purpose: Farewell to arms (achieving a peaceful solution to avert conflict)
Meditation: Just as the the light of a bulb banishes darkness from a room, conflict on an energy scale (e.g., between people arguing about a parking space or between nations arguing about an oilfield) is brought to a peaceful end through the Light of this Name.


Pronunciation: Hey Resh Yud
Purpose: Long-range vision (seeing the consequences of impulsive behavior)
Meditation: I have the power of clear vision and foresight in every part of my life. The blindfolds are removed. I can see the full–grown tree within the newly planted seed. I can grasp the cause-and-effect relationship that governs all reality. My life choices and actions are motivated by ultimate results, not momentary illusions. I can now also see more with my eyes.  I can preceive more through my mind’s eye.  And I feel more through my intuition.


Pronunciation: Hey Kuf Mem
Purpose: Dumping depression (removing depression after a personal setback)
Meditation: I have now been bestowed with the emotional strength to stand after I’ve stumbled, to rise after I have fallen, and to endure when the path seems unendurable.


Pronunciation: Lamed Aleph Vav
Purpose: Great Escape (removing ego)
Meditation: This Name brings the greatest of all freedoms - the escape from my own ego-based desires, selfish inclinations, and the "me first" mentality that ultimately cause pain in my life. In their place, I gain life’s true and lasting gifts - family, friendship and fulfillment.
As I look into my soul, I can feel the sore places where I have been wounded by my ego - worry over what people think about me, needing to be right, angry when things don't go my way. As I let it go and reach for Light on a higher plane, those places in my soul open up. I am free, my ego diminishes and I concentrate on what is really important - love, friends, family, spiritual fulfillment, connection.


Pronunciation: Kaf Lamed Yud
Purpose: Fertility (build your vessel and spiritual DNA of fertility)
Meditation: Abundance and fruitfulness fill my being. I am imbued with the power of procreation. My personal meditation is more powerful as I also meditate upon others who are intending to start a family.


Pronunciation: Lamed Vav Vav
Purpose: Remove static (ego) so prayers are answered (dialing God)
Meditation: Using this name I can activate direct dial to God. I take in the Name. I dial. I connect. My truest prayers are answered at the speed of Light.


Pronunciation: Pey Hey Lamed
Purpose: Strengthen spirituality for victory over addictions
Meditation: I am ready to battle the nasty habits and unpleasant character traits that I have not been able to get rid of. This Name ensures my victory over the forces of ego. I am imbued with the emotional power and discipline to triumph over all self-centered impulses and negative desires.


Pronunciation: Nun Lamed Kaf
Purpose: Eradicate Plague (strength to go the extra mile and eliminate sickness)
Meditation: Using this Name I summon light to wipe out these plagues at their root - smoking, cancer, AIDS, pollution, nuclear waste, depression, heart disease, hatred, or any other plague that infects the world. I now summon forth light to wipe out these plagues at their root.


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Yud
Purpose: Priestly blessing for wellness and removing negativity.
Meditation: I am the high priest in the temple of my own being. Through the power of this Name, my soul is imbued with divine energy, and is banished from my presence.


Pronunciation: Mem Lamed Hey
Purpose: Sharing the flame (priestly blessing to share the light force)
Meditation: I take this Name with me out into the real world so I can share the Light with friends, family, and the entire family of humankind. I envisage openings and opportunities in the world for the global dissemination of this ancient wisdom. I ask for the strength to walk the talk. I know that this Name arouses the forces of immortality and joy in the world. I must expect and demand nothing less.


Pronunciation: Chet Hey Vav
Purpose: Remove slavery to physical matter and jealousy
Meditation: I ascend into the Upper World to diminish the forest of darkness caused by my envious thoughts and jealous stares. By taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions I lessen the pain and suffering in the world.


Pronunciation: Nun Tav Hey
Purpose: Courage to speak your mind/tell the truth
Meditation: When I need to tell the truth, this name gives me the courage to open my heart before I open my mouth. And when I need to hear the truth, it gives me the strength to open my ears and close my mouth.


Pronunciation: Hey Aleph Aleph
Purpose: Order out of chaos (bring order out of chaos through completion)
Meditation: I know that harmony always underlies chaos and with this name, balance and serenity are restored in the seven days of the week. Order emerges from chaos. Not only will my toast not fall on the buttered side, it won’t fall at all!


Pronunciation: Yud Resh Tav
Purpose: Silent partner (become partner with light to create abundance)
Meditation: Tithing (freewill offering) this meditation upon this sequence of letters removes the Dark Force’s presence from my earnings, and its destructive influence from my life. The Light is now my silent partner. I am surrounded by endless blessings and protection. It’s a partnership made in heaven!


Pronunciation: Shin Aleph Hey
Purpose: Soul mate (breaking judgment)
Meditation: Using this sequence of letters the energy of soul mates is aroused in my being. I now attract the other half of my soul. All my existing relationships are deeply enriched, imbued with soul mate energy. I loosen the chains around my heart. I want to bring all future and existing relationships to the level of Soul Mate.  I want to relate to all those around me on this heightened spiritual plane, and bring greater Light into my life.


Pronunciation: Resh Yud Yud
Purpose: Cleansing hatred from the heart
Meditation: I need to be painfully honest! I acknowledge every person or group of people that stir up feelings of anger, envy, malice, total disgust, or any combination therof. With the Light of this Name, I have the power to drop the poisonous negative feelings that exist inside me!


Pronunciation: Aleph Vav Mem
Purpose: Building bridges (reducing ego builds a bridge to upper worlds)
Meditation: In this physical realm, I concentrate on people and on relationships that need repair or rebuilding. With the power of this Name, I extend the hand of friendship to individuals – especially those with whom I am in conflict. I awaken compassion and summon the courage, to reconnect to people with love and Light. I reach out to people and, in so doing, I build a bridge to higher spiritual levels.


Pronunciation: Lamed Kaf Bet
Purpose: Finish what you start (overcome obstacles)
Meditation: I am endowed with the power to conclude everything I begin, especially tasks and goals of a spiritual nature. I stop putting it off until’s now or never. I think of an unfinished project that has been an obstacle in my life. I decide to finish it and follow through as I begin this meditation. I see the unfinished project in front of me.  I am completing this project as I visualize myself walking through the steps required, marching toward completion.  I feel frustration and procrastination drifting away. I am getting closer to completing my goal. As I breathe, I get even closer. I feel stronger, more connected to my Light Force. Laziness and doubt are gone, and I see myself fulfilled, creating more space for even greater accomplishments.


Pronunciation: Vav Shin Resh
Purpose: Memories (breaking cycle of repetitive mistakes)
Meditation: The power of memory arises within my consciousness Lessons of life are deeply ingrained in my being.


Pronunciation: Yud Chet Vav
Purpose: Reveal the dark side (removes self-centered nature)
Meditation: Light shines! I recognize the negative forces still active within me. My reactive impulses are no longer a mystery. With the power of this Name, they become history!


Pronunciation: Lamed Hey Chet
Purpose: Forget thyself (letting go of stubborn ego)
Meditation: I now transcend the limits of my own being. I cling to the Tree of Light. Happiness finds me now that my ego is out of the spotlight. I can get out of my own way, letting go of all stubbornness. There’s no "I" in team. I am getting out of the way and allowing the Light to guide me.  In the past, I have been stubborn, set in my ways, and now I let go.  Instead of clinging to beliefs, I open up, and allow the Light of the Upper Dimensions to shine down into my realm and transform my life.  I have real desire, not for myself alone, but to connect to something greater.


Pronunciation: Kaf Vav Kuf
Purpose: Sexual energy (connect to spirituality ignites sexual energy)
Meditation: With this Name I purify my desires so that I share love and energy with my partner, putting their needs ahead of my own, I ignite sexual energy so that my passion helps elevate all existence. I replenish the Light that was lost due to any prior selfish sexual activities.


Pronunciation: Mem Nun Daled
Purpose: Fearless (conquer your fears/ incapacitate panic attack)
Meditation: What am I afraid of? With this Name the courage to conquer my fear now rises within me. By proactively confronting my fears at the seed level, I yank them out by the roots and remove them entirely from my being.


Pronunciation: Aleph Nun Yud
Purpose: Grasping the big picture behind our obstacles
Meditation: This Name raises my awareness of the long-term effects of all my actions. I gain the ability to see the spiritual challenges in every moment, before they become the foundation of chaos and crises.


Pronunciation: Chet Ayin Mem
Purpose: Circuitry of receiving for sake of sharing
Meditation: This Name helps me to receive when I share and to share when I receive. I can see the opportunity that sharing gives me and I am aware that when I receive with the right consciousness, I am also sharing. This is the circuitry of life. When I connect to it, I move out of the black hole and into the light.


Pronunciation: Resh Hey Ayin
Purpose: Diamond in the rough (transform life's hardships into blessings)
Meditation: Here I accomplish nothing less than the complete transformation of negative situations into positive opportunities and blessings. Manna rains down upon me. Life begins to taste like anything my soul desires or imagines. I have the power to transform all of my hardships into beauty and strength. I get into a positive head space, knowing that from there - anything is possible. The challenges that lie before me are here for a reason. The Light encourages and allows me to learn from them and grow.


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Zayin
Purpose: Speaking right (the power of correct words to transform reality)
Meditation: I silence my ego. Push the mute button. Now I call upon the Light to speak on my behalf, on all occasions, so that my every word elevates my soul and all existence.


Pronunciation: Hey Hey Hey
Purpose: Self-esteem (priestly blessing for wellness and spirituality wholeness)
Meditation: With the divine energy of this sequence of letters, I am connected to the power of the ancient high priests of the temple to heal all areas of my life – including health problems, financial difficulties, and relationships conflicts.


Pronunciation: Mem Yud Kaf
Purpose: Revealing the concealed (connecting to spiritual secrets)
Meditation: I gather the ability to bring forth the powers of observation to see the truth . . . and the courage to handle it!


Pronunciation: Vav Vav Lamed
Purpose: Defying gravity (elevation of spiritual over physical controls destiny)
Meditation: I am throwing away my doubts, pessimism and limiting nature. I choose to see beyond the illusions! I am listening to my soul and dropping my ego, making way for real fulfillment. I possess the powers of mind over matter, and I will use them by letting go of the limited thinking of the rational mind. By putting the spiritual above the physical, everything is possible.


Pronunciation: Yud Lamed Hey
Purpose: Remove and sweeten judgments
Meditation: Through meditation upon this sequence and with genuine penitence in my heart, I can lessen or even revoke judgments set forth against me. I meditate to offer forbearance and compassion to others. This might sound crazy, but maybe I am wrong? Maybe?
I spread love for no reason.  I resist tendencies toward judgment.  As I look back on negative words or deeds from my past, I replace them with Light and compassion, sending positive forces out into the universe to replace the negative ones.  I look upon others with compassion, sweetening the judgments as they come my way.


Pronunciation: Samech Aleph Lamed
Purpose: The Power of Prosperity (control ego to summon the forces of prosperity)
Meditation: I acknowledge that the Light of the creator is the ultimate source of all prosperity and well-being. With this Name I summon the forces of prosperity and sustenance and ask for the strength to keep my ego in check when the other checks start rolling in.


Pronunciation: Ayin Resh Yud
Purpose: Absolute certainty in the light-force of God
Meditation: By using this Name I fill my heart with certainty! Certitude! Conviction! Sureness! And trust! I have faith. I have absolute certainty that what is right will happen through proactive behavior.  I take complete responsibility for my life and know that I am getting what I need right now.  And as I continue to allow more Light and certainty into my life, I will get even more.


Pronunciation: Ayin Shin Lamed
Purpose: Global transformation begins in your own heart
Meditation: I reflect upon the spiritual truth that world peace begins with peace in my own heart. With this Name, I speed my own transformation and strengthen the forces of peace throughout the world.


Pronunciation: Mem Yud Hey
Purpose: Unity through sensitivity and tolerance
Meditation: With these letters, I pass the true test of spiritual character I can now see all sides of the problems that come before me. My focus is upon unity. Soul is opposed to division and selfish desires.


Pronunciation: Vav Hey Vav
Purpose: Happiness (ask what your soul needs not what your ego wants)
Meditation: I find the strength to restrain selfish longings. Through this Name I ask for what my soul needs, not what my ego wants. I find deep appreciation for whatever life brings me. This brings me happiness in the deepest sense. I restrict my tendencies toward negativity and complaining. I appreciate everything around me -- good and bad. I reach into my soul to connect with real happiness and true joy.


Pronunciation: Daled Nun Yud
Purpose: Enough is never enough (break judgments to awaken spiritual growth)
Meditation: My eyes and heart remain focused on the end goal at all times. I awaken the persistence and passion to never (and that means never-ever) settle for less.


Pronunciation: Hey Chet Shin
Purpose: No guilt (power of repentance to repair past sins)
Meditation: I recall negative deeds from my past. I reflect on some of my more unpleasant traits. I feel the pain that I have caused others. I ask the Light to eradicate all my negative attributes. The force called repentance spiritually repairs my past sins and diminishes the dark side of my nature.


Pronunciation: Ayin Mem Mem
Purpose: Passion (correct consciousness in prayer)
Meditation: This Name stokes the fires of passion in my heart and soul. The letters give me the power to maintain sincerity, devotion, and correct consciousness in my prayers, meditations, and spiritual connections


Pronunciation: Nun Nun Aleph
Purpose: No agenda (power of Archangel Michael and loving kindness)
Meditation: Motivation of self-interest, ulterior motives, and hidden agendas give way to pure acts of friendship, unconditional love, and giving. When I take myself out of the way, I create a space for true and loving friends, joy and fulfillment.


Pronunciation: Nun Yud Tav
Purpose: Immortality to cancel death (the death of death)
Meditation: I now focus my attention and meditate with total conviction and certainty upon the absolute demise of the purveyor of death, once and for all!


Pronunciation: Mem Bet Hey
Purpose: Thought into action (commitment to achieve goals)
Meditation: I now reconnect and reunite the Upper and Lower Worlds through the power of this Name. By bringing these two realms together, I find courage and commitment to accomplish my goals and achieve my dreams. My thoughts become actualized and my best ideas are transformed into action, and then into concrete results!


Pronunciation: Pey Vav Yud
Purpose: Eliminate "idol worship" of anger, ego, money
Meditation: I remove the allure and power of the world’s controlling “idols” by invoking the power of this Name. Anger is purged from my heart. My happiness and peace of mind are generated from within.
I purge anger from my heart, free my soul of the burden that comes with reacting to the external.  I envision a recent moment when I lost my temper, and understand what false idol I was worshiping.  As I recall and think of the moment of anger, I see that I was swayed by darkness.  I gave power to the situation instead of taking a moment to pull back, restrict, and keep the real power in my own hands.  As I invoke this name, I realize that nothing in the physical world can cause me to react with anger.


Pronunciation: Nun Mem Mem
Purpose: Listening to your soul (remove limitations to cross your personal Red Sea)
Meditation: The whispers of my soul and the divine counsel of the Light are heard loud and clear. I know what I have to do. I am willing and prepared to do what it takes to get it done.


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Lamed
Purpose: Letting go (drawing down the light to do battle for me)
Meditation: I am no longer a prisoner of my past - past regrets, earlier traumas, pain and suffering. I believe in miracles and in enjoyment of everything. Period.
I let go of…fear, insecurity, that old broken relationship. I get rid of it all. I am letting go of past pain, regret, trauma. All of it. If there is a particular theme or moment that I keep coming back to, I picture it in my mind. As I do this meditation, I go back to that moment, then reverse it, and plant a new seed.  I release past emotions that are dragging me down, replacing old baggage with Light and love. I look forward, not back.


Pronunciation: Hey Resh Chet
Purpose: Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness
Meditation: I now establish an umbilical cord to the Divine Energy, ensuring a constant stream of Light in my life, especially when I am in a place of darkness.


Pronunciation: Mem Zadik Resh
Purpose: Freedom (delivery from emotional bondage/negative patterns)
Meditation: I clearly see my personal limitations. Looking into the past, I notice all of the instances when ego has kept me imprisoned, holding me back from true joy and fulfillment. As I focus on the Light of the Creator, the transformative energy of the divine washes over me, and I feel free. No more complaining, no more frustration. I will not get caught up in the material world. Instead, I will look beyond into the spiritual realm and let go, freeing myself from the trappings of ego.


Pronunciation: Vav Mem Bet
Purpose: Water (physical and spiritual healing through the energy of water)
Meditation: With this Name I purify the waters of the Earth and awaken the forces of healing and immortality!


Pronunciation: Yud Hey Hey
Purpose: Parent-teacher, not preacher (live your truth by example, be teacher not preacher)
Meditation: I desire to lovingly, respectfully, and selflessly share this wisdom with my children. The preacher in me is silenced. The teacher in me shines through in all my actions.


Pronunciation: Ayin Nun Vav
Purpose: Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude
Meditation: Appreciation. Thankfulness. Gratitude. These noble attributes of Moses are aroused within me by this Name. Infused with these attributes, I retain and enjoy all the blessings and treasures in my life.


Pronunciation: Mem Chet Yud
Purpose: Casting yourself in a favorable light (project positive aspects of yourself to others)
Meditation: My own being is illuminated beautifully, suffused with the Creator’s radiance. Everyone around me sees the positive, beautiful aspects of my true self.


Pronunciation: Daled Mem Bet
Purpose: Fear of god (knowing consequence of bad behavior)
Meditation: I am aware of the divine sparks in every person. Their true essence is awakened in my heart. I become wiser in the ways of the world. I perceive the repercussions of my every word and deed, and I know that sharing acts toward others are always in my own best interest.


Pronunciation: Mem Nun Kuf
Purpose: Accountability (eliminate self-pity, victim's mentality, and revenge)
Meditation: With these letters, my impulses toward self-pity, retaliation, and revenge are swept away. I see that a “victim’s mentality” is the foundation of all those feelings. I replace that thinking with the understanding that I am the creator of my own change. Thus everything changes now!
All of the feelings of self-pity, victimhood and hopes of retaliation are vanishing, as I accept the consequences of my own actions.  I take responsibility for where I am, and know that if I want to change my circumstances, it is within my control.  I am proactive, and achieve my own fulfillment. I am letting go of pain, and regaining control over my life.


Pronunciation: Aleph Yud Ayin
Purpose: Great expectations (overcome disappointment from expectations)
Meditation: By meditating on this Name, I gain control over the power of time in my life. Instead of constantly demanding more of tomorrow, I appreciate what I have – and what I am - right now. False and self-seeking expectations are cast out!


Pronunciation: Chet Bet Vav
Purpose: Contacting departed souls (making contact to help elevate a departed soul)
Meditation: I evoke the memories of loved ones who have passed on. I see them surrounded with the Light of this Name. I meditate to elevate their souls to ever-higher levels in the spiritual worlds. I am open to receive their guidance and support.


Pronunciation: Resh Aleph Hey
Purpose: Lost and found (wisdom to find - and not lose sight of - direction)
Meditation: With this Name as my compass, the path toward my spiritual home is illuminated. I regain my bearings. With every step I take and with each moment that passes, I feel comfort, confidence and a stronger sense of direction.


Pronunciation: Yud Bet Mem
Purpose: Recognizing design beneath disorder (remove blockages for financial success)
Meditation: When I am overcome with feelings of doubt or panic or with thoughts of doom, these letters reveal the order that underlies chaos. I become enlightened to the Creator’s master plan as it pertains to my purpose in this world and to the problems I face.


Pronunciation: Hey Yud Yud
Purpose: Prophecy and parallel universes (prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness)
Meditation: I am bestowed with the power of prophecy. With my consciousness elevated and my awareness heightened. I have the power to enter a new universe of transformation and Light.


Pronunciation: Mem Vav Mem
Purpose: Spiritual cleansing (improves negotiations)
Meditation: By meditating on these letters, I push the "REWIND" and  "ERASE" on my spiritual video. I am purified in my present life by correcting my transgressions from my lives in the past. I can also use this Name to purify my physical environment from spiritual impurities. I am cleansing my soul.  By concentrating on this Name, I am purifying iniquities from previous lives.  If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems should arise, I will use this Name to cleanse impure actions from the past that still cling to me.  As I allow the Light to envelope my physical and spiritual realms, I am freed from the burdens of prior incarnations.