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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The New Resonance of Gravity channeled by Eddie BenAbraham

Greetings dear ones we are the E and are at your service.....

Never before did we come in and present our message in an energy such as today, it has taken a period of time which our speaker was committed to a task that has enabled a shift which its outcome is now present in these words.

The love we have for humanity is not describable in words nor in any form available within the limited confines of your reality. It is far beyond anything you can imagine or conceive. We say this because we are so very proud of you.

It is very much the same as to see your child take the first step and not being able to express back your love because you are in a room separated by a divider which can be seen through in one direction. Imagine the loginness we experience every time we shout from that room “You are loved beyond words, and all is as it should be! you are on track!”
but, the divider filters our call and only the resonance of our message can pass through and not be heard because you are so overwhelmed with the worriness of why things are the way they are........

Now imagine this, not only one voice is calling your name from across the divider but.......Many!
True! your are here on this side of the divider but right next to you about a couple of millimeters away, there are many family members embracing you with profound expression of love.

Creators Walking on Two
Contradictory to your belief systems it is now possible, more than ever before, to make all that is within your mind and in your heart into reality in less time than it was ever possible.

You are Enabled dear ones, you are the two legged gods walking the earth in which you have created, each and every grain of sand underneath your feet. Breathing the air that you take into your lungs and the food that you partner with as you chew down your digestion.
Socrates has described your point of existence in a very eloquent way, he said; The human is by far the ultimate expression of the true god and this expression is creating the world around him in such a way. He did not say this because he guessed the way things worked no, he said that because he understood the way things work.

Many in your history have come to the very understanding of the way things work in the universe but their voice was muted or forgotten because it was not yet within the grasp of all, and or to accept such understanding of their power.
Today you are ushered into a new level of vibrational truth which brings forward the plantation of the new seed of belief, the belief of such knowingness which vibrates in the exact same resonance as the creator.

The Shift

An emotional path lays ahead for many of you as the level of compassion on earth is increasing and expressing this state in your very own way is not to be judged. We are not talking about those around you who might say things judgemental in nature no! Who we are talking about is you judging you.

Allowing the emotions to flow as easily as possible, will help avoid any stagnation within your emotional body. Some on earth are not as sensitive as you therefore, their reaction will not be expressed in a manner you agree with. Therefore we ask of you lightworker to be gentle and loving with these souls as you would be to yourself.

The Animal Kingdom is coming to an end of a cycle as well, this is a stage which works in perfect harmony with Gaia. Each and every form of life related to the animal, plant and mineral domains are on the precipice of a new evolutionary chapter.

Many layers of adjustment have come to be in preparation for this celebration and now, it is finally here. Gaia will not feel or look the same from that point on, the magnetic frequencies which have been indigenous to many areas on the planet will shift to accommodate the new resonance. As a result, many humans will feel the pull to move to a new home location and those from the plant and animal kingdom as well although it will not happen overnight, but rather elegantly over a period of two sun cycles.

Letting Go of The Past

This shift will help to “unlock” the stagnant areas of your world, those which have been in conflict for many bitter years and that too will take time however, many breakthroughs will come to be very early on in the transition period.

Time and again we present information that is for the sole purpose of assisting you in your path and today, the message is vibrating strongly, because the two most dominant aspects of these coming months are going to be first; Your emotional body and the adaptation to the new level of compassion on earth and second; The enablement and adaptation to the new resonance grid of gravity on planet earth.

The gravity resonance changes slowly over time however, during major shifts such as you are about to experience, the resonance shifts fast almost overnight in comparison. This will not affect the alignment of the magnetic grid as that adjustment was already completed by Kryon entourage, this is a shift in the localized areas on the surface of Gaia, this shift goes hand in hand with the re-alignment of many things on earth.
This upgrade of you will, is for you because of you so celebrate it with the newfound compassion you now hold within.

Your connection to Gaia is strong and unbroken, she is there for you every moment of the day ready for the instances that you give thanks to all that is within your field of expression. Make the time to connect with her as often as you can, regardless of the time and place you are in. It is a most profound connection to have between a mother and her child, it is part of you and it will always be part of you dear one.

With love and pride we ask that you share your love with a stranger today for he or she will never be a stranger no more.