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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Allowing the 2012 Shift to Come to You By Rick DiClemente

2012-shiftIt’s been peculiar all along; all this talk of the “Shift” and “Ascension” and such. Finally, it has become clear. The end of one cycle of the Mayan calendar symbolizes the end of a way of doing things. In fact, it represents the end of doing itself.
What have we all had in common over the last 2,000 years or so? Struggle, stress, straining, doing and effort. Now, spiritual Neptune has been traveling with newcomer Chiron for a few years now. They symbolize what is different.
Why is that? Well, since the astrological body, a Centaur named Chiron, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus, was first seen in 1977, it has stirred up the zodiac. In astrological terms, that means that it didn’t exist until then; it was born then. That subject is still up for much debate, but since Chiron has a lot to do with healing and new-age healing pretty much got its start around then, it warrants a deeper look. Especially since almost all people born between 1952 and 1989 have it in their birth charts opposite new age Uranus.
Chiron mainly represents the “wounded healer” and your destiny. People with strategically placed Chirons in their chart tend to make marvelous healers. Without a doubt, Chiron clearly shows astrologers much about a person’s way, or, if you will, their “Hero’s Journey” according to Australian Zane Stein, one of Chiron’s early chroniclers.
So, if you combine Neptune and Chiron, which are paired now, they pretty much represent the dawning of this new age in which we find ourselves. Yes, the news channels are smattered with all the fallout from the continual fight between Uranus and Pluto (99% vs. 1%), but subtler and quieter, these two revolutionary planets of Neptune and Chiron are whispering to us of a new way – a new way of being.
A new age cannot come along without a matching planetary construct – it just can’t. And, that is why it is obvious to suspect Neptune (the spiritual master) with Chiron (the healer.) All of a sudden, thousands of people are picking up the signal from the new collective and doing whatever they can to become Lightworkers. They’re not waiting anymore. They’re diving in and taking the risk, being guided from on high. And they know they are right; that’s the difference. We’re being fed the new archetypal pairing of Neptune and Chiron.
Neptune and Chiron have been the responsible forces that have emerged to the surface insisting on health care for all. The will not give up – humans cannot compete with these incredibly powerful universal forces. Besides health care, the significant symbol from all of this is that Neptune IN PISCES (its home) is insisting that we all treat each other as one. Oh my, that persistent Golden Rule again.