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Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012 – Laughing in the Dark by Azlan White

Waxing MOON in Pisces TRINE MERCURY in Scorpio gives us fun with words.  And with the combination of innocent loving Pisces and Deep Dark Scorpio, we have some kind of balance. So we mix in Scorpio, sex, drugs, and intrigue–into conversation and there is this sweet compassion that comes along, tempering us from diving too deeply today. Today there is a Mercurial Light shining into this dark with humor, giggling.
This morning, MOON OPPOSES VENUS in Virgo at 8:04 am, pdt then MOON goes VOID for a few hours. Our feminine, money, art and love situations are not perfect, and perfection is not a human condition, so just as a bee doesn’t try to be a lion, or vica versa, we all must flower into what we are, and not another creature.  This Halloween we can be anything, and there is something healing about humor and making fun of ourselves and our world–especially the one in which we take ourselves “seriously.”  This opposition can be a moment to “dive in” to paradoxes and dark humor, laughing and healing.
So the morning has a leisurely interruption until the afternoon, when the MOON regrounds into Aries at 12:31 pm, pdt.
MOON CONJUNCT URANUS at 11:06 pm, gives us a really funny night to swim through. The MOON is waxing, with SUN in Scorpio, SATURN in Scorpio, and MERCURY there too, for another day. We’re headed for a FULL MOON, within the large field of an ECLIPSE coming. The rug of life is already beginning to be “pulled from under us,” in different moments. The best response, when the “rug” of “what we thought” was happening, isn’t anymore, is to fly, be free, reroute, and notice the gifts in any losses. Sometimes things need to be “removed from us,” in order for what we are becoming, and what is coming to have the “space” to grow there. Eclipse Fields are this Grim Reaper who tills our fields by composting what isn’t needed.
a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio occurs at the NEXT NEW MOON, on Tuesday, November 13th at 2:13 pm, pdt. We are entering a window of “deep mysteries” of life and death. Many souls will cross over in this window, both directions. May we hold a space of tenderness in the delicate space of transition. All of us will have “mini births,” and “mini deaths,” all throughout this portal. May we hold each other in compassion as we traverse the “unknown mysteries,” of our own birth, into a new species, from the old species that we were.
May we understand the deep sacredness of this time, and laugh, because laughter is sacred.