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Friday, October 26, 2012

Archangel Michael ~ It is all available to each of you at all times. – channeled by Ron Head

Greetings, dear friends.  Let us begin a conversation on the subject of communication.  You are at both a disadvantage and a marked advantage in your communication with us.  On the one hand, you have no material source that you can point to and say, “This is where the information comes from.”  On the other, you are learning the true source of all ideas and concepts, and also how to tap into the infinite field of knowledge and wisdom that is available to all of you.

Those who read this should understand that they are capable, as well, of receiving information in this way.  There are many, many variables involved, not least of which is the mental, emotional, and spiritual states of the one tuning in, so to speak.  But all have the inherent ability to do this.  And many will soon find themselves doing exactly that.

Even those who say they do not believe in this form of communication use it every day.  What you call thinking is merely the choice of how you join one concept from the field with another.  It is all available to each of you at all times.

Your beliefs, experiences, and desires determine how you will build your patterns of thought from all that is available.  Your state of peace and the quiet of your minds will allow you to hear, as it were, ever deeper into the field of what is there for you, even to hearing us and beyond.

We bring this to your attention now precisely because it will soon become so prevalent.  This does not mean that you must begin sharing what you perceive with the world.  It is to explain to you now so that you may understand that you are merely beginning to use new abilities and not losing your sanity.

We will be waiting for you to open up to us, but you will not be bothered if you do not choose to do so.  That is not the way of it and never will be.  We would, however, give one small word of caution, if we might.  For the last few months of clearing that your world must go through, please always begin any intentional connection with us by entering as deep a state of prayer or meditation as you are capable of.  Please also direct your thoughts to those you wish to hear from and do not open yourself to anything and everything.  Not yet.  There is still much to be done where you are.

It is possible that your own family of guides may be heard by you first.  They have always been with you, after all.  It won’t be that they have suddenly begun to speak with you, but that you have just begun to hear them.  It may not surprise you as they likely will have been sending you little signs and hints for a while.

So, while we do so very much enjoy your interest in these messages, we want you to understand that we also speak with each of you every day.  We are with you each moment.  You may ask us for help with anything at any time.

Walk in peace and with our love in your hearts.  Good day, dear ones.

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