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Monday, September 10, 2012

What Is The Real Truth? What in the world went on in our past?

This video is no doubt mind blowing. What in the world went on in our past? WHY is it so hard for us to even come close to the truth on what happen back in ancient times? I will tell why I believe we cant figure it out. Todays science for some reason thinks it holds the answer to everything. There take is if we cant do it then it cant be done. Really? I even hear people say other worlds could not come here because space is to big. Yes it is big but the human brain is just small in thinking terms it believes it is the center of all that is the biggest issue. It is time for the west and the east to start drop kicking our so called main steam archaeologist out of there job and let someone who is not controlled by religion, Money, or government so we can start looking for the truth and not some man made BS. Because I am here to tell you what you been taught is nothing more then and on going lie to keep you in the dark and in line to be sheep. I hope you enjoy the video.

Peace Everyone, FREE YOUR MIND