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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The formula for surviving death by Dan Winter

If a Golden Mean Spiral in perfecting translation of spin from line to circle without loss of pattern, is the only path from energy to matter (spin stored in circles), then it is also the perfect balance between a closed and an open system. When EKG harmonics create a recursive electrical nest by frequency signature, they make the only 3D fractal, light can circle into. Only bending light makes mass, and only love (THE wave fractal attractor) bends the light.

The book "The Eight" was about assembling the correct genetic family, like chess pieces, to achieve immortality. Like glowing coals, getting the family of twinkle contained together in spin space, ignites eternal fire. Genetic material is recursion embodied..... in the sense of Golden Mean optimized recursion & vorticity translation embedded in deca wratcheting dodeca. Hence genetic material in the blood, as the perfect fractal recursive spin container, is the grail cup. Immortality is only a name for the possibility of spin contained so stably as never to stop. Another name for this is fire that does not consume, as spin that makes no heat. In a 3D fractal spin encounters no interference/resistance/heat/fear.

Sitchin was likely correct in interpreting the original need of the Anunnaki ET's for Gold. He said it was a repair material for deteriorating atmosphere on home planet. He failed to note how gold allowed atmosphere repair. Simply put, perfect magnetic fractal recursion is what permits a gravity magnetic monopole stable enough to hold atmosphere. This is a perfect geometric description of the relationship of electrons to nucleus in gold: a completed electron/nuclear wave recursive fractal. This is what makes it noble and stable. Conveying this geometry to other waveforms as a seed, gold is also more than a metaphor for the electrical geometry of pure intention in the heart. (EKG harmonics during compassion become measurably self-embedded)..

When I explained this to David Hudson, he conceded, that persons without evident pure or spiritual or shareable intentions did poorly with his monoatomic gold manna. One cannot convey pure essence of shareability, without learning the meaning of feeling only shareable or spin distributable emotions. This relates to the wave mechanic corollary which states that pure focus and pure intention are identical as wave phenomena, and always accompany each other. This is because awareness as a distributable (and recursive if alive) wave, can only converge on sustained focus if every phase or consumed perspective can share spin there. Thus sustained focus ultimately requires every wave in the galaxy to agree on it's spin path. This is a convenient way to check alignment with the intentions of galactic core. If your idea can sustain continuous focus, then even the galactic core feels sweetened by it.

So Sitchin got it right that proper grid engineering for planetary atmosphere maintenance required gold dust as a magnetic dopant (seed of perfected embeddedness, in the liquid going to crystal). We need now to go on to understand that the ability of our planet to contain gold, was evidence of perfect intention in the original stellar grid cats cradle woven of gravity threads to birth this place. And the higher significance of this presence of sustainable envelopment (fire of awareness) in our grid, enabled the evolution of sentience here in a new way.

In the sense of the perfect envelope or cocoon for flame.. gold was so much food for awareness, that David Hudson admitted agreement to the suspicion that the Mono Atomic Gold manna, was not just atmosphere repair material for the Anunnaki ET's... We both agreed it was the only food which allowed their bodies virtually indefinite or eternal lifetimes (as spin containers). It was the communion food for life/recursion everlasting.

I suggested to David Hudson that the reason for the mass change in gold power when it became monoatomic was because the electron spin clouds unpacked like a flower in their completed fractality when permitted to unfold in the unbonded state. The DENSITY of recursion is the density of mass. Also it is precisely the unpacked (in the homeopathic sense of sucussion and potentization) which permits the harmonics of the golden electron spin clouds to unflower their way out to bond lengths more accessible to human focus/awareness (again exactly the principle homeopathy uses..) So that GOLD made monoatomic was the perfect food for shareable spin geometry inside the living electrical body. It was the eternal food/ manna. This was why the sandworm(which was really a long magnetic wave earth dragon current) only produced the eternal spice in Dune. Only perfect pattern symmetry in Earth magnetic currents permit the deposition of gold in her veins. Rich irony that the ET genetic experiments which produced Isis and Osiris, and Adam and Eve, were experiments to facilitate the harvesting of gold... pure intention... for galactic spaces...

The search for the gold fabric foldedness grail cup, was for the pressure geometry of this spin to fire. The search of Enki and Gilgamesh past Scorpio's sting was for the charge spin of youth flower in the base of biologies waters (chakras). Then the snake swallowed the sweet plant or rose. Kundalini/Tantra is a snake charmed by... the musical geometry of focus/ coherent emotion. (SacroCranial Pulse).

The equation for doorways past death, would trace wave collapse to the center of perfect recursion.. Look for non-linear and Phi related harmonics phase locked as we find in the EKG at the moment of compassion. In physics the phase pressure implosion which accelerates spin and velocity modes to harmonics past the speed of light... is called collapse of the wave function.... The only spin path which permits waves to collapse inward without loss of the information of their pattern is 3D fractal recursion... pure heart. This permits information density/awareness to go to infinite at zero point. Data set fractality= ideal compressibility= infinitely energy efficient sharing of information= the blood of the collective mind. The geometric image in 2D is the Sufi heart with wings of 2 golden means spirals on a cone seen from above.

Many people have dreamed of a single vehicle which permits every ethnic race to travel home. Geometrically, in the sense of the city of revelation (John Michel), this has been a dodecahedral shaped "Merkabbah", literally a Mark from Pressure.. Merk Ab Bah.. The only mark or container which can store pressure/spin infinitely.

An interesting variation on the theme, in an individualized way, is the Incunabula Papers. Basically, a group of researchers discovered that by containing the ultraviolet/microwave etc. blue "fire" coherent envelope of sexual energy/tantra, and a deca delta wave function triggered antenna array, a time travel vehicle was possible. The name Incunabula comes from this cocooning or swaddling of human eros.

This makes total sense in terms of physics, since, wave function collapse implosion of human aura would produce an awareness path to the necessary superluminal harmonics internally. (A turning inside out, note that a labyrinth in 3D is the folded topology of interlocked male and female sex organs... 3D origin of flame letter alphabet as fractal) Particularly since only the high amperage blue ultraviolet and microwave coherent cellular secretions gathered in tantra would have the collective escape velocity necessary, orgasm is a sort of controlled linear accelerator for awareness. (Where does the inner eye travel to during Kundalini, or the MicroCosmic Orbit/Tantra).

This new understanding however may not entirely collapse the intentionality of romance, if indeed pure intention is the only insoluble element of awarenesswhich make return from this wormhole possible. In the Incunabula experiments as reported, a colony of people was set up at another time in history because our genepools end was foreseen. I have had no particular reports of damage to the etheric fabric of the planet by these experiments. However, analogous but more destructive experiments with sexual energy in antenna arrays was carried out labeled "Montauk Project". Here indeed major damage was done to the delicate nest capacitance of Earth's etheric web. Groups like William Buehlers working with major angelic... Ophanim lineages, invested major energy in repairing these bleeding wounds to our collective electric genetic body. The ability of our genepool to harvest spin capacitively from galactic spaces is/was in the balance. Our collected love juices make the ultimate antenna array.

This is what I see as the rub of the Incunabula... here is a lesson in conserving spin paths from love, to make a memory envelope for the harvest of spin. This sounds a bit abstract, but in a more practical way, it may mean that as the Earth loses gravity, atmosphere, and spin, only this centering force may harvest our collective memories home. Individually, yes tantra properly antennaed is shamanic time travel. But COLLECTIVELY, the juices of love are probably the only sling shot for memory to get all our memories speeded up in a bubble. For 10 years our little core group of Electric dreamers has been talking about the Harmonic Module... Feed back of EKG, breath, and Schumann planet heartbeat over global media, would precipitate consensus process/ collective mind. Adding intention to eros and synchronized love in the proper Earth grid dodeca antenna points, would likely be a shoe horn path for global memories to be one envelope... sent home.