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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Divine Feminine with Robert Morning Sky Part 1 of 5

The Divine Feminine with Robert Morning Sky Part 1,5753.0.html


I am a nobody.
I have no psychic abilities, I cannot channel, I do not have ESP, I do not see the future, I have no Spirit Guides, I cannot read Tarot cards, palms or tea leaves, I have no past life and I have no healing powers. I have not received a 'calling', I have no Divine Message, I have not been abducted or imbued with the Spirit, nor have I ever seen Jesus, Mohammed, Allah or any other Divine Teacher. I have no extraordinary powers or abilities beyond that of any other human being - probably less so.
What I do possess, however, is a burning desire to find out what is 'out there'. I have been fortunate enough to discover some extraordinary leads. It is with some trepidation that I shall offer my discoveries, not for fear of what the world will think, but with some concern that I present my findings in a respectful and appropriate manner.
These are the ravings and rantings of a Madman who wanders the world seeking answers. That is all.
And finally, in regards to UFOs.
I shall contend that all unidentified craft that fly the skies of our Earth are completely man-made.
But I cannot contend that all of the designers and pilots of these crafts are not 'Invaders'.

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