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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Descension, the Fall by Vicky Henderson

When we, the angels, first entered into bodies of ethereal form, our life began in a grand Polynesian garden that floated continuously on the face of the water.
It was in this garden where we lived as immortal souls, as colors of Light that were completely infused with Spirit. We were at peace with ourselves and in harmony with the forces of nature.
But, when we created this Game of Life, we had decided to experiment with the frequency of the color black. We felt that Man could not truly understand love and joy, without consciously experiencing the karma of loss and despair.
The mixing of black with colors of a lighter variety produced as many shades of darkness as there are shades of Light. And we went through life simply choosing between them. This experience allowed us complete Freedom of Choice.
So, while incarnate as Man in this challenging game, we were able to experience sensation, something pure consciousness cannot do. We were able to embrace all of the physical, mental and emotional stimuli that Man can experience – everything that Life has to offer.
Now, in the island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire. Plato
But the cellular structures of the Human being cannot hold the darker frequencies. They were meant to be infused with Light. So, when this ‘forbidden fruit’ was eaten, Man came to perceive of the polarities of the positive and negative forces.
Because of the dark frequencies that had been infused into the cells of Man, hisbody of Light became heavy and dense. Out of curiosity, he gradually became attached to the things in Life. And, out of pride, he began to think that the originalCreation could be improved upon.
In these games of Life, as long as the energies maintain their equilibrium, the Universe remains undifferentiated. But Man was moving through a dark age. His Light had grown dim. As a result, some of the things he created had a devastating effect on the Earth. And, by greatly disturbing the delicate balance of nature, theEarth tilted and the position of the celestial North Pole shifted away from his place of origin.
With the melting of the polar icecaps, came a tremendous flood and the beginning of the Ice Age. This catastrophe claimed the lives of 64 million people and brought about the end of the World as it was known at that Time.
And God said, “Whenever I bring Clouds over the Earth and the rainbow appears in the Clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you, and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life”. Genesis 9:12-15
The ‘present’ moves at the Speed of Thought, into a ‘past’ that is simply a collection of electro-magnetic imprints called memories. Because memory is linked to magnetics, the reversal of the magnetic poles caused a descension of the consciousness of all of mankind and the creation of the ego mind.  This has caused us to forget that pain is an illusion.
We have forgotten the paradigm that Love is the only energy that truly exists and that every one of us is a manifestation of our God.