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Friday, September 21, 2012

Greetings My Beloved Family in Form, Arch Angel Michael

The Earth has already established new resonance in the 5D sphere of expression, and this expression is now more expanded and you are experiencing it more. As a result, you will notice that your heart's desires seem more supported than before. That you mysteriously are drawn to the right article, the right person, the right insight at the right time to help you move things forward more easily, more quickly. Things will appear that you thought wouldn't show up for some time and you'll realize you're enjoying something that you let go of even trying to manifest. In the combination of your letting go and these expanding realms of 5D energy on Earth, many convergences are beginning to take place and acceleration and manifestation is and will continue to increase in availability and experience.

What to do with this time? How to best approach it? How to understand it--what is happening within you and within the world as a whole.

New waves of awakening beings have been and are coming forth into knowing. Those who can, hear the soul's call so as to consciously participate in this approach to the December Solstice and that alignment. There is a great desire in all of the souls on Earth to awaken and understand, to be aware of the transubstantiation of form to new form while it's happening. It is a magical alchemy which on this scale takes one's breath away, if they can sense this story line ordering events and the progression of these things.

You live within your own energy field. Increasingly sovereign and self-sustaining. The wholeness that you are informs you more and more as your ability to handle cosmic energies grows. Your grounding, your heart-opening, your releasing, your nutritional wisdom, your breathing--all of this empowers your energy system to flow more electromagnetic current and higher frequency current. As you release your last strongholds with "needing" to change others, guide others, help others, you shift into total vertical sovereignty and are completely self-sustaining! Entirely resource and tuned in, peaceful and radiant. A joy-full presence. A great gift to humanity, to your own evolutionary heart's dreams and to All-That-Is. In this state of being, you have achieved your participation in fullness, and the ripening of this allows you to approach the completion of the old 3D world into the new, with a sense of harmonious alignment with the larger pattern. Anyone still attempting to find their orientation in this way will feel a sense of intermittent dissatisfaction and longing as you shift in and out of this alignment. The clue to return to the joy-filled state is always to let others live their lives, trusting all of life, leaning into your own experience--you can rest easy there, it is yours. Love your life. Love everyone around you by letting them discover the joy of finding their way, as you are and have.

As the new begins to settle more, and continuously expands, you will notice that there are waves of energy and tiredness. You are becoming more and more used to your body's interface with the new domain of experience. The living ways of being you knew before are slipping away, along with identity. You may have dreams of this--having no name, losing your purse or wallet. You may encounter others in your dreams called by "wrong names" a sign that things are shifting beyond the illusionary limits of localized sense of identity and with this expansion into a greater context of self comes greater ease and greater relief from so much of what has separated you in the past from what you feel as "home." The tiredness will pass quickly if you care for your body. Like everything now, you can shift things more quickly--but not if you resist them.

Ground yourselves deeply and own this place in the here and now. Root deeply into Gaia who is leading the way home. Home is simply a vibration of resonance with the fullness of your sound. It's a vibration that harmonizes the overtones, the etheric, invisible aspects of your blueprint, your soul song. In it you fit perfectly and know all. Although your human energy vessel is not equipped to cognitively "know all" you can feel the wholeness of this alignment with your heart and all of your energy field--it is in the states of grounded happiness, deep peace, profound appreciation, tenderness, flow, humor, orgasm with deep connection, play, creativity and of course, love. 

As you remove more and more obstacles to the Source of Divine Light you discover your true self which is larger than your local expression and you begin by being more aware of this self, to draw it into your life. As your attention goes, form follows, so as you pay attention to this sense of being, you energize this and this creates an expanded connection with the vastness of your being. Then, through sustained connection with this and a sense of identifying with this, you are in fact, drawing your reality into this larger context. You are weaving this energy into your current energy system; allowing it to transform who you have been into who you truly are.

It is, in essence, an enormous, progressive, experience of relief, relaxation, ease and after resting, from the release of letting go of the tension that is so present and pervasive you hardly even know it's there in so many moments of effort and striving, in essence with being at war with your dear and most beautiful self...after resting and regaining your wind, this progression yields bliss.

We tell you now that the Equinox will open a doorway into further expression of all of this. Depending on your awareness and the evolution of your own awakening you will each have different experiences. Please expect this and yet not expect anything in particular. Allow it to unfold as it does, reflecting your harmony and your essence vibration in growing clarity, and yet really, truly realizing that it will be different for everyone. Revel in the differences and the validation of your unique vitality and value that is implicit in this dynamic. Trust you pathways to joy. Follow them. See how much yield they will bring to you. Always be attuning yourself to that slight shift, that small physical change, emotional choice, loosening of ideas that will release you into greater joy.

This is your way home.