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Friday, September 21, 2012

Are you insane? from the upcoming Shape report... Meta-Arts

All humans (and any other sentient beings here on Terra) should take heed of the state of the sun on a daily basis as their personal actions are affected by solar activity. Many thinkers, past and present, have noted that solar activity is mirrored here on earth. When the sun is roiling, as it is now, terrestrial humanity also roils, as it does now. The 'looniness' that can be smeared across large amounts of humanity by solar activity is known by the-powers-that-be, and they will use it for their nasty goals, as they are now.
When the 'solar-looniness' is upon humanity, as it is now, the energetic forces, electrical and other, from the sun, put pressure on individual human minds, such that large scale group behavior is changed. As those humans who are suffering the 'solar-looniness' are un-aware of their plight, they react as though their emotional responses (to perceived reality) are both genuine, and internally generated. Neither is true, but don't try telling them that, or you are likely going to experience the 'solar-looniness' erupting in a human near you.
It seems unlikely that the mass of humans so affected will be able to awaken to the solar-looniness distortions of their behavior, thus the up-coming period promises to be both noisy and dangerous. Therefore, those humans who are awakening to the unfolding nature of reality, will as the data describes, [separate themselves (from the) herd instinct], becoming [explorers (of the manifesting new earth/new cycle)].
We note that the definition (more or less) of 'sanity', is to be 'well adjusted to the world around you'. If said world is itself not well adjusted, disruptive, deceitful, dangerous, duplicitous, and generally in a terrible state, then to be 'sane' is of no rational benefit. Why be well-adjusted to an irrational and degrading situation? Rather the more appropriate response is to choose insanity, and thus not be well adjusted to the global madness. The insane, facing a world boiling with solar-looniness, will navigate, without participating, as the omni-humanity seas react to the solar storms.
To all the 'insane', watching the asylum crumble before your eyes, be aware that 'walking time' is coming. Bare feet ground best. The good view is from the isolated hills. Be seeing you there.
Post Scriptum: please re-read the little article on weather. We are there now.
September 20, 2012
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