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Monday, August 27, 2012

‎"The Galactic Core as a system of energy" by Michelle Manders

‎"The Galactic Core as a system of energy contains chakras which are libraries of infinite information created and designed to free humanity, amongst other civilisations, and grant you access to the dimensions of self which liberate you from the worlds which have inhibited your thinking as a soul within form.

We are currently strengthening the energy connections between you and Spirit, helping you to act as the transformers of the old world so that you can birth the new dawn through your personal process and understanding of the Divine Definition of Life and Love.

Understanding that the body of a human, the body of Mother Earth and her elements are one, merges your conscious consciousness with these Divine Qualities and helps you come to realise your most important dreams, and more specifically, the ones you are destined to fulfil. One of the most important ways to transcend the old world is by walking a spiritual path, focusing on moving beyond that which has groomed you and choosing to integrate higher aspects of yourself, merge with them and live your life as ONE with them.

As you grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically your truth, in other words your understanding of the wisdom of God and Goddess changes because you are growing. The central motivating energy of the core of the Galaxy, and of the Universe, is Love and Wisdom. If one is not growing in and applying wisdom, one is not transcending the old and embracing the new.

The Air Gates take you into a greater spectrum of Spirit’s essence. The Fire Gates have revealed to you the raw power and raw spirit of Spirit. Now you are ready to embark upon the journey of connecting with the Sacred Science of and behind Spirit. All the Gates we activate with you form part of the collective training in mastering Alchemy in a human form. Every lesson, every transmission we have delivered, is a grand tome of knowledge helping you apply certain rules and techniques which will unite you consciously with the Master Alchemist aspect of yourself.

As the Seven Pillars come into the fluid world of love and wisdom you are supported in creating another level of the Sacred Bridge between your physical life, your emotional body, your will and personal power, as well as your ability to act from the heart and speak your truth, and that of the true wisdom of Planetary Consciousness.

These Pillars will continue to assist you in the process you are currently in of building your new body of the One Heart. This action takes the building of your new body of the One Heart and weaves it through the Authentic Self helping you remember more of the ancient wisdom encoded within your DNA." Mary Magdalene "7 Pillars of Conscience, Fire Gates 139 – 144 & Air Gate 1"