Monday, August 27, 2012

Sylvia Browne Discusses 2012 The End of Days

Sylvia Browne (born Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker October 19, 1936) is an American authorwho describes herself as a psychic and spiritual medium.She has made several appearances on Larry King Live, was a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show, and hosts her own hour-long show on Hay House Radio, discussing paranormal issues and giving callers advice in her role as a psychic.
In 1992, Browne was convicted of investment fraud and grand theft.Her claims and predictions have caused numerous controversies and reports of her failed predictions have appeared in several newspapers.Critics such as James Randi, with whom she has had a long running feud, say that she is a cold reader whose readings are indistinguishable from those achieved by mentalists using cold and hot reading techniques. Recent press coverage has asserted that she is inaccurate overall. You be the judge we are here to tell you all sides of this story.

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