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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NEW Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices! Meditation

There are thousands of people across the globe already doing this amazing meditation daily -  if enough people master the techniques which are taught within it, we will shift into Unity Consciousness with great ease and joy!  

Calling Light to yourself, grounding, calling your energy back, cleansing & protecting your aura, reconnecting your 12 strands of DNA & the 12 chakras, and opening your Cosmic and Earth Star Portals.
My guides say that this meditation, practised daily, would change the world almost instantly if practised by enough people! I'm putting it up on my site free of charge, hoping to get hundreds of thousands of people doing it in as short as time as possible. Please spread the word and pass it onto others!
Start your day with all of your energy present, cleansed and protected, grounded into Gaia, & connected with Heaven & Earth!

Essential Daily Practices

Close your eyes, settle into your body and slow your breath down. As you say the following invocations, understand that your wish is your command. And so it is.
1. Say out loud ‘I call light to myself now!’
As you call, a column of light, infinite in nature, pours down through your aura and your body, encompassing you in a higher vibration. This light that you call to yourself literally enlightens your being. It places you in a vertical alignment where you are connected with Heaven and Earth. It assists your body in raising its vibration in preparation for your movement into the 5th dimension.
2. Now say, ‘I ground myself into the heart of Gaia now!’
Stretch your awareness deep down into the heart of the Earth Being upon which you sit – there you will see a beautiful magnetic iron core crystal. Create a grounding cord like a rope made out of light, and attach that cord into your 2nd chakra in your belly if you are a woman, or into your 1st chakra at the base of your spine if you are a man. Send that grounding cord straight down to attach magnetically into the crystal at the heart of Gaia. You feel yourself very present in your body now – grounded, relaxed and heavy.
3. Now command ‘Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’
With this invocation you feel all of your energy returning to you from all directions. Become aware of your aura in all 6 directions – to the front, the back, the left and right, above and below. Repeat 'Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’ Feel the concentration and expansion of your aura as your energy returns to you.
4. Now say ‘I call a golden rain-shower to cleanse and heal my aura now!’
The angels send this golden shower now, pouring through your aura – golden particles of light, like a shower of rain, pouring through the energy which is you. As this rain-shower completes its cleansing and healing work, consciously spin a thread of golden light around your aura from the uppermost point above your head, spin this golden thread of light in a sun-wise direction, around and around, around the widest part of your aura, completing at the lower-most edge below your feet – leaving a crust or edge of golden light around your aura which continues to heal and protect your energy until you do this practice again.
5. Now command, ‘I ask for my 12 strands of DNA to be reconnected now!’
Visualise the double helix of your DNA and the disconnected strands reconnecting, allowing you to be the multi-dimensional master who you truly are. Feel a sense of reconnection within your body.
Command, ‘I ask for my 12 chakra system to be reconnected now!’. You may experience a spinning sensation within your body or your body may begin to move or spin as this connection takes place.
6. Stretch your awareness to your uppermost part of your aura now – to the ‘Cosmic Star Portal’ chakra.
Affirm ‘I open my Cosmic Star Portal to connect with the heart of the Great Central Sun!’
This connection allows the highest possible connection with your guides, and allows the information and energy which is needed for your vertical alignment and ascension to enter into your aura and body.
Now stretch your awareness to the very bottom of your aura, below your feet, to your ‘Earth Star Portal.’
Affirm ‘I open my Earth Star Portal to connect with the heart of Gaia.’ Your deeper connection with Earth through this portal allows you to be a channel for the energy of Heaven onto Earth now.
7. To assist this connection we end with a mantra which awakens your knowledge of your ancient heritage and shamanic powers so that you may see through the veil to the reality that WE ARE ALL ONE!
Sing with me ‘Om Nyaliman Shanti, Om Nyaliman Shanti, Om Nyaliman Shanti. Peace, peace, peace.’
Love and thank you, thank you to all higher beings who assist with the Divine plan for Earth. Love and thank you, thank you Mother Gaia, who holds us in Her arms as we ascend.