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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Have An Out of Body Experience: First Steps By Laken Gardner

How To Have An Out of Body Experience: First Steps | in5d.comBy Laken Gardner
Many are fascinated with astral travel but don't know where to begin. Let’s jump right in and get as practical as we can about something often labeled as mysterious.

First and Foremost: Intention

Your intention doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, the main thing is the feeling behind your desire.
Maybe you want to gain insight. Heal. Maybe you wish to re-awaken a sense of energy and awe you possessed as a child. Or sure, maybe you are simply curious.
Just make certain that when you break it down, something positive is at the root.
Maybe you don’t quite know what you’ll gain from this, but your intent is generally in the direction of growth, health, greater harmony, etc. Before concentrating on how to have an out of body experience, have a why.
Next comes what we call “setting the scene.” This means getting mind and body in an optimal state for out of body experiences.
Your mind must get into the right state. To attain the required relaxation and focus, we’ll use the word “meditation”–but don’t worry if you have no prior meditation experience. There are meditation technologies and various techniques that help get your brainwaves into the right state.


As you may know, humans undergo different cycles of sleep.
Generally, there are the alpha, theta, and delta brainwave cycles. These are literally different frequencies that your brain resonates at when in the different cycles of sleep.
But your brain is always vibrating at different rates, not just during sleep. Science teaches that everything vibrates.
Your brainwaves affect brain chemistry and thus experience. Someone who just meditated will likely have a very different response to inconvenient traffic versus someone who just had a nasty fight with their spouse.
Likewise, there are brainwaves more conducive to out of body experiences.
Certain research indicates that chemicals released in the pineal and pituitary glands may have serious effects on how our brains organize all of the sensory inputs that result in what we call experience. If a part of your brain intuitively knows how to have an out of body experience, it’s these glands.
Here’s the comforting part: all of this won’t seem as daunting when you keep one vital fact in mind: our consciousness experiences a very different reality every night while dreaming.
Since our brains process and react to stimuli, who’s to say that the external stimuli we experience in waking life is more valid or “real” than the internal stimuli we experience in the dream state?
Please re-consider what most people deem “normal,” it will loosen you up and be a great tool as you explore the world of out of body experiences.
Which leads to this:

Tips for Beginners

Your habits in one state (waking, dreaming, out of body experiences) all affect one another. Therefore, be aware in your waking life. Even stopping a few times per day to take some breaths and say, “Here I am. I’m alive,” will help.
Some more tips for “setting the scene”:
Don’t eat too too closely to your session, and don’t go in hungry either.
Needless to say, too much caffeine or sugar prior is not recommended.
Wear comfortable clothes, and do your version of relaxing. Remember, some people need totally dark rooms and complete silence, while others actually feel a certain pressure in such an environment. Sometimes well-meaning tips lists forget such facts.
Let your intuition and your smile guide you. Even an article like this on how to have an out of body experience is not quite the same as an instruction manual for your DVD player: there’s room for you to make it your own!
Starting your session at a time other than when you go to bed may help (otherwise you could just fall asleep!). Also, it is recommended that another person be physically present in the room with you only if this is someone you know and trust completely.

Again, brainwave entrainment to quiet the mental chatter and nudge the brain into its more mystical states have helped many get over the initial hump, proving to be the lynchpin in their toolbox of obe techniques.