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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Your Spirit by Michelle Manders

I have recently had a number of e-mails from people feeling very disoriented by the current energies and feeling as if they are in no-mans-land. Disruption, disappointment and confusion appear to be three major aspects affecting most. I personally have experienced a lot of disruption over the past few weeks, and have realized that we are, in a way, being urged to deal with these kinds of experiences by becoming flexible. Be in the moment and go with the flow of where things are trying to take us. This is forcing us to let go of the need to control events and let things be as they are, and instead of becoming overwhelmed or irate, to look at it as "it is what it is" and change  perspective. We are also being urged to ask "Where is this leading me and what is the disruption trying to show me?" rather than wanting to know why it is happening. We have Jupiter transiting through Gemini  to thank for this. Jupiter is delivering so called disappointments in an attempt to teach us to let go of our attachment to outcomes and rather build bridges of trust within ourselves and allow the rest to show us where the new adventure is taking us. The irony is, the moment we let go, everything almost instantaneously falls into place, and we realize how much energy was wasted stressing and becoming aggravated. 
Jupiter's transit through Gemini wants us to address our big expectations and big disappointments. This is an important part of the purifying process now being activated by the Sun entering Virgo. Our source of support, light and life come from the Sun, and when we deny this source we feel alone and disappointed, imperfect and fearful and attempt to control our life as much as we can so as to ensure a certain level of order and "perfection." Many of our expectations and controlling behavior is motivated on a sub-conscious level as a result of past disappointments and wounding. Jupiter is also  preparing us for his upcoming retrograde cycle in October, thus, by looking at these issues now we can become more aware of what motivates our expectations, which at times results in our own undoing and disappointment in life.

This is a valuable exercise, for the simple reason if we don't know what's driving our expectations we cannot build trust in life supporting us. Therefore, ask yourself "When something good comes along, what do I expect the outcome to be?" Do you find yourself thinking "it's too good to be true," or do you expect it to flop, because that has been the pattern in the past. This is the crucial aspect of what we are trying to get to the bottom of. Jupiter in Gemini will bring good opportunities, but do YOU BELIEVE you deserve it, or if it will last?

In recent weeks I have spent a lot of time revisiting many of Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene's teachings as per their instruction, and I'm in awe of how much of what they channelled, as far back as 1996, is happening! They have in truth been preparing us for this massive consciousness and dimensional shift for years already. Every area of life is in the throes of change, never to be the same again. Life as we knew it is over. I am seeing much of what 2012 is all about, and that right now we are experiencing the change we have been intending for for many years. I can see that for the most part we didn't really believe that all the changes we asked for, and that Spirit promised, would come into being because it was taking so long, from our perspective, and things appeared to be getting worse, rather than better. Reflecting on their teachings have blown my mind and blasted through whatever limited vision might have been blocking my view, and I see it loud and clear. "The Change" IS happening. Now we need to get back into our bodies, reconnect with life and merge with the current of the one of the greatest Ascension Waves ever to grace us in our life time. 
We are living a multidimensional life now, which is why at times we experience confusion and disorientation so easily, and adapting is in itself confusing because there are no reference points to attach to in order to feel safe or know, without a doubt, that we are on the right track and not in fact losing our minds. We are physically present in the the 3rd dimension, but our mind, energy and subtle bodies are functioning on other levels, resulting in short term memory loss, and at times not being sure as to whether what we are experiencing is really happening, or if we dreamt it. I have personally experienced this often - "did I actually say/experience that for real, or did I dream it?"

5th Dimension, the dimension of instant manifestation and freedom is teaching a tough lesson. It is giving us what we have asked for - freedom and instant manifestation, thus we are now free to manifest a lot more than we have ever manifested before. The BIG question is however, what are you freely instantly manifesting a lot of - negative abundance, or positive abundance? When we remain attached to past outcomes we instantly recreate it through the 5th dimension. 

Living a multidimensional life requires of us to "grow up" and be held accountable for everything we project and intend for. Thus, as Kuthumi-Agrippa has recently said, "there is no more room for fear." We have ascended beyond many layers of our lower ego, now we need to believe we've done this, believe in ourselves, let go of outdated expectations and past disappointments and surrender to and trust the source of life to be there for us and show us the new way. Therefore, we need to get out of our own way so this can happen. A force of energy, in the form of circumstances, is pushing us to deal with our issues on a deeper and more meaningful level. Lip service does nothing to heal us, we have to put our money where our mouth is and face ourselves head on. We have to look at every insecurity, judgement, fear and ounce self-deception we give into, own it and rise above it. Many are doing this already, so it can be done.

Kuthumi-Agrippa gave a very important message in part 2 of the "Stepping in 10th Dimension - Return of the Monad" channelling regarding why it is so important we get a grip on our lower aspects and heal them. Part 2 of the 7th Dimensional Light Body Initiations - Free Your Spirit E-book is also now available in my shop. All of these teachings are valuable and offer practical ways of integrating the new energies as you let go of the old. Part 3 will soon be available too, as will many more new and exciting channellings.

I am delighted to say that we are just about ready to close bookings for Egypt as my trip will be fully booked. This is awesome and promises to be an astounding group dynamic anchoring the energies the Masters are busy preparing for the onset of one of our most powerful Ascension Waves to date beginning on the 12th of December - the Universal Solstice, and culminating on the 21st of December.

We have rescheduled the dates for our pilgrimage to Bali. I will release this itinerary next week, so if you are keen on joining us,  mark 16 April - 28 April 2013 off on your new year calendar.

I have started uploading a number of my channellings translated into Russian, and more Spanish translations will be uploaded over the next few days. Please also visit my FREE CHANNELLINGS section to download your free copy of the latest freebies I have uploaded for you - The Cosmic Sun Chakra and the Sun Chakra Awakening with the Lions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter and for your support of my work. Continue believing in yourself and that the energy you are investing in changing your life is already being supported. As much as life feels surreal right now, the new has many treasures to share with you. 

Much love,
Michelle Manders

Palace of Peace