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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mercury Retrograde & 7:7 Celebration

Thankfully both Saturn and Venus are now direct and we have some room to breathe! It is however short-lived because Mercury stations retrograde in Leo on the 15th of July until the 8th of August. This retrograde won't be as intense as what we have been through since since mid January. We have been through the worst of it and survived the Mars, Saturn and Venus retrogrades. This is Mercury's second retrograde cycle for the year, the last one for 2012 will be in November when it retrogrades from early degrees of Sagittarius back into late degrees of Scorpio. 

But for now, lets concentrate on this upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Mercury, now in the constellation of Leo, is calling for confident communication, showing feelings openly, demonstrative, passionate, generous and enthusiastic expression and speaking with authority in a constructive and non-arrogant manner. Mercury in Leo energy is excellent at promoting ideas creatively, getting the message across, possessing admirable style and charm, organizing by delegating, expressing in glamorous and artistic ways and winning people over with warmth and good will. However, because Mercury will soon station retrograde, we can expect the mis-mangement and internalization of these aspects to expose themselves at times. 

Firstly, under a Mercury retrograde we advise you to rest, retreat, read, study, research, re-asses, re-define, re-address, and review issues which appear to be an issue. The next important thing we advise, is under a retrograde do not REACT. Retrogrades want you to go back and revisit unresolved issues in order to move forward because they bring out dysfunctions and issues that have to date gone unresolved - a retrograde highlights lack/fear. Thus, this retrograde will highlight the areas of life and yourself where clear communication is lacking, feelings are internalized or mismanaged, arrogant "know it all" communication and attitudes abound, the inability to communicate what one needs recognition for may go into hiding, creativity may become stifled or run wild, as could the lower ego. Loyalty and integrity may fly out of the window, or you could find yourself revisiting issues around the lack of loyalty and integrity from the past. Mercury is retrograding in fiery Leo, therefore carefully watch your own and other people's emotional and spiritual reactions. People and events from the past return to be re-kindled or re-addressed and finally laid to rest, so be prepared.

There are some key factors always to consider under a Mercury Retrograde, which if ignored tend to throw a spanner in the works. Never sign a contract, even a marriage contract during this period, unless you are renewing the contract. Do not buy anything with moving parts because it will end up giving you problems, especially expensive items like motor cars, computers, electronics etc. Taking your car in for repairs can also turn out to be a frustrating experience because it will more than likely have to be returned because something is overlooked. Things being overlooked is one of the main reasons why we suggest contracts are not signed during this phase. You will miss something important which can end up costing you for up to 4 years after the deed is done. New contracts cannot not deliver what it originally promised. It is also best not to start anything new, like a business or important project under the Mercury Retrograde, rather use this time to do a little more research and trim the edges as needed, and then launch or begin your project from around the 12th of August, which is a few days after Mercury has turned direct.

Mercury also rules commerce and travel. If you are traveling anywhere, especially flying, double check your flight itinerary as delays and cancellations are to be expected. In fact, confirm all meetings and arrangements before leaving to attend to make sure it is still on. Mark your luggage clearly and make sure you have all necessary travel documents up to date and in order. If you are traveling by car, check tyres, water, oil, shock absorbers, brakes etc and take regular stops to rest along the way. Accidents feature highly during this phase.   

Technology is also affected by a Mercury retrograde, so be extra aware of how you word e-mails and text messages as they can be misinterpreted, and you may find that e-mails and text messages go missing. Internet connection problems and system crashes are another prominent feature, basically anything technologically driven is under stress during a Mercury retrograde. I have already had to contend with frustrating hiccups with failed uploads to my website! Hair-pulling frustration!  

Archetypically, Mercury retrograde favours liars, conmen, cheats and thieves, which is another reason why we suggest being extra careful when it comes to signing contracts or spending big money on expensive items. You might be conned into believing something that its not, and because communication is scrambled during this phase misinterpretation and miscommunication push humpty dumpty off the wall, and you will feel cheated and lied to. If, however, you cannot avoid a big purchase or delay signing a contract I strongly advise you to consult an astrologist to help you with the timing so that things work in your favour - "good for who, bad for who?" Pristine timing answers that question. A favourable aspect of the Mercury retrograde is that you will come across great deals and fantastic bargains, again, I suggest you consult an astrologist with the timing of your purchase if you cannot delay it until at least the 12th of August.

Mercury is mutable in nature, meaning it has two sides of which only one can be seen at a  time, and when it turns retrograde you are dealing with the "dark side" of Mercury to a large degree. During this cycle you can rest assured that people, including yourself, will expose their true colours for good or bad, so be observant and don't react until you are sure of what you are dealing with. Mercury rules our ability to think, talk, our memory, and our ability to reason, thus during this phase Mercury will challenge us, lie to us, cheat us, and rob us of our power if we allow it to con us into believing, thinking, and over-analysing things that are actually not there, or simply untrue. It will also reveal to you how you do this to yourself - the Mercury retrograde is just the catalyst exposing this to you. This is why this period is such a powerful time for healing. That is one of the shadow ways in which Mercury works through us. Be mindful of all communication at this time because things are not clear, the mind is foggy, what is said is misunderstood or mis-communicated which can lead to sticky and reactive situations. Don't make any hasty decisions either, rather retreat and rethink it, or research your options before deciding and acting.

The other side of Mercury is the side which helps you grow, so initially it tricks you into believing something about yourself that you are not, but through meditation, self-reflection, reasoning with yourself and working with yourself through an orderly, practical process you see the trickster that Mercury is and the growth opportunity it is presenting.The Mercury retrograde actually teaches valuable lessons, ones which supports us in growing when we see how easy it is for us to be tricked into believing things that are non-sense. This is when we are able to see how the mercurial energy lies, cheats and thieves every aspect of society on a daily basis into believing in an illusion.   

In an earlier newsletter that I wrote about the Mercury retrograde I explained how it can lie to us, and how big corporations are Mercurial in their nature with regards to how we are conned into believing their over the top, dramatic and glamorous presentations. As a reminder, and for those of you who didn't read that newsletter, let me repeat myself. Mercury rules commerce, big business, import/export, wheeling and dealing, transportation, flight, teaching, science, ingenuity, and academia, therefore if you consider this and the nature of Mercury as I have just described, we see the two sides of Mercury playing out through key areas in society - education, communication, commerce, the conveying of information, which is everything the external world is involved in - advertising, big corporate environments, everything that cons us into believing that, for example, Coke a Cola is better than Pepsi. Mercury is communicating its trickery, conning, trying to convince you who is better, or rather who the better liar is. We all understand the dark side of advertising. If you look at the external world from that perspective you can see just how powerful and active Mercury is, and how this energy seeps into our thinking process all the time without even consciously realizing it, because it is also a subliminal programme happening all the time. For example, an advert is screened up to 3 or 4 times during a television programme. The majority of the general public end up buying that product without even realizing it consciously. Because they have been "programmed" by the repetitive message and the seed is planted, the next time they go to the store they are more than likely to purchase what was advertised rather than any other brand on the shelf.

Mercury has a field day with the majority of society. Thus, we need to learn to work with Mercury (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) This is done by seeing through the lie and into the game, and say thank you to Mercury for his ingenuity in leading you to believe something you are not. Then you have learnt the lesson, which is how you master the energy of Mercury. Therefore be aware of what is communicated to you and what you are communicating, what you are thinking and how this influences your actions and decisions. Allow the light-side of Mercury to help you grow beyond the illusion of the false beliefs and attitudes (lies) you have been tricked into accepting as truth, and use the power of your new-found truth to communicate your power on a whole new level and in a whole new way.

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