Finally something we can is guided by the knowledge that the Origin of All life is Lov. We believe that respecting and taking care of our home planet 'earth' keeps us safe and healthy. New is dedicated to all men and women who have been persecuted or murdered because of their sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, race, age, gender, martial status, disability, or HIV infection. We loves god very very much.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Beloved I AM. We are in LOVE.

WITH each Sacred breath I take. I feed the eternal flame within. I synthesize the light and the shadow within me, Integrating the life re-birth cycle. I transcend DEATH and embrace eternal LIFE. I die only to the reality of duality and this I do consciously in every moment. I am reborn simultaneously, in my body of radiant lIGHT. Never was there a time I did not exist. Never will their be a time where I seize to be. I am unborn.  EVER lasting.  I AM not only this. I AM the universe. 

And So It Is.