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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dream Interpretation

What is dreaming? It is the voice of our soul and dreaming is a very natural thing for human. Anything that has soul and brain is dreaming which is due to the energy flow that allows our soul celestial to sense different things in the surrounding or nature that results in visuals, or audios in the mind while we are asleep and the deeper level of your consciousness will then react and playback images or visuals or even just giving you some feelings that related to what you sense. For example, it could be telling you your current process. No matter what, the dream interpretation does act a big role in your life to help you do things better.

In using dream interpretation over 12 years, I developed a fascination for it in revealing my inner process, what is my next step, which direction to go and so forth. I always journal my dreams and findings to read them later again and to recognize their deep truth. I learn to trust my gift and that it always gives me the right information. It is a place to where I can always turn to.

I also find that dream interpretation works for anything else that catches my attention in daily life. For finding the deeper meanings, I discovered dream banks and Shaman Animal Spirit pages resonating with me.

What I like to bring across is, in understanding our dreams and the meaning of the happenings in our surroundings, we are able to transform our old believes. It can lead us to the next step and to understand a difficult process or what we are to do at a certain moment. And that knowing or better understanding provides us more comfort. While with time, it happens automatically and there is not much need anymore to always go search for a meaning in a book or internet. It becomes a tool that serves our purpose. Mine is just an example and I am sharing it to inspire others to bring forth their gifts.

There are many tools to use in order to gain access to a better understanding. I not only use my dreams, I carry two special books which are very sacred to me. One of them is the book of Dr. J.Hurtack with the 72 sacred living names of God the Almighty. Another one that came to me is the book from the HUICHOL Indians - about the Deer Spirit. I can ask any question or for guidance, than I open the book to find the right text.

And last not least, my connection with animals and nature! Animals are somehow always present in my life. Also it is said, that the animals are the messengers of God and I feel so honored and happy to carry this passion and natural connection to discover their messages.

I tell you, this is a wonderful world we are living in, full of miracles!. All we have to do is to remember how to establish our connection. Connecting with nature, we learn to understand, respect and how to accept all living things and that each little tiny bug or ant has a right to be there and has a reason for living. We are all energetically connected. There is no exception. We area ONE with ALL there is on earth and in the universe. We all are God's Creation. The energy frequency we carry, attracts into our life's what we need to become aware of and to learn from it so to move on,  in the way God wants us to walk. Native American's talk about  "The Red Road" and we White people say, the "Soul's Path".

No matter if it is a dream or a happening in our daily life, we always are connected with the universe and are always guided. We just have to look up and recognize the light from above. We are never alone. These tools we can use like a vehicle that brings us to our destination! And for that I am very thankful.

Elke Neubeck