Friday, July 20, 2012

A beautiful mind-Dan Winter Sacred Angelic Science , Geometry and the Electric universe3 Excellent! Excellent! but can you prove it? This is what we call good physics! The science fits the spirit rather beautifully! We agree!  What is an angel?  What is a swatstika? What is  successful death? What is a successful dream? What determines whether or not you have holes in your aura because of drug use?Can you see the bio plasmic streamers going through the aura of your lover when you are having "sexy time". Why would you want a magnetic map of your bed? How can you measure love? How can you steer a tornado? How can you become an arch angel? For those of you who are more left brain and must have facts! you are really going to like this video.
 Dan winters, is one of the few scientist around who have connected the parallel
between science and spirituality.  We happen to LOVE Dan winters very much and we think  that he is very sexy. Our bio plasmatic streamers activate every time we listen to his lectures . Beloved angel, thank you for everything.