Friday, July 20, 2012

Because we love all those things we say to each-other..

Beloved mother creator within me!  I thank you for all my blessings.
Thank you for my inner peace. Thank you for
my friends, my family, my material possessions. 
Thank you for everything. Thank you for the clean air
I breath. Thank you for the clean water I drink. Thank you for
all the delicious foods and vegetables. Thank you for always being with
me even during those times that the mind wants me to believe that I am
alone.  Thank you, for holding me so close. Thank you for loving me as I AM.
Beloved mother, I have mastered death. Clearly, I have proven this time and time again.
Thank you divine mother I have no regrets because I know that I AM unborn. I am immortal.
Thank you for letting me experience what separation felt like without judgement.  
Thank you beloved mother that in my search for a home somewhere else away from
this beautiful place. I found my heart. Home is where my heart is. Thank you beloved mother I stand corrected.
I love you forever and ever. And So it Is.