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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seeking the Company of Lovers - by Riana Gaspar

Love is the timeless path to the growth of your soul and ascension. If we don’t set out on this quest for our soul, our lives become meaningless and unfulfilled.

Becoming a Beloved must be the only goal in life. We should not be deterred by fear to lose the empty illusion which surrounds us. Only when we gaze on the face of the Beloved and your Soul becomes immersed into a mystical union with the Universal Ultimate Love, will you experience a love so complete, a love so absolute. This all-embracing love will transcend all physical experiences of life. 

Let your heart slumber no more; ignite the spark of life that is impatient to burst into flames. Go deep inside and break down the walls you build around your heart. You do not need to travel anywhere, but inside. The only obstacles you will stumble upon are inside. Do not become discourage and overwhelm with fear when you explore the journey of the Heart. Walk to Ultimate Love, one step at a time, and celebrate every step of exploring the Inner Self. 

As you open your heart for the light to shine through, seek the company of lovers. As first, one might confuse this Love, for a Love of the Self, or a Love for Another. As time passes and the desire for fulfilment grow and the awareness of Ultimate Love awakens within the heart, one will reach out with heart and soul, to become one with Ultimate Love. 

As your desire rise, respond to the Call. You do not need any particular skills; you do not need to go anywhere special. Let go of outdated believes which holds you back, you need not be perfect. Every hardship and trail, you encounter is only part of the journey, solutions will come. 

As you travel this road which seems to go on into time without an end and you meet other lovers, become their companion and dedicate yourself to them. Your spiritual journey will be shortened when you share the way of love with another. They will help you fight the illusion that holds you back and help you escape from fear. Together you will unlock the secrets of wisdom, inner peace and Ultimate Love. The radiant love in their hearts will illuminate your path a thousand fold and shorten a seemingly long journey.

Love is in your heart, find the barriers you put up against it, with the help of another.

Dedicated to my companions

Much love