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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dark Moon Joy Work by Azlan White

As we depart the wacky URANUS-VENUS aspect of last night, we enter a territory of DARK MOON VOID feeling energy, transiting between sweet MOON VENUS CONJUNCTION of last night and the MOON SQUARE MARS late this evening at 8:11 pm, pdt.  We are working out the details of our Home, Transportation, and Living to Transporting Patterns. If they aren’t working, we may notice where shift is needed, today.
We are at the end of our developing STRENGTH cycle in the Human Awakening Portal of 2011-2012. We’re just before the cycle of the HANGED MAN, beginning at the NEW MOON at 28 Gemini, 8:02 am, tomorrow morning.
MOON TRINE SATURN at 8:16 pm, pdt, late tonight is an aspect of grounding and preparing for another kind of lunar creation alchemy beginning tomorrow morning. We want to prepare our “sword of clear intentions” for that moment and the week beyond it.
After the NEW MOON of tomorrow morning, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 4:40 pm, pdt and we can finally release the new net of creation, after a big work phoenix lunar cycle.  Now the grace of our natural creativity can be given free reign. What do we truly desire to create now?
SUMMER SOLSTICE of 2012 is a point when we may feel inspired to LOVE ourselves or another with more potency and power than ever before. We are called to expand our hearts by the awakening energy of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO and the Mayan Mythic Call to our souls.  One high road in this time is to ignite Self Love like a candle in our hearts and stoke it like a giant forest fire–feeding it all dark growing things that inhibit our growth, burning the dark forest of thought in our minds, with the light of our self-love and creativity. This Self-Love and Creativity, along with Deep Gratitude for what we do have, are our Keys to Happy Flight in this cycle, over shocking dark-minded reactions.
SUMMER SOLSTICE is Wednesday June 20th, along with a MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO & SQUARE URANUS.  VENUS SEXTILE URANUS on the day of SUMMER SOLSTICE at 5:57 pm, pdt calls the Divine Feminine Trickster in us into presence to resolve any tension from the Worlds Impending and Current Transformation.
URANUS SQUARES PLUTO on June 24th peaking our 2012 Awakening Portal with Planetary Tension. We are called to presence in our own unique way. What does the fabric of life say today?
May we pass through eyes of all needles in joy and love, celebrating.