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Monday, June 18, 2012


Every particle of food we eat become us. It enters the body and becomes the cells and tissues of our body. So if we do not respect the food we eat then we do not respect our very own bodies. When we eat food and are concentrating on our worries or watching the television where there are depressing stories being told, or talking about depressing things with our friends, we are actually eating our sorrows and worries, and they go into the body and react in the body as dis-ease. Our bodies go into dis-ease because of the constant mindlessness, and then it makes us to slow down to think about what has gone wrong. 

If we take time to sit down at every meal and look at our food consciously we will know that every grain of rice, wheat, corn, animal, or plant has willingly given its life for our bodies to live. What an amazing sacrifice this is! Realizing this is enough to make us be in the place of immense Gratitude for all these beautiful beings around us. 

Our bodies are sacred temples where the Divine resides, if we do not realize this and continue to feed our bodies with things that are not in harmony with it then we go in for all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional problems. Every addiction is due to mindlessness. 

Humans are powerful beings born with the gifts of love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, intuition, and the power to heal themselves. Unless we consciously connect with ourselves all these gifts that we have brought with us will never be revealed. 
Our bodies have great intelligence; if we take time to respect our body and listen to our body we will evolve our grand gifts.

Taking time to loving touch and prepare our food is very important; the love and conscious connection we have with our food adds a miraculous spice to the food. The food becomes enriched with healthy and happy energy. The food tastes good. 
When we sit down and eat our food consciously tasting and loving each bite we are adding immense healing energy and we will never over eat or under eat, and we will never put things into our body that does not resonate with the body, also we will never get addicted in anyway. When we eat consciously we allow all the senses of the body (smell, taste, touch, hearing, seeing) to take part in the awesome creation of the experience of eating food! It becomes a Grand Experience! An experience that creates contentment for the body and mind!

I have witnessed people get out of diseases, loose unwanted weight, even get out of addiction when they sincerely take time to respect themselves and their food, and consciously savor the experience of eating food. 

I find it very satisfying when I eat silently by totally concentrating on every mouthful and affirming in my mind “I enjoy every food I eat, I love every cell of my body”. I have personally witnessed and experienced the enormous healing for body, mind, and spirit through this exercise. 

Let us choose to respect our food, our bodies and our Planet. Let us create “Heaven” on Earth.

~Premlatha Rajkumar~