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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

21:6 Solstice Channelling by Michelle Sanders

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and bring unto you the blessings of transmutation, alchemy, trust and introspection.
Beloved ones the blessings that we bestow upon you upon this day are ones that are meant to assist you in recognising and reconnecting with the Divine Qualities of Light that exist within you. The Solstice is cause for great celebration, for it is when the veils between Universes will be the thinnest they have ever been, the windows of opportunity will be the widest they have ever been and the worlds of Fluid Consciousness and Fluid Love will be a part of your energy in an almost tangible way. It is at this time that the Pathways of Illumination and Enlightenment intensify in their ability to make a difference in your life, within you, and every thing embodying the pure intention of love and truth will quadruple in its energy quotients of light, therefore how it serves will quadruple in its ability to bring that which is needed into being.

Every time there is a major celebration taking place such the Solstice, there are many levels of change taking place. You as human beings are generally only aware of what is happening within your physical reality; you are aware of what you are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally; you are aware of your spiritual journey but the intricacies and light logistics you are not entirely fully aware of. Imagine a situation where you are seeing what is taking place on the stage, you know there is something going on behind the scenes and some of you can see what goes on behind the scenes because you are in fact those operating from behind the scenes. Then there is another behind the scenes scene, and another behind the scenes behind the scenes scene, and so it goes on. There are dimensions within dimensions and upon dimensions in which life is in a constant state of creation, and Planet Earth is just one expression of life being experienced within a dimension within a Universe consisting of billions of dimensions which make up many other aspects of its many Universes.
Think of how many cells there are in your body – trillions in fact. If you are a reflection of the Earth, if you are a reflection of what exists beyond Earth, then do you not think that there are trillions of other divine expressions being expressed? These are playing out in

parallel and alternate Universes and dimensions. There is so much more to life than you would ever, ever be able to comprehend with the capacity of your current human brain and intelligence. There are those who are considered super intelligent; the super geniuses, they have been considered mad because of their ability to grasp what lies beyond and some of them have “gone mad” so to speak because no one has been able to fathom what they are presenting.

The reason I give you this information at this time precious ones is because of this thinning of the veils between the universes. The thinning of the veils between the dimensions has been taking place for some years now, but now you are moving into a much more involved process of Universal Consciousness, no longer just dimensional awareness or consciousness. You have spent many months working with yourself breaking out of the Fixed Universe moving into a Fluid Universe. Now that there is sufficient of your energy operating within the Fluid Universe a whole new expression of life is at your disposal. You have heard endless teachings about how to love yourself, how to accept yourself, change your perceptions, be positive, how to deal with negative attitudes and the importance of making empowered choices. You have realised, you have recognised, you have integrated, digested and tried your utmost to live the Spiritual Principles. You have got it right most of the time, which is commendable, now you move beyond the realms of the collective consciousness in terms of their focus relating to where the collective consciousness is at now and you move beyond, beyond the boundaries of what you have considered the ultimate boundary in your spiritual development. Always remember that the minute one level is achieved; a level of mastery that is, the next step automatically presents itself. This fluidity is guiding you along the Pathways. Let me remind you of how many times we have taught the importance of surrender, of being in the moment, going with the flow, trusting the here and now. This is why every single transmission that has been brought through, every single teaching I have delivered has, and is, and always will be for a greater purpose. My teachings always build upon one another, it is a journey, therefore one step follows the next. I will never deliver a transmission simply to fill up space and time, I have absolutely no desire to do something like that.
So this solstice, the Winter Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, is one where the dualities of the world are brought together - winter and summer, masculine and feminine, yin/yang, light/dark; all of the dualities stand side by side. There are a number of new bridges being created between the dualities. These bridges are automatically created between the chakras of your body and that of any dual aspect of yourself so that the fluid energy; the fluid consciousness of love, truth, light, integrity, and all the other qualities of light and love, can flow between you and your dual aspects. This has been created for the purpose of manifesting harmony between those aspects of self. Sometimes one can create harmony in a situation simply by both parties agreeing to disagree, and I am sure you have heard that many times before. The dual aspects of you are presenting you with different perspectives, offering you opportunities to address life from different angles, you - who you are now, may not agree with certain of those aspects, but they are still a part of you. It doesn’t matter how your dual aspect manifests or what your dual aspect looks like, or what it is made out of, all that matters is that that part exists. Some of you in fact have experienced your dual aspect in the form of a partner in a relationship, or a sibling, or a child, or anyone else that has challenged you in your life. These bridges are ones that now bring the light of both aspects into your vision. This is where you recognise the fluidity of life.

This solstice is delivering to you the powerful gift of embracing the knowing with all of your being that duality is ok. Now some of you might say: “Kuthumi you are contradicting

yourself, you have spoken before of duality and you did not say what you are saying now.” That is true, bear in mind what I said earlier on my teachings follow upon one another. In order for you to understand duality you needed to look at how duality is light and dark; so called opposites. You have worked with your opposites, you have set boundaries with your opposites, taken back your power, you have gone through very necessary initiations in relation to that. Now you are ready to take the next level of mastering duality into your consciousness. This lesson as I have said, shows you that the dual aspects you witness are in fact a part of you, and this is what pushes you further into your Observer Nature because the Observer has the power to observe all aspects perceived as duality and can see both sides of the story, all perceptions, all perspectives. This is where you move into the aerial perspective of life; your own and life in general.

The fluid energies that we speak of automatically carry you along the thermals of unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance and wisdom, and when you are carried upon these thermals and look down on life you see through the eyes, the heart, mind and spirit of the Master, and this beloved ones is when you will come to truly understand that nothing is truly good or bad, nothing is truly light or dark, male or female, long or short, all it is, is simply what it is, and it is in that moment that you find the other Universes, the other dimensions within those Universes bursting open and you walk through them.
Most of humanity is being challenged intensively, which is not anything new to you, however knowing how to deal with the challenges and understanding the energies that you are dealing with is vital, and this is why this message is important. The Solstice celebration is important because you are passing through worlds within worlds into the Universal Consciousness of Fluidity. Fluidity has the freedom to move in any direction it chooses, and if there is anything blocking its way the fluid moves around it, underneath it, over it or through it if there is a way. This is your time of mastering being a Fluid Being living your life Fluidly; pulling when being pushed, pushing when being pulled – no resistance. Over and above what you will experience within yourself, you will understand how resistance inhibits and limits you. Your excuses are justifications of the lower-ego resisting something that needs to change. There is a difference between making a choice and saying “no,” and there is a difference between simply digging in your heels and saying “no” because you are afraid or because you just don’t want to without having considered the gifts that life offers beyond the world you are in.

Everything you are experiencing and will continue to experience will intensify, the closer we get to 2012 the more pressing everything becomes, you are cramming many initiations and lessons into very short spaces of time. Some of you are experiencing perhaps a couple of months of testing, challenge and initiation in as little as three or four days. There are some of you who are experiencing as much as ten years of training in one month. This is not being said to stroke your ego and make you feel that you must be something really special to be able to go through this, you are going through this because you have chosen to go through it, you are going through it because you are doing it. All we are doing is presenting the opportunities because of the timeline currently available to Planet Earth. It is necessary that these are set in place, it is part of a grander picture, it is a process unfolding like a journey; one step following the next, so as everything changes for Planet Earth the next step automatically follows, and the more people choosing to take advantage of these energies ensure that the ball continues rolling, so more and more and more is coming forth. Thus the more you detoxify your body the more you release, the clearer you become. It is the same with these energies. Therefore you are absorbing higher vibrations of energy; greater quotients of light, and as the greater quotients of light are drawn into your consciousness you become more aware of that which has eluded you in the past.

Never underestimate the power of the current timelines. Never underestimate the teachings that are being brought forth. Our presentation of the teachings is becoming more forthright. There is a sense of urgency in what we are presenting, there is a kind of “pushing” all of you to wake up to look at where you are at because there is no longer time left to be complacent or procrastinate, those days are over, which I have said before. Thus, bear in mind this is the “final stretch” and we are being permitted now to bring everything in full force to ensure that those who have made the choice get every opportunity they deserve because they are calling it to themselves, and we have agreed to serve in this manner, and so it shall be done.
The chakras of your body are undergoing recalibration every six hours now. The structure of the geometry within the frequencies emitted by your chakras is now changing every twelve days. The codes you draw from the Fluid Universe, which you draw into the chakras, which come into the cells of your body and penetrate your DNA and beyond, is moving at a very fast rate and causing shifts to happen every seventy-two hours. Now that in itself is a mind bender of great proportions which is why I say, very few of you actually really know what is going on beyond what is seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelt. Your world has developed at a rapid rate, which is why it is vital that you do not attach the lower-ego’s expectation to outcomes, because eight out of ten times the outcome will be totally different to what you expected. Therefore, attaching an outcome to anything means you are placing it within Fixed Consciousness. You are now within Fluid Consciousness, and best you get used to living within this Fluidity. Beloved ones it is this Fluidity of consciousness, mind, spirit, intention and the ability to create which will ensure that you move through the worlds, through the dimensions and through the Universal Passages with grace, ease and speed.

2020 is around the corner, the ascension wave of 2012 is under your nose, so be at peace with this life you have chosen, for you are being presented with opportunities unlike ever before. This solstice is opening Universal Gateways into the Fluid Universe of Love, bringing forth the journeys of Fluid Illumination, Fluid Enlightenment and the Fluid understanding of yourself as a being. These gateways open at specific points around your planet which will hold this energy. These Gateways will be in every major city across your globe, Lightworkers residing in the major cities will feel the intensive pull to simply just surrender and trust implicitly in what the moment is offering.

During this time you are being asked to let life guide you, to allow the unseen forces of your greater illuminated, fluid, empowered self to lead the way, so it is completely a case of relinquishing fixed control to the fluid aspects of the soul, your Higher Self and your most Empowered Self and allowing it to guide you, to take you along the exquisite Journey of Life. You come to experience the power that lies within grace as that which unfolds before you unfolds with grace and ease. Fluid consciousness, Fluid Awareness and the application of a Fluid Intention allows you to “roll with the punches,” to move with every twist and turn, every dip, every single angle that life presents, and because you are trusting, you will not get caught in a whirlpool because you will automatically be guided past that whirlpool, you will be protected from the jagged rocks and anything else that lurks beneath that could harm you which you do not physically have the ability to see. Thus, Fluidity is about trusting all levels; what you can see and what you cannot see - that which is on the surface and that which is beneath, that which is within and without, above and below. You have begun the next phase of an incredibly important, enlightening and liberating journey.
The key date activations that come after this (7:7, 8:8, 9:9 etc) will add to the intensity and speed at which you are bringing in these quotients of light, and the windows of opportunity will continue to burst forth for you so that you can take a step, move through, act, change,

do, be; whatever is required of you. The most important thing for you through all of this is to remind yourself to be fluid, to flow - remember pull when pushed, push when pulled, forget resistance and surrender. This may go against some of your instincts because you have been trained in that manner through your programming and everything else that you know about already. Remind yourself that you have stepped out of that old paradigm and that what you are now experiencing is something completely new; never ever been experienced by mass consciousness in this fashion before. There are no history books as such that can give you this information, it is all brand new, and all of this is what will take you into the world post 2012 where no history exists for you to follow, study, learn from and to anticipate the future from. All that you have is YOU, Spirit, the power that is inside of you, the power that exists in the world outside of you, and using the two energies as one, using the dualities to serve one another, bringing all perspectives into play and knowing that when all perspectives are in sight all ground is covered and all will be well. No one perspective is ever the only one, your world is too multidimensional for that, and as the Multi Universes influences this now, it is only going to increase in its Multi Energy form. You as individuals will experience tapping into those Multi Universes and the potential of what lies beyond what you do not understand, and yes, it will be very confusing at times but just go with it, let it show you what it is and how you can work with it.
With these windows opening at this time between 21st of June and 22nd of August, the energies begin to flow between the Southern and the Northern hemispheres - the exchange of light and energy, the movement of the higher quotients of light between the crown and the base, between the head and feet, between Heaven and Earth, but it will be a constant flow, not becoming stagnant, and so the weaving of these energies will grow in strength creating the Fluid Networks of these Advanced Technologies of a spiritual/metaphysical nature - the Advanced Technologies that come through the Quantum Sciences through the experience of that which exists outside of the Fixed Universe, the fixed mind, fixed attitudes and belief systems and the fixed expectations of life. The fixed world will be left behind by those who choose the Fluid World.

The 21st of December is the time where the shift between fixed and fluid becomes a noticeable change where many of you will experience the chasm expanding between Fixed Consciousness and Fluid Consciousness. People who choose to live within a fixed world and those who choose to live within a fluid world will still be sharing space, but your worlds will be radically different, and it will continue to change more and more. There will be opportunities for those from the fixed world to move into Fluid Consciousness. There always will be, but those who have moved into Fluid Consciousness will move further and further away from fixed consciousness, and that is what will eventually be perceived as the worlds separating. Two different states of experience, two separate Earths, and the world as you know it now will no longer exist for you. Therefore beloved ones, to take full advantage of these energies. Practice being fluid, experiment with what being fluid means, look at where you have placed expectations on situations and people and draw that energy back to yourself and just allow what needs to be to be without giving your power away, still holding your intentions, your goals, your visions and your dreams – that is not what you are giving up, you are “giving up” your projected fixed attitudes, expectations and projections in exchange for something more fluid, something much grander than what your lower-ego is trying to create based on it’s perceptions and limited perspectives based on past experience. Remember this is new and only you can give yourself the opportunity to have a taste of what this new is all about.

So let go, go with the flow and allow these new worlds to show you what lies beyond the boundaries of what you thought was the furthest you could push, the furthest you could go, breaking through them and seeing the other worlds that exist beyond it, and there will come a time where you will push through more boundaries and so on and so forth. But now focus on what is at hand now. It will be an exquisite journey of experiencing the Power of Alchemy where one lets go of that which is fixed; considered a base consciousness, and it is then transformed into fluid - what we call Golden Consciousness. This is true meaning of Alchemy Consciousness.
Be aware of where you are at in the fixed world or the fluid world and how what you are focusing upon is influencing the fixed or the fluid world. Embrace this time, step through these windows of opportunity coming forth, and know that they are there because you have earned it. You deserve to move through this into something grander and greater and for a completely new story to be created.

Remember that our presence is eternal, our love for you is constant and unconditional, our arms are always holding you. We walk with you, we sit with you and sometimes even cry with you because we are ever present and with you always in all ways. But the best part is that we always laugh with you, we always rejoice with you, celebrate with you and we always know that in the corner of your heart your intention is always to be the greatest you can be, and that is what we honour. May the purity of your light show you the windows of opportunity into the Fluid Universes where your journey of illumination and enlightenment takes you into worlds you cannot even now comprehend, and may those journeys of exquisite discovery lead you deeper into yourself revealing to you the expansiveness of you as a Universe in your own right.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.