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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Earth, New Life Anchoring Channelling by Michelle Manders

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and bring to you blessings of trust, protection, synchronicity and divine inspiration. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Currently there are many energies at play. Each influencing you on many levels, and each level you are experiencing an influence upon is pulling you in a direction, leading you along the pathway of complete and total soul liberation. For eons humanity has played out the game of self sacrifice. You have experienced many cycles of mastering self doubt, self rejection, self hate, and many other such qualities. This is now the opportunity to embrace yourself on a new level and experience the new level of life which is being offered to you within a package called ‘The New Earth New Life’.

You have witnessed how humanities insecurities and separation from love has created a world of deprivation. A world sorely lacking in positive majority self-empowerment, justice, truth and prosperity. Today’s activation of grids requires of you vigilance in terms of asserting yourself, your Will, and saying no to the aspects of your lower ego that insist on keeping you trapped in the quagmire of old consciousness. Everything within you and around you, is changing. And any part of you or any aspect of you representing the old will be transmuted. Darkness is negativity, or plain simply the absence of love. Where there is fear, love is lacking. So your personal fears are calling to you, for love. In human terms the definition of love is very limited, therefore, the journey you are embarking upon is a lesson in love - divine love, unconditional love, in fact all facets of love that exist. You have been exposed to conditional love, primarily, you have experienced some levels of unconditional love with people in your life but, the majority of your experiences of love, have been conditional. These conditions are being dismantled because the matrix of conditional love has already to an extent been dismantled. Some of you are probably aware that just a few aspects of your life experience appear to be holding you back, and these aspects are what embody conditional love. Conditional love is a label, yet it consists of many of your greatest challenges. In fact conditional love is what has created some of your greatest wounds.

Your life experience has revealed to you, and perhaps for some of you this will be a new insight, but your past experience has revealed to you that you have attracted into your life by being attracted to the people who reflect your greatest pain, your darkest negativity, your worst fears and your greatest wounds. Think about it. Think about some of the people who have come into your life that you have had, and perhaps still do have immense challenges with, and what they have supposedly done to you. No-one has done anything to you. The only thing that has ever happened is that you have brought upon yourself that which you believed you deserved. On a subconscious level, most of the time. Were you to accept the fact that you have attracted that to yourself because of your beliefs you are in that instant empowered because no longer are you giving your power away to a person or a situation you have been holding onto, because oh my goodness, poor you, you were abused, you

were betrayed, not to say that there is no sympathy or empathy for anyone who has experienced that. What we are saying is that record has now played itself to its end. You are now stepping into a new story where you are changing the course of your life, by saying goodbye to your history, by putting an end to the process of recreating your history, based on those attachments to people and events, which caused wounds in your life. Let me put it this way. As long as you choose to wallow in self pity or any other victim consciousness you will not experience the levels of freedom and soul liberation you yearn for. It is your responsibility, and only your responsibility, to change the course of your life by changing your perceptions of your reality and stepping beyond what paralyses and dis-empowers you.
The New Earth is a place in which you can and will thrive. New Life is literally that. New Life. The opportunity to experience life like you have never experienced it before. Therefore, there are new beginnings and new opportunities currently making its way toward you of epic proportions. New opportunities that will change your life forever, and the only thing standing between you and the ‘New Earth New Life’ gifts is your lower ego, your attachments to your wounds, self pity, lack of self acceptance, lack of self worth and any other aspect lacking love. Yes, it is easier said than done, but for how long are you going to buy into that! Sometimes, if not every time, it is only your belief in the fact that it is easier said than done, which makes it difficult. Remember these words now - The lower ego complicates and the soul simplifies. Therefore, when you find yourself facing complications you are dealing with the lower ego aspect of whatever the situation is, be it the people in a group, a person you are interacting with and the energy feeding the creation. You are in a position and have the power to ensure that your life can be simplified to such a degree that the work of Spirit, God, whoever it is, that you relate to, can flow through you freely.

This does not ever mean that your lessons will come to an end, but as I have said before, the manner in which you master your lessons is simplified, and you are able to extract wisdom a lot quicker than in the past. Therefore, what you are currently experiencing today is the onset of one of the greatest waves of change to grace humanity. It is a tidal wave of new energy literally washing through the fears and attachments your lower ego insists on hanging onto, therefore every person, every community, every country, business, group, whatever it is that comes together, will experience their foundations being washed away, if the foundations insists on remaining in the old paradigm.

Beloved ones this is certainly not a threat, it is a fact. It is happening. You have already experienced it and will continue to experience it. The difference is that the intensity of this energy is 200,000 times more intense than the energies you experienced as little as 6 months ago. The reason why these energies have intensified to the degree they have is because your time has sped up and there are more and more souls requesting liberation from the old paradigm, and of that group of souls, yours was a voice, your soul requested exactly that, which is why you are here today. And every soul who makes the same choice in the future will come to hear these words. So, in order to fully experience the New Earth and New Life, you need to choose, choose between the old way of living, reacting, blaming, withdrawing and withholding life, energy, information, whatever it may be, for fear of it being taken away from you, for fear of going without, lack and loss or rising above it all and experiencing something you never have to date experienced.
The energy coming to earth and to you, on an individual and collective basis is coming to serve the greater good of the whole, and those of you being called to service, to serve humanity, it is your responsibility to share what you are given. To share wisdom and love. And wherever there are barriers placed around that love and wisdom, I assure you, it will be torn down. This is not a timeline for barriers and defences. And I can tell you, this is

probably the most important challenge for humanity, because you guard and protect your wounds, you hold onto all the defence mechanisms that will ensure you are never exposed to any level of pain again, however, it isolates you, isolates you from love, from life, and you end up lonely, miserable, bitter and resentful. Is more of this truly what you want for your future? If not, then, take up your sword of truth, slice through the chords attaching you to that which creates limitation and isolation in your life and make a choice today. A choice which empowers you and opens the pathways to soul liberation for you like you have never experienced before. Say "YES" to your soul choosing life, your soul choosing the gifts of the New Earth which are New Life.

You are messengers of the divine word. You are messengers of Divine Light, you are the movement of light embodying the most powerful love you could ever imagine experiencing. And I speak not of just romantic love. I speak of a love far greater than you have ever experienced. A love that is all consuming, that when you tap into it, it feels as if your own skin will burst open because you cannot contain it, and the only way to manage it is by giving it out. Sharing it with all around you. Imagine feeling that level of love not only for those whom you love, but that level of love for humanity, for everything that is a part of you, seen and unseen, it is that love which becomes the tidal wave bringing cleansing and the transmutations you have prayed for.

Right now there are three specific grids, which are like blankets around your planet. These grids are filtering the energies impacting on your base, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakras within the physical realm of your physical life. These grids are also influencing the 12 chakra system which you will be operating from, in a very short space of time,if not there already. You will experience higher levels of sensitivity to the two worlds, the old paradigm and the new paradigm. The 12 chakras amplify everything you are experiencing, for a very good reason, because it brings the sense of awareness previously lacking. When you are aware of the different worlds and how the old world affected you, and how the new world is being created, you are in a conscious position to make decisions enhancing the creation of this new space, new time, and new world you have called into manifestation.

The millions of light workers on your planet, which includes you, have brought this about. Without your choice to move beyond the old paradigm, this would not have happened. There are choices now available to humanity which serve every level of consciousness. In the past it was mainly the lower levels of consciousness impacting everyone. You were dealing with a very dense third dimensional reality. The astral plane is what fed your energy field. This created many of the fear based stories you bought and in certain instances still buy into. Tell me, what is the benefit of indulging in such a destructive belief system. How does it benefit humanity? What is the benefit of keeping humanity in fear? What does it do to serve the greater good? And when I speak of the greater good, I speak of the vibrations of love that empower individuals, communities and nations.

The fear based grids of two and a half thousand years ago, some came in before that, need not be a part of your reality any longer. Think about the stories you have bought into. Think about the myths and fears that govern you on a daily basis and ask yourself, how real are they? Where do they come from? And what good are they doing you? Your Lower ego’s role is to keep you physically safe. That is your survival instinct. Fight, fright and flight. Your lower ego was manipulated real good! To such an extent that it is now the governing force in your life, and everything in your external environment continues to feed the fears of your lower ego.

The wave coming that I speak of, as a result of the grids today, will also challenge you to

become highly aware of how the controlling forces of negativity are constantly trying to lure you into their webs. It is in your face, all the time beloved ones, and advertising and media are key players in it. On a subconscious level you are intimidated and overpowered by this propaganda. You are however in a position to shield yourself from this and choose to focus on anchoring light. You are already on the road to experiencing what the New Earth will be all about. The New Earth is the world where Light reflects Light. Where every aspect of power in its light source and form will be reflected. It is those of you who choose to live within the realms of New Earth Consciousness, who will free the rest of the world from the old paradigm. But you need to master first what you will teach. Therefore, over the next 18 months you’ll see many changes manifesting on a personal level as well as in communities, groups, organisations, business, and nations.

There are three major portals activating beloved ones, 2010, 2011, and 2012. These major portals come activate as a result of the ascension wave already in motion. You are in a position to relieve yourself of the density you have carried from your past life, by this I mean the old paradigm, the life you are leaving behind. This is a time when you need to sit with yourself, and examine every aspect of your being because the 12 chakras are like amplifiers, which make it impossible for you to step into any programme related to denial once you have committed to rising above the old world. This is the time of facing yourself head on and embracing all the light aspects of yourself and forgiving or releasing the aspects of self representing the old way. You are a leader in your own right and light. I’ve always said, there is only one way to lead and that is by example. There is never any other way. This is your time to shine, this is your time to choose your Self, to choose love and every single positive quality of life.

Relax your body and mind now and take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. Relax the muscles of your body. Take a moment now to think about your old life; your past life. This may take you back to your teenage years or even younger, perhaps your early twenties. Think back to the times you felt limitation, inhibition, confusion, shame and fear. Notice how your body reacts, your emotions change when you think back to those times, and I ask you now again, is this what you are going to choose for your future? Is this the quality energy you want influencing your future creations? If it is then by all means continue with your drama.
If not, you now have the power to step away from that, once and for all. Many of you have stepped away from a great deal of it, today is your final crossing over, the final step into ‘The New Earth New Life’ paradigm.

Begin focusing on everything that inspires you, think about the things that give you joy, the people whom you love and who love you. Imagine everything representing freedom, peace and harmony for you. Evoke the full power and presence of your liberated Self. Open yourself to welcome that part of yourself who has achieved complete soul liberation and thriving in ‘The New Earth New Life’ grids. Whilst you do this, the 12 chakras of your current spiritual system begin igniting like brilliant flames of light and grow brighter with every new hope, new wish and choice you make to be motivated by love. Keep focusing on that energy. I will now step aside and Mary Magdalene will come through to continue this journey. Keep focusing on the Light.

I am Mary Magdalene. Welcome into this world, of New Light, a world where you are the co- creator, a world which you have been called into. You are the leaders of this great new world

and I have come in service to you, to assist you in crystallising these energies. Before we continue please invoke the power, light, love and presence of your Guardian Angel, personal Guides, Masters and Governors.

Feel the energy vibrations rise as these grand beings of Divine Love gather with us. All the Lords and the Ladies of the Divine worlds of Light, empowerment, love, wisdom and truth are gathering with us too, as is The Elohim of Grace, the Elohim of Divinity, the Elohim of Honour, Integrity, Truth and Justice. The Great Light Brotherhood and The Great Light Sisterhood, the Council of Freedom, and the Grand Master of all that is, with his Feminine Counterpart now stand within our presence.

Move your attention to your heart chakra feeling it opening like a flower greeting the rays of the sun. Imagine the love coming from your unseen Supporters filling you through this chakra. Feel the energy of their love, their wisdom, support, grace and unconditional acceptance of you, enfolding you. As you are wrapped in this blanket of energy, it expands and becomes a spiral galaxy around you filled with many forms of New Life. This is the galaxy known as You.

Imagine yourself being carried through the realms of light into the expanded worlds of divine love, the world of positive power, wisdom and unconditional love. Imagine the cells of your body opening to receive the gentle caress of these energies. As each energy flows into your cells it moves into your molecules and into your atoms. Your DNA is vibrating in response to this new energy, and all the cells of Mother Earth’s body respond. Her DNA, molecules and atoms responding in unison with yours to receive and choose to accept this positive power; a power that is yours by divine right, a power that shall lead you into the realms of peace, harmony, abundance, magic and miracles.

Breathe in deeply, opening your chakras to receive this energy and codes. Open your heart to receive more divine light and the divine love. Turn your palm chakras up to receive. Draw this energy into your body. As your energy expands, so the energy of your 12 chakra system activates beyond the earth plane. Each template of the 12 chakras is expanded to unite with the 44th universe, the realm where the New Structures of Divinity are created and where the structures of that divinity now become a part of your blueprint. As you receive through your left palm, turn your right palm down. The energy moves through you, flowing through your right palm into Mother Earth. And so it is, that which is in heaven, becomes one with Earth. Divine souls, you are the manifestation of the vessels through which the Divinity of Heaven becomes one with Earth. You are Keys to the worlds of freedom in all its forms and in whatever form it represents itself in your life.

Breathe in deeply expanding your energy field further, and all Beings currently present with us open their heart chakra extending the Divine Love of the Universe, and The Grand Master and His Feminine Counterpart embrace you, and so, the three grids of the New world are absorbed into your heart chakra, their energy extending into your solar plexus, then into your sacral chakra, into your base chakra, moving down the meridian of your legs, into the chakras of the soles of your feet and into Mother Earth.

Over the next three hours this energy will increase in its intensity and vibration adding to your energy another 33,000 systems of light. The 33,000 systems of light are linked to Higher Universal Dimensional Energies, which raises the vibration your lower ego has become accustomed to functioning within to a new level. It is through this new system that you will be introduced to the New Life you have chosen. You are the co-creators of the world coming into being post 2011. You are the ones joined by your fellow brothers and sisters

world wide who are ensuring the old paradigm does not bleed into the new one and become the theme of consciousness yet again. Thus, your responsibility for yourself is vitally important, for in the complete healing and liberation of yourself you liberate humanity.
Place your hands on your heart chakra and fill your heart chakra with love for yourself. 

Acknowledge that you are a divine manifestation of the Breath of Father/Mother God, that you are an aspect of the Mighty Presence of All That Is. Therefore, you are all of that and more. Acknowledge to yourself how much courage it has taken for you to master what you have. Acknowledge how much you truly love humanity, which is evident, because you are on earth again. And it is only a being filled with an extraordinary capacity to love who could return to a dimension as dense as Earth and overcome what you have overcome, and master what you have in order to show mass consciousness the road to freedom. Take some of the love you feel for those whom you love most and turn it upon yourself. Your self love shall keep the grids of the New Earth fully active. It is self love overflowing into unconditional love for everyone around you that will keep the Gates to Heaven open. And the Gates to Heaven are not solely something up in the sky, they exist too on Earth. There have been many powerful men and women who walked the earth before you, and some of them were you! Why do you think such beings of immense power would do such a thing as come to a place filled with such hostility and density. They seeded the Earth, just like you do. Every step you take plants a seed upon Mother Earth’s body. Everything you say to another is a seed planted within their heart and mind. The hostility inside of you is not natural. Loving is natural. It is from this energy that you were created.

Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale move your hand to your solar plexus and fill it with the same love you filled your heart with. All the angles of your positive power are now drawn into alignment with the Divine Grids of the 44th Universe and every Blueprint of every Being of Positive Power who walked the Earth before you. You will begin accessing the Seeds the Earth that were encoded by these Beings when you make the conscious choice to rise above the old world and action your decision. You have been assigned specific tasks in service to self and, therefore, to humanity. These seeds will take root now within the physical world and spurt forth as powerful Trees of Llife, Knowledge and Wisdom, from which humanity will be sustained. For it is the "Fruit" of these trees that shall feed them, and you are of that "Fruit"! For it is your gems of wisdom and knowledge that become the sustenance humanity now needs in order for them to make The Final Crossing. Feel the power of the Almighty Presence emerging inside your solar plexus, activating your natural positive power. You will remember more and more what exactly to do to empower yourself and humanity. Your period of forgetfulness is now fast coming to its end. Take not now of my words.

“You are a Divine Manifestation of The Divine Essence of the Holy Mother and Holy Father. Your chakras carry the Blueprint of each of Them. The Earth was seeded with your energy because you were entrusted with the role to liberate humanity. You have returned at this volatile time in Earth’s spiritual history, physical and economic history, so as to bring about change never before witnessed and experienced in such a dense realm . You embody Light and ready to remember the power inside of you. You are in a physical body, but you know exactly what is needed in this moment in time to change. Your confusion is an illusion. Your fears are an illusion. You are precisely in the place you need to be, for it is where you are now that your energy is needed most. You need not be a Saint, or healer to weave the Magic of Spirit. You are in a variety of walks of life so as to bring the light to all places. You are remembering, you will continue to remember, your body knows the truth, your authentic self is pushing through the veils of illusion revealing its power to you, and it is safe for you to step in to the skin of your authentic self. Lead by example. Free your self by surrendering to that power. Let go of any need to hold onto anything that causes disharmony, limitation or pain

Breathe in gently as you move your hands to your sacral chakra embracing the Love of our Divine Mother, who is The Receptacle of Life; the Holy Grail, the Vessel through which Divine Love from our Sacred Mother is fed into you. You sacral chakra is your water element. It is the chakra governing your emotional body. Allow this energy to flow, for when you block your emotions, deny your truth, fight and resist that which chooses to come forth, your water element freezes, becomes stagnant, and you are left in a state of isolation (ice-o- lation). When your sacral chakra is blocked, your base chakra is deprived of the energy it requires to ground everything you need in your physical reality on earth. Your sacral chakra is your feminine power. It is the Creative Force of the Divine Mother working through you, and when you reject Her, you reject life. You reject your power and ability to attract to yourself and be attracted to everything you need to ensure you are physically and materially taken care of. The Holy Grail is a Receptacle of Energy in a state of endless creation. It is meant to overflow, for the overflow helps those who have not reached the same level of realisation ones such as yourselves have. Denying yourself your right to love, receive and give, deprives everyone. When you deprive yourself, you deprive our Cosmic Parents of your love. You turn your back on Their Support, and no matter how loud They knock on the door of your heart you will not hear Them because you are frozen in time, in the space of fear.
Consciously open your sacral chakra to our Divine Mother, the feminine principle that attracts to you the Divinity of your power, the power which is the inspiration for your world, and within your world. Our Divine Mother is your creativity. Every time you create you are honouring Her and your inner Divine Goddess, the Divine Feminine which is as essential as the Divine Masculine.

Breath in deeply expanding the energy of your sacral chakra to receive the light of the three grids. Your sacral chakra is connected to your subconscious mind, your subconscious is your Divine Feminine and works in one unity-consciousness with the sacral and third eye chakras - as above so below. Your sacral chakra represents that which is below, as does your subconscious and your 3rd eye represents that which is above. The Divine Feminine takes in everything you impregnate it with through your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is your Divine Masculine, reflected through your base chakra. By honouring the sacredness of the power that is your Divine Feminine, you become acutely aware of how important it is to ensure that the conscious is seeding the subconscious with seeds of pristine intension. Therefore, if your conscious mind focuses on fear, lack and loss, you are seeding your subconscious with those seeds, which is what the divine mother will deliver to you, for your seeds are held within gestation in the subconscious as well as your sacral chakra, and the Divine Mother is your most loyal ally, for she gives you everything you believe in, without fail. Thus, the seeds of your belief systems become the reality of your life. Take a moment to bless the Divine Feminine inside of you through your sacral chakra, extending it into your subconscious, and make a commitment to yourself today that you will ensure "she" is impregnated with only that which embodies pristine intension; seeds that empower everyone. The Inner Divine Mother honours what you believe you deserve. "She" will never ever give you anything less than what you believe you deserve. The new grids being woven through your 12 chakras will push you to examine all aspects of your belief systems so that you can see the power of the Divine Feminine working in your life. Everything you have manifested in your life to date, is based on what you believe and the seeds you have planted in your subconscious. The consciousness embodying the belief systems stored your sacral chakra.
Move the palm of your right hand to your base chakra. Open your energy and receive the

blessings of our Divine Cosmic Father, The Masculine Presence there as eternal support, the active part of all areas of life. This is your earth element and is what grounds you to the Earth. This is what ensures that everything you have agreed to do in service manifests physically. By rejecting your base and sacral chakras it becomes impossible to manifest on Earth what you have intended for and secured within Heaven. Your base chakra is as important as your crown chakra, for the reflect one another - as above, so below. Your sacral chakra is as powerful and important as your third eye chakra, for they too reflect one another. Your solar plexus is the seat of power reflected and expressed through your throat chakra, and your heart merges and sustains all three above and below. Your base chakra is linked to your conscious mind. It is the active part of you. The part of you impregnating the divine feminine. It is the part of you actively responding to the divine inspiration you have tuned into through your sacral chakra and your subconscious.

I, Mary Magdalene assisted by your personal guides will work with you for the remainder of this day taking you through an advanced healing of the subconscious mind. For the next few days, approximately 7, you will experience the falling away of old paradigms stored within your subconscious, offering you an opportunity to continue with a clean slate. Your ability to seed the subconscious will be amplified, intensified, and the time for it to come into manifestation will happen a lot quicker than you were accustomed to in the past.
Take a deep breath in as you feel the light and support of all your personal guides and masters projecting energy to your base chakra. The energy of your base chakra now moves down your legs, into your feet, out through the soles of your feet rooting you firmly to Mother Earth. This energy extends to the very core of her being, uniting you as one, for when you are connected to Mother Earth and grounded in your body, she too can support you in your physical reality by ensuring you are safe, and that all your needs are honoured within her realm.
You are a divine being of power, a co-creator, a spark of light within the collective journey of life. You represent the sparks of love in which you were created. You are not meant to walk alone. Yes, you are individual, but you are all one. This sacred time is one of merging the Grids of Unification Consciousness so that all sparks of love within the journey of life can come together, and in so doing strengthening the power of love, strengthening the life force and vitality of life, offering everyone a network of support, a grid of safety, a home in which all can positively co-create.
All the Beings present with us will remain in your presence, holding the energy until all of that which you have agreed to integrate energetically is complete. I, Mary Magdalene, honour you for the journey you have chosen. And again, I wish to remind you, you are remembering! It is safe for you to release your grip on fears, to let go of all the old ways; the old ways of doing things, and embrace this new way. I assure you, life will never be the same again, when you choose and act upon your choice. Therefore, choose for your life never to be the same again.
The three grids you are absorbing now will be completely integrated over the next 72 hours, making way for the next level of the three grids to come into being. There will be four levels all together, which you will absorb into your heart chakra, all of which merge with your 12 chakras. This will take place over a period of 14 days. This is now fully active in your energy field and will be completed. May you honour the truth residing within you, the truth lurking beneath the veils of your illusion you adopted via the stories you bought into that do not represent the truth. May you be liberated through your desire to be what you were created to be. I am Mary Magdalene. Au Revoir.

I am Kuthumi, I return very briefly beloved ones, to emphasise that what Mary Magdalene has conducted with you today is a process you may not understand to its full extent, however, you will see the effects of this in your life over the next 18 months. There are still many new grids that shall come forth, leading up to the final portal of 2012, but what is most important is what you are doing with your life now; how you are living your life now.
I, Kuthumi, Cohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom continue to be every present ensuring you extract the wisdom from the lessons of life by applying love, and by experiencing and accepting love.
It is vital you recognise that the structures of the old world do not work and cannot serve in the new world. The old world is based on a completely different set of rules and laws that do not honour the Greater Wisdom of All That Is. Many of the original laws were omitted. In the New Earth New Life grids, you will be exposed to the laws you were denied in the past. And it is these laws, these principles, that will fuel your life resulting in greater expanded awareness, accelerated spiritual development and at the same time the accelerated release of the lower ego. Therefore, anything embodying fear, or attachment to the old world, will dissolve. Whether you like it not! Yet, the gifts received will far outweigh any level of discomfort you may feel at the time of the changes taking place. (I believe the Laws Kuthumi is referring to are The 55 Cosmic Laws, which I began channelling shortly after this.)
Beloved ones we thank you for making the choice to welcome the New Life you have now opened your heart to receive; the new journey you have said "YES" to. You are a leader, a light worker, you are everything that is and more because you are you - unique, divine and powerful. You all embody a unique seed, one that no-one else carries, which is why your role and contribution in service is so important. When all these seeds are rooted and take life, your Earth will be fully re-ignited. May all that your soul requires at this time to ensure that you are fully liberated from the old paradigm come into being, under grace, in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. Look to those who walk your life path with you. Acknowledge the Christ within them, recognise their light, let your light shine through. Allow the higher purpose of soul be your motivating force, for it shall show others how to do the same. Be firm in the truth you have chosen. May your boundaries be ones of love. Do not be afraid to speak your truth when the voice of the old paradigm confronts you. Stand your ground and walk tall.
Trust in the many invisible arms holding you knowing there is never a moment that you walk alone, for we are all one, with you, always, in all ways. May the light of Father/Mother God shine brightly upon the path you have chosen, and may every step you take be a steady one.
I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I greet and bless you in love. Adonai. Michelle Manders © All Rights Reserved