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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Earth Energies May 2012

Beloved Family of Light, at this time it gives us great Joy to be able to communicate with you again about the shifts and changes that are taking place on your Beautiful and Beloved Earth. Indeed, you are seeing many changes on your Earth, and some seem to be difficult and uncomfortable, but we ask you to know and to celebrate that all is unfolding according to the Divine Plan for the New Earth.
As you appraoch the 2012 Portal of Light and as you align with the Galactic Center, you are being brought fully into the Multi-Dimensional Energies of the New Earth, and the New Structures that will guide the Earth in her next cycle of Evolution are emerging.
From 2013, the Earth will be guided in her journey through Time and Space by two bodies of Awakened and Ascended Beings who will form the "Council of Elders of New Earth" and the "Earth Keeper Council" of New Earth. At this time, the Earth will be fully recognized as the Blue Star, or the Blue Water Star as she truly is, and the partner of the Fire Star Solaris. These changes will bring you to a new perception of your World and your role in the Solar System and the Galaxy.
So, at this time, these two new structures, the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council, are in the process of being formed and individuals being trained to assume their new responsibilities as citizens of the Blue Water Star and co-creators with the Light Beings in the Solar and Galactic Councils that are guiding the formation of the Golden Rose Galaxy and her future role in the Cosmic Evolution of Divine Consciousness through Love and Compassion.
The Council of Elders
This body will be composed of Wise Elders who are invited to join the Council by virtue of their age, wisdom and experience on Planet Earth. These ones will be called by Spirit and will work on the Inner Planes with the Earth Keeper Council and the Higher Councils.
Their role and function will be as a board of advisors, and their wisdom and knowledge will be highly regarded. They will be drawn from all the peoples of the Earth, not just the indigenous races, although the indigenous peoples will have more experience in the ways of honoring the wisdom of the Elders.
Beloved Family of Light, there are many among you who are Elders of the Light, usually beyond the age of 60 years, who have felt the calling to honor yourselves as Elders, as Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and to serve the Earth in this way. You are the ones who will light the way forward with your wisdom and experience and your many years of service to the Earth, her ascension and transformation, and her new path forward. Here in the Higher Realms, we stand ready to work with you and honor your path forward into the New Earth.
The Earth Keeper Council
Beloved Ones, the main responsibility for the Future Evolution of the Earth Star will lie with those who will be called to be part of the Earth Keeper Council. At first, you will not know who these ones are, although they will know in their Hearts and Souls. Their angels and higher self will whisper to them of the path they must walk to honor the Earth and her future.
These ones will be fully awakened beings, filled with Love and Compassion and Wisdom. Some will be courageous and brave, others will be more nurturing and healing. Some will be Spiritual Warriors who will care for the Planet, some will be Teachers and Guides for the many as they transform and ascend.
Beloved Family, even now, many of you are hearing the call to either be part of these Councils or to work with them and represent them in some way.
Those who are Council Members or who are chosen to represent the Councils as Ambassadors of Light, will be taking on the great responsibility of guiding the Earth after the 2012 Portal Transit, when the New Earth becomes a fully fledged member of the Solar and Galactic Councils of Light. They will represent the Earth at the Great Council Meetings where the future courses of the Solaris System and the Golden Rose Galaxy will be discussed and determined in alignment with Divine Will and with the Divine Creative Intelligence that guides Cosmic Unfolding.
Beloved Ones, this will indeed by a great honor, and there are many of you who have spent your lives in "training" for this moment!
The Solar Council of Solaris
That Being and Body of Light that you call the Sun is now known as Solaris, and it is here that the Solar Council is situated within the Great Solar Council Hall.
This is the place where representatives from all the "planets" and Bodies of Light within the Solaris system gather together to determine their mutual course within the Galactic system.
Those of you who work with the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Councils will also be given the opportunities to work with the members of the Solaris Solar Council as honored representatives from the New Earth. Beloved Ones, here you will truly need your skills and abilities as multi-dimensional Light Beings in Human Form. You will be taken to meet with the Solar Council, either as individuals or in Group Merkaba forms as delegations to the Council, as is already taking place in parts of your Earth where people are ready for such work.
The Solar Beings and Solar Angels stand ready to welcome this Reconnection and to honor those of you who will be undertaking the work of liasing with the Solar Council. In the future times you will become familiar with the ambassadors of this Council as they work with you. You will come to understand more clearly how the different bodies in the Solar System relate to the Earth and how they work with the Earth Star to determine the energies of the Solaris system.
The Galactic Council
Beloved Ones, at the next level, many of you will also go on to work with the Galactic Council at the Great Central Galactic Council Chamber. Here the ambassadors and delegations from all the Star Systems in the Golden Rose Galaxy meet together to determine their course and the course of the Galaxy in the infinite journey of Cosmic Manifestation.
Those of you who feel called to this work will be trained as part of the Earth Keeper Council, and you will gain experience at the Solaris Council before you work with the Galactic Council and the Beings of Light who work in the Galactic Council Hall. Already, there are individuals and Group Merkaba delegations who are visiting at the Council Hall and representing the emerging Multi-Dimensional Earth in this Council.
Beloved Family of Light, at this level, the New Earth will be fully aligned with the Cosmic pulses of Divine Creative Intelligence and Love, and will join with the Galaxy in determining the frequencies of Light, Love and Compassion that will be built on as the Galaxy moves forward in its Journey through Time and Space.
These are indeed exciting developments for your Earth. So many of you have felt "out of touch" with the political and economic developments on the Earth, longing for more positive change. With these new connections, the Earth will align with the creative frequencies of the New Cycle of Time, and the future of Abundance and Peace will begin to manifest through the efforts of the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders. Your governments and authorities will begin to feel the "direction" of the Councils who will determine the future course of Earth through their ability to connect with the Great Councils of Light and to direct and channel creative energy so that the Divine Will manifests on Earth according to the Choices and Desires of the people of the New Earth!
This will be a gradual process with the minimum of disruption to the lives of people on Earth, and will take between five and ten years to fully manifest. By 2017 you will feel the great changes on the Earth as far as evolution and development are concerned, and by 2022 the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders will be fully determining the course of the Earth according to Divine Will and Divine Creative Intelligence.
Beloved Family of Light, many of the Indigo Children of the First Wave of the 1970s will be leaders in the next phase of your Evolution, along with the Elders of Light. They were born for this shift and they know within themselves what is expected. Many of you will also have felt in the last year as though you have completed a phase of your work and your purpose and that it is time to move on to something new, although you may not as yet know what that would be. For many of you, it will be connecting with the Councils of Light and working with them to create the new structures of Light for the New Earth.
Energies in May and June 2012
As the Earth prepares for these deep and exciting changes, there will also be some energetic alignments in May and June that will assist the Earth to prepare for the grand alignment and connection that is taking place this year.
On the 20th of May there will be an annular Solar Eclipse, in which the Solar Light Codes for Connection with the Solaris Light Council will be transmitted to the Earth, allowing for many to awaken to their connections with the Solaris Sun and to her role in the Evolution and Development of the Earth within the Galaxy and the Solar System.
This Solar Eclipse will be at the time of the New Moon in Gemini, opposite the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. The Gemini/Sagittarius combination always highlights the Spiritual Connection with the Galactic and Cosmic energies and the unification of polarities into Unity, which is the "theme" of the Great Shift at this time.
Then, on the 4th of June there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Sagittarius approaching the Galactic Center. At this time, the Light Codes for the Galactic Council Connection will be transmitted to the Earth and will awaken those whose work is to connect with this Council and to work with it through the Earth Keeper Council.
Then, on the 6th of June you will experience the Venus Transit, or the second Venus Transit that connects with the first Transit in 2004. At this time, the Solar Council on Solaris will be working to transmit the Venusian Light Codes of Beauty and Harmony into the New Earth Heart Grids, to allow for a full awakening and expression of the energy of Love in those who are awakened and whose hearts are open to receive this energy.
Beloved Ones, at this time you will become Messengers and Ambassadors of Love and Compassion, and of the Frequencies of the New Earth. At this time too, the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters of Light will work with you, and especially the Dolphin Masters and Angels will work to "tune" the Harmonic of the Earth Frequency to the Higher Vibrational Path that will be needed as Earth moves towards the 2012 Portal and onwards to her Destiny as part of the Solar and Galactic Councils of Light.
We ask you to honor this time in your Meditations and Ceremonies, for it will be remembered in future times as the moment when the Earth was fully Reconnected to her Cosmic Heritage and Destiny!