Finally something we can is guided by the knowledge that the Origin of All life is Lov. We believe that respecting and taking care of our home planet 'earth' keeps us safe and healthy. New is dedicated to all men and women who have been persecuted or murdered because of their sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, race, age, gender, martial status, disability, or HIV infection. We loves god very very much.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mary Magdalene The Law of Peace & Earth Gates 78- 84 Michelle Manders Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa

I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and welcome you into the divine presence of light and love. Welcome.

You are undergoing a deep inner transformation as a result of the energies we have been bringing forth over the recent while. In this activation you are being introduced to the energy of the Law of Peace and the Peace Dragon, which forms part of the Russian activations, and the activation of the third Sacred Fire Temple.

The Sacred Fire Temples embody the raw spirit of Mother/Father God leading you into the temples of truth, where you discover the Golden Dimensions of true alchemy and magic. This process is activating your Golden DNA and bringing much healing and many new messages to the Golden Child of Alchemy; that which exists inside of you, as well as a Sixteenth Dimensional Golden Flame.

Each and every step you have taken up until this point has supported you in unravelling many of the past process which have inhibited your journey into the deeper dimensions of light, of truth, and of love. And now, as you embrace the sacred Cosmic Law of Peace you are being blessed with a whole new grid from which to source energy and love.
Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale fully continue relaxing your body and your mind, and open your chakras to receive the energies of this Cosmic Law.

Continue to breathe in the Cosmic Light of Peace, extending this into each of your chakras as you exhale. Feel the presence of Spirit with you. Open every level of your body to receive this light, and welcome the Triple God and Goddess into your presence.
These energies are creating a beautiful grid around you. This grid is known as the Peace Grid, and we are now aligning all the energy codes inside of you with the original Peace Grid, the grid which Father God created. A piece of his heart, which was given to his divine feminine counterpart – Mother Goddess.

In understanding that life has its challenges, and that these challenges bring you wisdom and growth, but also accepting that there are many times in your life where you are meant to experience cycles of peace and harmony will help you integrate this light in a more harmonious fashion.

Your energy bodies are aligning with the third level of the divine marriage as the Triple God and Goddess come to welcome you into the world of peace, and extend to you the Sixteenth Dimensional Golden Flame.

This energy is serving to transform your wounded inner child into the Golden Child of Alchemy, the part of you which experienced deep wounding during your formative years, and this child, this inner part of your consciousness, can now rise above the old, can rise above that which it has been programmed with, and receive the sacred blessings of this golden
flame in order to tap into its power as the innocent, perfect and beautiful aspect of Mother/Father God, which it truly is.

Breathe in the peace which Father God is extending to you, feel this energy move through your body, washing through you, reminding you that you are a divine manifestation of peace, a tranquil, serene energy, floating upon the Sacred Waters of Life, drifting harmoniously in the direction of your true destiny.

Now imagine a calm river flowing in through your crown chakra, washing through all your chakras ,releasing your inner child to grow with this flow and see that life is not meant to be entirely a struggle, but that there are very specific moments in time, and in one’s life, where peace comes to hold you, support you, and help you transform that which has created disharmony in your life.

Welcome the Peace Dragon into your space. Her powerful energies embrace you, wrapping her golden light around you. As this light continues to enfold you she begins to activate the Golden DNA strand of your energy, and your Golden Chakra, which is linked directly to the Golden Dimension of true alchemy and magic.

As these energies open to receive the light of the Cosmic Law of Peace, Lord Kuthumi- Agrippa, Archangel Michael, and St Germain extend their energy, love, and peace to you, extending these rays into your body, calming your energies and opening your chakras to receive more golden light from the Golden Dimension.

Every part of you knows that peace is part of your divine right, and that peace is something that is to be experienced on a more regular basis than what it is currently experienced, however, one must know that because of all the past challenges which humanity has had to face, it has been a difficult task accepting that peace and harmony can be a more regular and consistent part of one’s life. The subconscious believes that without pain there is no gain, that peace is something elusive, something which is not granted to all who are struggling on the pathway to inner and external freedom, however, as we stand with you now, Father God comes to grace you with His presence and His divine promise that peace is your birthright, and that the Peace Grid, which is being activated inside and around you, is being extended to your wounded inner child.

This grid, which embodies the light of His deepest love for Mother Goddess, is also bringing healing to your wounded inner child, revealing to this part of you that true love is the essence which heals all. Receive the light of this deep love from the Triple God and Goddess, and from Mother/Father God.

The third level of the divine marriage of the Triple God and Goddess is the embodiment of peace, and the creation of peaceful ways to communicate, bond, connect, grow, and continue creating a life which embodies the creative powers which flow through the peaceful rays of Mother/Father God’s love for you, and for each other, as well as for themselves.
The Triple God and Goddess are also undergoing a deep and very powerful re-emergence of the understanding of the deepest most profound natures of love. It is their bonding which forms this double helix strand of golden light, which they extend to each of you, so that as they continue to bond, connect, heal and merge with each other, the same healing takes place for you.

This divine marriage brings together the Peace Grid through the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and is energy which becomes the foundation of the third Sacred Fire Temple.
Imagine these energies which you have absorbed into your chakras extending to the world, blessing all with energy being sourced from the Peace Grid, bringing forth an oportunity for every wounded inner child on the planet to receive the blessings of the Golden Child of Alchemy, to transform the wounds of the past into golden consciousness in the present, creating a magnificent world and energy network for the future.

The Peace Dragon extends to you a magnificent iridescent pearl filled with many dimensions of energy, and embodies the Golden Dimension of true alchemy and magic. This pearl aligns your energy with the sensual energies of the Goddess, which becomes a powerful and combined healing force for both men and women on your planet. These sensual energies of the Goddess flow into the sacral chakra of the Divine Feminine, the Triple Goddess, and extends to the sacral chakra of the Divine Masculine, and the Triple God.

Focus on the exchange of these energies between the sacral chakras of the masculine and feminine, the Triple God and Goddess, creating a magnificent connection through the Holy Grail, through the Sacred Waters of Life, connecting to the essence of true love, and the creative forces which bring a more peaceful and harmonious energy into existence.

The Peace Dragon stands over your body and gently begins to lower its body over yours, but you will notice this Dragon is fluid and you are absorbed into the Peace Dragon’s body; your chakras being aligned with hers as she begins to breathe new life and new light into your chakras as your energy is aligned with the Sacred Fire Temple, which revives the original Peace Grid inside every atom of your body.

This Peace Grid embodies a sound, a magnificent sound of healing, a magnificent sound which embodies the dimensions of true love, authentic light, and the healing energies which allow for the peaceful transition for women who love and understand themselves to embrace their new found ability to love and understand their men. This applies to individuals who are in same gender relationships too, for it brings a better understanding of the masculine and feminine qualities inside of each other.

Focus on your feminine energy, and if you are a woman focus on your power as a female as well, so as to know and understand that females are the energy of creation, the embodiment of the Holy Grail. Because females have been abused throughout time, many have shut down to their sensuality, to their light, their creativity, and have created boundaries and defences around themselves, which have prevented the sacred masculine from tapping into that inner well of wisdom and receive the source of creativity in which the seeds of life are meant to gestate.

Imagine your sacral chakra opening to receive the healing energies of the Divine Feminine of the creative Goddess and surrender.

Know that as a woman it is safe to love and understand yourself. Know that it is vital for you to love and understand yourself in order to be able to fully embrace the new-found ability, which is coming to love and understand your man, to love and understand men, the Divine Masculine, and the active aspect of yourself, that part of you that drives you to move forward, take action and activate that which you need.
We ask the men who are participating to open your heart unconditionally, and extend an energy of love to all the women of your planet.
All the women participating - open your heart to receive this ray of sincere unconditional love.

Gentlemen, continue extending this energy of love to women, and this time, on behalf of the Sacred God, and the Masculine Principle, ask the Divine Feminine and Goddess Principle for forgiveness for all the abuses which have been inflicted upon them by men, by males and the masculine archetype as such.

Ladies, open your heart to receive this, without expectation, without hurt, just surrender to this magnificent healing taking place. Gentlemen continue extending this powerful force of unconditional love and threads of energy which bring forgiveness, and imagine that you are extending a kiss of life from your heart to the woman who is closest to you in your life. Now extend that kiss of life to all females on the planet who search for acknowledgment, respect, understanding and nurturing.

For those of you gentlemen who have a life partner, know that the woman who you are connected to is a precious and valuable gift in your life. She embodies the wisdom of Mother Goddess, she is an expression of this very vulnerable yet deeply powerful force of creation, she is the embodiment of creation, and the love you feel for her is a confirmation of the power of Mother Goddess’ love for you, and the love you receive from the woman to whom you are committed is an extension of the powerful force of creation working through you, motivating you to rise above your wounds, and open your heart to receive the love that she gives you.

If you are in a same gender relationship, and you are the masculine energy, acknowledge that the feminine energy who is in the form of your partner is coming to you. An empowered woman who understands herself, who has been touched by the grace of the Goddess, is one of the most powerful catalysts of transformation on the planet, for this is when the divine essence of Mother Goddess can inspire all to create through the energy rays of peace ,for the Peace Grid was created by Father God to support Mother Goddess to become a source of energy from which she can draw love, light, and feel the presence and strength of the man who loves her, the masculine, the God, who is there as protector, guardian, and provider of the energies which will bring that which is held within her "womb" into manifestation, and act upon that which she "delivers," that which she "gives birth to." Continue to hold that energy as the Triple God now steps into the energy field of the Triple Goddess, and see him opening his heart to receive the infinite powerful waves of love which the Triple Goddess is extending to him. A love so deep, so pure, unconditional, and filled with peace. A love which he accepts now.

These energies are being drawn into the body of the men whom we are speaking to now. Allow this love, what you are witnessing the Triple Goddess give to the Triple God, imagine that being the energy coming to you as you extend your love out to the Divine Feminine, to the woman you love, to the partner you are deeply in love with.
These energies are strengthening the bonds between the true loves of the world, those connections which are forming bonds, which will never be broken. This is the power of this third level of the divine marriage, for through the Grid of Peace, through the rays of unconditional love, a golden connection is made in solid and fluid gold, a connection never to be broken, damaged, or wounded by the lower ego of any incarnate or discarnate being of the human dimension, or any other dimension. This bond is being made within the presence of Father God and Mother Goddess.

The combination of peace and love is more powerful than you could ever imagine, and as the Triple God continues to breathe this love in, his energy expands beyond any form in existence, this fuels him to rise in his power, to take his position as the guardian, protector, provider, and most importantly, the equal but opposite of the precious one who is a reflection of his potential and power to love, grow, and create.
Gentlemen give thanks for this extension of energy. Mother/Father God now place a sacred seal over the heart chakras of the Triple God and Goddess, which symbolise the Peace Grid. This symbol burns brightly, fuelled by the powerful love shared between the Triple God and Goddess, the powerful love shared between Mother/Father God/Goddess, and the potential of the powerful love each of you can share between your inner masculine and feminine selves.
Those of you in same gender relationships, you as the masculine energy give thanks for that which the feminine has given you.

Those of you who are without a partner, these energies are a blessing to you to bring forth the healing and open the pathway for you to experience the potential, depth and power of the love the Triple Goddess extends to the Triple God, the power and love which Mother Goddess extends to Father God, and the power and love which Mother Nature extends to all kingdoms of life.
If you are in a position where you have chosen not to become involved in a romantic relationship, your blessings, this love, will come to you through friends, nature and children. Through every form of the kingdoms of life you will see it.
Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully. Ladies, open your heart and extend a powerful ray of unconditional pure love to all the men of your world. Allow one of those very powerful rays to extend to the man whom you love in your life, and those of you in same gender relationships please do the same, extending that ray to your partner who is carrying the masculine ray.

Ladies, allow your heart to open and allow the love to pour forth from you, washing through the wounds of the men of the world, all the men who have had to bear the brunt of their predecessors' misbehaviour. Extend the power of your healing abilities to bring compassion and understanding into your heart, and extend it to them.

Give without measure, give your forgiveness, give of your love, regardless of what you have experienced with men or the masculine archetype. Just love them for who they are. Allow the forgiving waters of unconditional love to bring peace to the hearts of all men on Earth, all men who are seeking to love women with all their hearts, seeking a way to express their gratitude, their respect and their acknowledgment of the Divine Feminine. Allow it to pour through you healing your wounds, healing your body and your mind, freeing women to love and understand themselves, freeing men to love and understand themselves.

Extend an additional ray of unconditional love to all men in the world, including your partner if you have one, and ask for forgiveness for all the rage projected onto men as a result of the abuse of the masculine upon the feminine in the past. Ask the sacred essence of men to forgive all women for their rage, anger, and the energy which has pushed men aside, painting them with the same brush, seeing them as betrayers, abusers, useless, worthless, and releasing the images of society’s impressions that men destroy women, that the masculine is out to destroy the feminine.

Allow this unconditional love to extend into the hearts of men on your Earth, of the masculine forms, the masculine energy signatures, and allow their forgiveness to break down the defences and barriers which you have built around you, allowing the scales to fall from your eyes which have prevented you from seeing the truly good, beautiful men in your world, those males, and females, who embody the masculine energy as the guardians, protectors, and providers - see them as magnificent pillars of strength which come to offer you nurturance, safety, love and protection.
Ladies, allow yourself to receive this blessing as the men of your world extend their forgiveness, their understanding that the collective rage of women is not limited to the females incarnated on your planet at this time, but extends through all times, so that men who were females in the past can receive the same healing, and females who were men in the past can receive the healing that has already been extended.

Welcome this into your body, and mind as the Triple God opens his heart and allows the depth and power of his love for the Triple Goddess to embrace her, to wash through her body, and every level of her energy signature, freeing her, and you to feel safe in your vulnerability, to find the power of your strength in forgiveness, and in accepting forgiveness. As these energies merge, the Triple God embraces the Triple Goddess, holding her close to him, and the magnificent golden flame ignites a powerful force of love extending into the Sixteenth Dimension, opening new levels of trust, deeper levels of bonding and connection so that both men and women can love and understand themselves, and embrace the opportunity to continue experiencing deeper levels of the new-found ability to love and understand one another.

This brings about the magical, magnificent golden peaceful transition for masculine and feminine to surrender to one another, make peace with each other and bond in a new way, and start seeing one another’s qualities as light reflecting light, not a war of the sexes, not a love/hate relationship, but a peaceful re-emergence of the power which exists within loving peacefully. Unconditional love brings peace, accept this for yourself and each other.

As Mother/Father God now seal the third level of the divine marriage of the Triple God and Goddess in the centre of the Peace Grid, the golden flames of the Sixteenth Dimension extends beyond them embracing you, igniting the same powerful passion. This golden flame ignites in the centre of the third Sacred Fire Temple of Russia, rooting the original grid of peace within the heart of Mother Russia. “She” opens her heart to thank you, and welcome the powerful light of this new-found peace, forgiveness, and release, so that the Golden Child of Alchemy may rise. This child will rise from the heart of Moscow bringing with it a revival in the understanding of what peace is. This Golden Child embodies a thread which extends throughout the world, activating the sleeping golden children of alchemy so that they too may rise, extending the Peace Grid to every aspect of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in human form.

Whilst this is happening, the Twelfth Dimensional energies of light coming through the seven chakras of the Twelve Grand Masters and their feminine counterparts now release the fourth level of the eight hundred and fifty-seven threads of their Twelfth Dimensional light, which showers down upon you adding to your healing process, preparing your body for the integration of the powerful Star Chakras that are to come, and the integration of the Ninety- nine Sacred Tablets of Mother Earth, Father Sky and the worlds in between.
Simply relax and surrender, allowing these energies to draw you into the light of your power.

These energies draw you into the passageway opening, taking you into the 16:16 Andromedean Gateway, which initiates the release of trapped souls bound by abuse, the rage of women, women who are enraged, and men who are enraged as a result of the abuse they have received from women as a result of their rage.
Feel this energy through the passageway extending to your ancestors bringing healing to them. And this golden dimensional energy of alchemy and magic extending into your future, clearing the pathway for the bloodlines to come, and even if there are no future generations to come from you physically and genetically, it will still extend into the energy bodies through which you are connected to others genetically, so that every aspect of your bloodline may be blessed by this powerful light, by this powerful healing and understanding of how important peace is.

The Peace Dragon still holds you inside of her body, the fluid energies of peace and wisdom penetrating the subatomic particles of every aspect of yourself, washing through you, and this precious ones is one of the most powerful healings we are conducting with you as a group at this time, for this is the divine marriage of true bonding, the connection of peace which shall reign on Earth eventually, but each of you are being called to allow peace to reign your world, your personal individual world. Those of you who are in a partnership with a divine counterpart, with the man or the woman, or the person whom you love, allow this Peace Grid to bond you together in ways you have never allowed before.

Give up your attachment to the wounds of the past, whether you are conscious of it or not, let the collective rage of women which you hold as a woman be released, and let the collective rage towards women which you as a man embody be released; it doesn’t matter whether you are aware of it or not, just let it go and release seeing women as the evil temptresses they have been made out to be, who are out to take the god down, out to destroy the warrior - let that go, see that there are magnificent powerful and exquisitely beautiful women on your planet, and the woman that you love, she is one of these.
And ladies do the same, let go of your attachment to the idea that men are bad, that they will cheat on you, hurt you - let it go and open your heart to accept that there are magnificent, loyal, trusting, powerful men on your planet who seek to merge with their equal but opposite, and as you look into the eyes of the man you love know that he is one. If you feel that pure love then he is it, accept him for what he is. And gentlemen accept your goddess for what she is.

Those of you in same gender relationships accept one another. Those of you who are not in a romantic relationship, accept that this love exists, and see this love in every aspect of life, share it with those whom you love deepest, your children, your parents, your friends, work, and most importantly with yourself.
Allow this energy to set the trend for the new way in which relationships are to be created – through peace and harmony, unconditional love and acceptance, and even when you have your differences, it can still be peacefully transformed through the Golden flame, which will help you in your relationships to transform your wounded inner child into the Golden Child of Alchemy, where you will continue to empower yourselves as a couple, empower yourselves through the life which you have chosen to live, and set the standard for peaceful transition to take place between men and women so that true love and peace can exist between genders, bringing a magnificent healing for all of society, setting the goddess free to be herself, setting the god free to be himself, creating freedom in a new way, and through this the Golden Dimension of true alchemy and magic can weave its magic through your hearts,

your actions, your connection, and the powerful bonding taking place with this third level of the divine marriage.
Take a deep breath in, exhaling as the fourth release of the eight hundred and fifty-seven threads settle within your body.

Surrender, let go, and trust that the Cosmic Law of Peace has come to bless you with a new way, and the Peace Grid, which Father God has blessed you with at this time will extend into every area of your life through you surrendering to the process of allowing yourself to show your true self to the world, to the masculine and feminine, to lead by example, and set the trend by seeing one another in truth, to love each other in ways that you have never done before, to extend this love, communicate it, honour and respect it, and grow creatively through this magnificent blessing you have been bestowed with today.
Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully as the third Sacred Fire Temple receives its final signature of the foundation which has been created today.

Give thanks to all who have been present. Give thanks for all the energies you have received.
The Peace Dragon will remain with you, holding you as it is now for the next sixteen days, supporting you in fully aligning every aspect of your self with the Peace Grid which you have received. The Sixteenth Dimensional Golden Flame burning through the veils of illusion which have blinded your wounded inner child to seeing the true essence of true love (romantic and otherwise).

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully. Surrendering, trusting and believing that this healing energy will transform your life and is already happening.
Bring your consciousness back into your physical body ensuring you are properly grounded in your physical body, yet still connected to the energies we have revealed to you today.
Breathe in deeply, exhale fully and give thanks to yourself for making the choice to embrace this Law of Peace, to merge with the Earth Gates, and witness the anchoring of the third level of the divine marriage, and the activation of the third Sacred Fire Temple in Russia through which the signatures, codes, and the language of peace will be transmitted.
Feel our love for you and accept that peace is your divine right, therefore, go in peace precious ones, and be free.

I am Mary Magdalene, au revoir.


As a woman/man , do you feel safe to love? If not, why not? Please journal your answers.
Do you feel rage towards men/women? If yes, what has caused this rage?
Do you feel ready to give up the rage and old wounds of the past? If not, what is holding you back? What will giving them up mean for you? How will it change your life?

Are you able to surrender and accept love from men/women? If not, why not? Is it only in a romantic relationship setting or do you fear love from anybody (family, friends etc). Why do you feel that you cannot surrender and accept love from a person? What are you afraid of and what do you think will happen to you?

“An empowered woman who understands herself, who has been touched by the grace of the Goddess, is one of the most powerful catalysts of transformation on the planet, for this is when the divine essence of Mother Goddess can inspire all to create through the energy rays of peace, for the Peace Grid was created by Father God to support Mother Goddess to become a source of energy from which she can draw love, light, and feel the presence and strength of the man who loves her, the masculine, the God, who is there as protector, guardian, and provider of the energies which will bring that which is held within her "womb" into manifestation, and act upon that which she "delivers," that which she "gives birth to."”
How do you feel about the above statement? Are you able to accept and surrender to these archetypes of man and woman, God and Goddess? What fears or belief systems, if any, does this statement bring up for you?

Are you able to give of your love and forgiveness freely? If not, identify what is holding you back and allow the Peace Dragon to assist you in releasing these debilitating aspects. Michelle Manders © 6 All Rights Reserved