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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mary Magdalene Accepting the Beauty of Life by Michelle Manders

I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and welcome you into the divine presence of light, truth and love.
Your life journey is unfolding in a magnificently, magical way. You have reached a point in your personal development where you are ready to access the inner realms of the Divine Spirit of the beauty of life. This is a turning point for you, for it reveals the power that lies within accepting life and the beauty which exists within it.

This is a vitally important process within the greater process of healing humanity’s collective consciousness, as well as extending rays of forgiveness, unconditional love, and healing, to every individual who forms the collective consciousness. Because you face tremendous intensity in the form of challenges within your life, and bearing witness to the Earth changes around you, it is necessary to find and accept the beautiful aspects of life, the aspects which make your life worth living.

Because the world you live in currently faces the intense challenges of change, you are called upon in your personal capacity to serve the greater whole by accepting the beauty of life, by choosing to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and by being grateful for the good things in your life. Many times you have been asked to do this, it has been suggested to you, however, when in the throes of dark challenges it becomes difficult to focus on the positive aspects of your life, and even more difficult to accept the beauty which lies within life.
The first and most important step in being able to successfully accept the beauty of life is to accept the beauty of yourself. You are being urged to accept the beauty of life, therefore, that of yourself too. Too often you are swayed by the negative projections of others, which undermine your true strength and beauty and keeps you separate from your authentic self, therefore, in order to better manage the current dilemma of most being unable to accept beauty, you need to understand what beauty is, and how to embrace it in every area of life.

Beauty is not limited to visual aesthetics. Beauty is the inner quality of accepting love, surrendering to it, and allowing it to radiate out through you. The acceptance of and surrender to love creates beautiful rays extending from the inner core of Source inherent within you, and touches everything within its reach.
Most of humanity has become lost and disconnected in the modern world, and are focusing upon, and emphasising the misguided need to be perfect externally. It is vital that one take care of one’s physical body and external appearance, however, that is not the final determining factor which defines beauty.

Beauty is truly an inner quality, an essence which cannot be bought; an essence which cannot be stolen from another, for it is born within and radiates out from within.
Many away from the words beauty, love, acceptance, surrender, heal, transform, let go and the list continues. The reason for this is because parts of you are uncomfortable with what

the process of accepting those aspects entails. Perhaps as a child you were taught that vanity was the definition of beauty, and if you are born with the blueprint of an external beautiful face and body, that may have been projected onto you in even greater quantities.
Many of you were not supported in your ability to see yourself as the beautiful being you truly are beyond the physical. Your innocence as a beautiful child became distorted by the projections placed upon you by the external world, which you innocently accepted as truth, adopted, and made into an identity. Most of your identities are in fact false, based on a perception created by an external force, be it an individual, group, or different individuals constantly reaffirming one illusionary fact, which you believed to be true because it came from so many sources.

This is an opportunity to die to the old way of seeing yourself, and begin dumping the outdated modes of perception regarding beauty, step into the realm of innocence and reclaim the aspects of your true beauty which hide in the shadows of your wounded self.
Take a deep breath in and allow your body to relax, your mind to release the thoughts of your current time, and for this moment in time, surrender and allow the energies streaming forth to caress the cells of your body, supporting each cell to release the memories of trauma, and allow magical healing to take place. Open your heart to receive the divine, true essence of beauty and imagine it wrapping its magnificent wings of light around you.

Take another deep breath in, exhaling, surrendering to the essence of beauty, its truth, and surrendering to your Authentic Self.
Whilst the energies continue to create a grid of protection around you, your personal guides, healers, protectors and guardians join you in the spirit world creating a magnificent octahedron of geometric light around you.

This becomes a three-dimensional form holding your body, cocooned within a sacred place of safety. The geometric patterns of the octahedron create a vibration, which penetrate the outer dimensions which lead into the greater worlds of transformation and transmutation. It serves you by drawing out the outdated perceptions regarding the truth of your beauty. It pulls it into its energy field, transforms it and extends the truth back to you. The geometric frequencies of the octahedron also extend to your ancestors, opening a pathway for each of them to release their own misconceptions regarding the truth of their beauty - inner and outer.

The frequencies of true light enter the DNA of your body and amplify the energies of the authentic essence of your unique beauty, aligning it with the seven chakras of your physical body, uniting them with the outer universal energies of transformation and transmutation, activating a profound opportunity for you to die to the old and be reborn within a new world, the world of the true essence of your beauty.
Take another deep breath in. As you exhale, surrender on an even deeper level to these energies, reminding yourself you are safe, protected, and all of those who love you, who care deeply about your well-being, who work with you from the realms invisible to the human eye, hold you, watch and support you at this magnificent turning point in the tide of humanity’s consciousness growth and transformation.
Open your heart chakra and allow the rays of infinite unconditional love to radiate from your heart, and extend it to your ancestral lineage, regardless of whether you know anyone of your ancestry or not. Know that you are connected to them; therefore what you extend touches them in a profound and deeply healing and liberating manner. Allow your heart to give thanks to your ancestors for everything they experienced, and all the efforts they made to live their life in the best way they knew how. Thank them for all the definitions of beauty created by their perceptions passed down your lineage, which you have lived out in this incarnation. Those perceptions (positive and negative) have helped you to come to where you are now. And if your true, inner belief of the definition of love is negative, then give thanks for this, for now you have completed the cycle of the negative perception and can step into the cycle of surrendering to positive perceptions and attitudes regarding beauty, which will come about through your participation within the process of your healing and transforming the ugliness of life into the beauty of life.

Imagine the Lords and Ladies of the light gathering around you; each of these magnificent beings holding an exquisite, large double-terminated quartz crystal. Imagine the powerful light of the essence of beauty radiating forth from the core of these crystals, extending into the sacred signature and unique make-up of your chakras, creating a magnificent pattern within the cells of your body. These patterns fit perfectly into the geometric make-up of the octahedron currently holding you.

Give your body permission to open up cellularly, and release from the cells of your body and, therefore, from your DNA imprinting, your negative definitions of inner beauty, your misleading attitudes and beliefs regarding your beauty, internally and externally. Allow the rays of unconditional love to absorb these energies, and imagine the voice extended by this octahedron calling to the wounded parts of yourself to rise in love, to come into the light of a new day and be reborn, to be christened, Christ-ened, by the true light of your authentic power.

Imagine the powerful heart rays of every person on the planet open to being and receiving healing, connecting with the rays of your heart. And as you do this, the Lords and Ladies of the light open and amplify the energies of the quartz crystals they hold, merging these energies with the collective heart ray of unconditional love you are all creating. This forms a magnificent new crystal grid embodying the Beauty of Life Codes, which support the full development of these energies on a planetary level. This new crystal grid is being woven into the atomic structure of your collective soul, extending it to the higher aspects of your advanced self, which in turn bonds you on a deeper level with the true conscious power of your Authentic Self, and the magnificent beauty inherent within you.

Breathe in deeply, extend your energy to the core of Mother Earth’s body and exhale. As you imagine these energies running through her body, igniting her true inner beauty and amplifying the energies of beauty within and upon her, extend this love to every creature inhabiting her body, and imagine how the kingdoms of life respond to this magnificent vibration of the new crystal grid embodying these almighty, magnificent Codes of the Beauty of Life. Imagine every person on the planet able to see at least one beautiful aspect of themselves, and in turn being able to truly recognise a beautiful aspect of their life, and of life as a whole.

Feel the energies of these crystals increasing yet again, amplifying the projection of their inner light and extending it to your DNA, activating the Crystal Codes of the Beauty of Life within your genetic structure. This extends a Release Pulse to your ancestors and begins to untie the knotted, enmeshed aspects of consciousness regarding inner beauty and the beauty of life, which have been misconstrued, releasing them into the ethers where they are absorbed by the realms of unconditional love, transmuted, and returned to them in the form
of empowering concepts of the Beauty of Life. Concepts based upon the truth created by Source and extended to them, and you, from Source.

As your ancestors release these energies, it automatically filters through the Crystalline Codes, back into your DNA, creating a magnificent symbol of infinity, an infinite continuation of this powerful energy, releasing you and your ancestors, and those who shall come after you, of debilitating attachments to the false identities regarding society’s perceptions of what is beautiful and what is not.
Over and above this, these energies now sweep through the Collective Consciousness Astral Body and begin to unravel and dismantle the ingrained, enmeshed false energies, concepts, ideas, attitudes, and beliefs regarding beauty. As you breathe in draw in the energy of Golden Consciousness, and as you exhale, release this Golden Consciousness breath into the collective body of life, and imagine how the tides turn and humanity’s eyes learn to see through the eyes of Mother/Father God, and are able to recognise that true beauty lies in the purity of an individual’s heart; the purity being the sincerity of their intentions, the light of inner peace, of joy, surrender, acceptance, and the wisdom that comes as one grows within love and through the process of redefining oneself, re-identifying with the Authentic Self and becoming truly empowered.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, releasing your grip on those concepts of beauty and what you think is beautiful, and what is not. And ask that a clear, crystal page from the Cosmic Akashic Records be placed within your heart. This new page will hold the true concepts, true identities, attitudes and beliefs regarding authentic understanding and integration of true inner beauty and the beauty of life. Continue relaxing your body, surrendering, and allowing the crystalline energies to be absorbed on another level as the Ladies and Lords of the light now anchor this new crystal grid into the core of Mother Earth’s body. Feel these energies wrap around you, relieving you of the stress of constantly trying to be what you are not, the stress of sometimes unconsciously projecting the identities of a false belief system and attitude you adopted as a child, which robbed you of your innocence as a beautiful one. With all your childhood experiences, and those later on in your life, you have been separated from the ability to recognise the truth regarding beauty in life, and it has separated you from your ability to see the beauty of life.
Therefore, take a moment now and extend your gratitude to Father/Mother God for all the beautiful aspects of your life you are currently experiencing, no matter how great or small. Just give thanks. Extend this gratitude to Mother Earth. Give thanks to Mother Earth for the beauty she embodies and how that beauty nurtures your soul, revives your spirit and brings health, peace and balance to your physical body and your mind. Extend this energy to every fellow human on your planet and give thanks to them for the beauty they embody, and for the beauty in life they are able to recognise and be grateful for.

Extend your gratitude to yourself and give thanks for your ability to recognise the beautiful aspects of your life.
Whilst this grid continues to be anchored, recognise and accept three aspects of yourself which are aspects of true inner beauty. Verbalise these words -“I (and state your name) accept these three aspects of true inner beauty, which are.... (and state what they are)”. Now acknowledge three aspects of physical beauty regarding yourself you can comfortably accept. Focus and say “I (and state your name) accept these three physical attributes of beauty which I possess (and state what they are)".

The six aspects you have acknowledged and stated are being absorbed into the crystals, and combine their energies with the crystals’ energy, and are being anchored into the new crystal grid which contains the Beauty of Life codes. Take a moment now and extend the energies of all the aspects of your life you accept, recognise and acknowledge as being beautiful into the crystals. These too are being anchored in the crystal grid. Take another deep breath in, exhaling fully as the Lords and Ladies of the light secure this crystal grid within the DNA of your body. These Codes continuously feed energy to your ancestors, keeping them aligned with the true essence of their beauty, releasing them, and relieving them of their past response-ability to the falsehoods of beauty, in other words, the man-made definitions of what is beautiful, acceptable and unacceptable.

We the masters, teachers and guardians of light and love offer you the sacred wisdom which comes through the process of transformation, which comes about as a result of making the conscious choice to embrace yourself, and allow yourself to release that which no longer serves you, to understand that there are parts of you which are misinformed and no longer aligned with the grids of life you are choosing to become a part of within the new world of new consciousness. So now simply set the intention that your body, mind, heart and spirit are being released and relieved, of the burdens of those weighty misconceptions, and in your active surrender you are blessed with the inner peace and clarity which comes with surrendering to the beautiful process of life, by allowing the beauty of life to support you within your process of healing and transformation. Know this energy is extended to everyone on your planet who is open to it, and willing, in whichever way they choose, to accept these energies and make them one with their inner consciousness, and part of their inner motivation and drive to become self-empowered, and in doing so, leading by example, showing others how to achieve the same levels of healing and liberation.

The energies which have been created at this moment in time will continue to build their field of power for the next fifty-five days, during which time your energy will remain contained within this three-dimensional octahedron. The energy of the octahedron, and the light coming from the crystals will strengthen your inner reserves of energy and expand your inner reservoir and ability to contain the beauty of life, absorb the truth regarding your inner beauty, and sincerely extend that signature to the world by living your beauty, by acknowledging and being grateful for the beautiful aspects of life and growing within them, prospering within that consciousness.

Take a deep breath, in exhaling fully once more, gently drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. Give thanks to all who have been present for bearing witness to this great shift in energy which is taking place, and give thanks to yourself for choosing this moment in time and being a part of this energy, and to continue rising in love, for the fall in love has completed its cycle and no longer plays a role in your process of reforming and transforming your life. Take another deep breath in, exhaling fully, drawing your consciousness deeper into your body, making sure you are grounded within your physical body, conscious and connected to your physical world, yet still connected to the energies we have created with you this day, the energies which you will continue to feed through your attitude of gratitude, and your willingness to accept the beauty of life, and your inner beauty. During this fifty-five day process we encourage you to take a moment every day and reaffirm the six qualities you have acknowledged, and, if possible, add to your list of qualities recognised, acknowledged, accepted and lived by.
The more you do this, the more consciously aware you become of the inner qualities of beauty inside of you, and you will automatically appear more beautiful, simply because the essence of beauty is radiating through you, from inside of you, and in such cases, the

external form is not what catches the eye of the beholder, it is the inner essence, the light, the power and exquisite transformative healing qualities which extend from that inner radiation. By practicing this, you are repeating a truth to your subconscious. This will allow for a powerful shift to take place within your consciousness. Once that is “set in stone,” you will notice how your ability to view life changes, and instead of harping on negatives, you automatically become consciously more alert and more aware of the beauty of life.
This energy will help the Collective Consciousness have a more positive attitude toward life and themselves, which is the essence of our intention and motivation behind the message we deliver. Take this energy into your being, your heart, your mind, your body and allow it to radiate through you. Allow yourself to be the beacon of beauty by the light of inner beauty, extending from you and enhancing the beautiful qualities of your life.

It is through beauty, true beauty, that more beauty is born. Therefore, our blessing to you is the ability to fully and consciously accept and own the essence of beauty inside of you and in life, which is always present, no matter how dire a circumstance or how challenging a situation; it is all a matter of attitude and perception.
It has been an honour for us to deliver our love and light to you. I am Mary Magdalene, and those who stand with me; we wrap our arms around you, placing the kiss of new life upon your brow and encouraging you to take the next powerful step in your life, which shall guarantee the changes you require. Be aware that what you wish for will come, and you will need to address that which has prevented you from making your wish a reality in the past. Thus, where you have sought happiness and peace, you will need to address that which makes you unhappy and causes turmoil. Yet know it shall be short-lived, you will rise above it, for you have chosen the pathway as an Authentic One, the opportunity to continue rising in love. This is the essence of ascension.
May you find the peace you seek, the harmony you deserve, and the opportunity to master living human life, motivated by love and wisdom, rising above the aspects of the fall and being complete, whole and authentic in human form.
I am Mary Magdalene and my love is with you, au revoir.

Michelle Manders © 1 All Rights Reserved