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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goddess, the Divine Feminine

In Astronomy, an eclipse occurs whenever an astronomical object passes in front of another.  But a planetary eclipse of the Sun can only occur with Mercury and Venus because they are the only planets that can position themselves between Earth and the Sun.
The planet Venus is our sister planet - our feminine other half.  While thefrequencies of the Earth are primarily masculine, those of Venus are higher and more feminine.  Moving slightly faster than Earth, she revolves in the opposite direction.
In Greek mythology, Venus is represented as Aphrodite who is one of twelve great gods called the Olympians.  Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of Love, Grace and Beauty. With the exception of the Sun and the Moon, she is the brightest object in the sky.
When Venus is following the Sun, she is known in Latin as Vesperus, the evening star.  But, when she precedes the Sun, she is known as Luciferus, the morning star.  The Latin word Lucifer, which is mentioned only once in the Bible, simply means ‘bringer of the dawn.’
To the ancient Maya and the Aztecs, the god Xolotl was the evening star and his brother Quetzalcoatl was the morning star.  The Maya and the Aztecs prophecy that, one day, the god Quetzalcoatl will return to the Earth from Venus.
I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star. Revelation 22:16
The Maya are a culture that studied the long cycles of vibration on the Earth.  To do this, they used various calendars, the most famous of which is a 260 day calendar called the Tzolk’in.  There are various theories as to what the Maya were tracking with the Tzolk’in calendar.  It is at the very center of their calendar system.  It's what connects all of the calendars together.  They operate together like the gears in a wrist watch.
Keith M. Hunter is an independent researcher with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology.  In his book, titled The Lost Age of High Knowledge, he explains the mathematics behind the Tzolk’in calendar and how it was used to track the orbits of Venus, the goddess of Love.[ii]
Transits of Venus occur only once in a human lifetime, for a period of eight years. So they are a rare astronomical phenomena.  The last eight-year cycle came to a completion in the year 1882.  We are now in the midst of another cycle, one that began in the year 2004 and completes midway through this 2012 year.
During a cycle of Venus transits, she shares the same orbit with the Earth.  They effectively become one planet.  But what is most interesting is that, in their shared orbit, these two planets together trace out the shape of a pentagram around the Sun – a five-pointed star.
The pentagram has long been misunderstood as a symbol of evil because, if it is placed with its single point downward, it represents the rule of matter over Spirit.  But, in ancient Hermeticism, if it is placed with its single point upward, it is sacred geometry that represents the guidance of matter by Spirit; the unification of Man and God.
Venus Transits 2004-2012
The Maya were tracking Venus transits because, during each eight-year cycle of transits, the rays of the Sun focus her heightened frequencies intensely upon the Earth.  This produces an expansion of human consciousness.
When consciousness expands, it does so according to the Fibonacci sequence of the numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. Each number in this sequence is the sum of the previous two. When the sum is divided by the previous number, the result is 1.61803, or Phi. This ratio describes the proportions of everything from atoms to planets. It correlates to growth and harmonic cycles. It is the formula that all of nature relies on to maintain balance.
The Fibonacci sequence also relates to 137.5 degrees, or the sacred Golden Angle. This can be seen in the tip of plants, around which grow bumps calledprimordia. The measurement between these primordia is always the Golden Angle.
But the most fascinating display of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in waves and spirals, such as pine cones, pineapples and nautilus shells – even in the DNA molecule. So our brain waves also follow the numbers in this sequence. Delta brain waves average around 3 Hz, Theta brain waves average around 5 Hz, Alpha waves average around 8 Hz, and Beta waves average around 13 Hz. When our brain is sending out Beta waves, we are fully conscious, awake and aware.
How you have fallen from heaven, Morning Star, son of the Dawn!  Isaiah 14:12
This summer provides for two eclipses that involve the Moon.  The first of these occurs on May 20.  This will create an alignment of the Moon with the Earth, the Sun and the stars in the Pleiades - the Seven Sisters.  It is the Pleiades star system that contains the sun around which our own sun revolves.  The second eclipse occurs on June 4.
The second eclipse of the Moon is concurrent with the completion of the cycle of the transits of Venus, which occurs the following day, on June 5.  As Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth, she will create a third eclipse. This third eclipse will cause a grand alignment of immense power between Venus, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.
There is a cycle of conjunctions between Venus and the Earth, which is almost exactly 2,000 years in duration.[iii] So, as Venus completes her current eight-year cycle of transits, these two planets will finally advance to a position where they will trace out the exact same shape of a pentagram, in the exact same location in the sky, as the one they formed together 2,000 years ago during the time of Jesus - the first arrival of the Christ mind.
That is the time when the frequency of the Earth, itself, is predicted to reach an average of 13 Hz, the next number in the Fibonacci sequence.  During an eclipse, something dies while something else is birthed.
This will be the return of the Goddess.