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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Madonna: 'I am afraid of ignorant people'

Madonna thinks the world is full of 'ignorant people'. 
The pop sensation has been a lightning rod for controversy with her eccentric fashions and lively stage shows throughout her career. Most recently her music promo for Girl Gone Bad was banned from YouTube for being too racy. 
The Material Girl star believes such attitudes have held her back. She has blamed narrow-mindedness for the problems in the world today. 
'I am afraid of ignorant people, I hate the prejudices,' she told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine. 
'So I cannot foresee what will happen in my life because the world is full of ignorant people. We should destroy the prejudices if we want to live in a better world.' 
The singer feels her own attitude has adjusted since she became a mother. She has daughter Lourdes, son Rocco and adopted children David and Mercy. 
'Thanks to my children I am became a better woman. Now I am less serious, I have an elastic view of life. I am more permissive,' she said. 
Madonna's children are already showing up their mother. She recalled a recent skiing holiday where she couldn't keep up with the young ones on the slopes. 
'Last year I learnt to ski. It was a gorgeous experience. I had never done it before,' she said. 
'My children are very good on snowboards and I was jealous. So the next step will be the snowboard. I hope to avoid the paparazzi though, because I will fall over a lot!'