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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hang On - All Is Being Revealed by Zen Gardner by Zen Gardner

What a perfect analogy. The Truth is coming to light in so many areas right now and this excavation is so representative of this entire phenomenon. All along we thought these were just massive heads that were mysteriously placed here on Easter Island by a civilization gone by, for whatever esoteric purpose.
Only now just a few months ago we find out they’re whole enormous statues–which makes it even more fantastic. Joke’s on us!

Let’s Get to the Bottom of This

Funny expression. A lot like “let’s dig a little deeper”. Very apt metaphor. What it implies is that things are buried, or hidden, from our conscious awareness. Now for those of us who’ve had any degree of waking up, this is a fundamental tenet. Humanity is being manipulated via false information and withheld truths.
It’s as simple as that.
It’s sort of how people act, superficially in most cases so as not to let on what they really think, or do. All to play the phony one upmanship societal game. That’s clearly the case with government, all while pretending to be “representative” of the people. Institutionalized endemic lying..for our good of course.
Whatta hoax.
The weird thing is everybody knows it and does nothing about it.  Instead, they trust the media of all things to alert them and “get to the bottom” of what’s going on. That’s like asking the butler to tell us what his master is up to in his massive castle on the hill. “You rang? I’ll let the guvna know you called…”
Well, that’s changing fast.

The Dynamics of Awakening

I wish we had some real statistics on the growing awakening, but we’re seeing the indicators every day. The PTBs can hardly get away with a thing without the alternative research community being all over it. And despite the overarching system being inherently wrong and manipulative, activists exposing and fighting this attempt at total control are getting results, from fighting GMOs, weird, manipulative social trends or exposing the depths of the erasure of personal liberties. I’m proud to say they’re on it!
Is it doing any good?
It’s the exercise of consciousness that is important. It is conscious humanity being who they truly are that is the solution. We are not here to prop up a dead and dying infrastructure based on the phony, satanic “survival of the fittest” paradigm and looking for replacement puppets. We are here to express Truth. We are here to inform and educate and cultivate awareness. It is the continuous and ever present exercising and living of our consciousness that is the very solution we are seeking.
We already are what we need to be. We already have everything we need. The hierarchical control system is based on an imposed lie that we need them to exist.
We don’t.
They should be ignored and left to shrivel up into oblivion. They’re feeding off of our reactions to them. Not only fear, but even our anger when poorly directed by an unconscious source can reinforce them more than fight them.
We need to rise high above them…and smile.
Because we know.
They only usurp from the unknowing. Once enough know, game over.

When Truth Is Revealed

Wow, there is big time stuff going on at this point. I’m hearing stories from so many of incredible spiritual experiences, blipping in and out of this field we’ve been encased in, seeing parallel worlds, realizations they never dreamt of….
It’s the very fabric of existence breaking down around and in front of us and revealing what’s behind the veil. Totally cool.
Yet only those conscious enough to know what it is will handle it properly. The rest will be sent into a tail spin of confusion.
Don’t be surprised at extremely different dreams, sleep cycles or daily occurrences outside of your previous concept of “normalcy”. We’re entering a new vibrational age. The cool thing is the information you need to substantiate these new awakenings are bursting out and at your fingertips right now.
You just have to take the time to stay fully informed, awake, aware and alert.
There’s a plethora of fantastic books, websites and blogs available, but you have to be led of your own understanding and find them for yourself. Many sites have wonderful recommendations that they’ve learned to trust. I too am planning a simple instructional on this according to my understanding. But that’s only MY understanding. Who am I? Find your own way and learn to trust your heart.
It’s time to stand on your own and discover who you truly are. Because everything is in you. Already. That is the revolution. That is the change. That is the answer.
And like I always say, when you find that, you’ll know what to do next.
That’s all for now. Happy being! We’re all in this together!
Be on!
Love,  Zen