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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vote FOR Marriage NC Releases Television

With the vote on North Carolina's gay marriage ban amendment less than two weeks away, bill proponents have found themselves outflanked on every front but one.
  • Economic argument: There is no economic argument for passing it. They can not findeven a single business leader to endorse Amendment One, while many, many have said it will impede North Carolina's economic growth, including local Bank of American Vice President Cathy Bessant, and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers.
  • Public policy argument: Wednesday, North Carolina Pediatric Society joined a chorus of public policy scientific and medical professionals to condemn Amendment One. Previously the NC Psychological Association, NC Psychiatric Association, National Association of Social Workers NC Chapter and the Carolinas Chapter of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have all come out en mass against the amendment.
    Tanya Roberts, MSW, Board President, National Association of Social Workers, North Carolina Chapter sums up well the educated family professional views on A1 saying,
    "This amendment not only affects our profession but the clients we serve... Protecting our citizens is important to ensuring a productive society and this Amendment does not protect North Carolina’s citizens.”
  • Legal argument: The legitimacy of the law is in serious doubt with the state's Attorney General Roy Cooper yesterday calling it "unclear, unwise and unnecessary" and saying passing it "will also result in a significant amount of litigation on many issues." Every University law professor in the state signed a joint letter of condemnation (PDF)expressing very serious concerns about the unintended consequences of this poorly written law. The law professors' conclusion:
    "It is impossible to predict how courts would finally resolve the issues raised by this vague and untested language. However, two things are clear: First, it would take years of expensive litigation to settle the Amendment’s meaning.  Second, when the dust clears, [all] unmarried couples would have fewer rights over their most important life decisions than they would have had otherwise."
    Not the least of the concerns are the effect the law may have on domestic violence protections for heterosexual single women.
    It is "unnecessary" legislation as regardless whether it passes or fails, gay marriage will remain banned in North Carolina. And a majority of voters actually oppose its intention to ban civil unions.
  • The small "d' democratic argument: Democracy for America's Jim Dean in announcing DFA's GOTV efforts, summed it up the abomination that is Amendment one very wellsaying, "We should never use democracy to legitimize discrimination." Constitutions are documents intented to protect the rights of citizens, not winnow them away.
Proponents have been blithe about addressing any of this, they dismiss it all as nonsense. They know they cannot prevail on these grounds. Forced to make only secular arguments in a court of law with Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act they have lost many times. So they tact to the only ground they are comfortable on: they know the mind of God and are empowered speak for him. Yes, they think they have:
  • Religion argument: God wants Amendment One to pass.
It is very noticeable is how blatantly and overtly religious the campaign for Amendment One is, it hasn't been the slightest bit subtle. The proponent's television ad (seen at top) says marriage "is what God created," and zooms in several times on a Christian Bible.
Proponents are entirely depending on conservative churches as the hub for their GOTV operations, and have organized a "marriage Sunday" sermon swarm this Sunday to preach politics from the pulpit. (Opponents however have a much more diverse coalition which includes the NAACP, Planned Parenthood and women's groups, the Democratic and Libertarian parties, and even progressive Churches.)