Thursday, April 26, 2012


 BLUEBERRIES | There is something warm and inviting when even the mention of blueberries crosses the mind. Blueberries are unique in the fact that almost everybody loves them. These little health-boosters offer nice quantities of manganese, vitamin c, tannins, resveratrol, flavanols, and a host of other antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals. Blueberries help lower blood pressure, repair brain damage from stroke, increase memory function, increase mental focus, lower inflammation, and inhibit the growth of tumors & cancer in general (they are very effective with breast and colon cancer). The key is to get only organic blueberries and to eat them regularly to enjoy their delectable taste & array of health benefits. Savor the sweet and wholesome taste of organic blueberries by picking some up the next time you're in your local produce section!