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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So-called National Organization for Marriage Embraces Equality by Equality California

Please click this  link to see actual post Reposted from Equality California Blog

This morning, the blog, twitter feed and Facebook page of the so-called National Organization for Marriage apologized for “creating a wedge between the black community and #lgbt,” for banning critics from commenting, and “dividing Americans against each other.”
As a remedy, they unbanned critics, pledged to work on bringing people together, and focusing on advancing constitutional and civil rights.
nom hacked facebookAll of this was caught by Jeremy Hooper over at, giving us all a brief moment of hope that someone inside NOM was having another Louis Marinelli moment
Alas and alack, an outside hack looks more likely now, as the apologies have been scrubbed from the site and NOM’s back to its normal unapologetic race-baiting and disingenuous propagandizing.
At least @nomtweets is still enjoying its new pro-equality orientation. Enjoy a latteand send @nomtweets a little internet love after their recent conversion.